The PubWe arrived at the pub after a slow drive through the quiet countryside, the afternoon air cooled into the early evening and gave some respite from the heat of the day. Linda sat looking so hot , her satin blouse billowing with the breeze, the cool air circulating over her sheer lace bra, teasing her nipples making them seem even more obvious. Her skirt was short, mid thigh, she had slipped on stockings and heels as she felt a little naughty as she said, the promise of a little subtle flashing was on the menu tonight I thought. Stepping out of the car we walked across to the pub, the car park sheltered and the trees offering shelter and seclusion from the roadway. We entered the pub, a new one to us so we looked round the bar, seeing a few tables and chairs, clean and comfortable only a couple of drinkers were seated so I ordered drinks at the bar and joined Linda who had secured a seat at a corner table. Sipping our drinks gave us time to look round and take in the atmosphere of the pub, a real old country house full of ornamental items hanging from the walls and ceiling but it seemed a relaxing place nonetheless. As we sat sipping our drinks I noticed on old guy seated watching the widescreen tv take the occasional glance over towards us, I looked at Linda and noticed her legs were in plain view of him and he would have a good view of her legs and possibly her stockings too if her skirt slid up a little. As I went to replenish our drinks the old guy met me at the bar. “Allow me to get those drinks If I may, we don’t get many new faces here and it is rather quiet this evening” “Thanks that’s good of you” I replied, I then introduced myself and we shook hands, “you must come over and meet the wife”“Yes I would like that if its OK with you both”. I took the drinks and led him to our corner table, “Linda this is Bob, he has just bought us a drink so I thought I would ask him to join us”. “That’s lovely of you “ Linda said as she shook Bob’s hand, his eyes locked with hers and I could see a sparkle in his as he looked my wife over. He sat down nearer to Linda than me and for the next 30 minutes or so we were treated to a run down of the pub and its local characters of which he was obviously one. The drinks flowed easily and soon the effects were apparent on my wife, she got up to go for a pee and she had to wriggle past Bob, he leaned back as her ass brushed against him, a surprised look crossed her face as she passed him and went to the toilet. Bob smiled at me. “Linda is lovely, very attractive; if I was 20 years younger I would be chasing her for sure” “Thanks, that’s nice of you to say, she doea enjoy a bit of attention especially from mature men it seems” “Really?, that’s lovely maybe I should flirt a little with her then, if that’s Ok with you of course” I was a little taken aback at his openness, his question if it was ione made it quite clear what he wanted to do, my reaction could give him the go ahead, my mind spinning as I wondered what Linda wanted. It was one thing to flash a guy but to have him get close is another and I needed to know how she felt about that. As if reading my mind he looked up seeing Linda returning, as she wriggled past him he stood up this time rubbing himself against her as she passed. Bob excused himself and went for a leak, while he was gone I took my opportunity with Linda. “He fancies you , did you realise that?” “Yes, I could feel that when I went to the toilet” “What ?” “He had a hard on as I squeezed past him and then he stroked my ass as I passed too” “I didn’t notice” “You weren’t meant to,” “He wants to flirt some with you aydın escort now , he just told me as much” “Oh my “ “Yes oh my, if he has a hard on now what state will he get into after some flashing I wonder?” “He must be 65 if he’s a day, surely he is just a randy old guy, still he did feel hard, big too” I saw the drink had started its effect, she was getting turned on now. “ Lets have some fun and see what happens” she said as she sipped her drink. Bob returned to the table, his seat closer to Linda now as he slipped his arm round the back of her chair almost lazily, but I knew it was now only a matter of time before he started to touch my wife. He looked at me and seeing my submission in my reaction, not challenging him and allowing him access to my wife, his hand slipped onto her shoulder. Linda crossed her legs I could see her skirt slide up her thighs a little, I knew how short it was and that the slightest movement would expose her stocking tops, the sexy lace tops would attract attention for sure. Bob’s eyes followed mine, looking down he could see Linda’s thighs and the promise of what was hidden under her skirt, as he looked I could see the hem of her skirt slowly moving. As Linda adjusted her seat her lace tops came into view!, I gasped, Bob looked down seeing the silky