Author’s Note : This is my very 1st effort at writing; after many years as a reader of erotic stories. I hope I don’t embarrass myself. Please feel free to give me constructive criticism….or , if possible,…encouragement. Enjoy!

Dean went for a 3 mile jog almost every Thursday at a park near his apartment. He would start around 9 am and usually finish by 10. Recently, after finishing his jog thru the park, he stopped at a park bench, near the northeast entrance to the park, to retie his shoe. He decided to sit, and rest for a few minutes.

While sitting on the bench, his eye happened to catch a glimpse of movement in a 2nd story window of a row-house across the street from the park. It was one of those older 2-story houses; narrow, and extending farther back toward an alley. When he continued to watch, somewhat furtively, he saw a woman moving in the room thru the tall window.

She stopped; she seemed to be looking out toward the park, but not directly at Dean. To his astonishment, the very pretty young girl was wearing some sort of revealing sleepwear.

Now he was enthralled . She looked to be in her late 20’s or early 30’s, dark hair rushing down in waves to just past her shoulders, dark eyes, and a very pretty face. After a couple of minutes , she was gone from view; Dean wondered who she might be, and did she always walk by a window where the public could easily see her like that?

The next Thursday, as he began his ritual jog, he remembered the woman in the window, and hoped she might make a return appearence again today. When he got to the bench again, at the end of the park, he paused to rest.

Damn!!….There she was again! This time she was wearing a pink babydoll outfit, that was incredibly sheer. She was standing in plain sight thru the high, but narrow window. Dean could see her, from her knees to above her head.

This time she seemed to be staring at Dean. Her smoldering eyes seemed to be boring into him. Dean was captivated. ” Could she really be looking at me?” he thought.

He looked up at her, smiled…and then was absolutely stunned when she reached up and swiftly removed the babydoll outfit. She was standing naked….staring at Dean , down in the park below.

He could observe that she had large round full breasts: a slim waist, and a dark trimmed “landing-strip” above her naked pussy. In short, she was an angel; and he really thought he might just be hallucinating; but , of course, he wasn’t.

Dean didn’t know whether to go to the door, and try to talk to her; maybe wave a greeting; maybe smile again and see if she would return the smile….or what!!

While he was trying to make up his mind about what to do…..she mysteriously left his view; just like last week.

The next week, Dean decided to forego the jog, hoping to spot this heavenly vision of loveliness…yes and sexiness, again about 10 am. He walked directly to his favorite bench in the park, and waited.

There she was again! This time totally nude.He didn’t wait this time; he waved politely and smiled his best smile ever. She returned the smile, wistfully, then to his great surprise, she beckoned him to come over to her door; and indicated that she would meet him there.

He quietly knocked on the door, and within a few seconds, he could hear light footsteps. She opened the door,wearing the sheer pink babydoll he had seen her wear previously; and he noticed the smile she had upstairs was now replaced by a serious look on her face.

She quietly said, “Hello, my name is Lani, would you care to come in?” Dean responded, “Yes, I would….I’m Dean.”

As he stared at Lani, like a flustered schoolboy, he couldn’t help but think, “She looks just like a very young version of the movie star Sophia Loren.”

The next thing he noticed about her was the intoxicating fragrance; Lani smelled strongly of coconut lotion…Dean LUVED the smell of coconuts!! His cock now jumped perceptably in his pants.

She seemed to be a bit younger that Dean (he was 32), had magnificent full tits ,(probably a full c-cup) and very juicy ass. Her legs were taut, slightly athletic looking.When he followed her upstairs, her ass swayed seductively, and he smelled the coconut lotion deeply.

By the time Dean reached the top of the stairs with Lani, his cock was well past half-staff….and expanding more and more with each step he took. They entered the front bedroom, where the window was he had seen her by, illegal bahis and she asked him to sit down on the edge of the bed.

” First of all, I don’t want you to think that I have ever had a man come into this house from the park, or anywhere else, like this.” she stated.” I have been noticing you at that park bench at the same time each Thursday for the past few weeks; I think you are handsome, and I wanted to get to know you.” she honestly said.

