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George and Leeanne ran down the road to his house, entering it quickly and shut the door on the crowds that were hanging around the street, talking about the show that they had been given by the young woman and the knight.

They sat down by the table and there was an awkward silence as Leeanne relished the enormity of her actions. Images of her sucking George’s cock in the street invaded her mind and the sneaky way she had watched Alice and Tom as they had explored each others bodies “Oh my god what have I done” she wailed, putting her face in to her hands and started to cry.

George didn’t know what he should do, but he went with his heart and put his arms around Leeanne. He pulled her up to him and held her tight, whispering in to her hair, “It’s all right darling don’t worry, shhh, its OK, shhhhh.” He kissed her hair and face and neck as he went. Gradually her cries of despair turned in to whimpers of desire and she kissed him back with a passion born of desperation.

George, not wanting any accidents this time, put her to one side and removed his chain mail and released his cock – which by now was standing upright again, almost pointing to the ceiling – and reached over and clasped Leeanne to his chest once more. He kissed her, exploring her body with his hands and mouth. Kissing a path of fire down her neck, George worked his way down until he was sucking her nipples through the red velvet, making dark, almost black wet circles on the front. He ran his hands down further, encountering her naked pussy, exposed to the air and starting to drip from the pleasure she was experiencing. Unlike when she was watching Alice and Tom, this was happening to her. This was real, and not just wishful thinking.

“Ohh George, please, what are you doing to me, ” she asked “I…I…haven’t done anything like this before.” George was stunned at those words. “

You mean you’re a…a virgin? My God, no of course you are, damn I am stupid,” George argued with himself. Then the enormity of her words hit him. He would be the first. He could train her to please him, to do things he liked. A surge of passion, excitement and downright dirtiness roared through George’s mind as visions clouded his brain.

Grasping the side of her velvet bodice he ripped it in two. He clamped his mouth to her breast, causing Leeanne to blush a pretty pink all the way to her belly. George laughed “Ohh my darling Leeanne, how can someone who has knelt in the middle of a crowed street and sucked a mans cock in front of every one there, blush like that?” This made her blush even more, and she looked at George angrily. George kissed his way further down her body, replacing her anger with thoughts of desire. He sucked little bits of her skin in to his mouth and nibbled it, then kissed away any of the pain, before moving on and starting on a new spot, making Leeanne gasp and groan at the pain/pleasure he sent coursing through her body. He slid a finger into her already soaking wet pussy and gathered some of the moisture there, bringing the tip of his finger canlı bahis şirketaleri to his mouth and slowly licking off her juices, savouring the taste as a grin spread across his face.

He knelt down on the floor in front of Leeanne and moved his face nearer to her wetness. He could smell her excitement and was encouraged by it to lean even closer to her. Snaking his tongue out of his mouth, he gently licked the top part of her slit, working the tip slowly in, until he reached her hard clit in its little hood. Leeanne was shaking from head to toe and George had a hard time keeping her upright. He gently worked one finger in to the entrance to her virgin pussy and slowly moved it in and out. Leeanne jumped at the unexpected enjoyment of it – a strange feeling came over. It was like someone else had taken over her brain and she no longer had control – there were stars roaring through her head exploding in her brain. She was floating and sinking in to the ground all at the same time. It was the most incredible thing she had ever felt. She wondered if this is how George felt when she sucked on his hard cock.

George recognized the signs and delved deeper with his tongue to lap up her virgin juices. Her first climax hit her like an explosion, her juices gushing out of her, as George lapped them up like a cat with the spilled cream. Her knees gave way and George caught her and carried her to his bed with a big grin on his face knowing what was to come.

Leeanne had some thoughts of her own… “God”, she thought “if he can do that with just his mouth, what can he do with the rest of his body?” She remembered some of the things she had over heard the servants talk about, back at the palace and blushed even more. Mental images flashed through her mind. Bodies draped over one another, sucking and licking, women draped over tables, tied to walls with chains. Leeanne shook her head to try and clear it. Where on earth had those pictures come from and what did they mean, she thought. And why did they make her feel such a surge of excitement?

George laid Leeanne on the bed, removing form her what was left of her clothes. Leeanne, lying on his bed, was a dream come true for George, and he intended to make the most of it. Lying down next to her, he started to stroke her legs and thighs. Not touching her wetness, teasing, almost punishing her with his patience. It was her first time, her first taste of what was to come, and he wanted to make it special for his beautiful lover.

Working his way slowly up her legs, stroking the silken skin with his rough hands, he skimmed across the soft hair of her womanhood. Leeanne arched her back towards him and made whimpering noises in her throat, nearly the undoing of him. While George tried to concentrate on not disgracing himself in front of Leeanne, he recited passages of poems, battle plans, anything to ease the impending explosion waiting to happen in his groin. The passionate way Leeanne was moaning, the intense smell of her pleasure was too much – he had to do something. He maneuvered himself between her legs and carefully positioned his cock canlı kaçak iddaa at her silky, wet, entrance and slowly pushed forward. First just the head of his cock entered her. George gasped at the tight grip her pussy had on him.

