“Okay, I guess there’s nothing we can do about it,” she said worriedly into her cell phone. “Yeah, well, we kind of predicted this might happen. Yeah, I love you too baby.” She hit the end button on her cell phone. “Well, it looks like they’re stuck.”

Craig looked up from the magazine that he was reading and gave a smirk and returned, “Yeah, well, we thought that might happen.”

“Yeah, well, it still sucks,” she said.

The storm that was predicted in northern Ohio hit like a ton of concrete. It was ironic considering Denise and Craig were in a cabin in Colorado awaiting their spouses and in-laws so that they could enjoy a week-long ski vacation. Denise’ husband Roger and Craig’s wife Jennifer had to make an unexpected detour prior to the vacation to visit their very sick grandmother in Cleveland. Denise and Craig had gone ahead to the cabin, considering that the reservation had already been paid and the two siblings Roger and Jennifer along with their parents would soon arrive. After the visit to Grandma, the others would catch a flight out to Denver where Denise and Craig would pick them up to start what they had planned and expected to be a fun week with family. Now, it looked like the start of the fun would have to wait at least another day.

Craig looked at the clock. “Well, it’s 5:20. You hungry,” he asked Denise.

Denise looked at him as if he was speaking another language. “What,” she asked. Then the concern seemed to drain from her face. “Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s just that Roger and I don’t get too many chances to spend quality time together and I was really looking forward to spending this week making up for the lost time. He’s just been so busy at work. It’s like we’ve become strangers lately.”

Craig gave his sister-in-law a sympathetic look. “Hey, they’ll be here tomorrow. Don’t worry anymore about it. It’s not like worrying will get them here any faster.” He walked over to the couch she was sitting at and put his hand on her shoulder. “Just because they’re stuck in the snow in Cleveland doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. Go upstairs and get dressed. We’re going out to a nice restaurant and, if you’re up to it, we’ll go dancing at the club I saw on the shuttle drive in. Sound good?”

A smile slowly spread across her face. “Okay. I guess there’s really no use sitting around here.” Denise got up and passed in front of him and picked up a light jog as she trotted up the stairs to her and Roger’s room. He turned his head and watched the key areas of her body bounce as she moved up the stairs. The truth is he and Jennifer hadn’t spent a lot of time with Roger and Denise. Roger got a job in Tampa right before they got married two years ago and they lived there since. He and Jennifer lived in Nashville where he worked as an event promoter and she as a nurse. Denise’s statements earlier really hit home. He and Jennifer had spent very little time together lately as well. He was really looking forward to getting reacquainted with his wife this trip; in so many ways.

“Oh well,” he thought to himself, “at least now I’ll have an opportunity to get to know Denise.” To say he didn’t know his sister-in-law was an understatement. She met his brother-in-law Roger while they were in grad school together earning their MBAs. He had seen her at the wedding, of course, but they had never had the opportunity to talk, just the two of them. Now, they were stuck together. His brother-in-law Roger was what Craig liked to call “a piece of work”. He was eight years younger than he and Jennifer. That alone caused a little tension between the three of them, but Roger’s playboy ways really made him and Jennifer cringe every time they saw him. Roger was confident, and since he got his MBA, he really played up the successful businessman image. His 6’2″, handsome face, and muscular body only accentuated his cocky demeanor. Frankly, Craig thought he was a tool, but kept his tongue around Jennifer. The worst part about it all is they were both sure that he was being unfaithful to his wonderful wife Denise, only two years into their marriage.

Craig thought about Denise now. Craig was nine years older than her, at 33 years of age. He’d never really taken time to look at her as anything more than a sister of sorts. Until only a couple of minutes earlier as she trotted up the stairs, he hadn’t noticed how attractive she was. He estimated her height at 5’4″. She had an ass that definitely filled a pair of jeans, but her relative youth meant that there wasn’t much jiggle in her step. It rested above some solid legs, built as a college swimmer, and below a 23-inch waist. Her breasts were also easy on the eyes. She probably wore a 33 to 34 C bra he guessed. The best part was how pert they seemed. When she wore a t-shirt, it was very clear that her breasts were solid and her nipples rested high on each breast. Craig allowed himself to think it finally—Denise was a knockout.

