Gathering her long red hair up into a clip, she watched the new patrons come in…and the drunks stagger to the door. Sighing with something almost like boredom, she leaned against the bar top. Pouring drinks for drunks was not what she wanted to be doing tonight. She kept an eye on the doorway, waiting for the new guy that was taking second shift today.

Sam-something was what she had been told when she came in to take her shift just after noon today. Smiling at the guy in front of her, coaxing him to drink just one more before calling him a cab for the ride home. That’s what most of her afternoon had been like.

Just before her shift ended, the manager had asked her to fill in while he ran a few errands. She agreed after he promised an extra day off next week. Oh well, she was already there and what were a few more hours when this was the slow night of the week.

The perfect night for a new bartender to begin. Suddenly the door flew back and this guy walked in. He had dark hair and was laughing with some of the drunks before he got half way to the bar. She was intrigued but the smoke and dim lighting made it hard to see him clearly.

He swung around and grinned at her as he stepped up to the bar. “Hi, I’m Sam.” he said.

Her breath caught in her throat, all she could do was nod and point at the back of the bar. He leaped over the bar top like it was a picket fence. She watched and shook her head.

He turned and grinned at her again, “what’s your name, babe?”, he asked.

She mumbled something barely intelligible and walked back to the storeroom. Laughing, he followed and grabbed a bar apron on the way.

She looked up to see him standing in the doorway of the storage room, tying the strings of the apron. She would have dropped the crate of Jamesons’ Irish Whiskey if he hadn’t stepped forward and took it from her.

“Here ya go doll, let me help you with that.”, he said.

She just nodded and stepped back, her hands still tingling from his touch as he took the crate.

“Better bring a couple bottle illegal bahis of tequila too, I noticed the bar is low.”, he called over his shoulder.

She picked up the bottles and followed him back to the bar. she didn’t remember much about that shift because every time the fog lifted, he’s bump into her or his hands would reach out and touch her for one reason or another.

She kept a close eye on the clock and as it neared the 2 am mark, she began to breathe a little easier. This Sam guy was a whirlwind of activity, laughing and joking with the patrons, flirting with all the ladies. but, for some reason … there was something about him that just kept her attention.

She wasn’t sure what it was, but she knew it could get dangerous before the night was over. Once again she looked up at the clock. Another fifteen minutes and they could give the last call for the night.

Finally the last patron had staggered through the front door and into the night. She was standing there with the key in her hand, ready to lock up.

“Finally!” she exclaimed as she turned the key and whirling around she leaned back against the door with a sigh of relief.

“What’s the problem, babe?” he called as he wiped down the bar top.

She looked up and then realized they were completely alone. She groaned softly and shook her head, what had she been thinking! It was much better with a room full of drunks. They distracted her from this new guy and the oddly growing attraction she couldn’t help but feel.

“Just tired.”, she answered as she slowly made her way around the room, pulling down the shades before walking back to the bar.

“Well, I have the perfect solution for that problem, babe.” he said. “I’ll make you my world famous Irish Coffee, it will perk you right up. Get it? Perk you up?” and then he laughed.

She looked at him and then turned to walk to the store room again. Lost in thoughts of how to get out of there without making a fool of herself, she never heard him enter the small room. Until she turned around and slammed into illegal bahis siteleri his chest, that is.

His arms came up and pulled her close, probably to keep her from falling over. But, that didn’t have a thing to do with the way it made her heart race. Her eyes lifted and locked with his, but began to close as his lips came down over hers.

Her outstretched hands came around his waist and grasped his shirt. She felt like she was drowning and he was her lifeline to safety. As he deepened the kiss, she heard a soft moan. When she realized it was coming from her throat, she pulled back.

“What’s wrong, babe?” he asked.

She softly answered, “my name isn’t babe, it’s Marie.”.

“I know.”, he said.

Then his lips came down over hers again. This time, she didn’t resist at all. Returning the kiss with as much intensity as he gave it. He bent and scooped her up in his arms, carrying her out of the storage room and into the open bar area. With the shades drawn, they had complete privacy. He sat her on one of the freshly wiped down tables and began to kiss her again.

Their hands fumbled hurriedly to unbutton each others shirts. Never breaking the kisses that only served to heat their blood even more. Sam pulled her blouse down off her shoulders and began a nibbling assault on her bare breast. Marie could hardly concentrate enough to tug his shirt from his tight jeans and heard a tearing sound as it finally pulled free. Laying her back on the blouse, his hands lifting her skirt as he moved between her legs.

Her hands pulled the zipper of his jeans down slowly and caressed the throbbing cock that sprang free almost immediately. He hooked his fingers in the flimsy satin that covered her most private place, smiling at the wetness of the fabric. Jerking suddenly, he looked up when she flinched at the sound of the ripping satin.

She lay trembling on the table, waiting for his next touch. Catching her thighs in his hands, he lifted them and spread them wider. He took a step forward and she felt his cock canlı bahis siteleri slide across her wet lips. She looked up at his face and gasped at the look in his eyes. As she lifted her hands to push against his chest and stop him, he slid his cock up into her. The sudden pleasure was so great that she cried out.

The hands that were reaching to stop him, grabbed his arms and pulled him closer instead. He leaned down over her, resting his forearms on the table and began to pump his very hard cock in and out. His movements were slow at first, but soon the pace began to pick up.

The table squeaked and groaned with the force that he used to thrust and grind against her. She tried to smother her cries by biting her bottom lip, but his mouth on her tender nipples made it hard to keep quiet. She could feel the spasms begin softly and knew that very soon the orgasm would hit her. He sucked and pulled at first one, then the other, nipple. She slid both hands into his hair and struggled to pull his head back.

“Please, Sam … please kiss me!” she cried.

He scooped her up off the table and dropped into a chair. when she slammed down on his cock it happened. The explosion started in the pit of her stomach, then splintered up to wrap around both breasts.

She screamed, louder than she ever had before. His eyes closed at the first scream and shuddered hard. She felt the white hot stream of cum shoot up into her vagina and began to jerk weakly as the waves continued to wash over her. His arms tightened around her as he held her against his chest.

Their movements seemed to work together, his driving her spasms higher and higher, hers keeping his going. It seemed like they would never stop. All too soon, he slumped in the chair and she collapsed against his chest. Breathlessly they sat there, holding onto each other.

Finally he softly asked, “anyone waiting on you at home?”

A soft blush covered her cheeks as she slowly shook her head.

“Good!” he said, “you are coming home with me tonight and we’re gonna do this the right way.”

She smiled up at him, “I like that idea.”.

Swatting her on the bottom, he said “well, get dressed babe, you can’t go out like that.”

She laughed as they pulled their clothes back on and left the darkened bar holding hands.



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