Dean had never really thought of himself as handsome; he was 6 feet tall, about 160 pounds. Lani was captivated by his hazel eyes, and his curly brown hair. He also had a sexy dimple in the middle of his chin.

Lani felt his eyes boring into her breasts, making her nipples clinch into taut pink nubbins, she was also beginning to feel moisture, down in her nether region. They were each searching the other with their eyes, and their thoughts.

For a brief moment, there was silence….only their eyes were communicating with each other; and the messages they were sending was unmistakable. These two adults, who had just met, both felt a fiery hunger to possess one another.

Dean, without waiting for an invitation, leaned into Lani, and softly kissed her full red lips; as he pulled her firmly, not roughly, into him. She met his kiss with her arms around his neck…moaning slightly. As the kiss ended, Lani smiled and said, “mmmm….That was nice.” Dean then kissed her again, this time parting her lips with his tongue, and tentatively snaked it into her succulent, moist mouth. Their tongues danced and played with each other , their passion was rising.

Lani then laid back on the bed, and with a very inviting smile, whispered..”I want you….I want you…Now!” Dean began kissing her in earnest at those words, her neck, her ear lobes, and of course her open mouth. After a few minutes of kissing, they both helped each other remove their clothes, an easier task for him, more involvement, for Lani to get his clothes off.

After they were naked, Dean began fondling, sucking, and licking her heaving, full tits. She groaned with pleasure when his teeth lightly bit into her hot stiff nipples.

She was loving what he was doing to her mammaries. Dean spent several minutes providing his “tongue magic” to her soft mounds of tit-flesh.

Then he began to kiss lower…down her stomach, tongueing her navel for a minute, before sliding his oral digit thru her “landing-strip” to the top of her slick, wet, hot, pussy.

He began to slowly lick, up and down and along her pussy-lips; as he did this, she was gently moving her hips up to meet his tongue….and , at the same time, trying to keep still so he wouldn’t lose contact with his pussy licker on her lips and clit.

He moved a finger into her love tunnel….then a 2nd finger…..sliding in and out, at first slowly, then more rapidly, stretching her cunt open. Her love juices were flowing freely, now, bathing his tongue with the nectar of her sweet orifice. As he began to circle her clit more with the flat part of his tongue, Dean could feel her excitement building.

She began to mewl, and gyrate her hips….”Unnnngggghhh….Arrrrgggghhh”….He knew she was getting close to an orgasm; but he didn’t know the level of her approaching cum. Lani urged him on, ” Lick me harder, please…..Please…..Harder…..mmmmm..Yess!!….Thats it, lick it, suck my cunt…”

One last long lick on her slickened clit, put her over the edge….” Oh god…YeSSSS!!!…..Oh god…OH GOD…..I’MMMMM….Yesssss….I’m Cummmmiiinnngggg!!” Lani arched her back…lifting her ass, his face, her sopping cunt up off the bed….”Wow!!!….WoW!!!, she gasped…”That was intense.” she breathed.

It was, in fact, one of the strongest orgasms she had ever experienced.

After a few moments, to catch her breath, she pulled Dean up to her face, and kissed him deeply;…tasting herself on his lips.The tang of her cum tasted sweet and pungent.

Both of them laid there motionless except for some soft, gentle caressing….soaking in the glow of passion. “You taste wonderful, Honey.” said Dean. He smiled at her, and kissed her softly. “Thank you…thank you for standing in front of your window over there.”

Lani smiled wistfully, and gently replied, “I’m so glad you finally noticed me, I have been watching you and fantasizing about you for a month.”

He could feel his member begin to stiffen, with her sweet playful words. illegal bahis siteleri “I think its time to explore each other some more,” he grinned.

Lani giggled a bit and said, ” I’m game for more.” With that, she reached down to feel his dick, and began to pump his slick cock with her hand, his pre-cum began to slicken it so that she could work his hard-on up even faster.