Craig tilted the glass of water toward his lips as he decided what the plan was for the night. He was dressed in some nice slacks and a button-up shirt. They’d go to the lodge restaurant and have some konyaaltı escort drinks and good Italian meal. Then they’d walk down to the club and do some dancing. At best, it would calm Denise’s nerves and at worst, at least they’d get out of the cabin.

Then, there she was. Denise walked down the stairs slowly, especially with the three-inch heels she was wearing. She was wearing a one-piece silk black dress and besides the ankle bracelet that she wore on her right ankle, it didn’t look like much else. She wore her brown hair up, exposing a beautiful neck, gorgeous tanned shoulders, and a very, very sexy cleavage exposed by the very low hanging cut of the silk dress that clung to her braless torso. Denise’s smile was worth a million bucks. She knew she looked good tonight.

“Wow, what’s the occasion? You look gorgeous.” Craig looked at her stunned. He looked stunned and a little more than self-conscious. Though staring at her, he started to think about how he’d look beside this prize. He thought about his 5’9″ frame with his small pooch belly. He had been an athlete in high school and had worked out to keep himself fit, but had laid off as he moved into his thirties. Now, he’d be standing next to one of the most gorgeous women that he’d ever met. And since he had never really looked at her in a sexual way and had never spent that much time with her, it was like he was meeting her for the first time.

“Thank you. I wanted to wear this the first night just to get Roger, uh, going.” The statement with the huge hint of sexual innuendo made her blush a bit.

“Well, I guess I’m the lucky one,” he responded.

Dinner was wonderful. Craig noticed the many looks that she was getting from around the room. She put her arm in his as they walked to their seats and Craig was the proudest guy in Colorado. He said as much to her and felt the pleasure of her giggling coyly and pushing her left breast into his upper right arm. Denise daintily ate her pasta as she talked about her job and her and Roger’s new house.

“Well, it’s too bad that Roger couldn’t see you tonight. I’m sure that he’d have no problem getting going,” Craig said, alluding to the comment that had made her blush earlier.

Denise smiled and said, “Thank you Craig. It’s really nice to hear that.” She then looked down and took a more serious tone. “Do you and Jennifer ever lose that, you know, spark?”

He thought for a second and then answered, “Sure Denise. It happens to the best of couples. Jennifer and I go through spells where we just get busy and forget what’s important.” He didn’t want to take it any further, but he wanted to at the same time. He felt strange.

“Well, Roger and I are going through a ‘spell’. Sometimes I wonder if he even notices me,” she said as her bottom lip started to quiver. Craig instantly thought about the suspicions he and Jennifer had about Roger.

“I wouldn’t worry about it. If he were here, he’d say what everybody else in this place knows: you are the hottest woman here.” He couldn’t believe he said what he just said. There was an uncomfortable silence and tension between them.

She broke it. “You are so good to me Craig. Jennifer is so lucky to have you. It looks like for tonight though, I’m the lucky one.” She paused and then said, “Let’s forget about my issues tonight. We’re going to have some fun. And I have the check!”

Despite his protests, she paid for their meals and drinks. Before they left, Denise swallowed her entire refilled glass of red wine and once again locked her arm in his as they walked out of the restaurant and toward the club.

They got to the club early. There were a few couples dancing to a piano that was being played by a stereotypical lounge player. Despite looking his part, he played really well. Instantly, Denise went to the bar and bought them both some mixed drinks. Her margarita was a double and it was very apparent that it was having an effect on her. As time went on and more drinks flowed, Denise’s mood started to lighten even more. She was laughing at most everything that Craig was saying and slowly but surely, any tension between the two totally dissipated. “Let’s go dance brother-in-law.”

As the piano player played soft jazz, Denise threw her arms around Craig’s neck and swayed as his hands rested on her hips. Craig checked his earlier suspicions about her underwear and feeling small strings wrapped around her waist, guessed that Denise was wearing a thong under the dress that clung to her every curve. He definitely hadn’t noticed a panty line. Craig was more than a little caught off-guard when Denise turned around and leaned back into his chest. He was staring down the front of his sister-in-law’s dress, surprised at the fantastic view of her cleavage. Despite the straps over her shoulders, it seemed that only Denise’s small, extended nipples were holding her dress up. Then, he felt her right hand go to his right hip and pull him towards her very inviting ass as she pushed back against his crotch. Her swaying was intoxicating to him as the back of her head rested on his right shoulder with her eyes squinted.

