I barely awoke to the sound of my cell phone ringing. Bad enough I’d had a long day at work but it was 3 a.m. and I was in the middle of some well-deserved deep sleep. I knew I could simply send it straight to voicemail but I’d already been stirred. When I looked at the caller ID, I was compelled to answer.

“Hello.” I muttered in my hoarse morning baritone. Waiting for a reply I grew impatient and just as I was about to end the call I got my response.

“I’m laying naked on black satin sheets blindfolded with my freshly manicured fingers sliding in and out of this wet pussy. Here, why don’t you listen to what it sounds like.”

All this was spoken in a tone as whispery as a fall breeze and as instantly erotic and tantalizing as if I’d been touched by her. This thought was interrupted by the sound of something fleshy, wet, and pink as she’d indeed put the phone by her pussy to let me hear the sound of her self-pleasuring. In the background the sounds of moans mixed with my own name being forced out between full plump lips made me shiver as if I were standing bare-assed in the Arctic cold.

“Did you like what you heard?”

All I could utter was, “Damn!”

“Papi, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed you. I have cuffs and a strap come play with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Here I was, in the dead of the night getting my buttons pressed firmly by Desiree. She knew I didn’t have time for this shit and we’d cut ties long ago, so how in the world had she gotten my number? It really didn’t matter because I was already hard and the stickiness that had developed and was plastering itself against the crotch of my boxers was proof enough that some things never changed.

“Daddy are you gonna make me beg? Or do I have to come take what I want? You know as well as I do that I can and will find you…don’t you? So just be a good little boy and bring my dick to me and if this isn’t enough encouragement maybe you should watch this. I’ll be waiting…MUAH!”

And with that she hung up the phone not giving me a chance at a rebuttal. Immediately following, I got a video and then a text with directions to where she was. I knew watching the video she’d sent was just asking for trouble but by now, my heart was thumping and I could feel the blood pressure south of the border building up all because of her ass. Desiree always knew how to get to me. We had this love hate love lust thing and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t shake it even after it had cost me a woman and a job.

I’d even spent time in counseling behind this shit and now here I was again ready to jack off just to ease my sexual frustration and on the verge of watching a video I knew I should delete. I illegal bahis read the text and she was only five miles away from me at the adult sex shop. She really knew how to pick her spots.

I wasn’t strong enough to resist the urge to watch the video and what I saw took me right over the edge. It was her of course naked and laying in tub of warm milk masturbating with a vibrator while giving me some of the best head I’d ever had in my life. Just looking at her nipples breaking the surface of the milk fully swollen along with the sound of the vibe whirring beneath churning her pussy and making ripples in the milk while she had me fully submerged down her throat fucking her face pulling her hair making her gag and excrete saliva all over my cock was enough to make me reach into my drawers and work out the cum that couldn’t be restrained.

My fate was once again sealed. After cleaning up, I threw on some sweats and a tank top and slippers and headed out to the naughty store. I hated myself for giving in to D like this but what was I to do when I was so drawn and addicted to her. I was her obsession and she was my drug of reluctant choice. Trying not to speed, I got to “Jezebell’s” in no time. The back parking lot was empty save for one car which I assumed was her’s. The store looked completely empty as it was dark inside.

I hesitated before getting out of my car. All I had to do was leave and go home and no, what was I thinking, this would never be over. She probably already knew where I lived anyway, so there was no need to run. I got out and went to the back door which was unlocked. The fact that Desiree could and would commandeer an entire adult toy store didn’t surprise me one bit. I crept inside trying to keep from being surprised by her and taken further advantage of.

Walking through the place all I could see were hazy images and shadows of every manner of sex toy, doll, and movie one could imagine. I jumped when my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. One guess who this was.

“I can smell you Papi and I can smell the scent of leftover cum on your cock. You should’ve saved that jizm just for me, now I’m going to have to punish you baby. Come to the back rooms, I have something special to show you. There’s a roll of quarters near the register, get them before you come back…I’ll be waiting.”

