“Damn it, Norman! Why do you have to drive so god damn fast?”

They had been on the road today for only a few hours, although it seemed like days. It was hot in the middle of the summer and the desert, through which this seemingly endless road ran, provided absolutely no relief. But the ’74 Olds 98 4-door hardtop with its 455 engine was cruising effortlessly over the asphalt. The A/C was working great until it gave out three days ago, so they were speeding down the highway with all four windows down.

Norman ignored her complaint as he usually did to avoid an argument. He smiled and checked to make sure the cruise control was holding steady at 85. He wore sandals with no socks, plain Bermuda shorts, and a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt which was unbuttoned exposing his chest. It was hot and this provided a little relief. He wore sunglasses and a well-worn Yankees baseball cap. He relaxed with his right hand on the wheel and left arm out the open window. A half-empty, pint bottle of Old Grand-Dad lay on the seat beside him. He was doing better today – it was ten o’clock in the morning and he still had half the bottle left.

Michelle was hot and sweaty on the vinyl bench seat and although she wore a lightweight summer dress with a scoop neck, beads of sweat ran down between her breasts. She had her dress pulled up to her thighs and one bare foot was on the metal dash in hopes that some air would reach up her legs. Her sunglasses were essential against the summer sun and her right arm dangled out the open window feeling the wind as the nearly 20-foot long sedan sped through the hot, desert air.

She reached over and turned the radio on. There hadn’t been any reception all morning, but she went through the routine every 15 minutes or so. She turned the volume up enough so they could hear the static over the wind noise. Norm glanced at her with a “here we go again” look. She turned the dial all the way to the left, down where the 55 number was. Then she slowly turned the dial up toward the 16. Every time the static sound changed she would move the dial back and forth slightly hoping that there would be a station there. And there never was. She always said, “Shit,” under her breath as she gave up and continued to move the dial up. After three or four minutes she reached the end. “Damn it!” she cursed and turned the radio off.

“It’s so damn boring! God, I’m hot. Why aren’t there any radio stations out here? You’d think we were on the moon or something. I don’t know why we ever decided to do this. At home at least I could go to the pool and try to cool off. When are we going to stop for gas? I need another cold drink.”

“Take it easy, ‘Shel,” Norm replied. “We just got gas 50 miles ago – we can go another three hours. We’re making good time. Why don’t you read your magazine again or do your nails?”

“Fuck you!” she spat out, shooting her most evil look at him for suggesting that for the umpteenth time.

He glanced over at her and smiled to himself. She was hot when she got mad. He looked down at her legs which were almost completely exposed now as she had pulled her dress up even higher. “Killer legs,” he thought to himself. He looked up at her chest in profile now as she was angrily staring straight down the road. Her C cups filled out the fitted bodice of that summer dress just fine and he thought how nice it would be when they got to the motel, turned the A/C on, and were able to take their clothes off. Maybe tonight he’d get lucky.

He reached for the bottle on the seat beside him, unscrewed the cap, and took a healthy swig. “Ahhhhhhh…” he said as he screwed the lid back on and put the bottle down.

And he thought of how she looked when she walked out of the motel bathroom after her shower with the towel up around her head as she dried her hair. She’d usually just stand there in front of the A/C with her legs slightly spread and her tits would shake as she vigorously dried her hair. He gulped at the thought, reached down and repositioned himself in his shorts, and then returned his attention to the road.

“What’s this?” Michelle asked as she squinted through the windshield glare trying to see something on the side of the road up ahead.

“I don’t know,” replied Norm. “Wait a minute. Looks like somebody…”

“It’s a hitchhiker!” Michelle exclaimed. “Don’t stop! Keep going!”

As they approached the hitcher at high speed, they could tell it was a man with a large backpack on the ground beside him. He had a beat up western hat on, jeans, and a tucked-in shirt open down the front. He looked straight at them with his thumb out as they sped by.

Michelle noticed his week’s growth of beard and his rolled up shirt sleeves.

Norm hit the brakes immediately.

“What the hell are you doing?” Michelle yelled at Norman as she turned in the seat and looked at him. “I told you not to stop! We can’t pick up a hitchhiker! Damnit! You never listen to me!”

Norman ignored her as he pulled the car to a stop on the side of the road some 50 güvenilir bahis yards past the hitcher. He looked back through the rear view mirror.

