This is my very first attempt at creative writing. I am challenging myself here. Please be kind.


She paused for a second, gulped and look down. Knowing the words would not go over well, she said, “I’m nervous”.

“Excuse me?” He said, sounding deliberately bothered.

“I’m just trying to be honest, sir.” She paused. “May I speak freely?” He pauses, not happy at all at any of this, considers her request then silently nods in approval. She continues… “Ok, you know I would do anything you ask. I love our arrangement and on some level you know I love you too. I am proud to be with you and I hope it never ends.” She makes sure to look deeply in his eyes as she reaches for his hand, pulls it close enough for him to reach out and trail a light finger across her left nipple making it tighten. Once there, he continues to gently, selfishly grope the beautiful breast. “This makes me nervous because it’s not with just you, it’s with them too. And I consider being able to anything you ever ask me to do, but the thought of someone I’ve never met… it’s different. It just is and I want to be ok with it and I want to do it for you…”

He pinches her nipple enough for her to stop speaking, looking at her in the eye intently, waiting for her check herself and get back in line. She straightened her back from her temporary slouch and looked straight forward again pushing her breast fully back into his hand, almost encouraging him to continue his grope. And he did. He would never let admit to loving her breasts as much as he did. She knew and loved the attention so she played his little game. This time, back in her expected tone, “Ok. I apologize sir. I just thought…”

This time he pulls his hand and puts a finger to her lips… “Sssshhhh… It’s ok. I understand your feelings.” She begins to kiss his finger. “I want you to know I would never put you in a situation where you would get hurt.” Now, licking the tip. “I would never put you in a situation that would require you to do anything for anyone else, that I haven’t done to you myself.” She wraps her full, cherry red lips around the tip and slowly sucks it down to the knuckle, waiving her tongue back and forth in her mouth. “You may not know them, but I do. I’ve known two of them for over 10 years, we went to school together. One of them I’ve known for a while and could be one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known. And the last is a bit of a wild card, but I’ve been assured he’s clean…”

He stops speaking the second she turned her eyes to up to him.

He reluctantly attempts to remove his finger from her mouth, so she sucks harder. This only slows the process. Once free, his hand caresses her cheek, rubs his thumb across her lips, then returns to her perfect breast and pinches her taut nipple again, this time harder with a twist and a pull until her eyes return forward, returning to her station. He moves to stand in front of her, indignantly instructing only, “apologetic and sloppy”. Pulling his cell phone from his pocket looking almost bored with the situation, he checks his email.

She shifts in her chair and leans forward, unbuckles his belt and opens his pants, pulling them and his silk boxers down to his knees, and then to the floor.

She loves his cock. It’s nothing any porn star would be jealous of but it is beautiful. She grabs it firmly with her right hand and slowly strokes it twice before moving into position. After peeking up to his eyes hoping to make eye contact she slowly leans forward, letting her warm breath inform him of her proximity before engulfing his length to the hilt.

She forces him into her throat and holds him there until her eyes and mouth begin to water. Lightly licking back and forth she slowly pulls back, always maintaining a subtle suction, always looking to impress his avoiding eyes hoping to see him looking down at her appreciating the esthetics of her labor. He doesn’t.

She continues her tongue motions while keeping his cock as deep as she could take, slowly bobbing in and out and drawing the saliva from her throat. Her hands expertly move to aiding his legs free from his trousers. Once free, she only briefly breaks free to stand, assist him in removing his pressed dress shirt and silk tie, respectfully placing all folded garments off the back of the desk chair.

Now naked, he sits on the chair and returns to the phone and the Wall Street Journal article, knees apart. She lunges forward and impales herself as deep as she can, instantly shoving his cock into her throat hole. She holds it there, flexing her throat muscles to work the head. She slowly pulls her head free, wagging her tongue, collecting all of the saliva, staring intently into his eyes which now can no longer hold back a subtle hint of pleasure. When she gets to the head, she sucks harder pumping the last few inches intently, over and again. Once his cock was finally free from her mouth she uses her right hand to stroke him slow long and slow, twisting at the head. The left hand is turned upwards lightly tickling his balls with perfectly manicured nails. canlı bahis şirketaleri A subtle smile appears on the upturned corner of her mouth while she continues to attempt eye contact. When she sees him pause for a brief second she dives back on it.

