Big Balls

The Turn AroundMy wife and i kenzie have been married now for 2 yrs now.our sex life has slowed as of late. since the birth of our first c***d 3 mos ago . but that was all to change tonight, and become even better than before. my wife kenzie still turns me canlı bahis on 5″2 short black hair green eyes and 125 lbs 10 to 15 lbs more than before the baby. I dont have a problem with it even think it makes her hotter but i think shes feeling a little insecure. bahis siteleri let me assure you shes crazy perky tits an ass and legs to die for not to mention the nicest pussy and asshole ive seen. well onto the night i like to call the turn around. we have güvenilir bahis some friends holly and jeff they have two k**s of there own, every fri they come over for dinner and some drinks. this was a good fri holly 5″4 135lbs is a red head nice stacked body and milky white skin a real sexual girl who seemed like she was up for anything. we were all sitting around having a few drinks and i noticed holly wasnt wearing any panties nor a bra . to b cont lovealladies



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