My younger self, 19 year-old Anne-Marie, seems too naive to be true, but she was just as innocent as the video records, the cherished and spoiled youngest child in a not very world-wise male-dominated family. She was brought up to be obedient and well-mannered, an ideal wife for the traditional sort of man her brother, Dick, was raised to be. I now see quite clearly how little her parents actually knew of the world, but they said they knew best and who was she to question their judgements, or her brother’s for that matter? They obviously loved her and her mother was already setting a submissive example for her to follow. A more experienced boyfriend might have helped strengthen her teen age rebellion, but Tom did little more than awaken and fail to satisfy physical urges in her. The result was that when Pugh met Anne-Marie, he hit the Bull’s-eye. I doubt even he can have imagined quite how things would turn out. It still surprises me when I watch it now, and I was the star!

Anne-Marie turned up a week later at Pugh’s studio. The camera captures her mid-calf length denim button-down skirt. From just above the knee, the buttons are undone. The skirt clings tightly to her bum and thighs, giving flashes of her legs where the unbuttoned lower section part as she steps in. She is carrying her old school uniform in a bag. Nothing if not conscientious, she had pulled it out of a drawer and ironed it before she set out.

She readily accepts the presence of a running video camera in his hand and cheerfully walks on set (this time on the big white circular settee) and runs through the ‘fashion check’ on her outfit, which was entirely new and had cost the best part of last week’s payment. Anne-Marie barely hesitates before showing him her new pink (again) bra and panties, though she modestly covers up as soon as he gives permission.

He also had me take out and describe the school uniform, but that section must have been edited out. I remember being relieved that he only asked me to talk about it and did not seem very interested. School was behind me!

Pugh’s manner throughout the first part of the video is professional, almost cool. He asks questions and directs her how to move with friendly authority, commenting on how good the shots are, rather than how hot she looks. His voice comes from behind the camera, telling her how she has the ideal skin tone and colour for her outfit as the camera hones in on her breasts. I have to admit it always turns me on, the contrast between the professional way Pugh sounds and the crudely sexy way he films Anne-Marie. He must have loved how she took his directions.

He makes a feeble joke about forgetting to pay her before handing her some bills after showing the camera that they add up to £50. Anne-Marie laughs as she puts the money in her bag and excitedly tells Pugh that she might illegal bahis take her brother out for a meal with it. “He’s just moping around home, because he never has enough money between jobs.” She looks relieved that the whole thing has proven so straightforward.

I am sure Pugh had some other plans to take things forward, but, nothing if spontaneous, he seizes on her last statement and starts to turn Anne-Marie’s debut into a twisted classic. He appears to hesitate for a moment and then asks, “Was your brother there when you were growing up?”

“I’ll say! He always watched out for me. He dropped me off and picked me up from school more often than Dad did. All my girlfriends fancied him and, if I’m honest, he scared away boys. He was soooooo protective!” She laughs, half-annoyed, but with obvious fondness.

Pugh pauses again, “Well, say, do you think he would be willing to be interviewed too? My clients would pay a lot more for two points of view. In fact they are very interested in family relationships and how they change as girls grow up. You said your brother was at home. If you can get him to come in, I could pay you each £100. A joint brother-sister interview is far more valuable to my clients.”

The mixed look of doubt and eagerness on Anne-Marie’s face is meltingly sexy. “£100? Today? Now? What about the school stuff?” She gestures towards her bag where her neatly folded uniform can be seen peeking out.

“I imagine he has things to say about that. Your brother’s perspective will make the whole set of interviews more valuable. Can you give him a call? If he can make it, you’ll have earned ….. Nearly £500 for just two interviews. By the way, here is the extra £40 for bringing your school uniform. Whatever happens, you are already better off. Not bad for giving up a few minutes after work.”

She is helpless to resist the £20 bills in her hand and his continuous references of more to come. Almost before she knows it, Anne-Marie is making the call. You can hear from her side of the conversation, that Dick takes some persuading. She seems entirely unconscious that her every move is being recorded as she wheedles him to come down in a little girl voice, “Pleeeaasse.” Her grin of success as she hangs up is accompanied by a little bounce of excitement on the settee, “a half-an-hour,” Anne-Marie says with a satisfied laugh, looking directly at the camera. “He

Pugh sets down the camera, still focusing on the girl, “Well,” his voice echoes off set. “Let’s have a glass of wine while we wait.” His hand appears a moment later passing her a glass of white wine, the only part of him captured on camera. As she sips, the video cuts to black.


As I recall, we spent the next half hour chatting, while Pugh fussed with the cameras and lighting. I was not sure how many cameras were aimed at illegal bahis siteleri me; at least three and probably more, all mounted on tripods, which was probably just as well, because he would probably flipped at having held in his face. My brother was plainly suspicious, but eventually he agreed to sit down and have a glass of wine.

