Debby sat in her father’s summer session history class at the local community college where he’d been a professor for the past ten years. The eighteen-year-old leaned back against her seat, fully aware of how good she looked in a loose, white miniskirt that set off the deep tan of her smooth legs. Her legs were crossed and her skirt was riding dangerously high on her svelte, bronze thighs. It made the sexy girl smile every time she caught her handsome father stealing a look at her legs. She was impressed that he could do that and still seem to keep his mind on his lecture, even though there were at least four other girls in the class doing the same thing. And even though the professor’s eyes drifted toward the others sometimes, they always came back to Debby.

She was also wearing a brief, black sports bra with spaghetti straps that hugged her tits snugly, letting a generous amount of her smooth, young cleavage to show. Her one concession to modesty was the pale pink blouse she was wearing over the bra which was knotted together just under her boobs. Her long, chestnut hair was flowing loose around her shoulders as she made doodles in her notebook, pretending she was paying attention to her father’s lecture. She heard most of what her father was saying, but she was more focused on the way his lean, toned body moved as he paced around the room.

Only one or two of Marin’s colleagues knew Debby was his daughter. He wanted her to be seen as just another, regular student in class.

Her eyes were also constantly dropping to the crotch of the man’s snug jeans in deep appreciation of the generous package inside them. Although she’d never seen her father’s cock in the flesh, so to speak, she had firsthand knowledge of how big and hard he could get. The idea of turning him on so much that he’d get hard right there in class made the hot-blooded teenager’s pulse race. After an unexpected incident a few nights ago at home, Debby discovered she had the capability of making her father’s cock hard as a rock, and it had been nearly impossible to think about anything else ever since.

Martin and Amanda, Debby’s stepmother, had been hanging out with another couple they were friends with at home and were having a few drinks. Debby had only gone in to join them a couple of times, spending most of the evening in her room. But a little later in the evening as they were all getting a little tipsy, the girl went in and sat on her father’s lap. She’d only been wearing a tight pair of booty shorts and a T shirt. She caught Amanda flashing her dirty looks when she thought no one was looking, and within a couple of minutes, the teenager felt her father’s cock steadily growing long and hard against her perky ass.

Debby had squirmed and ground her ass against her father’s hard cock as much as she could get away with in front of other people. And she stayed there until her pussy started to get wet. Then she got off her dad’s lap and went to her room to finger her throbbing slit, wondering if anyone could tell how hard he was after she got off his lap. His cock had felt so big she didn’t know how he could ever hide his bulge.

But now, as she sat in her father’s classroom, Debby was impressed that Martin actually made history sound interesting, unlike the teachers she was used to. They had all been excruciatingly boring, but her father was so much better. He was much better looking, for one thing. He wasn’t even forty years old yet, even though he still looked much younger. The newly graduated eighteen-year-old was already looking forward to when she started college classes on her own in September.

Debby wondered if she’d still think her father was so interesting if she weren’t in love with him. But she was, and the reason wasn’t just his good looks or amazing cock, but the way he was. Even those rare occasions when he was mad at her, he managed to make her feel like she was special and still the most important thing in his life. All of her friends told her how lucky she was, and she just smiled and agreed, never admitting her true feelings. They’d definitely think she’d lost her mind if they knew how she really felt about him.

It had always been like that, but now that Debby had the looks and body that turned men’s heads wherever she went, she could tell how Martin was noticing her, too. She loved every second of his attention and all it could make her think about was taking their relationship to a whole new level. She didn’t care if he was her father and hopefully outfits like the one she was wearing now would make him want to do more than just look.

The girl realized she’d been spoiled having had her father all to herself for most of her life. Her mother had died when Debby was so young she could barely remember her. But two years ago, Martin got married again and his daughter had to find a way to share him with her new stepmother. Debby was as nice to Amanda as she had to be, but in private she called her stepmother that dirty blonde whore who stole my dad.

Debby had been able to hear her konyaaltı escort father and Amanda having sex plenty of times. The blonde wasn’t shy about the noises she made in their bedroom and Debby could easily tell her dad was keeping her very happy that way. And after feeling his big rod against her ass the other night, she was determined to make him feel better than Amanda ever could.

