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The Retired Doctor Gets a StiffyThe Retired Doctor Gets a StiffyI read this story below, written by hairymature from Iowa, USA and felt there was possibly a story waiting to be written about the Doctors experience, Here’s her story firstThis Doctor Wants My PussyA few days ago my husband received a call on his cell phone. The man on the other end said, “I hear your wife has a good pussy.” Stunned all my husband could asy was “Yeah, she does, but how did you know.” The story that came out that this was a retired doctor, 70 years old, who was widowed 5 years ago. A friend, who swung with my husband and me a couple of years ago, had told him about how great I was in bed and how I had such a “sweet tasting pussy.” He had also s shared some pics I had posed for. The doctor said he had been masturbating to the pics for weeks and had just gotten the courage to call. He had not had sex in 5 years and was extremely horny.This is his fantasy. He wants to set me up for an “exam” at the clinic he used to work at. He wants it to appear like a regular gynological exam. But once he starts examing to take out his penis and start masturbating. Then he wants to probe with his tongue, and then ask if he can fuck me. He admitted to my husband that he knew he would explode in just a few minutes.My husband told me about the call and described what the doctor said and how he described himself. I immediately got wet for the idea. I imagined this white haired old man eating my pussy and fucking me with his horny cock. I got my husband to take me to the bedroom and lick my horny hole. I came in his face right away.I asked him to up an appointment with this doctor. I’ll let you know what happens.The Retired Doctor Gets a StiffyI am a 70-year-old retired doctor and have been a widower for over five years now. While out in the local park the other month walking and jogging, trying to keep fit I met an old colleague from the clinic I used to work at, who I had not seen for over three years.We got talking about ourselves and he said he was still in to photography and because of this, he had started to swing. He had met a lovely couple this one time and still thought about her sweet tasting pussy, he took photos of her and would email them to me if I wanted to see her.I received the photos two days after from my friend and could not belive what a sweet looking girl she was, he had named her Hairymature. I’ve never had a stiffy since my wife died five years a go but now I was starting to have feelings down there and my hand pulled my cock out of my trousers while I was looking at her photos on the computer. I started to get excited and before I knew, I had squirted five years of cum over my hand. Now the first thing I do every morning when I get up is to turn the computer on and play with my cock while looking at her picture and have an early morning wank, I some times come three times a day looking at her photos, she is so beautiful to look at.After about a month of wanking I contacted my friend to see if he still had the couples phone number as I wanted to call her, I had the number about another month and maybe’s a hundred wanks later before I had the courage to call it and spoke to her husband.I had never done anything like this before and did not know what to say but the husband was pleasant with me wanting to know what I would like to do to his wife.The husband phoned me back the next day saying that his wife was up for my fantasy and would let me arrange the meeting place for me to examining his wife.I phoned my old colleague friend and asked if I could use the clinic one night and told him about my fantasy, he set the clinic up for me to use the next week.The night arrived, my old colleague let me in to the clinic and we waited for the couple to come to the side door. The couple arrived and she was more beautiful in the flesh, she was wearing white stockings and a denim dress with poppers all the way up the front.I went in to my fantasy straight away and left her husband and my old collage out in the corridor. I was unaware that they had spoken with each other and had set up a CCTV camera in the examination rooms so they could watch from his office.“Mrs Hairymature come this way” I saidI lead her in to the examination room and asked her to prepare herself and to lie down on the bed when she was ready. I put on my white doctors coat and some halkalı escort cloves and went in front of her to where she was lying with her knees up in the air.I lifted her first leg up and placed it in the leg clamp, I could not help myself looking up her dress, I was so excited. Now I started to lift her second leg up to the clamp as she pulled two or three poppers apart at the bottom of her dress and I saw where her white hold-ups ended and a big hairy fanny as her legs parted. She had a thick mound of hair growing just above her lips, spreading out in to a perfect triangle towards her legs and tummy. Her pussy lips were stretched apart because of the leg clamps, all shiny and moist looking under the lights In all the time working as a gynecologist I had never taking any notice of my patients pussy’s, I did my job and that was it, but looking at this pussy give me a stiffy.I pretended to examine her, pulling her lips apart.“You have a very healthy looking fanny, its nice and pink” I saidI pulled my glove off and slowly slid my finger in between her lips and gently pulled the zip of my trousers down with my other hand, grabbing hold of my cock, I started to stroke the full length of it,She lay on the bed just like any other patient unaware what I was doing with myself, I noticed the nice pattern on her stockings and how her legs spilled over her stocking tops.I pulled my finger out of her moist pussy.