Michelle turned in her seat and looked back at the hitchhiker. “He’s not even coming! He’s just standing there. He doesn’t even want a ride. Let’s go, Norm,” she said, knowing full well that she would be ignored.

Norm continued to look behind using the rear view mirror. He shifted gears and the car began to move backwards.

“Norm! Norm! What are you doing! You can’t do this! Oh, shit!” she said as she realized what was happening.

Norm continued to back up using the rear view mirror as a guide. Fuming, Michelle just sat down in the seat, put her legs on the floor in front of her, and stared straight ahead with her arms folded under her breasts. Her agitation pushed her chest out with each deep breath.

Norm slowed down as he approached the hitcher, then sped up slightly as he missed the brake with his foot and stepped on the gas instead. He recovered and slammed on the brakes but was half a car length past him when he stopped. Norm changed gears and moved forward. He stopped the car when the hitchhiker was even with Michelle’s open window.

The hitch hiker stepped forward and leaned down into Michelle’s window. She moved her head back slightly, glanced at his face quickly as she did so, then returned her gaze to straight ahead.

“Howdy, folks,” he said. “Thanks for stopping.”

“Uh… That’s O.K.,” replied Norman. “Where you headed?”

Leaning with both forearms along the bottom of Michelle’s open window, the hitcher looked down into Michelle’s cleavage and inadvertently grazed Michelle’s upper arm with his right hand. She shivered at the touch.

Continuing to gaze between her tits, he felt her shiver and purposely touched her arm with the back of his fingers. She felt his touch, but continued to stare straight ahead. Between her anger at Norm and an unexpected touch from this stranger, she knew something just happened.

“Hey, you know,” he answered. “Down the road. Where you guys headed?”

He glanced down at her exposed legs and her bunched up dress. Out of Norman’s sight he slowly stroked Michelle’s arm with all four fingers of his hand. Her body tingled from her arm to her pussy. She tried not to move, but her legs involuntarily spread slightly.

“That’s where we’re going – down the road. California, maybe, if we make it,” Norman answered.

“That’s fine with me,” the hitcher responded.

There was a pause. Norman was leaning forward in the seat looking toward the hitcher who was leaning into Michelle’s window. The hitcher looked up at Norm while surreptitiously caressing Michelle’s arm. Michelle continued to stare straight ahead with her arms folded.

They had stopped the car and the heat closed in on them; more sweat ran down between her tits.

Norm broke the silence. “Would you like a ride?”

“Yeah, that would be great,” he replied, but made no movement except to continue to stroke Michelle’s arm.

“Uh…. O.K. Here, let me help,” Norm said as he shifted the car into park. He opened his door, got out, and walked around the back of the car.

Michelle turned her head and looked the hitcher straight in the eye. Neither said anything as they exchanged the look, then the hitcher moved his hand away, stood up, and turned to meet Norm. She pulled her dress down over her knees.

“Uh… I’m Norman. Norm for short, and this is Michelle. I didn’t catch your name,” he said as he opened the rear door on the passenger’s side.

“Jake, here. Jake, for short,” he said. He turned, stepped to his backpack, and hefted it up. Norm could tell it was heavy.

“That’s looks heavy. Whatcha’ got in there?” he asked.

Without looking at Norm, Jake slid his backpack onto the back seat of the car.

“Personal stuff. All I own.”

Jake got into the car right behind Michelle.

“Uh… O.K.,” Norm replied, slightly embarrassed for asking a personal question. He closed the door and walked back around the car to get in. Without speaking, he put the car in gear and eased back onto the road. Nothing was said as he finally set the cruise at 85.

Jake leaned forward over the back of the front seat just to the left of Michelle who continued to sit still and stare straight ahead.

“Nice car,” Jake said.

Norm brightened up a little. “Thanks, it’s a -“

“’74 98 4-door sedan with a 455,” Jake interrupted. “They only made ’em with the 455. Nice road car. Does the A/C work?”

“Yeah… I mean… No… I mean it quit a couple of days ago. Must be low on freon,” Norm answered.

“That’s a shame,” Jake said. “And during the hottest time of the year.”

He glanced down at Michelle’s cleavage. “A body could take to sweatin’ if it gets much hotter.”

Jake looked at the bottle on the front seat and kept up the banter. “Ole’ Grand-Dad, huh? Mind if I take a swig?”

“Sure. Go ahead,” Norm replied without looking over.

Jake reached türkçe bahis down for the bottle, twisted the cap off, and held it upside down at his lips. Two glugs and he lowered it.