Martin’s suggestion that his daughter sit in on his classes that summer to get an idea of what college would be like couldn’t have been more convenient. She didn’t want to have to spend too much time stuck at home with Amanda, and it meant she could have a lot of time with her father.

There in Martin’s class, Debby kept crossing and uncrossing her legs as she sat in front, hoping he would catch a look at the skimpy lace panties she had on. She looked around the room and assessed the other girls in class. She knew she looked as good as any of them, if not better. It made Debby smile with satisfaction to see how her father’s eyes were constantly returning to her. He must have glanced at the cleft between her ripe, C cup tits a hundred times.

Martin had helped himself to just as many looks at his daughter’s creamy legs, too, but with the class coming down to the last few minutes, Debby decided to play hardball. She uncrossed her legs and opened them as wide as she could get away with in public, but it was still wide enough to give her father a teasing view of the slim gusset of her panties. She held her position with a pounding heart, waiting to see if the handsome professor would chance a glimpse between his daughter’s thighs.

When Martin finally glanced between his daughter’s thighs, it was the first time he paused in his lecture and actually seemed like he lost his train of thought. Debby didn’t know how many seconds her father was staring at her panties, but it was long enough to make her pussy flush with heat. He finally lifted his eyes to her face, and she gazed back at him with a triumphant smile.

The girl’s father attempted to keep going for a few more minutes, but Debby could tell he was struggling to hold on to his train of thought. She knew him well enough to know when he was talking about one thing while his mind was on something else. She almost giggled out loud. No one on the campus knew she was the professor’s daughter. This was the third day she’d gone to campus with her dad. He’d said it would be better if she just tried to blend in like she was just another college girl getting more credits over the summer. So far, it seemed like no one assumed anything different. For some reason she couldn’t explain, their little secret made her nipples harden with excitement.

Martin finally ended the class ten minutes early, and Debby knew it was because his concentration was completely blown. The fact that she could cause that just from flashing her panties at him made her pussy flush with heat.

Debby’s pulse was going faster while the students gradually filed out of the room. As usual, there were a couple who stopped to ask Martin questions. Debby got up and acted like she was just waiting her turn. When the others finally left and they were finally alone in the classroom, Martin seemed unusually quiet as he tucked his papers into his messenger bag and then slung it over his shoulder.

“Are we going out to lunch again?” Debby asked. So far, he’d taken her out to lunch every day she’d gone with him to classes. He had one more class in an hour and a half, and then they’d go home where her stepmother would be in the way.

“I don’t know. Maybe,” her father replied with a serious look. “I need to speak with you in my office before we do anything else.”

Suddenly, Debby couldn’t help feeling like a schoolgirl who’d done some bad to make the teacher mad, and it only made her pussy feel even warmer. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d been alone with her father in his office, but after spending the past ninety minutes trying to tease him every way she could think of this could be a completely different experience. If he was mad or upset about her behavior then it must be working.

The excited girl wondered followed her father to his office without saying a word, but with her mind spinning wildly. Her nipples were hard as little rocks with every step they took through the long hallways of the building. Debby began wishing she wasn’t wearing the blouse so her father could see the way they were poking into her sports bra. She didn’t even care if he ended up yelling at her. It might even be kind of hot. If he was going to yell at her for flashing her panties in class, then it would be completely fair to point out that he was looking.

By the time they reached Martin’s office, Debby’s heart was racing with excitement. He held the door for her like a gentleman, but then locked it once they were both inside. He went behind his desk and sat down while Debby remained standing, waiting to see what he was going to say.

Martin just sighed and took his time trying to form whatever kültür escort words he was going to say. The anticipation drove Debby crazy, and when the first thing out of her father’s mouth was a long sigh she thought she would just explode.

“Am I in trouble, Dad?” she finally asked, feeling her face flush hot. “Did I do something wrong?”

Martin nodded. “You know perfectly well what you did. And that it’s not just one thing, but a lot of things. Your behavior lately has been very troubling.”

“Troubling? I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said. “I didn’t know I did anything to make you mad.”

