The SPA part 2As you may imagine I watched the video a couple more times before bed that night. A fretful night followed as mixed emotions rattled around. Weak as I am the desire to see more burned through the brightest. The morning arrived with no contact from the Spa or Sara. I tried to call her but the phone was switched off. Mid morning the anticipated email arrived. This was another audio file, the same male voice; I am assuming the distinguished white man from the previous films spoke in an assured and inquisitive manner. He again appeared to have Sara in some kind of a hypnotic state. He asked her more about her desire to be controlled. She disclosed she wanted to be controlled both with bonds and through actions, to be made to do things she would not do without such control. The conversation probed these desires. At the end he brought her out of the hypnosis and they agreed to meet for a drink in the bar later. I was left wondering how much of this was under the power of hypnosis. The audio ended. A short time after lunch I had a text from Sara stating all was good and she was looking forward to seeing me late on Sunday. The hours dragged by, part of me glad there was nothing to report and still the overriding desire to see and hear more. Mid evening as I was settled trying to concentrate on a poor TV movie another email arrived. The text confirmed that all was going to plan and also thanks for delivering such a slut. It continued that by the time I was watching this, the main weekend event would be under way, I would however have to wait to see if they wanted to share that with me.I clicked the play button. The screen opened to show a different room. It resembled the inside of a converted barn. It was very nicely decorated with large sofas, a roaring fire. There was also a large coffee table. The camera zoomed in the show a variety of plugs and dildos, of various sizes and shapes arranged on one end.At that moment the door opened and in walked the white man, casually dressed followed by Sara. She was complimentary about the room but explained she could not stay. The man said that he just wanted to show her something and she should take a seat. As she sat she caught sight of the sex toys on the table and looked very uncomfortable. She again said she should go. In a firmer voice the male told her to just sit and be quiet. He then switched on the large TV above the fireplace, Sara’s face was one of complete shock as the film from the previous weekend showing her sandwiched between the two men came into view. She became hysterical and moved towards the door threatening him with the Police. The door was locked, the male told her to sit down and shut up. Initially she refused. He told her if she did not comply it would be put on the internet and a copy would be sent to me. She walked back tears in her eyes, demanding to know what was going on. He proceeded to explain and played the audio of her desires.She accused him of blackmail; he calmly told her it was what she desired. He told her to watch the screen to look at her pleasure. H e then told her that his threats were genuine; the film looked like she was enjoying herself who would believe any force was used, what it would do to her marriage if her husband was sent this material. It was at this point I realised I should do something, but instead I kept watching. He told her that she would now comply with his demands and they would together explore her deepest desires. No one would find out, he intended to stretch her limits in every way she can think of and more. The Spa membership would allow this and she was his until he decided otherwise. She said she would not do it. He calmly took out a lap top and showed her an email ready to send to me, as he went to press send she said “Stop let me think about it?” He calmly said the time for thinking was over, would she comply “yes or no”, his finger hovered over the send button. She quietly said “Yes”, “Sorry I didn’t hear you, what did you say?”“Yes” she said again.“That’s better thought you would see it my way, now strip”She didn’t move, he moved towards her and pulled her to her feet “Strip or I will do it for you” She began to remove her clothes, she stood in bra türkçe bahis and briefs, he walked toward her and ripped away the bra and roughly tore off her briefs. He then led her to the coffee table and attached what appeared to be leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles. Having done so he told her to kneel on the coffee table, she hesitated and he slapped her ass and told her to do things immediately if she did not the deal was off and the email would be sent. She climbed up onto the coffee table and knelt on all fours. He told her to rest her face on the table and reach back to touch her ankles, as she did so he fastened the cuffs wrist to ankle leaving her immobilised. This caused her legs to open and left her very exposed. He sat down on the sofa level with her head. He spoke to her explaining that this was preparation for the main event of the weekend on Saturday evening. Each Friday she attended he would prepare her for the next evening. She would not be harmed or punished as any failure to comply would lead to the email going to family and friends. She would arrive promptly for each weekend and wear clothes laid out for her. She would be free to fully enjoy the Spa at all other times, Friday and Saturday evenings she would be sexually engaged. With that said he took out a bottle of lube and applied it generously to her exposed pussy and ass, he used a vibrator initially on her little bud to develop arousal. Once he sensed that her own lubrication was activated