Spring is the time of year that I enjoy the most. The redbud and dogwood trees are blooming. Daffodils and tulips are flowering, too. Spring is also when some of my hottest sexual encounters have occurred. I am a professional nurse and wife in my late fifties and love to flirt with the doctors, medical students, and other male hospital staff where I work.

One day while having lunch in the hospital cafeteria I was joined by my personal physician, Dr. Karyn and a first year medical student.

While her student was in the cafeteria line, Dr. Karyn mentioned, “That is Jason, a first year medical student who will be observing my activities for the week. He is very smart, but so shy and socially awkward. If you can believe it, he has been too busy with his studies to even date. In fact, I think that he is a virgin.”

With a bright smile, I said, “He is kind of cute. How has he been around the patients while you were making rounds?”

“Quiet, shy, and seems to be taking it all in and processing things like a computer. I wish he would lighten up and just be more relaxed. He seems especially nervous around my female patients. Maybe you can help him with that. With your bubbly personality and caring nature, I think you would be a good mentor.”

“Well I will see what I can do, but I doubt that he will be around the hospital much after this week. Did you have any specific ideas on how I could help?” I asked.

“Funny you should ask, yes I do. I was looking at my calendar for tomorrow and noticed that you were scheduled for your annual physical examination. Would you mind if he observed and assisted me?” Dr. Karyn asked.

“That would be fine, but why me?” I enquired.

Dr. Karyn responded, “First you are a nurse that is very comfortable with her body. You understand the value of first-hand instruction. Most important of all you are fit and have great personal hygiene. You can’t believe how repulsing most of my female patients are when it comes to personal care especially with their most personal and private areas.”

While blushing, I answered, “I do try to exercise and watch after my appearance. But at my age………… Jason might not even care. How old do you think he is? 23? 25 tops? I am old enough to be his mother.”

“Take it from me, he thinks you are attractive. He mentioned so while we were getting my charts from the nurses’ station.” Dr. Karyn went on, “He especially liked your dark brown eyes and bright smile.”

“Ooops, we better cut this short. Here comes Mr. Shy now. I will see you tomorrow, Karyn said while leaving.

“Have fun with your young project.” I whispered as Jason pulled up a chair across from me. “Jason, sorry but I need to get back to work. Have a nice day.”

That night when my husband came home from playing golf, I asked, “Babe can you shave my pussy close and smooth?”

“No problem, güvenilir bahis Honey.” He said. “Can I ask why?”

“I have my annual physical examination with Dr. Karyn. And she has a nice young medical student who is going to be observing.”

Handing him my razor and shaving cream, I continued, “Really, Dr. Karyn mentioned that he is shy and uncertain around female patients. I hope to help him be more confident. “

The next morning I dressed in bright colorful scrubs with a lace bra and panties, thigh highs and heels. I went about my day as usual until it was time for my appointment. When I got to Dr. Karyn’s office, I chatted with her receptionist Jennifer until I was lead to an examination room by the nurse. The nurse took my blood pressure and weight and I measured in at 5’7″. She left me a gown to change into and mentioned that Dr. Karyn would be with me in five minutes. I removed my clothes but I left my necklace, hose, and heels on. Needless to say, my nipples were rock hard on my 36C breasts. I waited patiently until Dr. Karyn and Jason came into the room.”

I sat on the end of the examination table and Dr. Karyn asked me the usual questions. She was pleased with my blood pressures and weight. She asked me to move back, but remain seated. While she moved to one side, Jason stayed seated. I opened my gown and let it slide off my shoulders so that she could use her stethoscope to listen to my heart and lungs. Since I was not wearing a bra, Jason’s eyes seemed to pop out and he stared directly at my breasts.

The doctor then had me lay back and she examined each breast. She motioned Jason to my other side and asked him to exam my breasts, too. I could tell that he was nervous and unsure. She gave him some pointers and he actually ended up doing a thorough job. I could feel myself getting wet when he was touching my breasts. I even looked him directly in his blue eyes and smiled and winked. His face blushed the most beautiful color.”

Dr. Karyn had me lay back and put my feet in the stirrups. Oh my god, I felt so open and exposed. She went around to the end of the examination table, pulled up an exam stool and got down to business while Jason observed over her shoulder. Every once in a while I would catch him looking at me over top of the gown that was stretched across my knees. It was like he was trying to connect the view of my naked and open pussy to the person it belonged to. I was somewhat embarrassed at being so wet, but the lubrication did help with the insertion of her instruments and cover up some wetness. Actually I had to fight back having an orgasm. She must have sensed such, as she seemed to cut the exam short and asked me to remove my feet and sit up and cover up.”

“As I was repositioning my gown, she was going to write a new prescription for my usual medications; but she needed a prescription pad and asked Jason türkçe bahis to get one from the front desk. When Jason was out of the door Dr. Karyn made a statement that surprised me.