“Well, you did. Maybe not mad, exactly. But I’m very concerned and I just don’t know what to do with you.”

“Well, you’re my dad. You can do anything you want with me,” she said with a tremor in her voice.

Martin nodded again. The look on his face left no doubt that he caught her not-so-subtle suggestion. Then he breathed another deep sigh.

“You’re not too old to be punished, you know,” he told her.

“Punished? Why would you want to punish me?”

“For one thing, just coming to class dressed like that.”

“Geez, Dad, it’s not like I’m the only one,” she protested.

“You’re the only one I’m concerned about,” her father replied. “And you’re the only one who spread her legs and flashed her panties.”

Debby took a moment to summon all her courage. The nagging ache in her nipples and pussy should have helped, but as she stared into her father’s eyes she just wanted to melt.

“I only did it cuz I thought you’d like it, Daddy,” she said meekly.

Martin sighed again. “That’s the problem. I did like it. But it’s wrong, and you can’t be doing things like that, especially when I’m in the middle of a class.”

The nervous girl couldn’t hold back a smile. Being in trouble didn’t seem to matter in the least now that she knew her father liked seeing up her short skirt.

“You liked me sitting on your lap the other night, too,” she pointed out.

“That was completely out of line,” her father replied sternly.

“But you really liked it, Dad. I could tell. And I did, too, so what’s the problem?”

“Seriously? That was completely inappropriate. And if that’s not bad enough, I’m still in trouble with Amanda because of it.”

“Why, Daddy? We didn’t do anything wrong.”

Martin frowned. “I shouldn’t even tell you this, but I was still aroused later when we went to bed, and Amanda knew it wasn’t because of her.”

Debby gasped loudly. Her face flushed all over again with excitement. “That’s amazing. I’m sorry Amanda got mad, but it was just natural, right? It’s not like we did anything that bad.”

“It was very bad,” her father admonished her. “And between your behavior then and today, don’t go thinking you’re too old now for a spanking.”

Debby let that sink in a moment. Her father had never spanked her once, and she couldn’t help wondering if punishing her was what he really had in mind. Either way, feeling him touch her ass for whatever reason was all she could think about now. As far as she was concerned, he could smack her ass as hard as he wanted.

“Okay, Daddy. If that’s what you think,” she said softly.

She moved over to the side of his desk, placing her hands on the edge and bending over far enough to let her ass arch out and lift the hem of her skirt up higher

Martin got up slowly. Debby could see the evidence of his bulging cock in the front of his jeans. She started to imagine him pulling out his big shaft and spanking her with his cock, which only made her giggle uncontrollably.

“Is something funny?” he asked sharply.

“No, sir,” she replied, lowering her head and waiting to see what he was going to do next.

Martin was a tall man, towering over his daughter as she bent over his desk. He had the same color hair, but kept it short, and his body was broad and muscular without being bulky. Debby felt his reach behind her and lift the bottom of her skirt up around her waist, exposing the pert cheeks of her ass in the thong that barely covered her pussy mound. The girl’s entire body trembled as her father’s large hand slipped over the inside of her warm thigh and began moving upward, ever so slowly.

“Daddy, you’re killing me,” she rasped, barely above a whisper.

The tips of his fingers barely brushed the edge of her aching mound as his hand moved higher, finally cupping one, bare cheek of her ass. He just let his hand rest there a moment or two before he started to squeeze and knead her flesh.

“I didn’t even know you owned panties as slutty as this,” he told her, his voice husky.

“You should come into my room more often,” Debby suggested hopefully.

“Hmm, I suppose I’ll have to. Just to see what kind of slutwear you keep hidden away. You shouldn’t keep secrets from your father, young lady.”

“I won’t, Daddy, I promise.”

Debby’s pussy started pulsing with juicy heat while her father continued to fondle the bare cheek of her ass.

“In that markantalya escort case, explain why you were flashing your panties at me in class.”

“Cuz I wanted you to like them.”

“Hmm, and why was that so important to you?”

“I…can’t say.”

