It was Friday. I’d been home for two days and I was already horny and uncomfortable. I’d gotten used to our life in the apartment. No clothes, wrestling around, no need to masturbate when your best bud is right there to suck your cock and offer you his. Now I’m in clothes all the time, except at night, I’m sleeping naked, and masturbating twice a day. Plus, I’m sharing a house with my father, the man I desire, who shows no signs of having any interest in me at all. George and I had talked about ‘gaydar’, a word he had learned. He explained it and when we were out, he’d point out men and their actions. I could pick out some but only the more obvious ones. Now, at home, watching my dad, I got nothing. It’s like that video never happened.

I woke up the next morning with a hard cock. Nothing new, but usually George and I dealt with them, I’m home now, and I’m on my own. I kicked off the covers and wrapped my hand around my cock. It felt good, not as good as George’s mouth, but good enough. I lay there with my eyes closed, remembering George, and that video. I hadn’t masturbated since yesterday morning, so I felt the pressure building quickly. I pinched the base of my cock, picturing George with his mouth full, urging me to come in his mouth with his eyes. As my release moved through me, I quietly groaned,

” Ahhhhhhh.”

A bolt of come lurched out of my cock and hit me in the face. I kept stroking, the second painted a line up my flat belly and the third pooled at my navel.

“My, you have grown up.”

It took a second for my mind to go from that endorphin filled post-orgasmic high to understanding that somebody had just watched me masturbate.

My mother.

I went to yank the covers over me.


I froze. Mom pulled a towel off the top of the basket of clean laundry she was bringing to my room and deftly tossed it to me.

“Use that, I’m not having you sleep in sheets full of crusty gizz. Besides, I’ve seen it all already, you can’t un-see it for me.”

You gotta understand, my mother is unique. She can dance around an issue if she has to, but she prefers the hit things head on. She doesn’t get shocked and she has a wry, dry sense of humor. Grounded, down-to-earth, and very happy in her life. I wish I could clone her.

I lay on my little twin bed—i t had been my first big-boy bed— and wiped what was a large load for me, off my chest and belly. Mom remained in the doorway, watching her son clean come off his body. I balled up the towel, prepared to drop it on the floor.

“Um, your face?”

Which now became red and warm. She watched as I cleaned my face. Not necessarily smiling, but certainly not put off one bit by her son with his half-hard cock wiping come of his face. Nonplussed, I think you would say. She walked over and held out her hand, I gave her the towel.

“I’ll leave a hand towel in here for you. And I’ll remember to knock next time.”

I felt the need to explain, apologize, “Mom, I’m…”

“What? Sorry? For what? Sam, you’re a twenty-year old college senior. I’m sure you have somebody back at college and a lot more privacy. You are a normal young man for your age. Well, part of you seems a big bigger than normal, but normal otherwise. Masturbation is normal. You’ve been doing it for a very long time, everybody does it, everybody. No big deal. Enjoy.

And with that wry smile, my mother faded out of my room, slipping the door shut on her gobsmacked oldest child.

I lay on my bed, letting the ‘instant replay’ in my mind run. Hey, when my eyes shot open, was her hand just slipping out of her robe, rIght by her pussy? Was she putting something in her pocket with the other hand? Were her face and chest a bit red? And what about what she was saying? How long has she known I masturbate? What was that ‘bigger than normal’ comment? And why did she emphasize the word ‘everybody’? My mother and father fuck all the damn time, why would she need to masturbate? Or was she talking about Rod? I was so confused. Was this event a breakthrough, or…fuck, I didn’t know. I was so dense.

I got up and picked up my briefs. I didn’t want to get dressed, liked being naked. Wait, Rod’s in school, dad’s at work, mom has just watched me masturbate, nothing left to hide. I opened my door and went down to have breakfast.

Mom was nowhere in sight. I got my breakfast, poured a cup of coffee and sat at the table. Mom walked in a few minutes later. Now, I noticed. Her face and chest were definitely redder than usual and she was a bit, disheveled. She stopped.

“Well, that’s interesting.”

“Yeah, well, at the apartment we are clothing optional and I’ve gotten real used to it. Under the circumstances, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

I didn’t realize it at the time but my mother and I were undergoing a change in our relationship.

She laughed, “Well, this is not how I imagined your stay at home but if that’s what makes you comfortable, so be it. However, don’t expect me to join in and your naturalism shall be confined to when we illegal bahis are alone.”