She said, ‘How about hanging around after I close the office and let Jason have some first hand experience doing a pelvic exam. He seemed to do okay with the breast exam, but I believe he will be more comfortable without me looking over his shoulder and you being an experienced nurse know what he needs to look for. Plus I was aware of how wet you were and an orgasm might help you too.'”

“Why not,” I said. “Maybe I can help him with more than his clinical skills. I will wait here and you can send him back when you close up the office. I will see you at the hospital. And don’t forget about the costume party next Saturday at Doctor Acker’s vineyard. Good night…now get going before Jason disappears.”

I can’t believe that Dr. Karyn almost asked me to sexually play with Jason while guiding him through an exam with a female patient. My pussy must have been leaking more than I thought. After about 15 minutes Jason did return to the exam room. During those 15 minutes my mind raced as to how this exam was going to go. Jason was quiet and I broke the ice by totally removing my gown and standing in front of him in just hose and heels. His jaw dropped as he scanned my naked body from head to toe, stopping a bit longer while viewing my tits and married pussy.

I gave him a deep kiss and he returned it with a soft kiss. I turned that kiss into a French kiss with plenty of tongue. I could feel an erection in his pants pressing against my thigh.

I knew that I needed to take charge and told him, “Doctor Karyn wants you to practice your examination skills on me. I believe she meant a speculum exam, bimanual exam, and rectal exam. I think that we need to not only work on you clinical skills but also your female satisfaction techniques. Now let’s get down to it!'”

I sat on the exam table and laid back. I spread my legs and put my heels into the stirrups. I asked Jason to sit on the stool and start the exam. As one of his fingers entered my vagina I knew the clinical part of this exam would be short lived.

I grabbed his head and said, “Now eat my pussy.”

He pulled his finger out and held onto my hips with both his hands.

I just laid back and started giving him commands. “oh yes, lick my clit……have your tongue do circles on it……………. bite it but very lightly………… suck on my labia…………. Oh yes insert a finger into my ass.”

Jason was doing a great job of eating me but I needed to be fucked. I told him to undress and slowly enter my pussy. I took hold of his erection and rubbed its head against my wet pussy lips spreading his precum over my clit before slowly pushing into my pussy. He took over from there and jack-hammered güvenilir bahis siteleri me so that he and I had simultaneous orgasms. Jason did not pull out right away and I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing inside my vagina knowing full well he had coated it with his young sperm. I used my kegel muscles to massage his cock while inside me.

When he finally pulled out of me I asked him, “Jason would you be a dear and go find something to wipe up the excess with?”

He returned with some toilet tissue and gently mopped up the excess from between my legs.

Reality caught up to Jason and he asked, “What about your husband?”

I told Jason not to worry that I would tell my husband all about it when I get home.

This guy must have been saving his sperm for years for within those few minutes he was erect again. I told Jason to climb on the exam table and put his feet in the stirrups. I pulled up the exam stool got between his legs and proceeded to give him a blow job while I rubbed my clit. He lay his head back and moaned as my tongue danced around the head of his cock. Within a few minutes I could feel his cock start to swell in my mouth. I pulled off of him and asked him to switch places again.

Jason got out of the stirrups with his dick swinging hard and freely. I got back on the table and put my legs in position again..

“Jason. I want you to do a rectal exam on me but with your penis, “I told him.

Slowly and nervously he pushed into my anus and it felt so good to me I could only imagine what my tight asshole felt like to him. Once he was fully inside me he started a slow in and out pumping. I could feel my climax building and allowed Jason to move at his own pace while I rubbed my clit some more. He called out that he was getting close to cumming and I told him to drop his load in my ass. My ass, pussy and clit were all on fire and before I knew it I exploded on Jason. A few more minutes and I could feel him squirting in my ass.

It was getting late and I told him that I needed to get dressed and go home. He was so sweet because he tried to help put my bra on and I was sure that he wanted one last feel of my breasts. He hooked me up from the back but I held off putting them in the cups. When he came back around to face me I lifted one to his mouth and he began to suck the nipple.

“It is time to put them away for now Jason. ” I told him.

I continued to dress and so did he. We started to walk out the office door and he sweetly asked if I could mentor him some more. I commented that he appeared to be more comfortable around me by the end of the night but I would ask Dr, Karyn if I could mentor him again and if we could use her office..

On the drive home I knew I was leaking from both my pussy and my ass into my panties. When I got home it was about 9 pm and hubby asked where I had been. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom where I took off my clothes to show him my wet, cummy pussy and ass.

He smiled and said, “How about you tell me all about it tomorrow when I serve you breakfast in bed. “

“Sounds like a deal,” I said.



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