“Oh fuck!” she screamed, thrusting a palm into his shoulder, “you’re cheap!”

“Am not. You just suck,” he said nonchalantly, rocking back into place.

“Then stop hiding, wuss,” she mumbled. Her black ponytails bobbed as she turned to face him. He could see her looking at him out of the corner of his eye. The sparkles under her eyes and on her cheeks glimmered in the light of the television set.

“How about I use the pistol then? You can have any bigass rocket launcher you want, but I’ll use this stinking pistol–just to make you happy,” he said, turning to face her. Her emerald green eyes looked right into his, and Kris’s heart skipped a beat. He turned back to the game.

He could feel her eyes on him, giving the sensation of being pinned down. “Game on,” he mumbled. This was the closest he’d been to Arin; a night of gaming with the goddess from his computers class, friend and fellow graduate of last years class, and most intense crush Kris had ever known.

He killed her again. She got a few lucky shots in, but he knew when to drop for her. She knew what she was doing, but obviously hadn’t wasted hours upon hours honing her skill on first person shooters like Kris had.

He bolted forward, eyes urgently scanning the room. “Oh shit, Arin… what time is it?”

She pointed a black fingernail to a clock on the wall, her neon bracelets jingling and sliding up her arm. Kris squinted to read the clock. No numbers to guide him, he began counting the lines. He turned on a lamp next to the couch.

“1:30,” she mumbled.

“Oh man. Where’s Steve? He’s my ride.”

“‘Prolly left when everyone went to Kyle’s,” she said, quickly adding in a grunting “c’mon game!”

“I gotta go. I can’t wake my ‘rents up for a ride now, they’d freak,” Kris groaned, standing and checking the clock again.

“Crash on one of the couches,” she suggested, throwing an arm over the sofa.

“I got a driving lesson tomorrow morning. I test next week,” he said, swaying and ringing his hands.

“You can hitch a ride with me, dude,” she suggested, looked up at him.

“Really?” Kris said, almost gasping, “Yeah, totally… thanks Arin, that’s awesome.”

He stood there, still swaying.

“Do you want to go now?” she offered.

He stole a quick look at her pink bra, visible under her thin black blouse. Taking his cue from her eyes, he sat back down. “Nah, I’m good for some more gaming.”

“Sweet, let the raping begin,” she said, starting up a new game.

“You mean yours?” he said, glad to have redeemed some of his humor after that uncool display.

“Hell no,” she almost yawned, easing to her feet, “want a coke?”


She arched over his knees, her plaid skirt rising up. She looked ahead, illegal bahis aloof and allowing him to look as hard as he wanted. His eyes traveled up her black fishnets, up the band of black fabric that held them up, and to the pale flesh of her milky thighs. I bet she wears black panties, he thought longingly.

She swayed off into the aftermath of a once alive party. The smell of weed and spilt booze hung in the air. Kris watched Arin’s sway, her hips rocking side to side, her china doll soundless steps, her perfect ass and the short skirt that covered it. The pit in Kris’s stomach grew. Not leaving him enough time to turn and act casual, Arin reappeared with two cokes. She flashed him a mad, toothy grin, and chucked the can into his outstretched hand.

This time she took the long way around the table, and Kris hid his disappointment. He pulled the tab, and sipped, the bubbles agitating his already tense stomach.

“C’mon sleepy head,” she said, plopping herself on the couch and rattling him. This time, her leg nestled against his, and their arms brushed each others. “Game time.”

“You’re a machine, didn’t we start at like… 11?” Kris mused.

“Something like that. I didn’t feel like getting drunk tonight. Besides, Danielle’s parties always suck. I have much more fun with you anyways,” she oozed, laying it on.

“I know, I’m great,” he mumbled, blowing her up.

He killed her a few more times. Occasionally she’d groan and sock him in the arm; other times she’d just cross and uncross her legs. She equipped, and he lined himself up for another kill.

“ARG! NO dammit!” she shrieked. She threw herself onto his lap, and slapped the controller out of his hands onto the tacky green carpeted floor. Her elbow rested in-between his legs, and her breast softened itself against his rigid thigh.

Faded blood rolled down his screen as his character took a bullet to the head.

“Fuck yeah!” she squealed, pulling herself up off his lap. Her eyes were pinning him down again. He realized that his mouth had been open, and he was gawking back.

“What?” he mumbled, pulling his jaw shut.

“You look hot,” she purred with concern in her face. He gasped as she put a cold hand to his face, “you’re all red.”


“Here,” she brought up her can of coke to his face. She’d warmed it with her hand already, but the moisture on his face felt good. Kris reveled in the warmth of her affection. She began to say something, her plush lips pulling back to reveal her front teeth. The can stopped its gentle caress, and began to slide off of his face.