stocking tops his arm hanging on her shoulders now. “ Mmmmmm now that’s a lovely sight my dear, are those stockings you are wearing?” “Yes they are as a matter of fact”, she moved to ease the hem back down, Bob’s hand stopping her. “Oh leave it dear I haven’t seen such a gorgeous sight in years, indulge an old man just this once” Linda left her skirt in mid thigh as Bob continued to look at her shapely legs.I watched as he looked at my wife and she was sitting there with his arm round her exposing her stockings !, I found the voyeur in me become more than a bit aroused. “I remember when all women wore stockings, they used to be so silky smooth I loved to feel them” “Do you think I might just touch your legs a little my dear?” I looked at Linda, she had never let anyone get this close before let alone touch her, as nervous as I was I was also very aroused, the flushed look on her face told me she was turned on too. “ That’s only if its Ok with you both of course” he was looking at Linda almost pleading but he was not asking me as he knew I was allowing him to try it on with her. “Well yes Ok then “ Linda replied cheerily. Bob slid his hand onto her knee, I saw her reaction at his touch, he stroked her knee slowly and gently, I watched as he fondled my wife in front of me unable to resist this wave of pleasure that flowed through me now and no doubt through Linda too. She reached for her drink and took another sip, as if it was normal we carried on chatting Bob’s hand still on her knee. He looked over at me again and smiled. I went to the bar for a refill and on my return I saw Bob was closer still to my wife, his hand still on her thigh and her face even more flushed. As I sat again his hand slid under her skirt up towards her pussy, she wriggled as he fondled the top of her stockings. As I moved to protest Linda wriggled her skirt higher now her panties were exposed to him too, it was plain she wanted more now the drink had really done its work. “Oh my Linda that does look gorgeous, yes very sexy indeed, you will have me very hard if you keep flashing your undies at me like this” His hand still resting no more than 3 inches from her pussy, I am sure he could feel the heat from it. “ You like watching Mike?” “ Yes” I spluttered. “That’s Ok if Linda doesn’t mind then neither afyon escort do I” His hand stroking the front of her panties now, as he grew bolder I heard her moan a little as his fingers traced her pussy lips through her panties. His grip on her shoulder tighter now as he rubbed her clit more firmly. “Mmmmm you are very wet my dear , why don’t you slip those panties off?” “Yes why don’t you do that” I heard myself say, what was happening to me?, my cock was rigid and here I was telling my wife to get her panties off so this guy could get to her pussy!. Linda stood quickly and slid her panties straight down and off, she passed them to me, I felt how wet they were. “That’s better dear, now relax “, Bob’s hand back on her thigh, I watched memerised as his fingers teased my wife’s pussy, he was soon working his thick finger between her lips as he whispered to her. Linda started to moan as he teased her clit, her legs spread now to gie him better access, her hand reaching for his cock, he guided her hand to his cock it was hard and I could see her grip it through his trousers.. Her eyes wide as she held him , his fingers working her pussy into a lather, I could see she was very horny now. “ I can tell you both love the idea of Linda flashing her undies at guys, but have you ever gone further before? , as far as this ?” I shook my head unable to stop looking at his hand on Linda’s pussy, he was talking as if he already knew the answer, with a calm confidence that he was exciting us both by his actions. “I thought not, well you have taken a further step today it seems” as he smiled at Linda, his fingers teasing her swollen clit as he spoke. “How far would you like to take this?” he asked in a matter of fact way that left us both speechless, not knowing what we could say as he was fingering my wife and I was getting so turned on watching, at that moment he could go as far as he wanted. Linda moaned softly as she parted her legs a little more, in the quiet pub it seemed to echo round the bar, no one was in sight as Bob carried on with his seduction. He leaned over and kissed my wife full on the lips, a soft gentle kiss that was an opportunity for him to gauge her state of excitement as she opened her mouth to accept his tongue. I watched as he kissed her slowly, deeply, my hand stroking my cock through my jeans. “ Take my cock out Linda” His words filled my head as I watched my wife reach down as they kissed again, undoing his zip and freeing his cock, it was very thick ! , her hand wrapped round the shaft looked so small it must have been 8” as she started to wank him slowly. I sat