Babe Shower

It was a late warm summer’s day and I was making my way to Lisa’s studio. We made it a weekly event to meet up after work and go for food and a chat. We had been friends for over 20 years when Lisa married my oldest school friend. Unfortunately, he passed away a few months ago, and so began our little ritual.

It was never a fancy restaurant, never fine dining or the likes. Just the two of us, some good food, and some great catch up’s. It was great to be with each other, especially after I had had a messy divorce a year ago. We kept our spirits high, we laughed and cried, we hugged and we ate well. Lisa was the best friend a guy could ever wish to have.

This late warm summer’s day though was a little different. We had made our normal plans to meet up, but Lisa sent me a text to say she had a last minute client and would be late. I never minded waiting for Lisa, but I just decided to swing by her studio and wait for her to finish before we went out.

As I arrived at Lisa’s place, Amanda was just about to lock the door and head off for the night. Amanda had been with Lisa from the off, they were best of friends in school and just always had been together. I snuck up behind Amanda and playfully slapped her ass, she shrieked out and spun round and gave me a swift but playful slap on my face. “I could kill you on times Chris,” she said while laughing.

I just grinned and hugged her tight and said “Yeah? But who would you have to slap then”. Amanda and I hugged and laughed, before she kissed my cheek softly and broke free from my arms.

“Lisa is setting up for the shoot,” Amanda said as she pulled the door open and ushered me inside. “You know where everything is Chris, just don’t disturb Lisa or we will both be dead”.

I giggled and waved a hand above my head “Night loser” I called out as Amanda shut and locked the door, laughing in the process.

I made my way over to the coffee machine and poured out two mugs, and then I walked through to the back of the office and into the well light studio. “Hiya my gorgeous little honey bee,” I said as I put the coffee mugs down behind Lisa.

Lisa spun round and started to remonstrate with me “Fuck Chris” she said, “I am just about to do a shoot and you know you can’t be in here with me, client confidentiality” she snapped out. I was just about to answer when the *Subject* for the photo shoot made her way out of the change room.

My mouth fell open as I watched this gorgeous girl of about 23 or 24 walk towards us. Lisa punched my arm and said, “Stop staring”. I could not help it. Walking towards us was a girl of about 5’8″ wrapped in a silk dressing gown, she had long shoulder length blonde hair, the softest blue eyes I had ever seen, and a wiggle that made me shiver. I was brought back to reality as I felt a stinging punch to my shoulder and Lisa telling me to “Get the fuck out as I have to start the photo shoot”. I looked at Lisa and struggled to hear her words.

Lisa was just about to have at it again and then she spoke, the girl giggled a little and said “its okay Lisa, you know they are just pictures for my boyfriend back home, nothing risqué”.

Lisa looked at the girl and was about to say something, when I slapped her ass hard and said “Yeah Lisa, it’s not like she is going to be getting naked and throwing herself at me now”. As I said that, I looked at you and winked, causing you to blush a deep red and giggle softly.

Lisa looked confused at your request, then turned to me and pointed at the stool beside her tripod “Sit there Chris, one false move and I will strip you, hog tie you, take your picture and make a big 20 foot poster and plaster it all over this bloody town”.

I looked at Lisa and then at you and winked “you have been promising to do that to me for years” I said, “but you have always chickened out at the last minute Lisa”.

This caused you to laugh aloud and wink back at me. “Lisa” you said in a soft American accent, I will hold him and you can tie him if he moves an inch. Okay?”

Lisa looked stunned at you, then turned to me and pointed at the stool “Sit you little shit” she said to me, “One false move Chris and you are dead” she finished.

I started to laugh and then you said “Yeah Chris, sit there” pointing at the stool, “and if you make a move, just make sure it’s not a false one, okay”? I laughed hard and took position on the stool beside Lisa.

You walked away from us and stopped by the bed that Lisa had set up in the room. I moved a little to the side to get a better view of you as you turned and gave me a cheeky little grin. “Okay Helen” Lisa said, “We will just start off with a few pictures of you in that silk gown to just get the lighting right, okay?” You nodded and smiled, and stood still while Lisa got some pictures of you. I was watching you intently as you made small little movements while Lisa snapped away. “That’s perfect Helen, your boyfriend will love these classy sexy pictures of you,” Lisa said.

After 5 minutes, Lisa spoke up “Okay Helen, the lighting is right, you look absolutely great. Do you want to continue with what we had planned?”