The kültür escort song ended and they clapped along with the few other couples there and headed back to their seat. On the way there, Craig felt his phone vibrate. “I’m going to take this,” he said to her and she acknowledged.

Jennifer was on the other end. “Hey baby. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t be there tonight.”

“It’s alright. I’m getting to know Denise. We went out to dinner and now we’re trying to relax,” he told her.

“Oh yeah, where are you at,” she asked.

“At a little jazz club near the lodge,” he answered as he stepped out of the club for a second and motioned to the bouncer that he’d be right back in after the call.

“That’s good. I have to tell you something that might not shock you. Roger and I were talking when visiting Grandma Sara and he hinted to me that he’s been screwing around. I pushed and he admitted it. I actually think he was a little proud because he hadn’t been caught yet. The bastard. I asked him if he was going to tell Denise and he said ‘hell no.’ Anyway, I feel so bad for the girl. She seems like such a sweet girl.”

“Yeah, well, that sucks. I don’t know what to say. I guess he’ll have to carry that around with him,” he tried to make conversation.

“Well, show her a good time. Show her how a real gentleman acts. I’ll be in tomorrow to reward you,” she said.

“Alright baby. I’ll wait for you guys to call before we leave for the airport. I love you. Be safe,” he ended the call and went back into the club.

Replacing the soft piano music was the sound of thumping club music as the night had reached the point that a DJ would play the tunes. He was shocked when he found Denise.

She was on the club’s dance floor with her hands rubbing the midsection of a tall young man who was obviously enjoying the attention. Craig glanced down and saw that he had inserted his right thigh between her legs. The young man with short black hair then pulled her close to him by putting his right hand to the small of her back. She put her left arm around his waist and rhythmically started to grind her crotch against his leg. Occasionally, she would throw her head back with her eyes closed. Denise was biting her lower lip and occasionally parted them obviously exhaling hard, bringing her nipples very near the cusp of the top of her dress as the bottom pulled between her legs. The song pumped for what seemed like forever. Then, she reached up with her right hand and let down her brown shoulder-length hair.

As the song changed, she seemed a bit exasperated as he leaned forward and whispered something in her ear as they stood close together. She had a huge smile on her face as she looked down toward the ground and his lips moved against her ear. She had her right hand on his upper chest during his one-sided conversation. Her left hand alternated between resting on the thigh between her legs or behind his back. Then, the young man took his right hand and began to rub the back of Denise’s left thigh. He let the hand drift up and despite the dim lighting, Craig could now see Denise’s exposed left ass cheek. Occasionally, the bottom of the dress would cover her ass again, but would always move back up to show her beautiful left ass cheek. Suddenly, she threw her head back in a large laugh and pushed back on the young man with her right hand. With that, their dance was over. He smiled as she held her hand over her laughing mouth and waved back behind her and walked toward Craig who was sitting at a nearby table.

“Whew! Craig, this was a great idea. I am hot,” she spoke loudly trying to be heard over the music.

“Yes, you are,” Craig exclaimed.

“No, I mean ‘hot’ as in temperature.” Despite the black silk, Craig could see a small sweat stain had appeared at the small of Denise’s back. In addition, Craig noticed a small wet stain at the spot on her dress that had been between her legs. In her inebriated state, though, Denise didn’t notice. Denise stood behind her chair and leaned against it catching her breath. Craig had bought her another drink that had gone warm during her dancing, so he bought another one. She drank the new gin and tonic, but surprised him when she picked up the older warm one and drank it down too.

“So boy, are you going to take me for a spin,” she yelled the request at Craig. Craig wanted nothing more than to dance with this beauty. The only problem was Craig had to piss.

“Go dance. I’ll be out there after I use the bathroom,” he told her.

The urinals were all occupied, so Craig went into one of the stalls. As he took out his cock and started to take a leak, he heard the conversation occurring outside.

“Good God. Did you see the hottie Larry was dancing with? She was so fucking hot. Larry said she was pretty quiet, but she started breathing pretty hard when he was rubbing her ass,” the anonymous guy said.

“Dude, I know. I almost creamed when I saw her ass. He said that he was laying some dirty talk on her and she seemed to like it. He said when he told her that he wanted her to come back to our markantalya escort table so his friends could get a feel, she started laughing and went back to her table. If she’s with that dude, he doesn’t seem to mind the show she’s putting on,” another guy said.

