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When I woke up this morning and saw you asleep next to me, with your hair all tousled and your cheeks flushed from sleep, I just had to have you. I love brining you out of dreams with slow soft touches and licks. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted you this morning, badly. I love the way you taste and feel against me. I had a desire, a need to bring you to the brink of ecstacy and back down again. God, just the thought of you coming on my hand and face made my dick hard. That was it that was all I could take, I had to have you, had to please you, make you come right then. So I did, and much more. And when all was said and done, you cupped my face in your hands and thanked me. Then you flipped me over, for a much more proper thank you, you had said.

You kneeled over me, with desire in your eyes, the desire to please. You leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. You kissed your way from my lips along my jaw line to my ear. You gently nipped my lobe and whispered what you planned to do to me. If my dick hadn’t been hard already, it would have been right then. The feel of your warm breath on my ear and the words you whispered to me was adding to my arousal, making my cock stiffer.

You lifted up and looked into my eyes, seeing my need for you, for your hands, your body in them. You smiled at me and leaned down to place another gentle on my lips. You trailed them down over my chin to my neck. Your hands were rubbing and massaging my chest, teasing my nipples into hard little peaks. You placed random kisses all over my neck, you stopped, your lips hovering just above the hallow at the base. I felt the tip of your tongue gently trace the outer edge of it, as your hands traveled down my abs kneading my taught and quivering muscles.

I moaned needing your touch lower. My cock was canlı bahis şirketaleri so hard it was throbbing with need. I tried to move your hands to my cock, but you shook your head and gave me a sly smile.

“You’re not delirious enough yet,” you said.

I growled in frustration. I heard you giggle as you lowered your head to my chest. You kissed and licked form one nipple to the other, placing random kisses everywhere. Your hands gentled their touch, to just the tips of your fingers, you ran them along my skin in a swirling pattern around my navel. I could feel the tips of your breasts dragging down my abs as you kissed your way from my chest down. Your fingers were running over my abs just below my navel now, God your hands were so close, it felt like I grew another inch, my cock strained for your touch. You dragged your fingers further down, a little closer to my dick, a little too close, the tip of your finger barely touched the tip of my dick. Sending electric shocks through my cock, up my spine, making my limbs tingle. I cried out, arching my hips up begging for more.

You quickly moved your hands away down my thighs. You lifted up, pushed my legs apart and repositioned yourself between them. You began to massage the inside of my thighs, and continued kissing down my abs. Your tits were swaying invitingly with every move of your body. Your hands were working their way up to my balls slowly, deliberately. My breaths were coming in short shallow gasps. I was moaning incoherently, and shaking with need. My cock was oozing copious amounts of pre cum.

Your hands were resting in the creases where my thighs and cock meet. Your fingers laying on either side of my dick with your thumbs just under my sac. Your mouth was gently sucking the skin around my navel, as your thumbs rubbed my balls softly. You took one last lick at my abs before lifting up on your knees. You looked up at me with an evil little twinkle in them before returning your attention back to my dick. You watched your fingers turn to touch my cock, canlı kaçak iddaa while keeping you thumbs on my sac, you gently traced them down the sides of my dick. You watched in fascination as my cock jumped and twitched under your touch.

I couldn’t take it any more. I needed you right then. I grabbed your head, and pulled you down level with my cock. I needed to feel your warm wet mouth surrounding me. You looked up at me, seeing the need and the silent plea in my eyes. You snaked your tongue out and licked up my shaft, making sure to hit the little bundle of nerves just under the head. I cried out at the feel of our warm wet tongue on my dick. But I needed more, I needed release. My breathing was harsh as I begged you to take me in your mouth.

You smiled at me gently, letting me know that the teasing had come to an end. You wrapped the fingers of your right hand around the base of my cock. You stoked my shaft slowly, making sure run your thumb over the head spreading my pre cum all over my shaft, letting my cock slide easily through your tight fist. You moved your left hand to cup and squeeze my balls.

I shut my eyes tight, against the urgent need for release. It was a need so strong that it caused my body to tremble as the waves of it passed through me. You released me from your grip. I whimpered from the loss of your exsqusite touch. But before I could beg you for more, I was enveloped in your warm wet mouth. My hands fisted in your hair and my eyes flew open only to roll back in my head. I let out a low groan of ecstacy.

You pulled back slowly sucking as you went. Your tongue swirled around the head and ultra sensitive rim below. You released me from your mouth to lick the very tip and dipped your tongue into the slit. You wrapped your fingers around the base to hold me steady, as you wrapped your lips around the head and slowly sank back down. You bobbed your head slowly up and down my shaft trying to get as much of my cock into your mouth as you could. I felt your breasts brush against my balls as canlı kaçak bahis you bobbed.

I love the feel of your mouth. It’s so warm and wet. I love the way you keep your tongue in motion, constantly swirling it around my shaft and head as you bob. I love the feel of your soft lips as they slide over my cock. And you know how much I love a slow sensual build up. But I didn’t want that this morning, I needed release. I raised my hips up to meet you, letting you know that I wanted….no….needed you to go faster.

You sped up, bobbing faster, sucking stronger, pressing your tongue more firmly to my shaft. My hands guided your head to the speed I wanted you to go. I felt my toes begin to tingle, signaling my orgasm. I cried out for you not to stop. You cupped my balls in your hand to feel them tighten. The tingles were running up my legs, up my spine, to my arms and hands, and back down to my balls. You felt my sac tighten, you slid your mouth down my shaft, opened your throat and swallowed my dick. You began to suck harder and swallowing my dick, as the first jet of cum shot out. I screamed out your name. I could fell you swallowing my dick, and it felt like your pussy milking me, sucking every last drop of cum out of me. I shot stream after stream of cum down your throat, until I had none left to give.

You gently sucked and licked my now sensitive dick clean, before laying it on my stomach. You rested your head on my thigh, gently ran your fingers over my shaft. I laid there, spent, trying to regain my breath enough to tell you how wonderful that felt. With a final deep breath I pulled you up and said, “Baby that was amazing.”

I then pulled your head down to mine for a long arousing, breath stealing kiss. As our tongues danced, I rolled you over onto your back. I broke the kiss and looked down at you adoringly. You smiled at me. I leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the tip of your nose. I pulled back and started to get out of bed to get ready for the day, when you grabbed my arm and pulled me back down.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You asked me.

“I was going to get in the shower, “I replied.

“Oh no mister, “you said, “You started this and now your going to finish it.”

With that you sealed my lips with yours. Thank God today is Sunday.



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