silent and amazed as my wife wanked this old guy with his huge cock while he fingered her pussy in public ! my mind could not take it in. “ Why don’t you undo your blouse Linda, I am sure we would like to see those gorgeous tits of yours free” “ Mike, help undo Linda’s blouse for her, she has her hands full at the moment” I had to get up and lean over to undo her buttons, the blouse falling openexposing her lace bra, her nipples swollen and in need of attention. “Mmmmmm yes they look great , thanks Mike, now ease her tits from that sexy bra so we can see her nipples too” I gently eased her tits free, Linda gasped as she felt her tits in the open air, her hand working on Bob’s thick cock , his eyes drawn to her thick nipples now. I saw Bob lean over and take her left nipple in his mouth engulfing it, she moaned loudly as he started to suck and tease it in his mouth, he used his tongue to lick her breast all round the nipple, then he licked the other too, Linda was in sakarya escort raptures as she has very sensitive nipples. “Lovely nipples Mike, I do like to suck sexy nipples like these” he looked at me as he sucked again, her nipple sliding in and out of his mouth a smile fixed on his face. I knew Linda could not last long with her nipples being treated like this, she would cum fast, sensing this Bob then made his move. He guided Linda to her feet in front of him her blouse wide open and her tits wet from his mouth exposed, his finger never leaving her pussy, keeping her at a peak of arousal. “ I think you need to sit on my lap Linda, I am sure we will both enjoy it immensely” Linda turned to face me I could see her excitement as Bob guided her onto his cock, her skirt around her waist she was all but naked as this old guy toyed with her. I looked at her as he lowered her onto his cock, Linda reached between her legs for his cock and fed it into her pussy. The look on her face was of intense pleasure as she felt his swollen cock head part her pussy lips, Bob’s hands on her hips as he thrust upwards into my wife. A grunt and he was inside her, amazingly the pub was still quiet it seemed the noises they were making must be heard, I kept looking round, then my attention returned to my wife. Bob moved his hands to her tits , cupping them and pinching her nipples as he encouraged her to ride his old cock. I could see her pussy juice on his shaft as she slid up and down on him, her eyes closed as he fucked her. “ That’s is Linda you have a very sexy pussy , move it on my cock , mmmm take it in deeper , oh yess that’s so good” She rode faster as he gripped her hips firmly now ramming his cock into her, meeting her movements, her tits wobbling as I wanked my cock seeing this old guy fuck my wife. “ You like this don’t you Mike?, yes I know you do its what you want isn’t it ?”his cock sliding in and out of my wife . “Linda is loving this so much I can tell by the reaction of her pussy Mike”. I was close to cumming as he reminded me what a sissy cuck I really was, but he was right I did love it and it was what I wanted too, my cock was so hard, wet too from the pre cum all over my fingers now. Seeing my wife being used like this was exactly what I had always hoped for and now I could see she was loving it too, but Bob knew that all along. He had realised as soon as Linda had started to flash at him what the tease was, now he was getting his reward. His cock straining inside Linda’s pussy, her moans filling my head as I watched , Bob held her firmly as he pounded his cock into her now, he was close to cumming too. Linda reached for him holding him tightly as she ground her pussy down on him , he thrust up into her then held still as his cock exploded inside her wet tube, flooding her with his thick spunk, her orgasm throbbing on his shaft milking him the flow of cum long and in hard spurts as he was buried so deep. I watched as they remained still for a couple of minutes before I realised I had cum all over my jeans, Linda slid off Bob’s cock a long blob of cum oozed from her as she moved back to her seat. Bob offered her a serviette to clean herself as he cleaned and then put his cock away. “ Now that’s was wonderful my dear, I would really like to repeat this sometime soon too, maybe in slightly more relaxed surroundings, oh yes Mike you can come too if you like”. I looked at him as he smiled back at me , he knew he had me cucked and that I was a true sissy hubby who wanted him to fuck my wife anytime anywhere too. Bob leaned over and kissed Linda again, a slow tender kiss of thanks and expectation of more to come. “You know where to find me” as he stood and walked away from the table. I looked at Linda as she adjusted her clothes, her panties slipped into her handbag, her face flushed. “Wow that was really something” was all she could say.



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