Cum Swallow

Author’s note: If you haven’t read Ch. 02 in a while, you may want to consider re-reading. I revised it to include some modest plot revisions and corrections a few weeks after the original posting. Also, thanks for reading. I greatly appreciate feedback in the comments section or by PM.


Several uneventful days had passed since our shopping trip. I had no satisfying response to Maria’s observation regarding Adrienne’s earrings (or lack thereof), but she dropped the matter without further comment. Adrienne and Rachel, apparently both content to let our respective relationships develop organically for the time being, had kept a reasonable distance. In fact the two seemed closer to one another then ever, frequently going out to lunch or drinks without me. I wondered whether the experience in the car had had the effect of bringing them together rather than driving them apart.

Work itself continued apace, my responsibilities growing. Maria had even begun to trust me with assignments she had previously reserved for Adrienne. My prospects for future advancement looked strong.

It was late on Friday of the following week when I was finally confronted by Rachel about her daring initiative in the car, and more specifically, the promise I had made to induce it. Adrienne and Maria had left for the evening, leaving me alone in the office when the tall, auburn-haired girl swept in with a confident half-smile on her face. She wore a pair of designer jeans paired with a dark spaghetti-strap tanktop, her damp hair announcing that she had just worked out downstairs and changed into more casual clothes afterward.

She planted both hands on my desk and looked down at the paperwork before her. “You know Maria keeps me CC’ed on the emails detailing your current projects, right? I know for a fact that none of that stuff is due until the end of next week.”

“I’ve got to stay ahead of the curve. I might be in Maria’s good graces at the moment, but who knows when that’ll change?”

She rolled her eyes and smiled a wicked grin. “Screw that. I’m cashing in my favor. Come over to my place later tonight.”

I mentally weighed my options. I had already planned to work quite late and make progress on the following week’s work. But the allure of visiting Rachel’s apartment, and in particular, her bedroom, had by now become unbearable.

“Okay,” I agreed. “But I’ve got to work at least a little more. Text me the address and I’ll be there at 9.”

“Great!” she replied. The tall girl spun and turned to exit, but paused for a moment. She looked back for a moment, biting her lip in what seemed like anticipation, before leaving for good.


I showed up at Rachel’s apartment in the West Village promptly at 9, dressed casually and carrying a bottle of wine. The doorman building itself was plainly an expensive one, far nicer than a twenty-three-year-old receptionist should have been able to afford, even accounting for the fact that our company paid above market rate. I silently concluded that she must have income I didn’t know about.

Rachel greeted me at the door to her penthouse apartment and led me in, revealing a plush interior that bore the touch of either a talented designer or spectacular personal taste. She herself wore the same outfit as earlier, although her hair had been blown dry — obviously the girl hadn’t been sitting around primping for my arrival, which I found interesting.

Leading me into a spacious, well-appointed kitchen, Rachel took the bottle of unexceptional sauvignon blanc I had brought and casually went at the cork with a bottle opener as I commented on the quality of her furnishings. “Oh, it’s no big deal. I’m lucky to be able to afford nice things, I guess,” she responded, brushing off my compliment with modesty. She poured two glasses of the white wine and handed one to me. “Come on. I’ll give you the tour.”

Rachel walked me through the living room, where a large flat-screen with gorgeous speakers sat before a high-end leather couch, and into the bedroom. A queen bed sat against the wall to my right, facing out toward a large window on the opposite wall. Because the room was apparently situated at a corner of the building, windows also lined the wall directly across from me, opposite the entryway. A large walk-in closet was open to the left of the main doorway, the door outfitted with french shutters.

I again shook my head in awe. “This is beautiful. You have an amazing apartment.”

“well, I’ve got something even better to show you. Here, take a seat.” Rachel lightly pushed me toward the bed, where I sat patiently as she headed toward the closet. Her butt flexed marveously as usual, filling out the jeans perfectly.

She turned back to me for a moment. “Close your eyes.” I saw her staring, waiting for me to comply, so I did as requested.

A moment later I heard her walking back toward me. Out of nowhere, something firm but flexible struck my cheek, not hard, but unexpectedly enough to canlı bahis şirketaleri nearly cause me to drop my glass of wine. Rachel let out a malicious peal of laughter as I opened my eyes to find her holding something that it took me a moment to recognize: a flesh-colored replica of what looked like a suspiciously familiar penis.