“I want you so bad right now,” Kris spoke in a low, hushed voice–surprising himself. Arin smiled, putting the coke on the table without looking away from illegal bahis siteleri him. Kris dove in, his lips guiding themselves right to hers. He pressed too hard at first, then backed off too far. Their lips barely touched. She leaned in to fill the gap, and the tip of her tongue lapped once at his softening mouth. He opened, and met hers with his own. She lead his tongue into her mouth, and he made sure not to prod too deeply too soon. She sucked his tongue in, ignoring his tentative nature. Arin nursing on his tongue, Kris felt his head swim.

Kris strained against his pants, his hardness growing uncontrollably. He placed a hand on her side, and ran the other behind the small of her back. She held his neck; her fingers warm now. Kris’s hand began climbing. He found her bra under her arm, and traced the ridge with his fingers, following it to the mound of her breast. He ran his palm across it, his hand full of covered flesh. Running in-between her cleavage, he crossed to the other.

Arin dropped her hands from Kris’s neck, and slid them across Kris’s own chest, and pushed him back. He rocked slowly into the couch, succumbing to her lead. The kiss broke, and she licked her lips. Her hands trickled down his stomach, and lifted his shirt. Fingers hooked into his pants, she undid the button to his jeans, and unzipped the fly. A finger found the black fabric of the boxer-brief’s covering his erection, and massaged the head. The other fingers followed, and wrapped around his shaft. She squeezed and stroked, before her other hand found the elastic band, and tugged. She let go of him, and hooked her hands into both his jeans and underwear, and began tugging them down. His erection exposed, his ass in direct contact with the couch, he was as naked as he had felt under her warm glance. Now her eyes rested on his cock. She grasped on with both hands, and held firm. Licking her lips, Arin began to dip her head.

Her soft, velvet lips met the tip of his cock, and she rocked her head from side to side. A hand left Kris’s cock, and ran through his trimmed pubic hair, and curled under his testicles. She dipped further, and Kris watched the head of his penis disappear into Arin’s warm, delicious mouth. Her breath ran down Kris’s hip, and traces of her lipstick rubbed off on him. Her tongue found his head, and traced slow, deliberate circles around it. Kris inhaled sharply, and he shifted slightly without disrupting her.

Arin bobbed her head, her slick tongue exploring every inch of him. Her saliva coating his cock, and running onto the fingers that massaged his balls. Kris tried to hold back a twitch in his thigh, but failed. His eyelids felt heavy and his jaw hung loose. He watched Arin’s head nod up and down, taking canlı bahis siteleri a little bit more of his cock in with each dip. Her lips closed close to the base, and she held it there; her bright eyes opening and meeting his. Kris’s cock twitched in her mouth, and he began to worry about cumming against Arin’s undulating tongue. She bobbed ever so slightly, her tongue rubbing him, kneading him.

“Oh Arin,” Kris whispered, meeting her eyes, “I’m close.”

Her mouth slid up and off of his cock. She smiled at him, and gave his cock a kiss. “It’s okay,” she said, “I like this.”

Kris smiled, and high on the moment. Arin wants me, he thought to himself, I can die happy.

Arin licked again at the slit of Kris’s cock. Saliva entwined with pre-cum held to her tongue momentarily before breaking. She dropped her mouth down, and nursed on him. Every time Kris got the urge to thrust, Arin rolled her tongue, producing rings of pleasure running up and down Kris’s cock. Sensations Kris could never reproduce on his own, amplified by immeasurable amounts by the beautiful girl giving her affection and warmth to him. It was all too much, too perfect. Kris felt it growing deep within his loins, and rushing up his shaft. The engorged head, in Arin’s velvet mouth, began to shiver with energy. Pulsing in tune with his heart, Arin sensed the impending orgasm, and worked twofold on him.

Bobbing and sucking with an ardor to make Kris cum, Arin pleased him with every nerve in her mouth. Kris broke, and a pearl eruption of cum spilled from him, and into her mouth. Arin held fast, and sucked harder. Her mouth filled quickly, allowing a rivulet of cum out of the corner of her lips, and down his cock. She smiled, allowing even more to spill from her mouth. Kris twitched, and moaned, and bucked another jet of cum into her mouth. Her eyes wide with surprise, she gripped tightly onto his cock with her lips, and his orgasm subsided, leaking the final remnants of cum into her already full mouth. She pulled off his cock, traces of cum still running down her lips, and off her chin.

“Whoa,” she said, revealing a mouthful of cum coating her tongue. Laughing slightly, and trying not to spill, she pursed her lips and swallowed. She ran her hand across her chin and removed the rest.

Kris sat, chest heaving, elated and completely spent. “Oh… my… god,” he whispered, trying to catch his breath. “This has to be a dream.”

Arin still rested in his lap, like a cat. “You’re cute, Kris,” she smiled, and traced ran a finger around the head of his subsiding erection. Kris jumped, and shot her a lop-sided smile.

“So, I guess I should take you home now,” Arin said, slowly shifting her weight off of Kris.

Putting a hand on her neck, Kris guided Arin up to his face, and kissed her deeply. Pulling back, Kris whispered, “Hell no,” and returned to kissing Arin’s perfect crimson lips, “how about your place?”

Arin smiled, her lips still against his. “Sure,” she whispered, “let’s go.”



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