The video cuts back. Anne-Marie is sitting alongside a burly black-haired man. Both are holding full wine glasses. He is looking doubtfully between her and the off-screen Pugh. They are about six inches apart. Pugh’s voice comes through, “Thank you for coming down, brother. Here is the promised £200, £100 each.”

His hand appears momentarily and Dick is left holding the money. He looks at his grinning sister uncertainly, “Doesn’t this seem a little strange to you?”

But Anne-Marie brushes away his objections. “It’s what they pay. I’ve already got £180 pounds for last week’s interview and this week. It’s for market research.”

Anne-Marie hasn’t really answered her brother’s question, and Pugh adds nothing, but the money in his hand and her reassurance seem to do the trick. “I guess it’s all right.” He takes a slow sip of the wine. “What happens next?”

“We want to explore how close family relationships change as brothers and sisters grow up. Your sister said that you were a good brother to her and always watched out for her as she was growing up.” She nudges him playfully as Pugh speaks, and he nudges her back with a little smile.

Pugh’s voice continues, “I can see that you two are really close, like brother and sister should be. That will really help. Last week we talked about more general fashions. Our clients are also very interested in the way school girls engage with fashion. This is valuable information for designers.” The pair nod wisely in agreement as he continues, “Anne-Marie, as a recent schoolgirl, has agreed to explain to me the different ways that girls make their school uniforms more distinctive and fashionable. I understand that you often served as her taxi to and from school, so your views as a loving and protective brother ….”

Notice the shift in emphasis? Anne-Marie and her brother don’t. Dick takes the bait, “well, I guess I did… (Interrupted by another playful nudge and objection, “Hey!”) … No! (More laughter) … I did, at least a few times a week in your last two years.”

“Your views will obviously be helpful. I already know we will get value for money from this interview.” The pair nod in unison. “So, Anne-Marie, tell us about the fashions at school.”

Anne-Marie half turns towards her brother. “Remember the greasers? That was after the movie. They dressed kind of slutty, or at least tried to make their uniforms as informal and revealing as they could.”

“I’ll say!” Interjects her brother with an exaggerated canlı bahis siteleri conspiratorial wink toward Pugh.

“Ugghhh! Were you perving on school girls? (Laughter) They were kind of obvious. Their ties were loose. Blouses a bit open and their skirts were so short (More laughter from both) and their tights always had strategically long runs!”

“Big brother, it’s obvious you noticed. What did you think of how your little sister’s classmates dressed?”

“You couldn’t miss it! It was pretty shocking how hot some of the Greasers looked.” Anne-Marie casts a thoughtful gaze at her brother, and he continues almost defensively, “Their hair was usually tangled up too, like they had just come from doing something sexy. I was glad you and your friends didn’t dress like that, but you couldn’t help but look. They weren’t my sisters.”

“Well, we wanted to be less obvious. We were nicknamed the Smarties!”

“Really, I never knew that? I didn’t know anything about that. You just looked …”

“Like I was going to tell my big brother! Yes, we dressed the exact opposite of them. Preppie-neat, blouses always ironed, ties too for that matter. Skirts to the knee and white knee socks in summer. Very sharp,” she says with another laugh. “Did you only ever notice the Greasers? I guess we were too sophisticated for you.” She sniffs disdainfully at him.

“No!” Dick protests, “but I’m hardly going to admit to perving on my own sister and her friends!”

The brother and sister both hesitate over what has just been said, but Pugh appears not to have noticed. “That was very interesting Anne-Marie, but I am afraid I am with big brother here. I can picture the Greasers, but not the Smarties. I’m glad I asked you to bring your old school uniform…”


“Oh, Dick! He paid me £40 just to bring it to show his clients what I used to wear! I didn’t even have to put it on, just show what we wore.”

“That’s right, big brother,” continues the off-camera voice smoothly, “but I am afraid that this new data needs more explanation. Do you think you could put it on briefly? I’d like to give you another £20 for doing it, and a further £20 to each of you for explaining the fashions, and your reactions.”

“You’re paying us £60 just for that? Well, I guess it’s ok with me if its ok with Anne-Marie.”

“You’d better not laugh,” warns the girl as she reaches for her bag and the screen goes black.

Watching that last section of the video I am amazed and a little turned on by the way Pugh moves the focus of the interview from a young woman’s take on fashion progressively into wholly different and darker territory. Just by distracting Anne-Marie with the money, he keeps pushing the boundaries further. Her agreement in turn entangles her brother. Dick obviously suspected at the start that there was something dodgy going on, but he still lets himself get carried along by his sister’s enthusiasm. After all, she has already done one interview, got a load of cash and nothing bad happened. Now he was there, she would be even safer!




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