Debby felt a sharp, sudden swat across her ass by her father’s open palm. It came completely by surprise and was hard enough to make her eyes water. The smack stung, yet it felt amazing and her pussy was beginning to leak juice into the gusset of her tiny panties.

“No secrets from Daddy, remember?” Martin growled.

“But, Daddy…” Her weak protest was met with another hard, sudden smack across her ass. Then another before she had a chance to catch her breath.

“Okay, okay,” she finally surrendered. “Ever since I could feel you get hard for me I just wanted to get you hard again.”

“That’s dirty,” Martin told her. “But at least you’re being honest.”

“Yes, Dad.”

He then swatted her ass firmly across each cheek several times, raising a hot sting to the surface of her fine, young skin. Debby felt like her ass was on fire now, and she was afraid her cunt juices were on the verge of running past her thong and wetting her legs. She never realized how good being smacked on her ass could feel. Chancing a sidelong glance at the front of her father’s pants, she could see that his bulge was even bigger and harder than before.

Seconds later, Martin yanked his daughter’s panties down, pushing them all the way to her ankles. Then he spanked her even harder, so many times she lost count. The sting of her father’s hand was so delicious she actually came just being spanked. When the volley of open hand strikes finally stopped, the girl’s flesh was burning with sensation. Her breathing was deep and ragged, and one glance at her father’s pants showed he was rock hard and straining for freedom.

Before she had a chance to catch her breath, Martins fingers were slipping and sliding over his eighteen-year-old daughter’s pussy lips. He rubbed them firmly but carefully, and before long one of his fingers slid into her hole and started stroking her slick inner sheath.

“Oh, my god, Daddy, don’t stop,” she whimpered helplessly.

“This is part of your punishment, baby girl,” he announced. “This is what you get for teasing me.”

“Oh, yes, please, punish me, Daddy,” the girl mewled in heat.

Debby moaned deeply and ground her hips against the invasion of her father’s finger. It felt so deep and thick, especially since the only other fingers ever to go in her pussy were her own or those of other girls she was friends with. If his finger felt this good, she couldn’t imagine how his rigid cock would feel.

“I think you like it when Daddy punishes you, baby girl,” Martin said, his voice nearly breaking with his heavy breathing.

“Yes, Daddy, oh god, punish me,” she moaned, her ass arching further outward to meet her father’s thrusting finger. It felt like magic while her lush, young body rocked with trembles. The most delirious feeling of satisfaction flushed through her. Her pussy flushed hard and rippled with spasms of pleasure as another orgasm took control, her own father’s finger sliding faster and faster.

Debby was lightheaded and barely through the finish of her climax when her father spun her around and pulled her to him. He kissed her deeply, hungrily. His lips were warm and wet and his tongue quickly slid into her mouth. His hand slid between them and he soon pushed his finger back into her pussy while his free hand slid behind her and caressed the luscious curve of her ass underneath her skirt.

Debby was shivering so hard with pleasure she didn’t think she’d ever stop. She felt the grinding hardness of her father’s cock against her body as he pulled her as close as he could. Then she felt another finger slide into her along with the first. She felt so full it made her dizzy, and when the pads of both fingers started to rub against her g spot she thought her knees would buckle out from under her.

The ripples of yet another climax quivered through the girl’s helpless body. She couldn’t believe how good her father could make her feel. No wonder her stepmother acted like such a possessive bitch most of the time. When her eyes could focus again, she found him looking into her pretty face with an expression she’d never seen before. She’d never even seen him look at her stepmother that way. Not even close.

Finally, Martin pulled his fingers out of Debby’s sodden pussy. In a daze, she turned and leaned back against his desk, barely realizing her well-worn panties were still on her father’s office floor. She gazed at the huge bulge in his jeans. The ability to breathe or speak seemed to leave her as she watched his fingers grip the tab of his zipper and pull it down. He then unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants to his ankles. His hard, enormous cock was now perfectly outlined in the fabric of his snug boxer-briefs.

Debby had never seen anything like it. She whimpered out loud when he pushed his briefs down toward his pants, allowing that hot, imposing shank to bob and weave in the open. She stared in awe, never fully believing she’d ever really get to see the man’s cock up close and so intimately personal.



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