I swear, you can’t knock my mom off balance, can’t be done. But, I was comfortable.

We sat and chatted, mom in her robe and me nude. She never tried to sneak a peek and I, thankfully, didn’t get a boner.

I never asked why it appeared she was fingering herself as she watched me masturbate and why it looked like she had finished the job when she came into the kitchen. Opened relationships between and mother and son have their limits.

When mom went out to shop, I face-timed George. I sat on my bed stroking my cock and watched George doing the same. A very poor substitute, but it was better than solo.

“So, you think your mom was rubbing her…herself while she watched you jacking?”

“Pussy, George, it’s okay if you say pussy.”

“Yeah, well, being your mother and all I wanted to try and keep it polite.”

“Thanks but I’m past that. I don’t know what’s going on around here but something has changed since I left.”

George laughed, leaned back and stroked his rigid cock. I missed that rod being in my mouth.

“Maybe it’s you. From what you told me, she was saying some interesting stuff after catching you masturbating.”

I spit on my hand and pumped my cock, “She kept that robe tight and her talk clean. I’m fucking confused.”

“Well, be patient and watch carefully, I think you’ll know more, sooner, rather than later. Now, tell me how much you want to come in my mouth.”

After that, I hit the gym, scoping all the girls, and guys. It’s fun being Bi, widens your spectrum. I even watched some of the guys my dad’s age, checking bulges and looking at their swinging cocks in the locker room. By the time I left, I was having trouble keeping my cock down. One ‘dad’ in particular caught me looking. His eyes found mine and he just winked. Damn, he had a wedding ring too. I smiled, perhaps another time.

At home that night, I noticed a change in dad’s behavior. I guess I haven’t told you about him. He was a swimmer in college and still does huge numbers of laps at the gym. Tall, lean, like the rest of us. He’s a great guy. Terrific sense of humor, very tactile with mom. Brown salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. Good looking man. No wonder I want him.

He was ruffling Rod’s hair and hugging him. More than he ever had before. Rod was being much more tactile also. At one point, we were sitting on the couch, watching TV. I held the remote and Rod asked for it. As a joke, I told him to fuck off. Usually, he’d just grab for it, but this time he lunged across the couch and wrestled me as I held the remote away so he could not reach it. I waited for mom to tell us to stop but nothing happened as my brother pinned me to the couch. Dad seemed very amused by the whole thing. Then it got weird. As we wrestled, I was sure I could feel my brother had a boner. That, of course, got mine going. We’re struggling on the couch and nearly rubbing our hard cocks against each other through our clothes. After a minute or so, I gave Rod the remote and he held it up in triumph as he moved back to his side of the couch. Making no attempt to hide the bulge in his pajamas. He caught dad’s eye, but no expression. Was there some unspoken conversation there? I reminded myself that what I thought I saw and what I thought I knew, may be completely wrong and a mistake would be devastating. I read too much porn.

I lay in bed that night, naked, of course. I had left my door closed, but unlatched. I’m not sure why but I wanted to. You never know. I heard a noise in the hall, a rustling. Not walking. I gently pulled the covers back and padded over to my door.

I slipped the door open, just a little, so I could see the hall. My bedroom is at one end, my parents at the other, the bathroom and Rod’s room in the middle. A weak glow came up the stairs. Somebody left a light on in the living room. In that soft light, I saw someone standing in the hall. They were peeking into Rod’s door. It was my mother.

She was naked. She has a nice shape. Tall, lean, her breasts in perfect proportion to her body. A little weight around her middle, but not much. Her robe lay at her feet in a pile. I reached down and held my growing cock.

Mom had one hand on the door frame. The other moved quickly between her long legs. Mom was masturbating, looking at Rod. I had never watched a woman masturbate and now I’m a party to this incredibly taboo spectacle. My cock twitched in my hand as I stroked. Now I could hear the muffled sound from inside Rod’s room. Porn. My little brother was watching porn, undoubtedly masturbating and unaware that his mother, and now his brother, were getting off on it.

I wanted to go out, sneak up behind my mom, press myself against her, nestling my cock in her ass, and shove her into Rod’s room, catching him naked on his bed stroking his cock. Then, well, I don’t know, my new-found fantasies failed me as Mom moved her hand from the door-frame to her left nipple, pinching it as she nearly doubled over, illegal bahis siteleri orgasming. That did it for me. Come jetted out of my cock and through the open door. Shit, can’t clean that up now. As I went to close the door, it hit my toe, making a tiny thump. Through the crack, I saw mom’s eyes flick my way. Caught, times two.

