Big Balls

“Great, just my fucking luck.” John stood next to the shredded tire on the front of his car, it was raining and the middle of the night and worse yet, Corvettes didn’t come with spares. He hit the flashers and started walking cursing the bad luck he was having tonight, his car charger had disappeared and his cell phone was dead so he had no choice but to find someone who was still awake at one o’clock in the morning and use their phone. The only thing was that a residential neighborhood was right off the freeway off ramp so he wouldn’t have to walk far in the rain.

About twenty minutes later he saw a house that actually had its living room lights on so he hurried to knock on the door. Inside he could hear faint moaning sounds, unmistakably the moans of a woman having sex, moans that stopped abruptly indicating that someone was watching a porn video. He couldn’t help but smile and also felt his cheeks flush a little, whoever it was probably felt a little embarrassed right now he knew he would.

“I’ll be right there.” A woman’s voice called out. Could have been wrong about the porno? “Hello? Oh hi.” She looked a little disheartened to see John standing there instead of whoever she was expecting.

“I’m sorry to bother you so late but my car is stuck and I don’t have a working cell phone, can I use yours to call a tow truck? I’ll only be a minute I promise.”

“Sure come in, you can towel off if you want too the bathroom’s right over there.” She indicated down the hall where the bathroom was.

“Thank you.” John said walking by trying not to look down the front of her robe. It was a silk robe that hugged the woman’s curves flatteringly and hung a little open in the front betraying a glimpse of cleavage. John put it out of his mind and grabbed a towel to dry himself with, he also hung his jacket over the shower curtain rod so it could drip into the tub instead of all over the floor.

While inside the bathroom he heard someone else enter the house through the front, probably whoever she was waiting for. Not long afterwards he heard them begin to argue about why he was home so late and had missed their plans and what he had been doing at work and why it was so important for him to work the hours that he did so they could keep a roof over their heads. It was a familiar canlı bahis şirketleri argument, far too familiar to John so hid out until it was over and one of them had gone to bed. He heard the movie start back up so guessing that it was the woman who had stayed up John ventured into the living room.

He stopped short to see the movie going on the t.v., it was a lesbian porn video with two hot brunettes. The woman who had greeted John at the door was sitting on the couch staring off into space, he doubted she even saw the hot sex action on the screen which was turning him on greatly. Trying to take his eyes off the screen he turned to his hostess and almost tripped over his own tongue. Her robe had fallen open in the front and while her nipples were still well hidden he got a much clearer view of her soft round breasts, they were so beautiful he couldn’t help but stare for a second before tearing his eyes away again.

“Oh shit, sorry, let me get you the phone.” she said getting up and walking into the kitchen. Her round firm ass cheeks were highlighted by the silk fabric of the slinky robe she wore driving him wild with lust. He followed her into the kitchen watching her ass the whole way, she handed him the phone seemingly oblivious to his hungry eyes watching her up and down.

“You look really sexy in that robe.” he ventured.

“Not according to my bastard husband.” she complained. “‘Why’d you let yourself go?’ he says. ‘ Why’d you gain so much weight? I loved the way you looked before’ Before I was twenty years old and looked like one of those skinny bitches in those porn videos we have to watch now cause he can’t have sex with me unless they’re on.”

“Damn that sucks, I’d fuck you right now if I had the chance.” John spat without thinking. She laughed in response.

“Thank you, its nice to hear that someone thinks I’m attractive.”

“If only it was your husband.” John dialed the number to a tow company that he knew and waited for someone to answer. “I’m John. Thanks for saving my ass.”

“No problem, I’m Rachel. Thanks for checking out mine.” she lit a cigarette and leaned against the kitchen counter blowing long breaths of smoke into the air while John struggled with the dispatcher to let them know where his car was and where to take it to canlı kaçak iddaa get a new tire. He then called a cab company after getting Rachel’s permission to stay and wait for a taxi.

“Yeah that’d be nice, give me someone to talk to.” They entered the living room and sat on the couch while Rachel continued to complain about her husband’s lack of sexual interest in her. “Yeah that was him that walked in while you were in the bathroom, he went to bed already. We were supposed to have dinner tonight and talk about a few things but he blew me off again.”

“What’s he do for a living if you don’t mind my asking?” John inquired trying really hard not to look into the front of her open robe at her gorgeous tits. She was leaning back in the corner of the couch so she could relax and face him, one leg hung over the side of the couch and the other was folded on top of it almost allowing him a view up to her pussy but smooth silky thighs were all he could see. She was teasing the hell out of him but was so pissed at her old man that she didn’t even notice. Deciding to be brave he slid up to sit next to her and gently placed one hand on her thigh. Rachel slid up next to him and placed one of her hands on top of his but didn’t remove it while she ave him a brief history of their marriage now ten years past.

“He still wants to fuck those skinny tramps in the porn videos that don’t eat or take of themselves and probably do more drugs than Marion Barry ever did. I’m getting really sick of it you know? I think I’m still hot, I still get horny stares from other guys and even you said you’d fuck if given the chance so what the fuck is his problem?”

“I think I know where hes coming from honestly, I’ve been there. Hes so tied up in his job and his work and hes so brainwashed into thinking its more important than even he is that hes willing to sacrifice things around the house to keep it. The way he sees it right now everything at work has to be perfect so everything at home has to be just the way he needs it to be or else its not going to work at all.”

“But its not working.” Rachel cuddled up against John and began rubbing his crotch, his hard cock pulsed for action and threatened to rip free from his slacks. “You’re the first guy thats said he wants to fuck me tonight and maybe canlı kaçak bahis I’m slut but I’m not passing up a golden oppurtunity.” She moved in close and they kissed, Rachel running her fingers through John’s hair and pulling his cock out of his pants. John was so horny by now that he didn’t care about the fact that was now having an affair with a married woman who’s husband was in the next room. Somehow, that also seemed to make it that much more exciting.

Once his cock was freed Rachel straddled John and guided it to the opening of her hot wet pussy, he was so hard and she was so wet he entered her easily and both lovers sucked in their breath as they settled onto each other’s laps.

“Keep the noise down, I don’t want to wake your husband.” John whispered into Rachel’s ear.

“Right now I couldn’t give a fuck if he hears us or not.” she hissed as she began riding him. Slowly at first she gradually gained momentum and moved up and down in perfect synch with his hip thrusts as he pushed his cock as deep into her sopping cunt as he could. “I haven’t gotten fucked in far too long.” she said in between raspy breaths.

John held her hips as she rode him faster and faster and finally opened her robe to see her huge magnificent tits. They bounced on her chest in time to her humping him and couldn’t resist sucking on a pert nipple as she rode him, he felt like he was going to explode inside her but tried to hold back as long as he could waiting for her to come. By the way she was fucking him he guessed that she was close, her mouth hung open and her breathing was rapid and heavy, she clutched his shoulders tightly holding on.

“I’m coming, I’m coming oh my god.” she whispered loudly trying not to scream. She bit her lip and threw her head back riding her intense orgasm. John was able to hold back no more and let his hot sperm shoot inside of her right after she finished coming, catching their breaths and slowly coming to a stop the two lovers slumped on the couch with her on top.

“Thank you, thank you oh my god thank you so much.” Rachel whispered into John’s ear. The faint honking of a horn outside brought an all to early end to the festivities.

“I have to go my cab is here.” John said regrettably.

“Do me a favor, remember my address. I’m home alone till ten o’clock at night most nights.”

“Oh don’t worry I will.” John gave Rachel a final deep kiss before retrieving his jacket and going to the front door to leave.

“Can’t wait to see you again.” she blew him a kiss as he walked out the door.



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