“Damn, that’s good,” he said as he capped the bottle and dropped it back onto the front seat.

With his right hand, Jake reached around the side of the front seat and touched Michelle’s right arm. She shivered again, but didn’t move away. He began to rub her arm with his fingers.

She felt those tingles again and in just a few seconds she lowered her hands to her lap giving Jake the outside of her arm from her elbow to her shoulder. He took advantage of it, slowly caressing her arm from her shoulder down to her elbow and back again.

“So Norm, what do you do for a living? Are you independently wealthy?” he asked.

“No, I’m not rich, although we do have a little saved up, don’t we ‘Shel?” he replied.

“Yeah, damn little,” she said under her breath so only she and Jake could hear.

“What was that?” said Norm.

Jake answered, “She said ‘Yeah, we do.’ But what do you really do, Norm, besides save your money?”

Michelle’s anger at Norm had cooled and her body was becoming excited on its own. She slumped down in the seat a little and shifted slightly toward her door.

“Oh, I do this and that. A little this and a little that. It’s enough to get by and then some,” Norm said defensively.

Jake kept rubbing Michelle’s arm, softly but firmly. Her breathing increased. Even with the wind blowing in through the open window, she had to open her mouth to get more air.

“Yeah, I know a lot of guys like that. Some do O.K. and most don’t. I guess they’re the jack of all trades…” He paused, then “…and we all know the rest.”

Jake put his hand on the inside of Michelle’s arm and pushed outward.

“Norm, did you ever do any real work? I mean with your hands, where they get dirty and you had to take a shower when you get home to wash all the sweat and dirt off ’cause you were working so hard during the day? Ever have a job like that, Norm?” He pushed Norm a little.

Michelle put her right arm up and laid her elbow out the open window. She wondered what was happening.

“Yeah, lots of times,” Norm answered. “When I was younger I used to buck bales on my uncle’s farm. That was some hard work. At the end of the day my cousin – he was older than me – him and me would go in to town. He’d buy some beer and we’d look for some pus…. er, ah, girls. Those were good times. Hard work, though.”

“So, did ‘ya ever get lucky? Findin’ girls,” Jake kept it up while his right hand moved to the side of Michelle’s breast and began stroking it, still out of Norm’s view. He felt her stiffen in the seat. She moved her left leg to the top of the center hump which opened her legs. She pulled up her dress to her knees.

“Yeah, lots of times. Russ, that was my cousin, kept the back seat hot with different ones. Most of the time I sat up front, feeling the car rock and drinkin’ beer. Every once in a while one of the girls would get tired and come up and sit with me. Then, Russ would just have one to deal with back there. More than once I got to feel some nice ti… er, ah, breasts.” Norm voice trailed off as he turned slightly melancholy with his memories.

“Sounds like some good times, Norm,” Jake continued as he applied a little more pressure to Michelle’s breast.

“How ’bout after you grew up, Norm? Any knuckle-bustin’ jobs?”

“Well,” Norm replied, encouraged by the possibility that someone might be interested in his life. “For a while I ran a fork lift at Dexter Steel Supply. That was some hard work – dangerous, too.”

Still out of Norm’s sight, Jake pinched the side of Michelle’s breast between his thumb and forefinger at the mention of the words “hard” and “dangerous.” She shrugged her shoulders slightly.

Norm went on. “We had long angle iron and steel pipe and we’d have to put them up on the outside rack, sometimes fifteen feet high. Had to be careful the load didn’t tip on you -“

“Any college for you, Norm?” Jake probed, interrupting.

“Naw,” Norm said. “Tried a trade school once, but they were too slow for me. Michelle, here, is the one with the brains,” he bragged. “Graduate degree in – I can’t never remember how to pronounce it – kenes…kinesiology…something like that. Got’s to do with movement of your body, gettin’ in to different positions and how it all works together. Isn’t that right, ‘Shel?”

There was no response from Michelle.

“Yeah, she’s good. Up to a hundred bucks an hour with some of her clients. Right, ‘Shel?”

Again, no response.

“Is that right?” Jake said as his hand traveled down her side from her breast down to her hips where he could feel her thong beneath her thin dress.

“That’s pretty impressive.” He rubbed his thumb over her thong outside of her dress.

The play continued as they traveled on down the road. Jake keeping up with the questions and comments to Norm. Norm droning on and güvenilir bahis siteleri on. Michelle saying nothing and trying to sit still, but wondering what was going on. Jake kept it up with her breast and moved down her side to her hip once in a while. She began to feel a nervous excitement.