Morning arrived. Checking the clock, I knew Rod and dad would be gone, so I didn’t bother getting dressed.

Mom was in the kitchen, in her tightly tied robe.

“Bout time you got up. I see you are still doing your naked thing.”

“Well, you said I could.”

We moved around the kitchen, me getting my breakfast and coffee and mom cleaning and arranging. Fantasy me wanted her to drop the robe and beg me to fuck her. I really wanted dad, but certainly wouldn’t mind mom, particularly after last night’s show. But, nothing. No hint that anything unusual occurred, just casual morning conversation. I’m just going to have to be patient.

Mom took off to the club, she’s in a tennis league. That left me to re-live last night’s adventure. But I wanted to share.

I told George the whole story on face time, nice and slow. As I told him about coming all over the hall, he shoots all over his belly, grunting and groaning. He smiled as he wiped off.

“You think maybe your hot mom and younger brother may be breaking the big taboo?”

“No way. If that was the case she would have been in his room, not peeking through the door.”

“You wanna fuck your mom?”

“You asshole. You did this, you know. You’ve turned me into a total perv with no morals at all.”

George laughed hard, “So yeah, you want to do them all!”

“Fuck you.”

“Ha, Ha, not till January. Good luck and hey, make a video when you have your all-family Bi-sexual orgy.”

“Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.”

Rod got home from school and came into the kitchen.

“Hello dear, how was school?” Mom said as her youngest son come over a gave her a hug. Really? He hasn’t done that since grade school, and did his hand graze her ass? Was there eye contact? Nah, I need to stop having my dick do all my thinking.

Dad was the last to get home that night. Rod met him at the door and gave dad a hug. No big deal, all looked quite normal, except that was the first time they had ever done that. Now, me, being hyper-observant, horny and, thank’s to my roommate, a perv, wondered if there was anything more to this. There wasn’t. The rest of the evening passed as they always do in our house. Only difference was that all of us had a glass of wine. It was nice being treated like an adult.

It was Saturday. When I finally woke up, it was after nine. I must have been tired, never woke up. As I do every morning, I reached down to fondle my cock. It felt, sore? No, not sore, tired. Is that possible? Plus my ball sack felt a little damp. Not to mention no morning wood. Unusual. I checked the sheets. I’d never had a wet dream but times had changed. No, come on the sheets. Oh well.

The house was still quiet. Being the weekend and all, I put on a pair of nylon running shorts and slipped down to the kitchen for some chow.

As I was scanning my phone over a steaming cup of coffee, shoving bagel chunks in my mouth, mom padded in. She had on a short Asian-patterned robe that barely covered her fine ass. I’d seen the robe before, usually on a chair in their room. This was the first time I’d ever seen her in it. Looked good, very good. She had it loosely tied and I surprised her. I don’t think she expected anyone to be downstairs since I never turned on any lights.

“Oh! You’re up.”

“So it would appear. Good morning to you too, mom.”

She headed over to the sink and opened the door underneath, “You know where the vinegar is? Oh, and yes, good morning to you too.”

She was flustered. I found it amusing.

“Mom, I don’t really live here, but it used to be right where you’re looking.”

My mother, in her very distracted frame of mind, bent over to look in the rear of the cabinet. Bending from her waist created an obvious reaction in the short silk robe. I watched as the robe hem exposed more and more of the very tops of her thighs, then the crease where her legs became her very firm middle-aged ass. I stopped chewing. She bent further and my life changed forever. My mother’s pussy came into view. Now, if she had just stepped out of the shower, or was changing her clothes, it would be a vagina. But what I stared at was her pussy. It was in full flower, red, swollen, recently fucked, and, hence the need for vinegar, leaking come. There was a trail down her thigh from her luscious lips. The bagel chunk fell out of my gaping mouth.

“Ah, here it is.” Mom said as she reached in.

Standing and turning she caught me before I could get my face out of ‘holy shit that’s my mom’s wet pussy’ mode. Her face questioned, and then, to her credit, she blushed. Smiling, she brushed past me on the way out.

“Naughty boy.”

Well, she didn’t get mad, but canlı bahis siteleri then again, she didn’t get mad when I caught her masturbating watching my brother do the same. Is mom being really cool or is this some kind of wicked subtle come-on? Never mind Gadar, I need mom-dar. And my father was still a sphinx.

