In the back of a small shop called The Apothecary, a small door led to a little old lady who had seen better years. Her wrinkles were set deep into her cheeks, and her skin was weathered. She sat in her old chair covered in blankets that had been hand-woven by children in her native country. She wasn’t American, but she had been in America for two decades. It still wasn’t enough time to erase her Slavic accent. She was always cold, even with the small space heater on full-blast. She wrapped one of the multi-colored blankets more tightly around herself as she waited for her last customer of the day.

Amanda Joiner walked slowly through the shop, which contained a wide range of gift items, magazines, and a wide range of herbal medicines that most people had never heard of nor needed. She glanced at rows of candles and large buckets of various crystals, her dark hair in tightly woven braids. Amanda rarely got out of the house these days, so she wasn’t used to this part of town. She looked around for the small doors that the lady had described on the phone.

Amanda was desperate. She had never tried a psychic healer before, but she was hoping that maybe this one would be able to help her. It wasn’t like she’d done much research. She just called the first number that came up on her internet search of “Cheap Psychic Readings.”

The store clerk was an overweight woman with a bit of a mustache and poor fashion sense. She paused to watch Amanda look around before greeting her.

“Hello, can I help you?” the clerk asked, pushing thick glasses up higher onto the bridge of her nose.

“I’m looking for Vesna?” Amanda said with an unintentional lilt of a question.

“Though those old doors in the back,” the clerk pointed in a direction and went back to looking down at whatever she had been doing before Amanda arrived.

“Thanks.” Amanda walked toward the doors and felt a bit of fear. She probably would have turned back around and walked out of the shop if she hadn’t just asked the clerk to direct her to the psychic. She slowly pulled at one of the doors and it opened with a loud creak.

“Good luck in there,” the clerk gave a fake smile.

“Thanks?” Amanda called as she walked inside and then gingerly closed the door behind her.

“I’ve been expecting you,” a deep female voice, full of rasp and wear called to her.

“You…you have?” Amanda stared at the woman, shocked to see her wrapped in several blankets. She was a tiny, shrunken, older woman, her hair wispy and gray and her eyes filled with notes of wisdom.

“Yes. Sit down. I have to tell you things about things.”

“What things?” Amanda looked confused as she looked at the chair that sat in front of the woman. A thick layer of dust coated the seat of the chair as if it hadn’t been cleaned in decades.

“But it’s dirty,” Amanda tried to explain.

“Just sit down!” the woman’s accent was thick, but Amanda understood. She slowly sat down on the edge of the chair, trying her best not to sit on it entirely.

“I know things about you,” Vesna stared Amanda down. “You need to pay first, and then I do your reading.”

“Fine.” Amanda pulled out her credit card and cringed as she looked at the total. She couldn’t believe she had come here and that she was spending money on trying to fix an impossible problem in her life. Now that she was here, she was having second thoughts. How could this woman possibly know anything about her life? She almost cringed as she signed her signature on the receipt.

“Now it is time for you to understand something about me,” Vesna began. I knew you were coming today because you called me, but I knew you would contact me before you found my phone number. You could say I’ve known you were going to call me since the day you were born.”

“From the day I was born? That doesn’t make sense. You couldn’t possibly have known me,” Amanda was starting to think that the old woman had lost her mind.

“It’s been a while since you had sex with your boyfriend. Mitch, right?” Vesna stared Amanda down again, willing her to believe in her abilities.

“How do you know about Mitch?” Amanda thought about what she had posted on social media. Surely that was how the old lady was doing this. She had googled Amanda before the meeting so she would have the advantage.

“I know you don’t believe in me or my abilities, so let me prove to you that I know you. I know that you and Mitch have only had sex about twenty-five times since you’ve been dating, which is about three years. Isn’t that right?”

“Yeah,” Amanda sighed, unable to process how much this woman knew. Vesna had just proven she knew facts about Amanda’s life that she could not have found on the internet. Amanda felt a deep fear inside of her that shook her to her core. Who was this woman, and how did she know so much? “How do you know all this stuff about me?”

“I see past the mind and into the heart and soul. Plus, I sold my soul a long time ago so that I can güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri see into yours. I don’t recommend doing it. You get to missing your soul when it isn’t there,” Vesna’s eyebrows raised. “I know just the spell for you. Hold on.”

