The NeighborThis is a true story as told to me by another friend of mine. Please enjoy.The Kerns have lived next door to me forever, that is for as long as I could remember. They were older than my parents but younger than my grand parents. I had never had any sexual thoughts about Jenna Kerns. She was a nice lady, blondish hair with a touch of gray. big blue eyes, okay tits-I did like the freckles on her cleavage. I would watch their dog and pool when they went out of town together. They would always come to my parents parties and we would go to theirs. It was at one of these parties that this story starts. My parents had a big cook out with alot of people there including the Kerns. Well Billy Joe Kerns said he was going out of town for the next couple of weeks for work and that I should check in with Jenna everyday and make sure she was getting along and help her with some projects she had going on, Billy said he would pay me. Jenna thought I could be helpful to her and that I could use the pool. No problem I told them. I was at that age when a boy turns into a man and was looking for a woman to help me with that. I had been practicing my sex skills by jacking off on a regular basis. The first couple of days went off without any excitment. I helped Jenna with some chores and mowed the lawn. The third day we had nothing to do so Jenna invited me to be with her in the pool. I put on my swim suit and got into the pool. Jenna came out with a one piece on, nothing spectacular, but it was showing her clevage with the freckles which was causing my cock to be in a semi hard position. I was swiming around when Jenna got into the pool and played with me a little. When she got of the pool, I could clearly see the brown area around her nipples, and her nipples güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri were hard. Then upon further inspection, I could make out the outline of her bush. This caused my cock to harden. Then when she was maybe six feet away and turned just right, Jenna pulled the front of her suit open giving me a full shot of her dark haired beaver and what I was pretty sure was her pussy lips. My boner went from hard to so hard a cat could not scratch it in a nano second. Not thinking to straight and afraid that I might jizz in the pool I jumped out of the pool and ran to bathroom, kicked off my suit and grab some soap and started to wack my pud. Just as I got started, Jenna walked in thru the unlocked door worried that I had hurt myself or was sick. There I stood with my cock in my hand and nowhere to hide. I was about to start crying thinking that I was going to be embarrassed. Jenna seen the look on my face and realized what was happening. “Did I do this to you, did I turn you on?” She asked. My cock was not showing any signs of going down and was in serious need of release. I answered “Yes, I am so sorry, I will just go home and never say anything about this Mrs. Kerns.” “Lets not get excited here, no need for anyone to be sorry or feel ashamed or anything as these things happen we are adults here so lets just work this out and go forward.” Jenna said. Then she surprised me by knelling down next to me and saying “Let me see if I remember how this is done as it has been a long time.” She put some of the soap on her hand and started to stroke my cock ever so slowly. I could not believe what was happening, Jenna was picking up speed and at the same time seemed to be admiring my cock. The feeling of a woman’s hand perabet güvenilir mi on my cock was amazing. “I think I remember how this is done, it has been a very long time, I forgot how much fun this is.” Jenna said. She made a couple more strokes and I exploded one of the biggest loads ever-I think it was six or seven thick ropes of cum, the last two ran down onto Jenna’s hand. I felt so good to have released that pressure from my balls. I told Jenna thanks for that and for understanding and she said it was fun for and she would like to do it again. I had to do a double take and ask her did she mean again? “I had not done that since I was young and it was alot of fun, I would like to do that again as it makes me feel young and like a k**.” She said. I could not believe what I just heard. My cock got hard straight away. Jenna smiled and said lets go get in the pool and get all the soap and goo off of us.After swimming for several minutes we went into living room and laid on the floor. I was naked and a little shy but I was ready for what she might have on her mind. Jenna slowly rubbed her hands all over my body then started to explore my cock and balls. “It has been so long since I just laid with a man and explored his body. It really turns me on.” she said. My cock was now like extreme hard again. Jenna had her face right near cock and I was hoping she would suck it. “Have you ever been with a woman?” She asked. “No I have not, this is all new to me.” I replied. Jenna looked at me with her big blue eyes and smiled. “With a cock like this one you should be sharing it with many women.” Jenna said. Then Jenna lowered her mouth down onto my cock and started to slowly suck and swirl her tongue around. I could not hold tipobet off and exploded in her mouth. To my surprise, Jenna swallowed my load and cleaned my cock. She came up with a huge smile on her face, “I have not done that in years!” She said. “I bet your husband loves that.” I said. Then Jenna got this coy look and said that it had been much longer since she had done that for her husband. Then she started talking about her sex life. Ends up Jenna has had plenty of lovers over the years. Jenna was enjoying talking her past experiences and it seemed to be making her horny and I was already super horny. But it was late and I needed to get home. The next day I went over to Jenna’s and met her in the kitchen. She was all excited and jazzed up. She started talking a mile a minute. She told me she had thought about everything that had happened yesterday and thought about her past sex experiences all night. She said she had something she wanted to show me and took me upstairs to her room. She told me to cover my eyes and not peak. When I opened them, Jenna was laying on the bed naked and all sexy. My cock almost fell off it was so hard.I know she is old and what not but her pussy was wet and I could not wait to bust a nut deep inside her. I dropped my suit and jumped on the bed, we started kissing and rubbing each other, I kept trying to push my cock into her. Then finally she guided me into her soft, wet, tight cunt. I was so worked up that I lasted a minute and exploded a huge load deep inside her. “That was the best sex I have ever had.” Jenna said. I was starting to pull out when she stopped me and told me to leave it in. After a few minutes my cock was hard again and I started to bang her sloppy pussy with everything I had. We fucked every chance we could until her husband came back from his trip. Then we still fucked some more. That old woman loved my cock inside her and I loved having it in her. We fucked like rabbits till I had to go off to college then we would fuck whenever I came home. I am still fucking that woman to this day!



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