Dean moaned into her mouth as they “frenched”, letting her know he was ready. He then moved in between her legs as he, at the same time got some tit-licks in. She was ready to be fucked!! He was ready to fuck!

Her pussy was still soaking wet from his earlier oral ministrations, so he easily slid his cock into her pussy. Slowly entering her wet channel. She mewled with lust.

As he got into her love-tunnel to the hilt, he rested there; giving her cunt time to adjust to his moderate girth.His 7 inch cock was balls deep. He then , after a few minutes, began to piston his prick into her gaping snatch with ever increasing speed.

As he pumped his rod into her, Lani was in another world, her eyes darted from side to side. Lani was building into another orgasm quickly, but she wanted him to get there with her. They fucked rhythmically for several minutes, learning the correct pace. They were screwing for total pleasure, not at a speed to finish.

Dean pumped his cock harder, deeper, faster…..feeling his nuts begin to squeeze; knowing the were about to explode into her hot ,wet, pulsating gash. She felt it first…

“Unnnngggghhhhh”….She was cummming!!…..Her pussy clinched, her muscles were sucking his cock into a monster cum….She wanted his seed….NOW!!! Dean felt his balls blast…” I’m cummming, Baby” he gasped.

Both of them were coming so hard, they couln’t hear the other. She was in devine heaven….funny thing was….So was he.!!

As they both came down from their mind-blowing climaxes, Dean flopped next to her on the bed. Both lovers totally satiated. Both in ecstasy. They kissed for several peaceful happy moments. They made love with each others eyes; both in bliss.

After a few moments of gentle caresses, and soft words of endearment….Lani knew it was time for a big surprise, and shock for Dean…..She didn’t want to scare him….she didn’t want to hurt him….But;, she had to do what she had to do…

“It’s time to put your pants back on, Lover.” She softly whispered. Dean said, “Why??….we have all day.” “No, we don’t,” Lani replied.

“I don’t understand….didn’t you like the sex?” he asked.

“It was wonderful…I want more from you sometime….but first, you need to go meet my husband.” She matter-of-factly said.

” YOUR HUSBAND!!!???” Dean screamed. “I knew it….I fucking KNEW it….this is one of those fucking blackmail schemes….isn’t it???” he demanded!! Does he have hidden cameras in here…where are they??

“Of course not!!…Honey, she told him…” come with me….this will all be axplained in a minute.”

“Like hell it will!!” He stormed. Lani explained, ” Dean, trust me on this…we aren’t going to blackmail you, were aren’t going to hurt you in any way….in fact…I’m a bit hurt that you would accuse me of that!” she put in. “I really like you….and I want us to have sex many more times….now lets go talk to Richard.”

Dean was NOT very happy…”Where IS Richard?” he asked sarcastically. Is he watching us on a tv monitor right now??”

“He is in the next bedroom, ” Lani calmly replied…”Come on.”

Lani put her pink babydoll outfit back on.

Dean put his pants and shirt on, and followed Lani to the back bedroom, it was 25 feet down the hall.

When they entered the bedroom Dean saw a sight he never expected. An older man (he must have been about 65) was lying in a hospital bed; tubes running into and out of his ravaged body.

Richard was conscious, as Lani went over to him and whispered to him for a few minutes. When she was done speaking to her husband, she motioned Dean to come over to Richard. Dean did.

Richard wore a small oxygen mask, and looked tired. Richard asked Lani to leave the two of them alone, so they could talk. Lani said she would be downstairs, and left the room.

When she was gone, Richard looked at Dean and said, ” I heard you 2 in there a few minutes ago….you were fucking my wife.”

Dean quickly responded, “Look, Richard, I’m very sorry….I didn’t know that Lani was married….and I canlı bahis siteleri certainly didn’t know that her husband was listening to us. I would never have had sex with her, if I knew she was married!!!”