Vesna walked across the room, shucking her blankets onto her empty chair as she hobbled slowly toward a set of shelves. She looked through the items, picking up a candle here, a jar there. She carefully picked some crystals and began to arrange them in front of Amanda on a small table.

“Is this like a Tarot reading?” Amanda asked

“No, Amanda. This is a wet spell. It will bring you plenty of sex with Mitch. Isn’t that why you came here today?” Vesna stared her down, pausing with the final crystal in her shriveled hand. It was purple, probably amethyst.

“Um, yes! But how do you know that?”

“I know the things in your soul because they whisper to me. I know the problem, and I have a solution. You paid for it, but you must listen closely. Failure to execute the wet spell properly can have disastrous results.”

“Disastrous, how?” Amanda asked carefully. “Maybe I don’t want a wet spell after all. Maybe I should just go?” Amanda tried to stand up, but before she did, the old lady laid the amethyst crystal on the table in front of Amanda. The purple crystal seemed to fill with light, and then the other crystals she had laid out did the same.

“Why are they doing that?” Amanda cried alarmed.

“It’s part of the wet spell. We just need one more thing, Amanda Joiner.” Amanda was shocked that Vesna knew both her first and last name, but she realized that she had given the lady her credit card and she had probably read it there. Amanda was supremely suspicious about Vesna, and she wanted to leave. Something was holding her there, keeping her from running out the door. It was Mitch and her desire for things to be better. She was desperate to fix her sex life with Mitch no matter what the cost.

Vesna retrieved two large, green candles from the windowsill behind her. She set them in front of the crystals and then lit one, leaving the other unlit.

“Take my hands, Amanda,” Vesna sat back down across from her and reached her old, weathered hands out toward Amanda’s. Amanda wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, but the moment she grabbed onto the old lady’s hands, she knew that something powerful was about to happen. Amanda didn’t believe in magic, but there was something magical about the way the flame flickered on that candle.

“Wow, look at the flame!” Amanda cried.

“I want you to stare into the flame, and I want you to listen to my words and repeat after me,” Vesna ordered Amanda. There was something different about Vesna’s eyes. Before she lit the candle, they had been lifeless and dull. Now, the flame from the candle seemed to dance over her irises, lighting them up in a most unnatural way.

“Okay,” Amanda stared into the flickering flame of the candle. Dried green wax from previous sessions encircled the candle and met the new, freshly burnt wax.

Vesna began to shake uncontrollably again as if a demon possessed her. Amanda was concerned for a moment and thought maybe the old lady was having a seizure and was about to die. Just when she was about to blow out the candle and call an ambulance, Vesna spoke,

“SUKHI PRACHEM BUKAN PYAAR!” She shouted. She waited for Amanda to repeat it.

“Sukhi prachen bukan pyarr,” Amanda repeated.

“SUKHI PRACHEM BUKAN PYAAR!” Vesna shouted again. Amanda could feel the older woman’s hands trembling. The crystals were all filled with light, but what was more disturbing was that the unlit candle had suddenly lit itself. It was now burning hot. Vesna was waiting for Amanda to repeat the words.

“Sukhi prachen bukan pyarr,” Amanda repeated.

“Amanda and Mitch had a dry spell. Reverse this spell and replace it with a wet spell,” the woman said slowly and carefully. Amanda repeated her words and watched with surprise as the candle flames both surged with heat in unison. The flames elongated, and Vesna’s eyes were open but rolling back into her skull. She began to shake, and as she did, the table also began to shake. The flames from the candles burned even hotter, their flares stretching higher than physics could explain.

Amanda’s mouth dropped open as the flames began to tilt toward one another until the two flames became one, burning hotter and brighter together than they had individually. Amanda was about to say something, but Vesna began to speak again.


Amanda felt something wet all over her lap. She tried to pull her hands away from Vesna but found that the woman wouldn’t let go. She was much stronger than she looked, and Amanda began to panic.

“Amanda Joiner and Mitch Lunel. They belong together.” The woman shook violently again, and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri then, to Amanda’s shock, she finally let go of her hands. The candle flames immediately receded to a standard size, and the crystals were no longer illuminated.