As she stretched to accommodate his hard cock, George pushed in a little further. He stopped again, muttering “1+1=2…ohh Goddddd 2+2=4…” Deciding that he couldn’t take anymore, George reached down, ready to kiss Leeanne, knowing that this would hurt, but knowing that it had to be. He reached her virginal barrier and slowed, ready to breach its walls, when Leeanne herself thrust her hips and surged up in a decisive manner. George kissed Leeanne hard on the lips, as if to swallow the pain of taking her virginity. Her eyes opened wide at the pain, and then as George slowly thrust his cock in and out of her, the pain receded and was replaced by feeling of intense fullness.

George couldn’t hold on any more, his whole being was here in this room, in Leeanne. There was nothing else in the universe, only Leeanne, and his cock buried up to the hilt inside of her. His cock started to spasm, to thunder into her, as he felt Leeanne’s approaching orgasm and was thankful, glad that he had at least managed to make it good for her. All at once, he thrust his cock deep inside of her pussy, burying his hard shaft in her young body. As his world exploded in a sea of light and sound, he filled her womb with his seed, shooting load after load of his warm cum in her belly. He sighed deeply, and then collapsed in a heap, dragging her body into his as they both fell into a deep sleep, a satisfied grin on their faces.

Leeanne awoke and stretched, remembering the things that had happened yesterday, and grimacing at the aching muscles that acted as reminders in case she had forgotten. She rolled on her side and stared lovingly at George. Suddenly, he moved in his sleep and groaned, pushing his now hard cock in to the space between her thighs. She shifted a little to allow it in as she clamped her legs together. George started to move slowly. Thrusting his cock back and forth, waking up slowly, he soon realized what he was doing as his eyes popped open. He grabbed Leeanne, turned her over on to her belly, and used his fingers to check to see if she was ready for him. He moved behind her and pushed his straining cock into her like a wild animal. Uncaring if he hurt her now, George was desperate for his own release.

Leeanne was shocked at first but as she relaxed a bit, and she soon started to enjoy it. George’s cock pounding in to her…his balls banging on her ass as she stuck it up in the air. George reached around and cupped her left breast in his hand, twisting her nipple in his hard grasp. Leeanne moaned and gasped, feeling a slap on her ass, just a gentle one…causing her to moan even more. George, encouraged by the sounds, slapped her even harder. Pounding in her for a few strokes then stopping and slapping her ass, he turned her cheeks a nice shade of red.

Leeanne moaned into the bedcovers with George thrusting into her, grinding his cock deep then slow and canlı kaçak bahis steady, bringing her to a high state of arousal, unlike anything she had ever known or imagined before. With the slaps George was dealing out getting gradually harder, and him thrusting his cock in to her, Leeanne went rigid then moaned loudly “Dear God what are you doing to me? I can’t …ohh Goddd yesss”. She thrust her ass hard at George, as she came all over his cock. George was near to cumming himself and he pounded in to Leeanne a few more times then pulled out as he sprayed white ribbons of spunk on her ass and back, covering her in the sticky liquid.

Leeanne collapsed down on the bed and saw the hand prints George had left he bent down and kissed her. He went and got a cloth and a basin of warm water and cleaned her up, all the time muttering reassurances and words of love.

Later on, after Leeanne dressed in a shirt she borrowed from Alice, and eating a quick meal, the pair of went for a walk, talking all the way. Leeanne was just telling George how much watching Alice had turned her on when he grabbed her, pulled her into a tight embrace, then turned them in the direction of Alice’s house, with that wicked grin back on his lips. Walking along the lane to Alice’s house Leeanne chewed her lip with worry. What would she say to Alice, and how to explain about the clothes? George dragged her up the path and strode purposely to the door, knocking with a confident air, as if he’d done this a lot.

Alice opened the door, and seeing George there squealed in delight and threw her arms around his neck in a great bear hug. Spying Leeanne standing to one side of George, Alice turned, smiled and said, “Welcome. George who’s this and what can I do for you both?”

George turned and grabbed her hand, pulling her in to the house and told Alice all about how Leeanne had run away from the palace, how she had stolen Alice’s clothes, how she was the one who had spied on Alice and watched her deep throat Tom. Alice laughed and replied, “well I’m glad that’s cleared up, I don’t mind being watched but it scared poor Tom, and I couldn’t figure out where my clothes were. I can see my skirt, but where’s my bodice?” Looking at George’s grin she waved her hand and dismissed the question with the answer “Never mind. I’ll keep the ones you left. They’re beautiful and my customer’s like them.”

George grins the wicked grin of his and leans in close to Alice and whispers to her. Alice looks at Leeanne and smiles reassuringly. Alice nods and answers “If you sure that’s what you want sweetheart, then of course, you know me I never turn down work.”

“What are you going to do with me?” Leeanne wanted to know.

“Why my dear girl, George here wants you to know the sweet taste of another woman’s pussy, and I get the job of teaching you how to do it right.” Alice sighs happily “Who’s a lucky girl he hehehe…”she laughs. “Come along lets get started ” and she reaches over and takes Leeanne’s hand in hers and leads her over to the daybed in the corner of the cottage. George gets comfortable in the seat opposite them and settles down to do his second favourite thing in the world – watch two women have fun with each other’s body. He couldn’t wait.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

Thanks once again to pokerman for his editing skills and help in writing this story…



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