“We now have a new test to perform, if that’s alright with you, it’s the lick test”I bent my head down between her legs smelling her warm pussy in front of me and stuck my tongue out to touch her waiting lips. I ran my tongue up her slit pushing her outer lips apart, this is only my second pussy I have licked in my life, the first being my dead wife’s of forty years.I sucked her outer lips, pulling and tugging them through my lips, then her hand came down on to my head pulling me into her warm inviting pussy. My tongue parted her lips, exploring all her nooks and cranny’s inside her pussy. I felt her getting moist on my tongue and I fetched her juice back in to my mouth to taste, oh how nice her pussy lube juice tasted.“This won’t take long” I saidDarting my tongue back in to her I worked my way up to her clit, sucking and pulling on it. I could hear her moaning ever so gently as both her hands pulled me in to her pussy.She started to lift herself off the bed in to my face as my tongue went back inside her finding a warm rush of her juice trying to escape out of her pussyShe shouted “that’s it suck me”With my mouth attached over her pussy, I licked and sucked as hard as I could. She was coming and coming good. I never knew she would be this wet.Her whole body was in spasms and her breathing erratic as her orgasm neared its end, her pussy muscles nipping on my tongue. I licked her insides dry before moving my mouth off her pussy and stood back up straight.I heard her poppers pop on her dress and looked up, her dress wide open and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Oh, what lovely tits she had.I moved between her legs with my cock straight out in front of me slowly stroking the full length of it against her pussy, her hand came to touch it and slid under it.My cock sat in her soft hand as she felt for my balls, I looked at her tits and my cock erupted. My cum shot past her wrist and splattered her open love hole and her hairy pussy, it felt like I wasn’t going to stop.My cock bounced in her hand as I pumped my hot sticky creamy cum on to her. When I had stopped she let go of my cock and rubbed my cum in to her pussy, making her hair all sticky wet.My cock was limp now as her hand went up to her mouth, old man’s sperm hanging off her fingers as her tongue licked then clean.“I’m sorry, I got to excited looking at you” I saidI helped her take her legs out of the clamps and grabbed some tissues for her wet pussy“I don’t need them, I want my husband to lick me clean when we get home. I want to teach him a lesson. I think he’s been a naughty boy, I think there a camera been watching us”I help her down off the bed and she cuddles me, her naked body pressed against mine and she whispers in my ear“Don’t say anything about the camera, I want to meet you again just us two, I want to feel your cock inside me, that will teach him not to spy on me. I’ll get taksim escort in touch” She let go of me and pressed her poppers together on her dress and left the room.The next day the phone rang and it was her“Come over to my house tomorrow morning at ten, here’s where I live”Before going to her house, I wanked myself silly looking at her photos, coming twice that morning, I was going to make sure I enter her pussy this time.I stood at her door waiting for her to open it wondering if I was doing the right thing, she opened the door wearing a silk dressing gown and all I wanted to do was fuck her.She lead me upstairs to her bedroom and slipped her gown off, she was wearing a black fishnet body stocking, just like in the photos I have of her,She started to undress me, starting with my jacket and shirt and she kissed my white hairy chest. Next was my trouser button as she slipping her hand in to my trousers feeling my throbbing growing cock inside my shorts.I watched as she knelt in front of me sliding my trousers and shorts down together over my cock, my cock sprang out in front of her face and she caught it with her mouth.My trousers fell to the floor as she fed my cock into her mouth, her tongue working around my cockhead as her hand played with my balls. Slowly sliding back and forth along my cock, a froth started to form around her lips from my pre cum. She was sucking my 70-year-old cock and it looked like she was enjoying it, resting one hand on her shoulder and the other on her head I started to thrust in to he face. Just as well, I came twice this morning or I would have filled her little sweet mouth up by now.She pulled off my cock and sat in a seat, the same green seat that was in the photos. Lifting her legs over the seat arms I noticed the hole in her body stocking between her legs, it was full of her hairy bush. With her pussy fully exposed, I sank down on to my knees and buried my face in to it, licking and sucking on her sweet looking pussy, I had her first juice coming out of her, lubricating her pussy in no time at all. I worked on her clit just flicking lightly as her moaning got louder, she started to lift herself from the chair into my face and her hands started moving my head up and down her pussy slit,“Fuck” she criedI had made her come, her love juice was like sweet honey and I licked her dry. I lifted my face from her pussy and grabbing hold of my cock, I guided it towards her open lips. She moved forward on the seat so her pussy was on the edge and I could push my throbbing cock in to her.I watched as her pussy lips parted as my cockhead pushed in to her well-lubricated pussy, I pushed slowly until all six inches of my 70-year-old cock were out of sight and inside her. It didn’t take long before she was moving her pussy back and forth along my cock.My knees could not stand the hard floor very long as I fucked her and she sensed this,“Quick on to the bed” she saidShe lay down on the bed, her knees up in the air wide apart and she pulled her body stocking down over her tits“Lie on top”I climbed on top with her guiding my manhood in to her pussy and lowered my body against hers sliding my arms