By dinner time I had a working theory. I’m not an imbecile. There was plenty of evidence that something was going in in my house and I was the only one who wasn’t aware.

Oh boy, wine with dinner. I made sure to be appropriately grateful, as I poured out my glass, drink by drink onto the rug under my chair. It was white wine, it’ll evaporate.

During TV I nodded off a bit and then announced I was beat and heading for bed. Everybody said goodnight and mom gave me a kind look, kind of predatory, that is, and told me to sleep well.

I lay in bed, naked, of course. Door just open a crack, just like normal. Eventually, the TV went off and the rest of the family came upstairs. Mom whispered something to Rod, he laughed. Doors closed and it got quiet. I had no intention of sleeping, I was going to get fucked by my own mother tonight.

Being a loser, I fell asleep anyway.

I felt a face near mine. I fought not to flinch. My room was totally dark. No light came in from the hall at all. I know it was mom because I could smell her. I swear her face was two inches from mine. I wanted to slit my eyes, just a little, to see, but I kept them slammed shut.

I felt her move away. A hand pressed down my mattress. Now, fingers toyed with my cock. I had felt a boner coming on and now I didn’t have to hold back. As my cock grew the hand explored, still using the other as support. A sharp fingernail caught the soft skin of my cock head. I couldn’t help it, I flinched. The hand paused. I concentrated on keeping that low slow breathing. Nothing going on here mom. Your son is still fast asleep, just go back to getting ready to fuck me.

She didn’t climb on. That hand with the sharp nail wrapped around the base of my rigid cock. Wet warmth enveloped the head. It had been forever since I had my cock in a mouth and it was wonderful. Mom was a little tentative, I understand, it’s probably only the second time she had me in her mouth. Mom’s mouth slowly descended down my cock until I was lodged in her throat and her lips brushed my pubic hair. It’s nice to not have a huge cock. I knew I was not going to last.

That nail touched my skin again but flicked away. Mom had a nice regular motion going. Then I heard it. A wet sloppy sloshing noise. Mom was masturbating while she sucked her son’s cock. That was simply too much. I had her now. Now she’s going to have to help seduce dad. I felt the tingle in my feet, then legs, then scrotum. I wanted to warn her, but I had to be asleep. I felt my cock get harder. She pulled back till only the head of my cock was in her mouth. Oh, she wants to taste it. Oh fuck yes, mom, here it comes. I shook as I jetted myself into her hot wet mouth. I heard her hand go into overdrive as my third shot of come launched into her mouth.

As I flinched from the over sensitivity, her mouth left and with a whisper of fabric, she was out the door. The latch clicking as the door closed.

I flicked on the light and got on my knees next to my bed. The carpet was wet. My mother had come all over my floor after sucking the come out of my cock. I got hard again just thinking about it. I couldn’t wait to use my new found leverage.

No surprise, I slept late Sunday morning. I woke up as Rod threw the door open and came into my room.

“Bout time you woke up, bro, it’s like ten O’ clock.”

He sat on my bed. I was still naked, but the sheet and blanket covered me.

“Fuck off, I’m on vacation. Leave me alone.”

I was being funny and my tone of voice indicated that. Rod grabbed the covers.

“Get up you college slug. Mom and dad are getting ready to leave for the day and I’m bored.”

I fought him for the covers and then a sharp fingernail caught my hand. A small cut, just a little blood.

“Oh, sorry bro. I gotta trim them.”

I held my hand in front of me, watching the small bubble of blood build, along my my realization of what was really going on in my family. Rod stared at me.

“You okay? Sorry, I cut you. It looks like it’s stopped.”

As the picture became clear I felt my cock getting hard. Did he say ‘gone for the day?’

As my cock reached full size I took the covers in my hand and slowly folded them back until I was exposed from my knees up. Rod sat and watched, his eyes fighting to not look at my rigid erection. Of course, he had to say something.

“Ummm, well, that’s nice, I guess. I catch you having a little play time? I can leave, you know.”

I smiled at my little brother as I reached down and held my cock upright.

“I just thought you might like to see it in the light.”

I’ll give him this, he didn’t flinch. But fear danced in his eyes.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Close the door,” I said.

Rod got up and closed my door.

“Lock it.”

He clicked the lock and returned to my bed. I noticed a growing bulge in his shorts. I don’t think he had underwear on. Time to lay my cards on the table.



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