He knows what she is doing. This isn’t the first ‘sloppy and apologetic’ blowjob in their relationship. He selfishly allows the silent game to continue for a while longer. She is really good and they both know it, especially when she wants to put on a show. She is trying to make him cum as quickly as possible, and it is taking his every will to put it off.

Then he looks at her, rewarding her with acknowledgement. Overwhelmed, he has no choice but to look down at this angel face performing this devilishly naughty act. She pulls back again, returning her hands to their practiced stroke. Never breaking eye contact, she smiles, winks, then spits all of the saliva from her mouth onto her pumping fist, lubricating her motion. She gives him another knowing wink then dives back down and sucks his cock as good as she possibly can.

She lives to make him cum in her mouth and down her throat, anything he needs to please him. She doesn’t feel complete until he is satisfied, at all costs. She more prefers the ‘slow and lustful’ more than the ‘apologetic and sloppy’ oral pleasure. She knows that this requests means she fucked up when she spoke out of line and it is now her job to do nothing but make him cum as hard and as fast as she possibly can. So that was what she was doing, and she did it very well.

After a short while and a guttural moan he gave her what she worked so hard for, a large load of cum which she properly swallowed down with pleasure and pride.

She knew it was a good one because he seemed to take a few seconds to recover himself and snap back into his role of authority. While he recovered she licked his beautiful cock clean of any evidence. He twisted his neck back into alignment causing a few audible pops.

Once fully composed, he says, “There is a white envelope in the silver tray by the door. Inside are all of the instructions you will need to perform tomorrow night. There is a credit card for you to purchase anything you will need for the event. I fully expect complete cooperation.” He pauses, then looks at her sitting below him. Her breast still hanging out which reminds him to grope it again. He looks her in the eye, newly agitated, pending her response.

“Sorry, yes, sir. Of course.”

“Good. I won’t hear anything like this again, will I?”

“No, sir.”

“Good. Now the punishment.” She knew this was also coming, another consequence of her speaking freely. She enjoyed being disciplined, even if it hurt more than she would like. So she stood up and turned around. Lifting her business attire skirt past the curve of her perfect ass, she thumbed the sides of her black thong and lowered them to the floor slowly, bending only at the waist then raised back up just as slow. Crawling back in the chair he previously occupied and sticking her ass up as far as she could, she presented herself for punishment. She arched her back and assumed the spanking pose then picked a spot on the wall to focus on. For some reason, it helped with the pain.

Smack. “Wow, he really isn’t happy”, she thought to herself.

SMACK… “OK, that one hurt a bit. Just find a happy place… Just find a ha…”

SMACK!! Ok, wow, that one hurt more than usual. After a brief pause to ride it out the wave of pain, speaking out loud, “Thank you for teaching me, Big Daddy. It won’t happen again.”

“Good. I trust tomorrow will be perfect then.” Without waiting for an answer, he turns and walks into his office bathroom and closes the door. This leaves her in the chair, in her ‘pose’, the sting in her ass now more of a throbbing burn, and the shame of his displeasure as a reminder of her mistake.

She steps down from the leather chair, dresses, wipes the tear from her cheek, checks her makeup and hair, and switches her personas back to the office professional the rest of the world knows her to be. She gathers her planner and laptop, then walks towards the door. Once at the door, she pauses and grabs the envelope and almost as if being watched, quickly stashes it in her planner.

It is an obviously expensive large envelope. She is immediately intrigued by its contents but knows it is meant for later. The tease is torture, yet it’s one of her favorite things. She loves being instructed, she loved appeasing her master, and she loves being praised for a job well done.

That is for later. One more check for esthetics and the mask is back on. Now, back to work.


“Oh, good morning Stephanie,” she heard from behind her as she neared her desk. She turned to see Mr. Johnson, the President of the company. Stephanie had caught his eyes wondering more times than she could count. Last month she caught him smelling her hair as he stood behind her in the elevator. It was easy to assume he knew too much. Always confident, that man just gave off a canlı kaçak iddaa vibe of ‘knowing’.

“Good morning Mr. Johnson, can I help you?” He wanted to peek at her cleavage but caught himself, gulped and keyed back to her blue eyes.