After a while, “There’s a truck stop and restaurant up ahead, Norm,” Jake said. “Let’s stop for lunch – you’re buying.”

Norm touched the brake to release the cruise, slowed down, and pulled off the highway into the station by the gas pumps.

“Might as well get some gas,” Norm commented.

“Good idea,” Jake countered. “We’ll meet you inside.”

He got out of the car and opened Michelle’s door. She looked up at him, swung her legs out, and got out of the car. Jake closed the door, grabbed Michelle’s left arm, and directed her toward the restaurant. She shook her left arm as if to release his grip, but it only made his grip tighter.

“It’s cooler inside,” he told her.

The sign said, “Seat Yourself,” so Jake picked a booth along the far wall where he could see out the front. She sat down on the inside and he sat beside her.

“Soon as the waitress leaves with our drink order, you should get up and go freshen yourself. And when you come back, I want you to give me your panties,” Jake ordered.

Michelle just stared at him.

The waitress came over and put down two menus. Jake ordered three iced teas. The waitress left.

Jake slid out of the booth and stood up. Michelle didn’t move.

“C’mon,” Jake said, and motioned her to get up. Michelle slid out of the booth and walked back toward the restrooms.

Jake sat down and watched the front of the restaurant. Pretty soon Norm showed up and stood inside the door looking around for them. He saw Jake sitting there and made his way over to him. Norm sat down opposite Jake.

“Damn, it’s hot out there, but it’s nice in here. Where’s Michelle?” Norm asked slightly out of breath.

“She went to freshen herself. We ordered you an iced tea. Here’s your menu.”

“Thanks,” Norm replied.

They continued some light discussion about the weather, the price of gas, and the food.

Michelle showed up back from the restroom and stood at the edge of the table. Norm started to get up, but Jake said, “I got it,” and stood up.

He took Michelle’s hand as if to help her into the booth and her thong was passed from her to him. She slid into the booth, Jake put her thong into his jeans’ pocket, and slid in beside her. Norm just looked at him.

“Better figure out what you want, Norm,” Jake said. Norm’s attention returned to his menu.

Jake and Michelle shared a menu. The waitress came with their drinks and they ordered.

Soon the food arrived and they ate without saying much. The waitress brought over the tab and left.

“Give her a good tip, Norm,” Jake demanded. “She did a good job and they don’t get paid shit. And pick up a couple of pints of Old Grand-Dad for the road.”

They all got up and walked to the cash register with Norm leading and Jake ahold of Michelle’s arm. They waited in the cool while Norm paid and bought the bottles. Then they walked out into the hot to where the car was parked. Norm went around and got in.

Jake guided Michelle to the rear door and said, “Wait.” He opened the door, reached in, and pulled his backpack out. He opened the front door and put his backpack on the seat next to Norm.

“What’s going on?” asked Norm.

“Just drive, Norm,” Jake told him. “Just fuckin’ drive.”

He closed the front door, turned to Michelle, and said, “Get in.”

She got in and slid to the left side of the back seat right behind Norm.

Jake got in and closed the door. “O.K. Hit the road, Norm.”

Norm had to use the outside mirror as he backed out of the parking space as his inside view was obstructed by the backpack. He pulled out onto the road and soon had the cruise set at 85.

Jake started in with Norm, asking him about different parts of his life, even his family. Norm was more than willing to keep the conversation going with someone other than Michelle. His attention was on talking and the road.

Time passed.

Jake reached over with his left hand and unbuttoned the top button of her dress. She pushed his hand away, but didn’t touch the button.

Pretty soon he reached over and unbuttoned the next button. Again, she pushed his hand away, but didn’t touch the button.

Keeping up the conversation with Norm, he reached over and unbuttoned the third button of her dress. She pushed his hand away and her dress opened to expose the top of her bra. She didn’t touch the buttons.

By the time he had unbuttoned six buttons and her dress was open to her waist, she had braced herself with her left hand on the back of the front seat and her right hand pressing down on the seat beside her. Her hair was blowing around and in front of her face and her breathing was uneven. She shook her hair back and looked at him. He could see her breasts rising and falling with each breath as they struggled to break free.

He kept Norm talking.

He reached into his pocket and took out his folding knife. He opened it.

She looked at it and silently shook her head, “No!”



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