Rubbing my cheek with one hand, I raised my eyebrows. “Is that…”

She laughed even harder, her eyes twinkling. “Yes! It’s you. Or pretty close, anyway. I had it made a few weeks ago based partly on the measurements we took with Kelly in the health clinic and partly on my… personal observations.”

She frowned for a moment, looking at the toy closely. “It’s not as good as a cast would have been, but a girl’s gotta make due, right?” She smiled and raised it to her lips, kissing the head lightly. “We’ve had a lot of fun together, you and me.”

I was too stunned to respond right away. The implications rushed through my mind, images of this beautiful girl pleasuring herself to me for weeks…

Rachel casually sipped her wine as she continued watching me closely. “But that’s not why I asked you to come over tonight. Or not the whole reason, anyway. If I’m not mistaken, we should have another visitor any minute…” Just as she looked down at her watch, the doorbell rang. She turned back to me.

“These are the rules. You go in the closet and turn off the light. Do whatever you want back there, but I don’t want to hear so much as a peep. And definitely don’t come out without my permission. Understand?”

This had all happened so quickly that my mind remained blanketed in a haze of confusion. “Wait. Rachel, as flattered as I am right now, I’m not particularly interested in watching you have sex with some other guy. I know some people are into that, but, um, maybe we should get to know one another a little better first?”

She waited patiently for me to finish as I trailed off. The doorbell rang again. “Don’t worry. That’s not going to happen. If I’m right about what’s going to happen, I promise you’ll like it.”

Seeing that I didn’t appear to have much choice in the matter, I nodded. Rachel looked me squarely in the eye for a moment. “God, I want to fuck you.”

The tall girl then smiled brightly. “The REAL you!” She again teasingly smacked me in the arm with the dildo before setting it on a nearby dresser. After an authoritative push toward the closet, she left the room.


After she exited, I paused for only a moment before stepping into the huge walk-in closet. clothes and shoes rested on countless shelves and hanging racks around me. A small stepladder sat to my left. Hearing Rachel’s voice greet someone, I closed the door, positioned the stepladder in front of the shutters, and shut off the lights. I then sat down and gently eased open the french shutters just enough to see into the mood-lit room but no more. From where I sat I had a side view of the bed.

Soon I heard voices approaching, and almost immediately had a sense that Rachel’s was not the only familiar one. My hunch was confirmed when Rachel entered the bedroom followed immediately by none other than my officemate, Adrienne. Both girls carried wine glasses filled considerably higher than might be considered conventional.

Like Rachel, the tall brunette was dressed comfortably in jeans, hipster-style sneakers, and a striped long-sleeve shirt. Her hair was pulled back loosely, although a few strands trailed down across her dark horn-rimmed glasses. She was in the middle of a sentence as she entered.

“– nice of you to do this for me.” She paused. “With me, I mean.”

Rachel looked back up at the other girl, two years her junior. “Don’t get the wrong idea. This would have stayed my secret if you hadn’t been snooping around in my closet when you came over last week.”

Even in the low light I could see Adrienne’s pale cheeks redden at the accusation. “You said I could borrow some clothes! Not that I even OWN a sex toy, but if I did, I sure wouldn’t keep it right next to my SHOES!”

Rachel paused and fiddled with a remote control, triggering low, intimate music from speakers that I apparently hadn’t noticed earlier. “Oh, whatever. You’d own one of these too if you had any idea what you were missing.” She laughed to herself. With another push of a button the lights dimmed further.

Adrienne took a large swallow of wine, her posture betraying a distinct nervousness. Rachel, by contrast, seemed totally at ease. She stepped toward Adrienne and rested her hands on the other girl’s hips. As she leaned in, however, Adrienne resisted, gently pushing at the auburn-haired girl’s shoulders. “You know that I’m not… into that, Rach. I mean, it’s not you, or anything.”

Rachel sighed in exasperation. “Okay. I get it. You just want me to help you get ready for sex. With a guy. With… one particular guy.” She looked meaningfully over at the replica of my equipment still sitting on her dresser. “But canlı kaçak iddaa we have to start somewhere.”

In one smooth motion, she lifted off her tank top, revealing her pale, firm stomach and superb breasts, which were cradled across her chest by a dark demicup bra. She then tugged upward at Adrienne’s shirt. “Come on. Off with it.”