He immediately thought of more than one way she could help him. “Hmm. Uh, no. Is he available?” It was obvious he sincerely needed to speak with Mr. Davis.

“No, sir. I apologize. Mr. Davis is getting ready for the meeting. I’m not sure today is a good day, he’s booked solid. I would be happy to pass along a message. He can call you while he’s driving. “

He seemed pained by the information. “Uh, no. Well, maybe? It isn’t work related so I really don’t want to distract him for this. I know how he gets before a big meeting and this one is huge. He mentioned he was hosting a small poker game with a serious buy-in tomorrow night. I haven’t played in years and I’d love the break from my usual routine to just relax with the boys and play some cards.”

“I understand sir.”

He continued. “I don’t want to outright invite myself, but I would love to come.”

“I bet you would… you have no idea,” in her mind. “I understand sir,” out loud.

At this point, she is almost convinced he has no idea what is really planned for the evening. “Do you know anything about this, or who is coming?”

“Everyone in attendance at least once, I hope,” in her mind. “I do sir,” out loud. The double entendres are killing her. “He asked me to prepare for the event. I know he was expecting four or five in total, mostly old friends. I would be happy to let him know you were interested in attending.”

She didn’t want another incident so she immediately told herself to let him handle it, accepting her fate no matter what it turned out to be. She didn’t want to disappoint him a second time no matter what was asked of her. And if that meant being Mr. Johnson’s personal fuck toy, she would rock his world.

“Thank you, Stephanie.” This time, he couldn’t help but look down and steal a quick glance at her healthy bosom.


The office door opened. Ben Davis walked out with briefcase in hand. Standing tall and looking confident, sexy even in his expensive tailored suit. He walked over to his secretary Stephanie who diligently handed him a pile of four messages, aware that Mr. Johnson’s was on top. She pretended to continue working, noticing when he returned to the message on top to read it more closely. Her heart raced.

“Please call Mr. Johnson back for me and invite him tomorrow night. Tell him the buy-in is $5,000 cash and the game is starting at 8pm. We are having dinner served at 6:30pm. Be sure he comes for dinner and drinks to meet the boys. There will now be five of us in total. When back at my house setting up for the event, be sure to get the bottle of Macallan 1928 from my private stash and include it in the bar. Be sure to let Mr. Johnson know this as well. I won’t be back today.” Then turned and walked out.

She gulped down the fluttering in her belly. She leaned over and picked up the phone and dialed extension 2001.

“Henry Johnson’s office. This is Sheryl.”

“Hi Sheryl, this is Stephanie. May I quickly speak with Mr. Johnson? You can tell him he has been invited to attend a poker game at Ben Davis’s tomorrow night and I’d like to share the details.”

“Hey Stephanie. Sure, no problem. Hold please.” After waiting on hold for not two full seconds, the phone is picked up.

“Henry Johnson.”

“Hello again Mr. Johnson, this is Stephanie. Mr. Davis has asked me to invite you to the poker game at his house tomorrow night. The buy-in is $5,000. They prefer to use cash and not chips, so be prepared for that. He said the game starts at 8pm, but they are having dinner and drinks starting at 6:30pm. He thought it would be nice for you to attend early and meet the other four players. He made sure to have me tell you he is bringing out his personal bottle of Macallan 1928 for you to enjoy.”

Obviously pleased by this, he responds, “Really? How interesting is that? Well, please tell Ben that I would be honored to attend for dinner as well, and flattered to share in his prize scotch. Thank you Stephanie.”

“No problem, sir. My pleasure.” As she pulled the phone away from her ear, she hears him say something, but didn’t catch it. “I’m sorry sir, I missed that. Can you please repeat what you said again?”

“I said, ‘Thank you Stephanie’.” Then paused. “I’ll see you… there.” Her eyes closed in disappointment. It wouldn’t be uncommon for her to be present to setup or overlook the party, she was positive she never mentioned attending herself. He knew much more than he was letting on.

“Yes, sir.”


Once she was finally in the driver seat of her car with the door closed, Stephanie let out a huge sigh. Suddenly she needed to catch her breath.

“We will get through this.”

“Well, duh, of course we will. Fuck your prissy suit wearing attitude, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it. Stop worrying, you always worry too much. canlı kaçak bahis You know this is going to be fun.”