“That was really weird!” Amanda exclaimed when Vesna’s eyes looked human again.

“The spell is cast. Go to Mitch, and you will see the changes take effect. Sometimes it takes a few days for the magic to start working. Give it a week, and you’ll see.

“Okay. Thank you for helping me?” Amanda said, still sounding unsure of herself. Vesna looked tired and worn from casting her spell.

“Are you going to be okay?” Amanda asked her with concern.

“Oh, yes. I’m just getting a bit old for casting wet spells, but this one worked quite nicely.

“Are you going to blow out the candles?” Amanda asked her.

“No. I will let them burn until they burn out by themselves. The spell will work better that way. Now go on and leave an old lady to her rest.”

“Okay. Thank you again,” Amanda called as she made her way out of the shop. She felt different somehow, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was that was different. Amanda was almost sure that what the lady had done to her was irreversible. She keyed into the apartment she shared with Mitch and heard him in the kitchen, where she found him making frozen waffles. They said their hellos and hugged one another. She was shocked that Mitch’s hand slid down to her butt and gave it a little squeeze.

“Mitch? Are you grabbing my ass?” Amanda asked with surprise.

“Yes. You have the hottest ass I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry if I can’t stop grabbing it,” Mitch said as he grabbed the other cheek with his opposite hand. It seemed like the spell had already started working and Amanda was shocked. There must have been another explanation for Mitch’s changed behaviors.

“Want to have sex?” Amanda asked, just to test the waters.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Mitch kissed her deeply, and Amanda realized that he hadn’t kissed her like this since they had first gotten together. She kissed him back, realizing that the spell had amplified her passion for Mitch. Amanda looked into his eyes and saw that there was love there, and lust too. Mitch was paying complete attention to her, and it was only because he had been ignoring her before that she could feel the difference now.

She didn’t care what the cause was, and she didn’t want to think about the older woman and her spell at this moment. She wanted to live in the moment with Mitch. He led her to their bedroom, where they made out some more, kissing like two teenagers in love. There was passion now between them; a spark had somehow rekindled things between them. Mitch’s hands were all over Amanda. She grabbed his cock through his pants and felt that he was already hard.

“Touch my dick. Yes!” Mitch encouraged her. She unbuckled his belt and freed his cock from his pants. Amanda stroked him gently as they continued to kiss. She could feel his passion for her with every stroke of her hand on his dick. It was the way things were supposed to be. Amanda knew that the older woman was behind this. It was worth every penny she had paid.

She dropped to her knees and took Mitch’s cock in her mouth. She felt a passion for sucking his cock that she had never known, unable to hold back the lust and excitement she felt for him. She was able to suck his cock deeper down her throat than she ever had before, looking up at his surprised eyes to let him know she was completely engaged. Amanda realized that they hadn’t fucked like this since they had first met. She didn’t like to think about how things had gone wrong, and so she didn’t. Instead, she aimed to give Mitch the best blowjob possible because he deserved it.

Mitch’s cock was aching for Amanda in a way he couldn’t explain. He had never felt this kind of passion for another woman. He was smitten with her. It was odd. The week before, he had been thinking of breaking up with Amanda, but now he couldn’t imagine his life without her. He needed to be inside her. He needed her more than he had ever needed anything in all of his life.

“I want to fuck you!” he announced, just in case Amanda didn’t realize what he needed from her. She nodded in acknowledgment, a smile playing on her lips. They slipped out of their clothes. He kissed her passionately as he lay her back on the bed. He realized that he had never entirely made love to Amanda the way that he wanted to now. He climbed on top of her, pushing his dick into her wet pussy. There had never been a more soaked pussy than Amanda’s at that moment. It felt so good to sink into her wet, warm hole. She moaned with every stroke, and Mitch could feel their connection growing stronger and stronger with every stroke.

Amanda had never had sex like the kind she was having with Mitch now. She had always had trouble staying in the moment. She had been self-conscious güvenilir bahis şirketleri about her body and reserved to the point where Mitch had stopped asking her to try new things. Amanda could feel the difference in herself and her desire. She was immersed in the moment, unable to comprehend anything but Mitch and his big dick inside of her. She could feel Mitch’s love for her, and it was so beautiful.