Adrienne hesitated and then pulled the top up over her head, her chest revealed in profile, jutting outward from her narrow frame and supported significantly by a heavy-duty bra. Both girls then began to squirm out of their jeans, exposing dark hip-hugging panties.

“Okay. Phase One. Up on the bed,” Rachel announced. “And put this on.” She handed the brunette what seemed to be a blindfold.

“Are you sure about this?” Adrienne set down her wine and inspected the dark mask. “Tell me why I’ll be wearing this again? I can’t see anything without my glasses anyway.”

“Like you said a minute ago. I know you’re not really into girls. This will make it easier for you to imagine that it’s the real thing.” Rachel drank the rest of her wine in one long pull.

Apparently satisfied, Adrienne removed her glasses and donned the blindfold. Both girls climbed up on the bed, Adrienne lying on her back and Rachel stradled above her. One of Rachel’s hands went to the small of Adrienne’s back, while the other traced lightly on her chest. She appeared to be taking more than a purely educational interest in her subject.

My arousal rose sharply as Rachel leaned down and began kissing Adrienne’s neck. This time the brunette did not resist, but after a moment she began giggling. “This is ridiculous. Even with the blindfold I still can’t forget that it’s you. I mean, your boobs are pressing into mine.” She paused. “They’re really nice, by the way.” She reached up and jokingly squeezed a breast in each hand.

“Don’t worry about it. Just relax. You need to loosen up,” Rachel responded, her voice muffled next to Adrienne’s neck.

I could see Rachel slide her right hand up Adrienne’s back, and a moment later the brunette’s bra was coming away in her grasp. In the meantime, I had quietly unbuckled my pants to ease the tension beneath.

Rachel paused for a moment, tenderly patting and massaging the sides of Adrienne’s tremendous chest, before again lowering her face. I watched her tease the younger girl, circling a nipple with her tongue for several slow moments before finally taking it in her mouth and pulling upward with light suction. Adrienne moaned softly.

After repeating the motion on Adrienne’s other breast, Rachel arched back and removed her own bra. Leaning down again, she eased a hand into Adrienne’s underwear, which prompted a sharp intake of breath from the brunette. “Oh, god, I want this so much, why won’t he just give it to me?” she whispered pleadingly, apparently to herself.

A few moments later, Rachel again sat up. “I think we’re ready. It’s time to get down to business,” she declared with anticipation in her voice. She then shimmied back, tugging the other girl’s panties with her. Adrienne remained mostly still as Rachel left the bed and walked lithely over to the dresser where she had let the sex toy rest.

Rachel picked up the item, waved it knowingly in my direction, and then proceeded to open a drawer. From inside she withdrew a small black harness-type item. After casting off her underwear, the girl stepped into the harness, tightened it around her slim, nude waist and between her legs, and somehow affixed the rubber shaft to the center of the strap. From a nearby bottle she applied what I guessed to be lubricant to her new sexual apparatus, stroking intently up and down the pole as if she could actually feel the sensation.

Preparations complete, Rachel climbed up onto the bed and this time spread Adrienne’s legs gently. “This might be cold at first,” she warned, “but it should warm up after a little while.”

“It’s okay. You’re sure that’s his size?”

Rachel laughed and ran a hand through her short, wavy hair. “Like you haven’t seen enough of him to know?” She guided Adrienne’s hand downward. “Here, maybe this will refresh your memory.”

Adrienne palpated at the shaft with her hand for moment. As Rachel leaned forward into a basic missionary position, Adrienne guided the object in toward her entrance. After a few tentative thrusts and swirls of Rachel’s hips it was apparent that they had succeeded in nestling at least the head inside the blindfolded girl.

“God, you’re tight,” Rachel muttered. “Usually this goes in for me without any trouble.”

“Well, pardon me if I haven’t slept with like a hundred guys,” Adrienne retorted.

“Hey!” Rachel exclaimed, following up with a hard, deep thrust that caused Adrienne to shriek in surprise. “FOUR. I have been with exactly FOUR guys. And only a few girls. So back off.”

From there Rachel settled into a gentle, regular pumping motion, her hips moving farther forward each time until it was clear that Adrienne was taking everything canlı kaçak bahis available. The brunette had clasped one hand on Rachel’s bobbing ass and the other in her auburn hair as the other girl pumped with enthusiasm. After a moment she wrapped her legs around Rachel’s waist, giving Rachel leverage to thrust harder.

