Wil gazed vacantly around his bedroom. There had to be something to do, surely? Finally his focus settled on the familiar shape of the chair he’d made in woodwork at school. One corner of his mouth turned up slightly as he walked over and straddled it, hugging it to him as though it were a lover. It was made from smooth dark wood, sanded to perfection. You couldn’t hurt yourself on it, even if you wanted to. It had a remarkably soft feel to it when you rubbed your skin against it. No catches or rough spots anywhere, not even in the latticed effect on the back.

Wil ran his hand down the outside of the chair back, feeling its firm softness. He looked up and sighed. Still bored. And lonely. What could he do? He stroked the chair once more before walking to his wardrobe and opening the door. An idea was niggling his brain but he wasn’t quite sure what it was yet. He rummaged around the top shelf for a while until he found a shoebox – its lid taped on with clear packing tape. He pulled it down, the box just missing his head, and walked over and set it down on the bed. Eagerly he tore the tape off and flipped up the lid. Inside were all his old toys. Wil smiled as he picked through them all delicately, looking for the perfect toy to occupy himself with. In the end he decided they were all boring. He wanted something casino siteleri new. Something pretty. Something…shiny!


In the store, Wil scanned the shelves, looking for the toy that fit his aforementioned description. Finally he found it. It was perfect. ‘That’s my man’ he thought, grinning as he carried the new, pretty, but most of all, shiny, toy to the counter. It was bigger than his old toys in the box at home, and it was sure to be more fun to play with.


When Wil arrived back home he was excited. He ran into his room, upended the bag onto his bed and stared for a moment. Finally he opened the lid of the plastic-windowed box and removed the toy from its confined space.

Wil licked his lips.

Fuck, it was incredible.

It was getting him hot.

So hot, in fact, that Wil decided to take all his clothes off.


When Wil was naked, he stood the new toy on the chair and pondered how to make it work. He wasn’t the type to go by the instructions – he liked to work it out for himself. In the end he came to be sitting on the floor, carefully threading a length of string tied to a very sharp needle through the base of the toy. slot oyna When that was done, he sat it on the chair again and tied the string underneath the chair in a secure knot, then he stood back to admire his work. He prodded its head with his finger. It wobbled, but it would do.


Wil walked towards the chair, his hand slick and his gaze fixed. He enclosed his palms around the purple glittery shaft of the 30cm long dildo and slid his hands up and down it until it was as slick as his hands were. Wil stood and straddled the chair again, his back arching as he slid down onto the head of the giant cock. He gripped the handles on the corners of the chair as he lifted himself a little, and then pushed down lower onto the chair. His eyes were closed, but his face was filled with lust as he continued lifting and pushing.

When he was getting the hang of it, he slid his slippery fingers around one of the specially made holes in the back of the chair, and started alternating between pushing down onto the dildo and thrusting his cock into the tight wooden hole.

Push and thrust.

Push and thrust.

But it wasn’t yet far enough inside him. His breath quivered as he pushed down further onto the dildo, his muscles loosening a lot easier than he’d thought canlı casino siteleri they would. 10 centimetres, 12, 15, 17, and further.

By this time Wil was gripping the chair tightly, his entire body covered in sweat as he thrust desperately against the chair.

Push thrust, push thrust, push thrust.

Wil could hear the chair slapping against his balls and the skin around his cock. He could feel the chair sucking him in, his muscles squeezing and releasing around the dildo plunging deep inside him. He was more turned on than he’d ever been in his life, and he was about to come.

He pounded hard and fast, his legs shaking and his head thrown back as the first waves of orgasm began to tremor through his body. His muscles tensed around the dildo as he rocked hard into the chair, moaning loudly, his cum flying straight into the wall behind the chair.

He collapsed against the chair with a groan. His legs were loose and weak from the exertion and the intense pleasure, and he knew that they couldn’t hold him for much longer, so he slowly slid up and off the dildo, and then stood back and stared at it in amazement. He couldn’t believe he’d fit that inside him. But god it’d felt good!

A pang of pain shot up inside him, but it kind of felt good too, so Wil walked carefully over to his bed and rolled onto it until he was sprawled out on his stomach. He was still breathing heavily and he was totally exhausted, but he was content. Wil took one last look at his new pretty shiny toy, smiled, and fell asleep.




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