She came harder than she had ever cum, her orgasm rocking her body completely. Amanda could feel Mitch’s love for her as he gazed down at her beauty. Amanda was so pretty when she came hard. She had squirted a bit on the bed, which was also something that Mitch had never made her do. The bed was wet beneath them, but instead of stopping to clean it up, Mitch continued to kiss Amanda’s neck as he kept fucking her.

Amanda knew that she had squirted all over the bed, but she didn’t care. All that mattered now was Mitch and his love. She never wanted to let go of it, just in case it was a dream. She longed to hold onto Mitch forever. He made her cum a few more times, each of them filled with her sexy screams. Mich loved the way Amanda sounded when he made her cum, and he finally felt like he could make her cum easily without having to try so hard. Their sex had been so awkward and difficult before, but now it was smooth, wet, and comfortable. His cock was feeling so good inside of her.

Mitch paused. “I want you on your hands and knees,” he told Amanda.

“Okay,” she agreed, and as she took her position, Mitch was stricken by how beautiful her ass was and how perfect her pussy looked from this angle. He couldn’t believe that he had almost dumped her the week before. He didn’t know how he could have wanted to do such a thing. She was pure perfection. He slid his cock into Amanda from behind and was amazed at the sensation. It was like her pussy and his cock were communicating on a cellular level, lifting one another with adoration, making one another cum with reckless abandon.

They were both fucking in the moment, loving each other in ways that they hadn’t been capable of the day before. Mitch was baffled by this since he had no idea about the spell or what Amanda had gone through to save their relationship and sex life. All he knew was that things had changed for the better, and he didn’t want it to end.

He stroked her pussy from behind, grabbing her by the shoulders and pulling her body back and onto his cock. She was so tight and wet that he could barely keep himself from cumming. That’s when Amanda came harder than she had ever cum before. She let out a mighty scream. Mitch watched her throw her head back and wail, but he didn’t stop pounding her. He fucked her harder and faster until her entire body was shaking. He felt the wetness all over his cock as her orgasm came. She had squirted everywhere. That was twice in one day, which was really weird because he hadn’t realized Amanda could squirt at all.

“Did you just squirt again?” he asked.

“Yes, and I’m going to do it again!” she screamed.

Mitch wasn’t ready for the way her pussy clamped down on his cock. The wetness from yet another squirt saturated his cock and the sheets beneath them. He couldn’t hold on anymore. He let go, squirting what felt like a gallon of cum into Amanda with a mighty roar.

For a moment, they both paused to take in what had just happened between them. They had finally connected the way they had been trying to for so long.

They both tried their best to clean up the mess Amanda’s orgasm had made on the bed. She hastily put a towel over the worst wet spot before Mitch encouraged her to come to cuddle with him on the side of the bed that was still dry. He held her tightly, noticing how her body felt so right against his.

“I’m hungry,” Amanda said. “All this sex has given me an appetite.”

“Me too,” Mitch began, “but I need a minute to rest before we go make something.”

“Why don’t we just go out?” Amanda suggested. “Then we can get back to enjoying each other.” She paused to kiss Mitch’s chest.

“Yeah, sounds good. Wait, don’t go yet,” Mitch pulled Amanda back toward him as she tried to get up. “I want you right here in my arms.”

“It feels so right with you today,” Amanda noted as she nuzzled into Mitch’s hairy chest and felt the weight of his arm wrapped around her. There was a comfortable silence that hung in the air as they enjoyed the comfort of one another’s arms.

“Well, that was a different kind of sex, wasn’t it?” Mitch broke the silence.

“Yeah, it was.”

“It’s weird how we were having so much trouble sexually, and then today was just amazing, don’t you think?” Mitch asked her, trying to make sense out of the situation.

“I have a little confession to make,” Amanda began, “but it’s going to sound kind of crazy. You have to promise not to get mad about it.”

“Wait, what did you do?” Mitch sat up, pushing Amanda off of him. “You didn’t cheat on me, did you?”

“No, no, no. I went to a psychic lady and asked her for help with our relationship problems.”

“You mean our sex problems? You know I don’t like people knowing things about my sex life!” It felt like old times like they were about to start a fight.

“No, she cast a spell on us. A wet spell.”



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