You canlı bahis şirketaleri looked a little nervous and then glanced over to where I was sat. “Umm, I think I am ready Lisa” you said.

Lisa looked at me and then back at you and said “are you sure you don’t want me to get rid of Chris before we carry on?”

You shook your head and giggled a little as your cheeks flushed slightly, “It’s okay Lisa, I am sure Chris will be the perfect gentleman” you said, and then untied the belt on the gown, shrugged your shoulders and let it fall away and to the floor.

My eyes went wide as I saw you shrug off the gown. Underneath you had platform shoes, black stockings, black lace panties, and a black lace bra on. I made an audible gasp and shivered slightly as I looked you up and down, this brought a smile to your face and you gave me a cheeky little wink. Lisa then asked you to move about a little while she started snapping some more pictures to get the lighting reset for your new outfit. I sat and watched you transfixed, I could not believe I was seeing you move about in such sexy lingerie.

Lisa continued the photo shoot, getting you to lay on the bed on your tummy first. This gave me a fantastic view of your cleavage and I smiled in appreciation. Lisa then had you move again and made you lay on your side facing us. This made you blush a little as you realised I was watching your every move. Lisa then asked you to lay on your back, then arch up a little and look sexily in to the camera. I shifted a little on the stool as my mind started to race, I was wishing that I was taking the pictures of you, and it was just the two of us in the studio.

Lisa mad me jump as she brought my out of my trance like state, “Okay Helen, I shall get these put on disk for you, if you want to get dressed I shall be about 5 minutes while I down load them” Lisa said.

You moved a little on the bed and spoke in a very soft and quiet voice, “Lisa” you said. Lisa stopped and looked over at you. “Can we do some of the other pictures we discussed earlier on please?” you said. Lisa turned and looked at me and then back to you, as she was about to speak you just nodded your head, “its okay, Chris can stay and watch too, I don’t mind” you said.

Lisa seemed to be at odds with your request, but then I saw her shoulders drop slightly and she nodded her head “Okay Helen, you are my client and I have to do what you ask” Lisa replied. This made you smile like a kid that had just been caught stealing candy. However, you moved again and winked at me.

Lisa moved away from her camera and went out of the studio for a moment before returning with a box and placing it behind the bed. “There are items in there if you would like to umm, if you still want to use them, okay,” Lisa said to you. You just smiled and nodded your head, then looked at me and smiled softly. Lisa returned behind the camera, took a big deep breath and then said, “Okay Helen, you do what comes natural. I shall just keep taking pictures until you have had enough, alright?” You nodded your head and smiled

“Thank you Lisa, this means a lot to me, and it will mean a lot to my boyfriend as well,” you said. You repositioned yourself and sat up a little, and then you reached round behind yourself and unfastened your bra. You looked directly at me, smiled and then let your bra fall free exposing your beautiful breasts. I gasped a little, you giggled, and your cheeks flushed slightly. Then you moved your hands down to your panties and you stood up, my eyes went wide as you hooked your thumbs in the waist band and slowly, ever so slowly slid them past your hips and down and off, kicking them aside as you did. My heart started to race, I could feel my cock start to swell in my jeans and I squirmed a little to try to get comfortable. All the time Lisa was snapping away as you did every little movement.

You reached behind the bed and rummaged around in the box, and then I heard you squeal a little with delight and turn back to face us. You had brought out a dildo, my eyes widened and you settled back on the bed. You moved a hand to your left breast and started to gently caress it; all the while, you looked at me. You close your eyes and then you moved the dildo between your breasts and started to slide it back and forth slowly. My mind was spinning out of control as lust washed over me, I could not believe what I was seeing. You moved your hand from your breast and smoothed it down over the flat of your tummy, and then stopped as it came in contact with your mons.

You sighed and then moved your hand lower and started to run your fingers up and down your pussy. I heard you catch your breath as you continued to slide the dildo between your gorgeous breasts. Then you opened your eyes, looked straight at me and dipped a finger in to your glistening pussy. This caused you moan softly and you moved the dildo up and placed the tip between your parted lips. You started to work your finger slowly in and out of your pussy and you close your eyes as you gently sucked on the fake cock, all the while I could barely hear canlı kaçak iddaa the faint click’s of Lisa’s camera.