“I’m very sorry ,about all this, Richard; I didn’t KNOW!!!” Richard calmly said thru his mask, “Its OKAY….Dean. Really….its OK.”

“Look….here’s the situation, Dean….I love my wife…I love Lani more than life itself….I found out 3 months ago, that I only have a few months to live…I won’t go into the details of my illness…BUT, It has made me totally and permanently impotent. I have been unable to have sex for several months now.”

” I can’t give Lani what she needs…not as far as sex goes anyway.” Richard began to cry, with silent tears running from his eyes. He was pitiful…and frustrated.

” Recently, Lani and I talked this over….she said she would go without sex, if I couldn’t make love. I told her NONSENSE!! Richard explained. ” I love her, and want her to have her needs met…ALL of her needs!!

We finally came to an agreement…If she could find a good man, a kind man, and one who would satisfy her carnal needs…I would be more than happy to accommodate this arrangement.

Dean…would YOU be willing to be that man??”

Richard asked. “I know its a bit unconventional, and I would understand if you declined..but man to man…I’m asking you to do this….for the BOTH of us.”

” I want Lani to be happy…it would help make my final days more complete, knowing my dear sweet wife is being satisfied.”

“AND……if it will make any difference to you…I am not a super-rich man…..but, I am wealthy…..Lets say…each Thursday…..3 hrs each day….would you please accept $500 per week….I want to show you my gratitude.”

Dean exclaimed, ” Richard, you wouldn’t have to pay me money….Lani is sexy and cute, and wonderful in bed; that is all the “pay” I would expect.”

Richard patiently explained, “Dean…this is MY arrangement…and there are only 3 rules….Rule #

The ONLY way you are going to see Lani again…is if you accept the money..$500 per week; #

You must never hurt Lani, all sex must be consensual by her….and #
When you have your weekly visits….she MUST climax more times thatn you do…afterall, this arrangement is mainly for HER benefit, not yours; although, you will certainly get benefits….if you get my drift??” That means if you cum once she must come at least twice…etc…etc…

Dean gulped, and tried to comprehend this arrangement….get paid $$….don’t hurt Lani….and she has to cum more than I do each visit….hhhmmmmm….

“Well, Dean….whats it gonna be??…are you in .. or does she have to go out and find someone else??” Richard asked bluntly.

Dean thought about it for a few minutes…but what he mostly thought about was Lani’s soft smooth skin; her delicious tits, with the hard nipples, and her wet, steaming pussy wrapped around his dick….”OKAY…I’ll do it …for you, Richard….but mostly for Lani.”

Richard smiled..this made him happy. “Would you please call Lani back up here, Dean??” he asked.

Dean called Lani back into her husband’s room.

“Honey, it’s all arranged. You may enjoy Dean’s company every Thursday at 10 am…if at any time you wish to cancel this arrangement, just let me know.” Richard told his beloved sexy wife.

Lani was grinning….first at Richard…then at Dean. “Wonderful!!” she exclaimed. Lani came around the bed, and kissed Richard on the cheek; she also got an envelope from his bedstand.

Richard said to Dean..” I’m getting tired; here is your 1st payment I hope to HEAR you back here next week.”

Dean could have sworn, but it was hard to tell thru the oxygen mask, but Dean thought he saw Richard wink. The old guy still had a sense of humor.

Lani walked him downstairs to the door. “I am SOOO glad you are coming back, Lover. I really like you….and LUV the orgasms…you are really quite talented, Dean. With that, he pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Four hands became busy, carressing,fondling each other; he ended the kiss, and started to kiss her face, her neck, and down to her tits. Pulling the top of her babydoll down, he kissed and sucked her nipples; they were as stiff as corks. Lani moaned…mmmmm; as she groped hid rising cock. By the way she whispered “You followed the rule today about me having more orgasms than you…without even knowing it was a rule.” Dean smiled, “Yeah, I guess I did.”

Dean blushed and thanked Lani….for everything. As he started across the street to the park, he glanced back at her bedroom window….Ah YES…the window….where this all started!!



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