Knowing who I was dealing with, I did as I was instructed and hurried to the back of the store. There were assorted rooms, some with glory holes, some for S feeling this stimulation made her hornier. It turned Desiree on and she began fingering that clean-shaven pussy as the music played and the partition again stopped just below her chin. I was damn near grinding the glass I wanted illegal bahis siteleri D so badly. Down to my last few quarters, I stretched my arm to place them into the machine while still sucking the tit in my mouth. Desiree’s finger was good and juicy from her lubrication and I could see her stomach and clit rings glistening as the music began and she pulled her tits away slowly enough to feel the one I was still sucking tug in between my teeth. I released the one nipple I had in my mouth and backed up as the screen was finally up and I looked into her eyes. She was a sight to behold. A writhing mass of eroticism that preyed upon my carnal weaknesses in a way I could never resist. With her index finger she motioned for me to come inside. I went around the back to the entrance and the door was unlocked. As soon as I opened it Desiree was there waiting and she immediately began tearing away my sweat pants pulling them down and off me.

I stepped inside while stepping out of the pants with my dick fully swollen. In the past I’d often hated myself for yielding to her in this way, especially given all it had cost me but tonight, I was totally mesmerized by her and determined to see this through to the end. Grabbing my extension she began jerking it to her own rhythm. I came towards D grabbing her head to kiss her plump mouth and she ran her tongue up and down my lips before parting them and kissing me back. We tumbled against the glass embracing each other and beginning to grind letting our bodily fluids comingle until we made it to the floor. I rolled her onto her back and raised those lusciously long legs up putting her knees against her shoulders and I penetrated D hard and raw.

The absence of a condom made what I felt and what Desiree felt beyond addictive and intoxicating. Her pussy was so steamy wet and tight that it clung to every inch of my dick with a vacuum like suction and a vice-like grip that pulled me into her waters as she locked her legs around my neck and held on as I began pumping with unchained strokes that were the accumulation of all the lust and desire I’d held inside for her all these years. With each stroke she called for more, deeper, harder, longer thrusts and I gave them. She licked my neck and then we kissed as I paused to grind her cunt in deep circular motions that made her release a guttural roar of delight feeling me throb and expand inside her was what she’d longed for what she always longed for as if she could not be satisfied. I knew she was a sex addict a true nympho and I was the object of her obsession. I accepted this fate and gave in to her. The taste of her lips and tongue were like nectar to me. I felt her nails in my back as she began scratching canlı bahis siteleri me leaving a trail of lust in my flesh and I began pounding her again to the sound of my dick making that wet pussy penetrating suction sound. I could smell her pussy juice and from the way I would grind my shaft against her clit, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she would reach her point of release. This time I would take her to bliss and back without withholding my true essence. I slowed up the strokes in exchange for harder deeper ones and soon after Desiree erupted and when she did, I grinded and grinded feeling the inner contractions of her pussy made me succumb to the ejaculation I’d been denying her of and I filled her pussy up with my cream.

Normally she wasn’t one for the afterglow but when I looked down into her eyes, I saw vulnerability for the first time albeit as brief as a flame in the rain. I kissed her and she wrapped her tongue around mine. I noticed that she’d not unlocked her legs though. And this was when she spoke.

“I know you think I’m crazy. It’s okay if you blame me for wrecking your life. It’s hard to explain but from that first time, I knew I had to have you as my own. Now that I have you I will never let you go. Nothing will come between us. You know I could have any man I want. But it’s you that feeds my appetite.”

Saying nothing in return, I simply kissed her again as I tried to make sense of what she’d just told me. All the while my dick was still in her and if I didn’t get her to release me soon, I’d be hard all over again. Then with perfect timing I felt her gyrating beneath me in an attempt to expedite another erection. I rolled over on my side and then I felt it coming. Damn, what was I going to do?

Before I could reach a decision my body did so for me and thanks to her magic I was rock hard yet again despite how thoroughly satisfied and tired I was. She then began pumping as if she’d been reinvigorated knowing that despite my silence I wasn’t going to refuse her another experience. Her cunt was still dripping wet and her grip seemed even tighter than before. I helplessly embraced her and began madly kissing and throwing the dick back into her. We only went on like this for a brief period before exploding in orgasmic bliss one last time. Unable to move we simply lay still listening to our breathing and heartbeats. I then told her that there was some indescribable animal magnetism between us and that I could never resist her. Despite all that I’d gone through because of her, I was still unable to say no and I admitted my desire and lust and need for her. She reached down and grabbed my dick and gave it a pull as she told me I was hers forever. It was then that I accepted my addiction to her and her obsession with me. We fucked one more time for the hell of it before eventually cleaning up and going back to my place so we could begin piecing together what we would do with the rest of our lives together.




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