I do not know what came over me, but I undid my jeans and slid them down a little, then pulled at my boxers and moved them down a little too. My hard cock sprang free and I wrapped my hand tightly around it and started working it slowly. I made a small groan as I could feel the pre cum forming on the tip of my cock. You opened your eyes languidly and looked over at me, then you gasped and your eyes widened as you watched me stroke my cock. I watched as you started to work your finger a little quicker in your pussy, and your eyes started to glaze over.

I got up out of my seat and my jeans and boxers fell to the floor, I had to have you, I just did not care. I moved past Lisa and to the side of the bed and watched you as you worked your finger in your pussy and sucked the fake cock. I looked down at you and smiled “would you like a real cock to suck on Helen?” I asked you.

Lisa screamed behind me, “Chris, get the fuck away from Helen for fucks sake you will ruin me”. I did not care; I just looked down at you in all your naked glory. You looked up at me and watched my hand slide along my cock, and then you took your fingers from your pussy and moved the dildo from your mouth.

“Come here” you said to me, and you moved the fake cock down and slid it in to your slick pussy. I stepped forward and you moved your hand to my hard cock, you looked up at me, smiled, then leaned forward, and engulfed my cock with your warm mouth. My head tilted backwards as I felt you take my cock to the back of your throat. It took me a moment and then I lifted my head, watched you start to fuck your pussy with the dildo, and moved your lips back and forth along my rock hard cock. I was lost in the moment, but then felt a presence beside us. Lisa had taken the camera off the tripod and was taking pictures of you while you sucked my cock deep in to your mouth.

I could feel my stomach start to tighten, my balls lifted slightly, and my cock swelled in your mouth. You sensed I was getting close to Cumming and you started sucking my cock a little faster. You started working the cock a little quicker in your pussy, as Lisa seemed to sense my impending orgasm. “Pull it out and let me take pictures as you cum in her mouth Chris,” Lisa said. You moved your hand and mouth quicker on my cock and I started to growl.

“Fuck Helen” I said, “I am going to cum any minute now”. This spurred you on, you moved your mouth back to the tip of my cock, and your hand stroked me faster as your tongue flicked the head. “Fuck I am Cumming,” I yelled out, and you moved my cock from your mouth and pulled back hard. My knees buckled slightly as the first rope of my thick cum shot out and in to your open mouth. Lisa groaned as she snapped continually, as your hand pumped my cock again and I shot a second, followed by a third rope of cum in to your open mouth.

You let go of my cock, moved forward, and closed your lips around me. You bobbed your head back and forth and sucked hard as another rope of cum shot straight down the back of your throat. You held still and swallowed hard, then you softly sucked the last of the cum from me and looked up at me with your soft blue eyes. I fought for breath and smiled down at you, I mouthed a thank you and you winked and gave my cock one last long suck before letting it fall from your lips.

I shivered and sucked hard to get air in to my lungs, to try to stop my head from spinning. I heard Lisa beside us groan as she fumbled to change the memory card on her camera. I looked at you then dropped to my knees, I reached out my hand and removed yours that held the dildo buried deep in your pussy. I took hold of the fake cock and slowly pumped it back and forth a few times, causing your head to loll back as you gasped aloud. Then I pulled the dildo from you, brought it to my lips and sucked your pussy juice from it. Again, I heard Lisa groan and take pictures of me cleaning the fake cock.

I moved closer and placed small soft kisses on your inner thighs, which caused you to softly moan and fall back on the bed. I giggled at you and then moved my mouth and kissed your soaking wet pussy. I could hear you take a sharp breath, and then I pushed my tongue between your pussy lips and buried it deep inside you. Your hands gripped the bed sheet as you groaned and writhed beneath me. I started tongue fucking your pussy slowly, as I moved a free hand up and fund your clit with my thumb. This caused you to tighten your grip on the bed sheets and growl a little, which made me giggle a little.

I started to work your clit in small circles as I continued to tongue your pussy. You were squirming beneath me as I continued my assault. I moved my other hand up and slid a finger in to your pussy to join my tongue. Your hands flew to the back of my head and pulled me harder against your pussy. I slipped a second finger in to you, then turned my hand palm up and crooked my fingers and moved them around until I felt the rough spongy g-spot on your front wall.

