The Trilogy Pt 3The Trilogy, Part IIIA Rough MorningIt was just how you liked it that morning, and I was more than glad to give it to you.“Let me go to the bathroom and I’ll be right back,” you say, climbing out of the bed and make it to the bathroom. You leave the door partially open and it makes me realize just how much that is arousing me. You are very aware that it has been a tremendous interest for me for years and you know that this is a good way to get me going.I waited for you to open the door to the bathroom and catch you off guard. I take you by surprise by pushing you against the bathroom wall and aggressively press my lips hard against yours. We mash our tongues hard against each other; however I gradually work my way into your neck and my kisses become softer.My hands rush over your body, almost as if I’m trying to take it all in at once. I’m infatuated and bring it hard against me. We grind together in one similar motion. I run my hands run under your shirt, your favorite one to steal from me, touching your bare and uncovered breasts. I squeeze them hard. Finding your dark nipples I take them in my mouth. I run my tongue over them, sucking them and biting them as I force the shirt over your head. I feel you tuzla escort slide my boxers off, leaving us both completely naked now and which exposes my hard on which your body and the mutual aggressiveness has given me.I slide the same hand across the front and urge you to let me view and caress your black trimmed pussy hair to my view. I take you naked in full awe of your sexually charged body. Your naked pussy feels the coolness of the morning air as it caresses you. My other hand now has your hair on the back of your head. I pull your head back with it and continue to aggressively kiss you. I move up and down your neck, to your lips and back again. Our breathing has become intense. I put my hand across your neck and push your toward the bed. As you get on the bed, I grab your ass. I can see your tight ass in front of me and your pussy peeking between your legs. It’s definitely tight, your lips tight together, thick however, but yet inviting. I come to the bed and you automatically place your ass up in the air and our head down. I have full access to your pussy. Taking position behind you, I take the tip of my cock and rub it up and down the outer lips. They are absolutely soaked with white creamy grool. I use that to lube tuzla escort bayan over your lips so I can press and rub against your clit. I slide my cock back up to your hot hole, gradually easing the tip inside.I slide the tip in, but as I go further in, you’re tight pussy walls slow me down. After slowly working in gently, I finally am able to ease myself all the way in. You’re pussy is like a glove, fitting around my cock perfectly. I start to thrust slowly in and our, your creaminess covering my cock with each stroke. As my speed picks up, I hear you start to mewl in hard lust. This is now a lustful action of heart and passion and gradually you become louder, more audible to me. You are never this loud. You’re normally under and soft with your passionate noises as you near cumming. Not this time, however. You aren’t incredibly loud, but most definitely louder than usual for you.You begin to thrust back at me as I begin to pound your pussy hard. You’re so wet that there is a very loud squishing noise as we come together. Your ass and my waist are now making a very loud slapping noise. You can feel every inch of me as the tip of my cock assaults your cervix.I hear you getting even louder. I am more than turned on and escort tuzla feel the top of my cock push through your tight walls, to the top of your inner pussy and back again. I want to cum, I want you to cum.I quickly grab your waist and turn us over in one swift movement without breaking our union. You are now on top. I want you to ride me and ride me good; hard, sweaty, grinding riding. I love it when you ride me. You know just the right way, like you were born to do it. I know you want to cum on my cock as much as I want you to. I feel your inner walls starting to flex; trying so hard to suck the cum out of me. You lean down with your upper body against mine…you continue to grind your hips up and down. I need you to cum. I want you to cum. I am so close; it’s time for you to cum too.Spurt after spurt of cum pumps into you as we cum in one symbiotic act. There’s so much of my cum that it that it runs down and out of your pussy and leaks through your lips around my cock, creating drops of cum over my balls. I roll you beside me; your breathing is still hard. I pull you closer as cum continues to leak from inside you and onto the bed, holding you close. We’re both sticky with sexy body sweat. Swiftly you doze off. Still breathing hard, I lay my arm over your body; the stickiness of our glistening sweat across our bodies seals us together. I soon drift off to sleep; dreaming more dreams of more things I want you explore with you.



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