“Well, no matter what, that chick is getting fucked tonight,” the first guy said as the conversation ended.

Craig looked down at his cock. It was swollen and pre-cum had developed at its tip. “Damn, you need to go get that girl out of here,” he thought to himself.

Quickly, Craig came out of the bathroom and he was frantically looked for Denise. He was only half relieved to find her. Once again, Denise was dancing with the same guy from before, but now behind her was one of his buddies. As the rap music was playing and the bass was thumping, the buddy was now rubbing his bulging crotch against her ass as he alternated having his hands on her hips and blatantly putting a palm on each ass cheek. Craig looked through the flashing lights at Denise’s face. Her eyes were shut and her face was almost a grimace as she seemed to be catching her breath. Occasionally, she looked back behind her at the young man now holding her ass. As she turned and put her hands on the chest of the guy in front of her, the guy behind her took the opportunity to push her silk dress above her waist and held it there. Seemingly unbeknownst to Denise, her fine ass was exposed to all that watched her.

Craig moved to where he could see the scene a little better, surprised that he didn’t jump to his sister-in-law’s rescue. He was in as much of a trance as he thought she was in. As she stood up, she pushed her breasts into the chest of the guy in front of her. Behind her, the guy kept the skirt above her waist and he moved the bulge in his pants against Denise’s naked ass. Again, Denise straddled the right thigh of her earlier dance partner, the difference was this time, the lacy front of her thong panties were exposed as he ran his hands up her hips and held the front of her dress up. As the music transitioned to a club beat, the guy behind Denise ran his left hand into the front of her panties. With that, Denise inhaled deeply and threw her head back onto the right shoulder of the guy behind her as he began sucking on her left earlobe.

The scene was intoxicating as the threesome monopolized a small, dark corner of the now-crowded dance floor. It couldn’t have gotten worse. Or better. Or so Craig thought. He barely noticed that he was rubbing his own cock through his pants. Then, the guy in front of Denise leaned down and started to kiss the top of her chest. Craig saw that Denise was now completely off the ground as she vigorously grinded her pussy against the thigh of her forward partner as the guy behind her ran his hand into the front of her black lace thong panties. Denise pushed her upper back into the chest of the guy behind and rolled her ass onto the thigh under her. Her movement thrust her pussy forward. Craig opened his mouth in awe. The panties were now pulled to the side and he could see her wet pussy with its trimmed hair now matted with fluids totally exposed to anyone who was watching the scene. This gave the guy behind her the opportunity to stroke her swollen clit. Craig moved closer to get an even better look and now heard Denise’s audible excitement, barely heard over the thumping club beat. She was moaning and grunting through her gritted teeth, occasionally gasping in a breath loudly.

Her forward partner ran his hand right hand up to her left shoulder and in one quick movement slipped the spaghetti strap off. Left exposed to the air was Denise’s beautiful left breast. Craig quickly looked around the crowded club and only saw a few faces and particularly, three of the guys’ buddies pointing and laughing at the scene while congratulating each other. When Craig returned to the dancing threesome, the forward partner was sucking on her nipple as the partner behind was pumping her with two glistening fingers while rubbing her clit with the other hand. Craig heard Denise get out something that sounded like,”Uhgud,” before her whole body began to shake uncontrollably while she alternately thrust her hips forward and back in a quick successive motion. Denise slipped off the thigh and stepped backward, pushing the guy behind back. As she did, Craig saw that her right hand was grasping her forward dance partner’s rock-hard, eight inch cock now pulled out of his slacks and pointing upward.

In a daze, Denise stumbled away from the two men, oblivious to their calls. She went towards the bathroom, stopped at a railing before she looked down at her exposed left breast. Without so much as a startle, she slipped the strap back onto her shoulder and went through the bathroom door. For five minutes, Denise was in the bathroom as Craig stood outside it like a sentinel, occasionally eying the guys that looked toward the women’s bathroom. When she finally stumbled out, she seemed relieved to see Craig standing there to catch her. Her face was pretty wet from apparently splashing it. She fell into his open arms and put her head against his chest. She looked up at him and said, “Take me back to the cabin. I don’t feel so good.” There was a small scent of vomit on her breath and Craig took a second to wipe something, he didn’t know what, from the left side of her mouth.



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