he moved to the head of the table and selected a large black realistic styled dildo. He returned to her and slowly inserted it causing her to gasp as it filled her up. He continued to work it in and out until inch by inch she took it all. He then wrapped a large rubber band around her securing it in place. He the selected a medium sized butt plug and inserted its tip into her waiting ass. She shouted “No not there, I don’t do that”He replied “You do now” and continued to feed it in and out until the thicker end slid through the resistance causing her to yelp. It did not need securing. He walked out of view leaving her helpless on the table. The camera remained focussed; it was a full fifteen minutes when he returned. He immediately put a pump attachment on the plug and gave it a couple of squeezes, she cried out as it stretched her virgin back passage. This was a big taboo with us, I could not believe how turned on I felt. Sara was at his mercy I could not take my eyes off of the screen. He removed the rubber band, I then realised he was naked and his arousal looked bigger than ever, he removed the dildo and promptly plunged into her to the hilt. She squealed in shock, he built up a rhythm using his full length in and out, causing Sara to grunt with each insertion. He took hold of the pump and continued to expand the plug, Sara protested to no avail, his sexual pace continued to be relentless, and more pumps, faster he went. The plug was now the size of a ball inside her. She came loud and violently it shook through her, he did not break pace she screamed, begged him to stop, he went harder. He deflated the ball and yanked it from her insides, again a scream. The next withdrawal he plunged in where the plug had vacated taking her by surprise, her screaming was louder, tears ran down her face. He delivered his load deep inside that up to now forbidden passage. He withdrew and pulled her around to give him access to her mouth. He told her to open her mouth; she complied almost in a daze. He started to thrust in and out of her mouth giving her a full taste of her own scent and juices. I was shocked and excited, amazed and frightened about where this would lead. He finishes with her and walked away. He left her spent and completely exhausted. He returned after several minutes now dressed. He reinserted the sex toys and again pumped the rear. He again walked away, this time the door opened and closed. The screen twitched and each time the clock moved on. It was a full two hours later he returned and released her, there were no pleasantries, he told her to go and get showered and have some sleep as she would need her energy.I sat a while considering the options, do I admit my part in this and get her youwin giriş out. I still had that knot of anticipation. My thoughts were interrupted by another email, no attachment this time. I opened it, it suggested I would have seen the film and would be considering admitting my part. I should not however do this as a full list of family and friends had been obtained and any interference would lead to the films being sent to them. It informed me that Sara would be home unharmed tomorrow. It was now late Saturday evening, I finally drifted off to sleep.At about 4pm on Sunday Sara arrived home. I had not had any contact from her or the Spa prior to this. She came in gave me a big kiss and told me she loved me. She told me about her weekend and that she was a little raw from her gym work and aerobics classes, my suggestion of an early night was quickly declined due to her gym excesses!! Monday we got back into the weekly routine, I did not get any contact from the spa that week and bedtimes were the usual mid week too tired to do anything situation. On Saturday we finally made love, it was good, Sara was passionate and energetic. During the session she asked if I would mind if she bought some new toys as she was a little bored with the ones we had. I readily agreed, leaving it to her to make the choices.Another week passed, on Thursday she told me the toys had arrived and she could not wait for the weekend to give them a try. I had noticed deliveries clearly containing clothing these were not mentioned and were put away. I planned to have a snoop but Sara was ever present. Saturday came, we went out for a nice meal, it dawned on me the month was about to change, surprisingly still no contact from the Spa. On return from the meal we shared a bottle of wine, Sara told me to give her half hour and then join her upstairs.I waited and then went to the bedroom. She was lying on the bed dressed in a black corset, black stockings and very high heeled shoes. She told me to undress and sit in the tub chair. I was already showing my appreciation as I sat down she looked incredible. She then produced a large butt plug from under the pillow, “I have wanted one of these for ages” she said. She brought it to her mouth and began to lubricate the tip. Once wet enough she pulled back her legs and exposed her ass. She then eased it slowly in and out inserting a little more each time. Her face contorted as she finally pushed it home securing it leaving her well and truly plugged. I stood to move towards her, she told me to sit down she would tell me when to move. I asked her what was going on, she said she wanted to spice things up and thought I would enjoy it, if I was not happy she could stop. I told her I was happy. She then produced a very large dido and immediately began to feed it into her pussy. It slid in with ease; she became engrossed, appearing to forget I was there as she rapidly brought herself to orgasm. She remained there breathless with both holes still full. She