“I’m just nervous. I would do anything Big Daddy wants. This is more than just Big Daddy. This is others. This is Mr. Johnson. We will still have to work with him?!?”

“Then you fuck each one of them because that is what Big Daddy wants. You will be the filthy little slut we really are, even and especially with Mr. Johnson. What do you think his cum tastes like? I bet he would lick our pussy real good. Doesn’t that sound nice? It’s just filthy, I love it. We haven’t been the center of attention at a good gangbang since homecoming weekend sophomore year. I doubt the game gets to that level, but it could. If not, too bad, ’cause that sounds like fun.”

“And what about Mr. Johnson? What if this changes the work relationship? Are you really prepared to…”

“Suck him dry, fuck his brains out, give him a memory he will never forget?!? Fuck, yes. He hasn’t stopped staring at our tits since they took us golfing, I’d bet we’re all they talk about. I’m wet just thinking about it, go feel.”

Without realizing it, Stephanie spread her legs and allowed her fingers up her skirt and into the right leg of her panties to feel the slickness of her pussy. She was still wet from the nipple play and her punishment, now she was dripping with the idea of how she was about to be used. Pulling her panties to the side with her left hand, she fondled her nub with her right. After a few seconds thinking about the look in Mr. Johnson eyes when she makes him cum in her mouth, she brought herself to a quick orgasm in her car which was still in the company parking lot.

“OK, we can’t do that here. So look at the instructions. We’ll take care of that later.” Stephanie savored her flavor as she licked her fingers clean, returned her panties back over her moist pussy and pulled her skirt back down, then reached for the envelope. She took a deep breath, turned it over and broke the wax seal stamped in his ‘BD’ icon, then reached in and pulled out the contents. There was one paper detailing her tasks, one gold card, $1,000 in cash, two business cards and two pre-filled checks.


Task List and Expectations


Evening Attire – As guests arrive you will be wearing:

Evening gown – professional, elegant, but still sexy, spare no expense

Appropriate jewelry – from my safe, take anything you like

Your make-up will be perfect

Nothing underneath

Typical Servant Attire – Classic French Maid

Fishnet stockings


High heels – black

Accentuate all your best features, spare no expense

Poker Table – setup for 5 guests

Full Rack of Poker Chips, with Dealer Button

Rolling Bar – Fully stocked, top shelf, including ice bucket, water, soda and garnish

Playing Cards – Four decks, unopened, two blue, two red

Box of Cigars from my Humidor – choose something nice, unopened

Crystal Ashtrays

Sterling Cigar Cutter Set

Boxed Matches

Hot Towel Service

Notepad, Pen and Envelope


Large Rubber Dildo


Hand Wipes

Dinner Bell

Salon – Hair, nails, waxed completely hairless, anything you think you need for perfection. I want you to feel sexy and look perfect. Use the card, spare no expense.

Clothes – Elegant evening gown, servant attire, buy new lingerie, black, see through, show off the girls. Use the card, get anything you think you need.

Food – The caterer’s card and check are in the envelope. Confirm the menu, head count and schedule. Have them arrive by 6pm, use the kitchen to finish off whatever needs to be heated, serve at 6:45pm and clean up and be out the door before 8pm. If they deserve so and are out before 8pm, tip each staff $100 bill.

Liquor – The delivery is scheduled for the afternoon, second check in the envelope. Have the caterers setup the bar. They will need direction.

Head Count – I’m unsure at this point, including myself at least 4 are confirmed. A fifth is likely. I will confirm this with you when I know for sure.

Pre-party – Oversee the caterer to be sure they are on time and on point. Be sure the liquor delivery is correct. Direct what bottles should be put out and what goes in the cellar. From an already opened deck of cards, pull out five cards, ace through five, and randomly place them face down in the center of the poker table. Prepare yourself as instructed in evening gown attire.

Welcome guests – Welcome our guests and bring them to the poker room then fix them any drink they wish. Each will have an envelope with their buy-in. Take it with their coat and direct them to the table to select one of the face down cards for table position. Place their buy-in at their drawn seat. Then direct them to the library and get their drink. Most will already know each other, some will not. Stay in the room mingling and playing host, refilling drinks as needed, making everyone comfortable. Excuse yourself to check in with the catering staff to ensure everything is perfect and on schedule.



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