Your hands canlı kaçak bahis started pulling harder at my hair as I rubbed your g-spot a little quicker and I continued to wiggle my tongue in your pussy. You started to buck beneath me and I knew your orgasm was fast approaching. I moved my thumb from your clit and replaced it with my lips. You screamed out in pleasure as my teeth bit gently around your clit. “Fuck Chris, I am going to cum now,” you said. I flicked your clit with the tip of my tongue as I slipped a third finger in to your pussy. I started working my fingers quicker and then your hips rose off the bed and you screamed out “Fuck I am Cumming”. I moved my mouth back to your pussy and pulled my fingers out quickly. I drove my tongue deep in to you just as your cum flooded my mouth. You bucked and writhed beneath me as I wiggled my tongue deep in your pussy and swallowed hard to get all of your cum.

I held still and kept my tongue inside your pussy as your convulsions slowed down. Your hands went to your head and you ran your fingers through your hair “Fuck Chris” you said, “you have a fucking talented tongue on you boy”. I giggled against your pussy, before backing my tongue out of you and giving your pussy lips a long languid lick before placing a few small kisses against it.

I pushed myself up so my hips were level with the bed and in line with your pussy. You raised yourself up on your elbows and looked down at me. “Fuck Chris, are you ready to go again with that gorgeous cock of yours” you said.

I just smiled and moved my hips forward and ran my hard cock along the length of your soaking wet pussy. “I am if you are Helen” I said, you just fell back on the bed laughing

“Oh my good fucking god” you said, as you felt me press the tip of my cock against your clit. I held my cock in my hand and slowly ran it down from your clit to just above your ass, and then back up again. I did this four or five times as you moved your hips towards me. “You’re a fucking bastard Chris” you said, “You’re a fucking mean bastard of a tea…” I cut you dead as I slid my hard cock in to your slick pussy, causing you to gasp and moan deeply. “That’s what I want you fucking tease” you said, “Fuck my pussy Chris, fill me up with the delicious cock of yours”. I moved my hands to your hips and drove my cock ever so slowly into your warm wet pussy. I watched as you bit your bottom lip and tossed your head from side to side. “Will you stop fucking teasing me you mean bastard” you said again. This caused Lisa and I to both giggle.

I held your hips firmly as I felt my cock come to a stop deep inside your pussy. “Is this what you want Helen? Do you want me to fuck your pussy with my cock? Are you sure you don’t mind.” I stopped and started to fuck your pussy slowly. Your hands gripped the bed sheet again and I could see them balling up as I started to fuck you slowly. I pulled my cock all the way back until only the tip was in your pussy, then I drove forward hard and fast causing you to scream aloud.

“Oh fuck me Chris” you said “Fuck me and make me cum all over your hard, gorgeous cock. Shoot your cum deep inside my pussy,” you moaned out. I held on to your hips and started to fuck your pussy a little quicker, pulling back until I almost left you, then driving it in hard and deep, causing you to shudder. I started to build up a rhythm and then I leaned forward and closed my mouth over your left nipple. You squealed with delight and started moving your hips to meet every forward thrust. We started fucking each other harder as I gently sucked and bit your nipple. You were squirming beneath me as I drove my cock hard and deep in to you. Then I moved a hand from your hip, slid it between us, and found your clit with my thumb. You pushed your hips high trying to get my cock as deep in your pussy as possible.

You arched your back and started panting hard “Fuck me Chris, give me your cum, flood my pussy with your juice and let me cum on your cock” you said. This sent me closer and I felt my cock swell in your pussy, as the pit of my stomach knotted and my balls tightened.

“Fuck Helen” I grunted, “I’m going to fucking cum” I said. You writhed beneath me and I bit your nipple hard. I pressed my thumb on your clit and drove my cock deep in to your pussy. We both growled and I started shooting my cum deep in to your pussy. This sent you over the edge and you gripped the bed sheet and screamed out.

“I’m Cumming Chris” you said, “I’m fucking Cumming again”. I started to fuck your pussy as I felt a third, followed by a forth rope of cum go deep in to your pussy. You ground yourself against me, you shook hard as your orgasm crashed over you, and you continued Cumming on my cock.

I collapsed on top of you as the last of my cum dribbled from my cock. I felt your pussy muscles clamp on my cock and milk every last little bit of cum from me. You opened your eyes and looked and me smiling, I smiled down at you and then lowered my head and kissed you deeply. We stayed kissing each other for a few minutes as I felt my cock soften inside you. Then I moved back and pulled out of you. We were both fighting to control our breathing, trying to get as much air in to our lungs to stop our heads spinning. I looked to the side at Lisa and she grinned at us. “I have some of the best fucking pictures I have ever taken in my life,” she said.



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