under her shoulders. My chest rubbing against her bare soft tits as I moved in and out of her. I felt that I was further in to her pussy like this and I managed to get a good rhythm going fucking her for a good five minutes, she started to kiss and sucking my shoulder with little murmurs coming from her, fuck she was making me excited.I lifted on to my elbows and started to thrust my cock in to her hard, she lifted her feet into the air making her pussy take more of my cock, I banged my cock as far in to her as I could get slapping my balls against her, her fingers digging in to my bum.I watching as her tits wobbled around in circles, fuck I’m about to come. My first fuck in over five years, did she want my cum inside her or not“That’s it, fuck me, come in me, I‘m coming” she shoutedMy prayers answered, my cock erupted inside her, splashing my hot creamy sperm against her pussy walls. I stopped fucking her and kept my cock pushed as far in to her as I could as I came, Her body twisted and squirmed underneath me with her orgasm as my cock twitched and jerked inside her, was my cock ever going to stop coming. There must have been nine or ten big mighty spurts of my rich, creamy şişli escort cum inside her now and I still had more.Her pussy felt like it had clamped tight shut around my cock with her orgasm not letting any of our juices escape from her over-stuffed pussy. We looked at each other and she lifted her head up to me, kissing me like I had never been kissed before, forcing her tongue in to my mouth I started to suck on it. Her legs gripped around my bum pulling us tight togetherOur orgasms faded away but we were still tight together, kissing as I lowered myself off my elbows and felt her tits once more against my chest. Her pussy relaxed on my cock and it started to pass air that I had pumped in to her, then a wetness squeezed past my cock, our love juice was starting to escape out of her.I came out of her and rolled off, laying next to her she cuddled in to me, it was nice having someone cuddle in to me after five years.I must of falling asleep for a time because when I woke, I felt my cock being handled. I looked down to see her gentle getting me hard again in her hands then her mouth fell over it taking me inside her. Her mouth was warm and wet on my cock as she slowly slid up and down on it, I pulled her blonde hair away from her face watching her soft lips tightly wrapped around my manhood, she had me very hard again.Quickly rising up on to her hands and knees, she threw her fishnet-covered leg over me and straddled me with her hot oozing hairy pussy hovering over my stiff swollen cock. Quickly grabbing my cock from between her legs, she entered her dripping wet pussy with it, slowly sliding down on it until it disappeared out of sight.She started to ride my cock slowly forcing our love juice out from before, getting faster our sex parts started making sloppy, squelching noises. Now she was going for it, lost in her own world she rode my cock like some wild horse. Her tits bouncing around in my hands as I tried to hold on to them, her nipples big and hard rubbing against the palms of my hands.I had never had wild sex like this for years, I was old, my wife was old, but I was ready to fill her aching pussy. I let go of her tits letting them bounce freely and taking hold of her waist, started to lift her and forcing her hard down on to my cock in rhythm with her. She manage to put her tits back in to her body stocking but they still bounced about. Her pussy was giving little pussy burps now with all the fucking it was getting, our sex parts covered in old and new juice, running down on to my balls.My cock erupted like some volcano inside her setting off a chain reaction, her body tensed up, her legs nipping tight together over me, she was coming as well. My cock spew out a tremendous gusher of cum deep inside her, it must be about to bursting point in her fanny now.She sank down on to my cock forcing the trapped cum to break the tight seal around her pussy and my cock, a great gusher of thick cum spurted out of her pussy and splashed down between us, coating us with its hot stickiness. Hot cum kept spewing out of her pussy and running down my balls and onto the bed.She collapsed on top of me forcing my mouth open again with her tongue, after some time kissing each other I felt my cock fall out of her and she gives a little moan“I never thought a 70 year old could pleasure me that much”She sat upright and got on to her knees, our cum dripping from her pussy over my cock. I rubbed our love juice in to her hairy pussy touching her red swollen lips.I sat up and saw a puddle of our sticky cum around the base of my cock then her hand went through it coating her fingers before sticking then in her mouth“I always wondered what old mans cum tasted like”She pulled the sheet from the side of the bed and wiped her pussy then my cock of our cum“Better not let my husband see the mess we have made on the sheets”I’ve been at her house over four hours now and it is time to leave, we got off the bed and hugged each other tight, I can now understand why my ex colleague from the clinic said she was great in bed.She watched me get dressed as I watched her pussy leak some more, running down over her fishnet covered leg. She was sexy.Two days later I received an email wondering if I wanted to meet her again, now she comes to my house once a week. We have had sex everywhere in my house but I do like when she wears her black fishnet tights with the hole in the gusset with her black shoes on. When she bends over her hairy pussy hangs out of the hole waiting for me to fuck her from behind just like one of the photos I have of her kneeling on the green seat of hers.Photos can been viewed at Hairymature’s site. Click on My Profile then Hairymature in my friends to see them.



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