He’s the new teacher; so hot and intelligent. Young too. For an eighteen year old, a guy that was twenty-five isn’t old. He teaches me History and Physical Education. Yeah, smart and in shape; nicely built body also. Sadly, the year was on the verge of ending. I hadn’t gotten him during the time he taught me, then I’d have him once I was out. He’s supposed to be a chaperon at the prom. I’ll ask him to dance there and make a move.

I know he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I mean, every girl in the class asked nearly every week. Its became a routine for him to tell us every Monday since he started teaching us whether or not he had a girl. I tried to keep my lust quiet unlike them. I myself hadn’t had a boyfriend ever since he started teaching us. My boyfriend — ex-boyfriend now — got jealous when he saw me staring at the teacher during class rather then working. My friends who know I have a big thing for him claim to have seen him watching me carefully the few times I did work. Oh, and we did cross glances a few times, each time with a smile that obviously meant more then the students saw. illegal bahis The chemistry was already going on between us without no one seeing. During breaks, they claim to have seen him watching my ass or the way I moved or threw my hair, or listened at my laugh. Now that I think about it, maybe waiting for the prom was too far.

When the bell rang I said bye to my friends and told them I’d see them tomorrow in school and they left. I on the other hand, took time preparing my stuff but I kept my history books out. I went to see him and asked him to revise a little with me some things I hadn’t quite caught on — in all honesty, I asked him about things I already knew by heart. So, he got me a chair and put it near his. I sat down and we started revising. His voice was so male yet gentle to the ears, it made my body want to hear that same voice whisper my name with pleasure in it — mmm, good dreams. Eventually I saw that he put a hand on my bare thigh and I placed mine on his, making his hand squeeze my thigh, slowly inching it up higher under my skirt. With my free hand I turned his head illegal bahis siteleri from the book and kissed his lips. Aaah! Finally!

In a swift move he was up, over me returning my kiss deeper and deeper. I stood and pressed myself to him as he turned me around so that my rump was pressed against the desk. The closeness of our bodies made me feel the hardness of him even through his lose jeans. He picked up one of my legs and wrapped it around his waist, forcing me to sit on the desk. I dared a look at the clock and hoped everyone had left the building.

“I’m the one to close the school, don’t worry, Ivy.” he whispered after breaking the kiss.

His lips slid to my neck and out of reflex I tilted my head to the side and he took the opportunity to bite and suckle on the skin of my neck. I moved my hands under his shirt, feelings his muscles before sliding my fingers down slowly to his pants and undoing them. He let me undo them and let them fall to the floor. I felt my hands around the outside of his boxers teasing him, making him want me even more. His own fingers canlı bahis siteleri slid over the material of my panties, sending a shiver the whole length of my body. I grabbed his head from my neck and began kissing him again, dipping one hand into his boxers to massage him. He was hard, ready and big — just like I liked them. He lifted me up with one strong hand and pulled my panties down, as I took him out of his boxers. He stopped kissing me and just watched my face the way I watched his as he teased my clit with his hard tip. I moaned quietly, his hint that I wanted him to be in me. He ripped my blouse open — I’d have to explain the missing buttons to my parents — and grabbed my breast through the bra as he pushed himself into me.

His movements were rapid yet gentle. His strong hands held my hips as he pushed into me, pushing me against him. I was nearly laying down on his desk, throwing off papers and pencils as I tried to get a firm grip to stay seated. His breathing quickened as my moans came louder and louder. He was amazing. Inside a few moments, my bra had disappeared and he leaned down to suck on my nipples. I moved my chest upwards, pressing my breasts into his face as he kept thrashing into me, with more strength as the pleasure started to increase. His hands held onto my hips tightly just as my hands gripped on the desk.



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