beckoned me over and took me in her mouth, she expertly took me, I touched the back of her throat, a slight gag and then on she went, she was now working the dildo again. Before I new I came deep in her throat she swallowed it all and cleaned me. This was not the wife I knew and loved, it had been great but she was now lost again in another shattering orgasm. It was as much as I could do to get one out of her normally. She calmed and asked me to get her some tissues. By the time I was back she was sitting in her dressing gown. We chatted for a while and she told me she wanted to do something special as I loved the stockings and toys. We fell asleep in each others arms.The next morning I received an email, it was to inform me that Sara would be enjoying another Spa weekend commencing the following Friday evening. She would not return until Monday. She will be informed personally with the details. I tried to access her email account, the passwords had changed I had to wait to see what she said. It was Tuesday when she asked if it would be ok for her to go to the Spa, she said she was ready for another fitness weekend. I asked her to delay it a week, she said she would try but she had checked a booking youwin güvenilir mi was available. I decided not to cause issues and told her to go. I was ready for some more voyeuristic pleasure.Friday soon came around, I was out when she left, just a note telling me she loved me and that she would call when she had chance. There was an email thanking me for my wife and an attachment entitled Saturday party. I wanted to open it straight away but I wanted to enjoy it. I finally settled down with the lap top and a glass of wine at about 8pm. It was entitled a change of attitude.The screen opened again in the Barn room. The coffee table had been replaced by a circular platform. Sitting around the edge on sofas were six men all wearing eye masks. They were drinking and chatting. A door at the end of the room opened and the familiar white male came in. He addressed the men hoping they were enjoying the setting and the drink. It was now time for the main event and full audience participation was expected. The door opened and in walked Sara and a blonde female. They looked stunning in sheer body stockings and extremely high heels. They walked across to the white male who introduced them. He explained the girls would put on a show and then indicate when the men should join in. He handed over to the ladies who climbed on to the plat form. I then saw that both women had what appeared to be butt plugs with log tails inserted into their ass. They looked sensational Sara lead on her back and the blond straddled her in a 69 position. They immediately set to work with their mouths and tongue much to the delight of the watching men. The male then handed them each an enormous dildo that they set about working into to each other, they were clearly soaking as they eased in without a problem. They became increasingly frenzied as they forced more and more of the length into each other. They rubbed their mounds into each others mouths and bucked against the plastic intruders. The girls continued, they looked incredible encased in the sheer black nylon, the tails bouncing with their thrusting. The male then caused the platform to spin, giving all of the watching group the various vies of the two women locked in their sexual embrace.The blond rolled off of Sara repositioning allowing them to kiss deeply as they concentrated on using the dildos on themselves. The male then handed them a large black double ender. They moved in order to nudge the ends against their swollen pussies and eased towards each other allowing it to gradually disappear. They ground towards each other greedily trying to get as much of the dido as they could, this continued until they were rubbing flesh on flesh. They embraced and kissed, thrusting their hips forward. They came together, writhing and bucking, screaming out in pleasure. They remained still for a few moments panting.The male stepped forward and thanked them. He addressed the group and told them it was now their turn. The men started to strip, the volume in the room rose in anticipation. The two women were positioned on all fours ass to ass. They then reinserted the double ender and pushed against each other. The men now naked stood around the platform. The male announced it was time for some mouth action. The men spread out so the women each had a cock to suck. They started, the first two males thrust into their mouths, holding their heads and sliding their full length into their throats. The platform was turned and a second pair of males carried on the mouth action. This continued until all of the males had used both women. At the end of that the male in charge bid them goodnight and left, leaving Sara and the blond with the group. What followed were a couple of hours of airtight sex. Sara remained on the platform the blonde was taken to a sofa. The men had them in every way possible. There was barely a moment that the women were not fully used. Their faces were covered in sticky juices; coming did not seem to slow the men. I lost count of the orgasms Sara had as she was impaled from every angle. Finally the action stopped and the men dressed leaving the women exhausted and raw from the pounding they had received. The screen darkened.I had to admit I was amazed at how Sara had performed; it had somehow released the a****l in her. I remained myself that this was the previous weekend’s action, my thoughts wandered to what she was doing at that moment. I went to bed satisfied. I wanted more



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