The Neighbor: Homecoming.It was summer vacation and I left town helping out a sick relative. My stay lasted a month and a half and I was on my way home. The day was hot but not as bad as it was before I left. Still, it was good to be back home. I got onboard the elevator where I ran into one of my neighbors. He was an old man who always complained about the noises Cynthia and I always made. He just passed me by not bothering to make any eye contact. I had the elevator all to myself and was on my way to the sixth floor. When the doors opened I was set to enter my place and relax for awhile. But before I got off Cynthia practically tackled me back inside giving me one of those hard wet kisses with her tongue nearly down my throat. “I missed you”, she said. “I noticed.” “You were away too long. What the hell were you thinking?” I was going to respond but had a tough time doing so when she started licking and sucking on my neck. “Sorry I disappointed you”, I said, “but it was a family emergency. I couldn’t help that.” Cynthia was barely listening to me. She began sucking and licking my left earlobe. After that it got crazy. She started unbuckling my belt and pulled it right off my pants. “What are you doing?”, I asked. “I want you…right now.” “Wait. Couldn’t we go to my place first?” “This is my emergency. And I need it now.” The doors closed and she pushed the emergency button stopping the elevator. Cynthia then pulled my pants and underwear down and began sucking my hard cock. As usual I was losing breath feeling the sensation that had my heart beating like a drum. “Oh, shit”, I said, “oh, shit. Oh, fuck. You’re too good at that.” Actually, she was the best. She could blow me from hours on end if she halkalı escort wanted to, but who was I to argue. Once she was done it was my turn to have fun and it was always the part she loved most. I pinned her to the wall sucking on her neck and throat, listening to her soft moaning in my ear and her tongue tickling my earlobe. I quickly slipped her tube top down sucking on those luscious titties of hers that left my mouth water. I sucked on them hard and licked on her hard nipples, sucking on them as well. I lifted her up and planted her ass on the guardrail. Cynthia slowly let her mules slip off her feet allowing them to sound like bricks on impact. I spread opened her legs apart and lifted up her denim skirt. It was no surprise she had no underwear underneath. She was ready for me. Ready and waiting. Now my famous pussy eating technique had begun. “Hmmmmmmmm”, Cynthia moaned. “Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Lick my pussy clean. Oh, suck it hard. Oooooooooo. Aaaaaaaaaah. Oh, yeah. Hmmmmmmmm. Right there. Yes. Oh, shit. Eat it. Eat that pussy. Oh, fucking eat that pussy.” I gazed into that pink flesh and munched on it. Cynthia felt a little teeth but she was all hot and bothered and giggling at the same time not worried the least. “Oh, shit”, she continued, “Oh, I missed that tongue. Fucking missed it. Oh, it feels so good. Oh, it feels so good in my pussy.” I shoved a couple of fingers deep inside and the screaming grew louder. I went deeper and deeper and Cynthia was nearly out of breath from all the screaming. “Oh, fuck. Fuck! Oh, shit. Hmmmmmmmmm. Fuck! Fuck! I’m about to cum. I love it when you make me cum. I’m şişli escort cumming. I’m cumming. Fuuuuuck!” She cummed on my legs and it felt cool from the heat in the elevator. Cynthia took my fingers and sucked on them and licked each one of them. She didn’t have to say anything as she knew what was coming next. I planted her right leg on my shoulder and shove my cock into her sweet little pussy. “Oh, shit”, said Cynthia, “aaaaaaaaaah. Oooooooooh. Oh, your dick got bigger. Oh, you have a bigger dick. Oh, fuck. Love that big dick in my pussy. Oh, yes. Right there. Right there. Yeah. Yeah. Don’t stop. Don’t stop fucking my pussy. Oh, my pussy loves that hard dick. Keep it in there. Go deeper. Please, go deeper.” The deeper I went the noisier she got. I removed her leg off my shoulder and planted my cock deep in her ass. “Oh, yes”, she continued, “oh, fuck me in the ass. Oh, shit. Oh, tear me a new asshole.” “You missed it?”, I said, “you missed that hard dick? Huh?” “Fucking missed it.” “Yeah? You missed it? You missed my cock fucking your pussy?” “My pussy missed it.” “You missed it fucking your ass? Huh? Did you?” “I fucking love it in my ass. Go deeper. Oh, yes. Fuck my ass hard.” I did her ass nice and hard. I wanted to keep going but Cynthia wanted her pussy to have more of my meat like it was telling her what to do. I went back fucking that pussy and she cracked a smile showing off those familiar pearly whites of hers. “Love that hard cock”, she said, “keep fucking that pussy. Fuck it good. Oh, yes. Right there. Yeeeeeeeeessssss. Oh, go deeper. Go deeper. Drill that pussy good. Fucking hammer it. Oh, yeah. Just like that. Oh, like that. Yes. Yes. Oh, sarıyer escort fuck. Oooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaah. Hard cock. Hard cock so good in my pussy. Leave that hard cock in my pussy. Oh, fuck me harder. Harder. Oh, yes. So hard. So hard in my pussy. Oh, so hard. Fuck me all day. Fuck me hard. Fuck me all night. Fuck that pussy. Fuck it. Fuck it.” The deeper I went she screamed with delight. The heat in the elevator was making us sweat profusely. For the moment I thought we were going to pass out from dehydration. I needed some cool air in a big way so I took my cock out of her pussy and Cynthia went down on her knees and I cummed all over her pretty face with her mouth wide open. She was rubbing it all over her face like it was lotion and licked some off her fingers. “I still taste good?”, I asked. “Delicious”, she responded, with a smile on her face. We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed. Cynthia started up the elevator taking us to the sixth floor. Later on at my place we went at it again. This time we lasted a bit longer than we did in the elevator. We were in bed with Cynthia underneath me, giggling her heart’s content. Her nails carressed my back while I licked and sucked on her soft neck. “I thought about you everyday”, she said, “hmmmmmmmm, I thought about your hard cock everynight.” “Yeah? Who missed it the most you or your pussy?” “Hmmmmmmm, both of us. I thought about you fucking me, and fucking me…and fucking me all…night…long. Hmmmmmmmmm.” I sucked on her neck hard and licked on her right cheek. I went for her left cheek and sucked on her neck further. “Hmmmmmmmmm, I hate being alone without your hard cock inside me. I need that big dick inside me. I love it when it’s nice…and hard. Hmmmmmmmmm. Please don’t keep me waiting. I hate to go through another month without a good fuck to make my day.” “I hear you.” “Good. Now, put that big dick inside me.” The fucking continued. I had to admit it was one hell of a homecoming. Maybe I should go on vacation and have Cynthia wait even more. That should really make her day and mine too.



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