I, in the meantime, had taken off my clothing and was stroking myself aggressively, knowing that at that very moment Adrienne was imagining, and in fact simulating, the sensation of my cock between her long legs. I was sorely tempted to join both her and my stunt double, but remembered Rachel’s admonitions.

After several moments Rachel pulled out and sat back in a kneeling position, the faux penis of course still pointed aggressively upward. Both girls were breathless. “You’re doing really well, but let’s try a different position,” she suggested. “This will hit you a little deeper.”

“Um, okay,” Adrienne replied cautiously, absently hefting a heavy breast in each hand and toying with her large areolas. “What should I do?”

“Come down and stand at the foot of the bed. Lean over onto it.” Rachel crawled off the bed and retrieved Adrienne’s wine glass, taking a long pull and then handing it to the other girl, who finished its contents. After retrieving the glass and setting it down, Rachel positioned herself behind the still-blindfolded brunette and guided the girl’s torso down onto the bed.

Rachel then again placed the toy between Adrienne’s legs, this time from behind, and, after confirming a proper entry, began sliding in and out slowly. Adrienne had braced herself on her elbows, her breasts hanging down to the bed itself. As Rachel began to thrust, momentum carried Adrienne’s breasts forward and back in a violent, hypnotic sway. Almost immediately she began to moan.

“Oh, that feels so good. I wish it was him fucking me right now. I want his cock so badly…”

Rachel had grasped the upper portions of Adrienne’s ass cheeks in her hands and now began pumping aggressively, slapping herself into the girl, the repetitive sound of flesh on flesh accompanying her. I could see Adrienne’s ass shake and ripple as the dildo slid in and out of her.

“Oh god… oh god… fuck me! Please don’t stop fucking me!” Adrienne pinched and pulled at a nipple with one hand as she seemed to approach orgasm. At that moment, however, Rachel pulled out.

“Don’t move,” she warned the other girl. “I’ll be right back.”

I was stunned to see Rachel walk purposefully over to the closet. Without hestitation she opened the door and beckoned to me. Her whisper was masked by the music. “Come on out. I want you to play with us. It’ll be our secret. And don’t be afraid of where your stuff goes — I’m on the pill.”

“What’re you doing over there?” Adrienne asked, still blindfolded and bent over the bed, one hand now moving quickly between her legs.

“Just getting some more wine. I’ll be back in a second,” Rachel announced. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up and out, my erection rock-hard before me. I walked forward, both of our footsteps muffled by the carpet and music.

I paused for a moment directly behind Adrienne, Rachel standing next to me with a sly look on her face. The brunette bent over the bed looked gorgeous, her dark hair cascading down her arched back, her pale ass hovering high at waist height before me. She moved one hand emphatically between her legs.

I guided my cock forward and teased myself just in front of her entrance, wisps of her hair greeting me. Rachel looked at me and nodded, but I shook my head back at her and pulled away slightly. Whether Adrienne might consent to have sex with me in a general sense was irrelevant. I wasn’t going to do this to her without her knowledge.

At that moment, though, Rachel announced in a sing-song voice, “I’m back!”

“Oh, thank god,” Adrienne sighed. At the same time she reached her hand backward and grabbed my cock, pulling it toward her. About three inches of me entered beyond her wet lips, her tunnel soft but still very tight.

I paused for only a heartbeat before quickly jerking away, my cock sliding out of her and through her grasp. I stepped back and moved Rachel into my place. Adrienne began to protest.

“Hey! Keep going!” She seemed not to have noticed any difference between Rachel’s toy and the genuine article.

Rachel looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Okay, fine, let’s try something a little different,” she said, ostensibly speaking to Adrienne but still looking directly at me. She turned back to the girl in front of her. “Turn over onto your back and spread your legs near the edge of the bed. You can put some pillows behind you for support.”

While Adrienne did as requested, Rachel stepped out of the strap-on and removed the toy. Dropping the harness, she made a brief show for me of taking the dildo’s head into her mouth, licking it wantonly, and then pressing the object deep enough into her mouth that I could see its bulge in her upper throat.

After withdrawing it, she bent at the waist so that her elbows rested on the bed and her face and hands were between Adrienne’s legs. A moment later she moved her face forward and, based on Adrienne’s audible reaction, must have begun licking.



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