The perfect butt (out of my german book “GlutThe perfect buttBig Boobs are the main attraction for me – so far. Together with eyes and lips, these two attributes are deciding for me voting a woman as erotically attractive.But then, something happened. I was playing badminton with my friends in a sports center. Suddenly the door was opened and SHE entered the badminton courts! I caugth sight of her stunning brown-green eyes, but I stopped breathing, when she turned around, closing the door – she had a butt, the pushed my pulse in astronomical heights!Her ass was so sexy and seemed to smile to me right through the sports trousers. She put down her bag and started with some warm-up runnings. Her delicately movements disturbed my concentration in a second. So I lost my game, altough I had only to gain three points for winning! But, instead of being angry, I walked from the court and sat down on the bench and watched her. Meanwhile she had finished her warm-up and went to the court, where her friends have been waiting. Elegant like a cat she jumped from here to there and her well-formed legs accentuated the erotic magnetism of her butt.The buttocks whipped so sexy, that I got a hard-on. After a while I remarked, that I didn´t had a look at her boobs yet! But then she turned around to pick up the shuttle from the floor. She had medium-sized tits, normallywise not big enough for me – but I didn´t care, because I was caught by her stunning ass! My cock was jerking.A few minutes later the game ended and she went over to my bench. I smiled and introduced me: “Hi! My name is Matthias. canlı kaçak iddaa I´ve watched you playing – you´re pretty good! Wanna play a game with me?”She smiled back and answered: ” I´m Marie – and yes, I really would like to play with you!”And in the sound of her voice was another information – so as in her eyes! She was flirting!”Okay, let´s play a mixed with my friends Volker and Katja.”We went on the court. We did have good chances to win, but every time, when I was in the back court and could look at Sarah´s butt, I lost concentration. Even when Sarah was serving, I stared at her buttocks and missed many returns!So I was making a lot of misshits like a bloody rookie!After a while, Sarah turned around to me and asked: ” Are you dreaming?”And I answered honestly: ” Y – yes – I cannot take away my view from your ass!”Sarah laughed loud and replied: “Are you k**ding me? Take a look at the shuttle! You can care about my butt later!”Winked with her eyes and continued playing. And I tought: “Should I have luck and we gonna have an affair?”So I concentrated as best as I could and we won the game!We sat on the bench, our clothes full of sweat. We talked intensively and one theme followed the other. And while talking, I smelled her sweat, mixed up with her perfume. My hormones went crazy, but did I wonder about that – despite of the new impressions that banned me?What turned me on above and beyond was her compliment about my ass! She named it absolutely sexy!So I wanted more and thought about how to go on. Drinking a beer with her seemed to be to lame. So I canlı kaçak bahis decided to gamble high and said: “Do you like to come at home with me and we have a delicious coffee?”And what shall I say – Sarah agreed immediately!”But let me have a shower, because I don´t want to smell awful.”, she added.”Okay, I´ll do that, too!” I replied. “Then I´ll wait at the entrance.”While standing under the shower, wild fantasies chased through my mind. I got a huge hard-on in a few seconds. I rubbed it and thought a moment to jerk off – and then something strange happend.Like being radio-controlled I went over to the women´s cabins and entered the shower-room. I heard the water dripping and then I saw her! She turned her back to me and her ass killed my mind! I went to her, grabbed her and pressed my hard cock on her buttocks.Instead of a yelling scream I heared a warm groaning.”At least – there you are!” whispered Sarah.She spread her legs tightly and I pushed my cock between them. She was soaped also, so my hands glided over her body. “Down under” I felt her impressive buttocks. And something else I felt – Marie´s hand, jerking my cockhead!“Mmmh – that´s so good, hold on!”, I whispered in her ear and bite her tenderly in the neck. I kneated her tiny, firmly boobs. But Marie took my left hand, moved it to her butt and said: “Grab hard!”So I grabbed one of her buttocks. The feeling was sensational! Her ass was soft and tight at the same time. That mixture made me more horny and my cock was growing a little bit more. Marie remarked it with a little scream, grabbed my dick bahis siteleri canlı and inserted it in her cunt. I was surprised, how easily that went – but she was already so wet! My cockhead divided her labias in a second. Marie bend over and took her hands on the wall. Arousingly she presented her butt and so I fucked her from behind, kneating her buttocks, too.Watching my cock gliding in and out of her cunt made totally crazy and I felt the wish to fuck her asshole. That thought was completely new for me, because normally titfucking is my preferred act! But Marie´s ass generated this new desire, so I said: “I wanna feel my cock in your ass!”Marie´s reaction was a scream and she answered: “Yes – pound me hard, that turns me on so much!”I took some showergel and rubbed it around her asshole. Then I took my cock and tipped the cockhead at her asshole. With tight pressure I pushed my rod into her.As I penetrated her tight hole, I did get a total kick! I felt a mixture of power, lust and the totally new feeling of my cock embraced from her ass-muscle!I had to stop, because I didn´t want to cum immediately. Then I started to fuck Marie with short and tender movements. She enjoeyed obviously, because she moaned so passionately, that it was a pleasure to cause that sound!Suddenly she grabbed my butt and pressed me with full force to her body.“Fuck – fuck me, as hard as ypou can!”, she gasped.So I rammed my cock as deep as possible into her asshole. A loud scream and wildly flares showed me her heavy orgasm. So I did cum also and felt my sperm flooding into her. Slowly we sank on the floor. The warm showerwater dripped on us.Many thoughts chased through my mind. I felt like making a reset in my sexuak life – changing from breast-lover to butt-lover! Tenderly I caressed Marießs buttocks.And so I do every evening before we fell asleep …



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