The MeetingThe MeetingChapter One: The BeginningFirst let me say that the events that happened in our marriage are as accurate as memory serves. Now I will tell you a little about us and what led up to this adventure. My husband and I met in college and were married right after graduating. Neither of us were virgins when we met, but he had much more sexual experiences than I did. I was a shy girl that only had sex with those I fell in love with while he would fuck anyone that appealed to him sexually with no strings attached and did often before we fell in love.We decided early on not to have c***dren until we had purchased a home and were financially capable of raising them without creating a hardship on us. Naturally, being young and healthy we had a very interesting and honest sex life. After years of marriage we both felt that we were becoming bored sexually. We still enjoyed sex but neither of us had that feeling of excited lust where our blood pumped hotly through our veins anymore. One night we were lying in bed talking about how we could spice our sex life up as we had been married for seven years and decided we didn’t want the proverbial “Seven Year Itch” to destroy our marriage. I mean there is only so much two people can do with each other and some boredom has to set in over the years and it had.A few days before that night, while my SUV was being serviced, the dealership had gave me a loaner to use until mine was finished. While driving I had dropped my phone beside the seat and while groping for it I had found a DVD disk. I dropped it in my purse intending to give it to the service manager. When I got our SUV back I forgot completely about the disk until earlier this particular day. I had been looking for my keys in my purse when I ran across it again. Being curious I turned on the TV placed it in our DVD player and began playing it. It was porn. I turned it off thinking that we would watch it together that night in bed. Remembering it I told Jack about it and then went and retrieved it to play in our bedroom player. In our bedroom we had a TV hung on the wall at the foot of the bed about eye level when we were sitting in bed. I put the disk in the player and turned the TV on and set the source to the player then hit play on the remote. The disk appeared to be different scenes from various movies, sort of a best of the best compilation that had been copied from several disks. The scenes were hot! Whoever had compiled it had done a wonderful job of picking scenes of big cocked guys and beautiful women and would miss this disk. I was leaning back with my head and shoulders against the headboard watching the movie when Jack began slowly kissing and licking down my body. His caresses and the action in the movie had my breathing rapid, deep and I wanted to feel what the women in the movie were experiencing, mainly a huge cock pounding me deep and hard. Suddenly the scenes began to feature interracial sex. The black men actors had the longest, thickest cocks I had ever seen and the white women sucking and fucking them seemed to crave the hurt they were being subjected to. Jack grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed and sat on the floor as he began tormenting my pussy with his tongue. When I again gazed at the screen there was a black man between a white woman’s thighs eating her pussy. It appeared she was doing the filming as the scene was from her perspective. Staring at the TV as I felt Jacks tongue tormenting me it was easy to imagine the black man was eating me. Every lick and deep tongue thrust I felt seemed to be from the black man on the screen. God I was hot! I could hear my husband’s tongue sloshing around inside my pussy as I gushed my arousement. I don’t believe I had ever been so aroused as in my mind I became the woman in the movie. I felt the black man tonguing my pussy as I watched him eating me on the screen. The thought of a black man between my thighs filled me with such intense emotions. I was raised to believe the races should remain separate and one of the sluttiest things a white woman could do was open her thighs to a black man. I watched the woman in the movie mirror my own responses as in my mind I was feeling a black man’s tongue moving in my pussy. The sight on the screen coupled with the feelings Jack imparted had me literally craving to cum. Then the man on the screen rolled the woman’s hips up and I watched as he slid his tongue into her vagina repeatedly, fucking her deeply with his long tongue. As if he was watching the movie Jack suddenly rolled my own hips up and mimicked what I was watching on the screen. Seeing her pussy clenching his tongue as his black face moved above her pussy caused me to suddenly tense and cum explosively. I was hunching, moaning, pulling his head to my pussy tightly as my pussy squeezed his flailing tongue. Imagining it was a black man eating me had me drowning Jack with my liquid arousement and orgasmic juices. My mind was overwhelmed by the straining release gripping me. But even as I tensed I knew I craved more as I exuded my moist relief. His tongue slickly laved, probed and instilled a craving need to fuck the black man I was watching. God I wanted to feel his huge black dick fucking my pussy. Those cravings filled me with guilt but I couldn’t help having them as I wondered how it would really feel to be impaled by such a man. Jack must have realized that I was abnormally aroused when I cum so intensely repeatedly. He raised his head and glanced at the TV screen and then at my face.. I felt my cheeks burning with my embarrassment as I blushed beet red. I knew he realized what I was imagining as I cum. With a slight grin on his face his mouth returned to my pussy and began lightly sucking my clit. I couldn’t prevent my gaze from returning to the TV. My chest began heaving and moans streamed from my lips as my hips lifted my clit to his avid licking and sucking. I was aroused not only by what he was doing to me but also by the knowledge that he knew I was thinking of a black man between my thighs and he had smiled knowing it and still returned to eating me. For some strange reason it excited me knowing that he knew I was thinking of fucking a black guy and he kept devouring me anyway. I was still staring mesmerized at the screen as he inserted his fingers inside me and began rolling my clit with his thumb, “Would you like to be that woman honey? Have a black guy eating your pussy”, he asked? I knew he was aware of how the movie affected me and I was sure my answer could potentially wreck our marriage so I deflected the question with one of my own as I gasped, “What do you think, you know how I was raised?” If I wasn’t afraid of his reaction I would have screamed, “YES!, YES!, Oh my god yes!” “I think you like thinking about it a lot, I’ve never seen you so hot and cum so hard”, he said.I knew there was no sense trying to hide what he already knew so I moaned, “Ohhhhhgod don’t be mad, please. I never saw anything like that before and with you licking me it just seemed like he was licking me and the thought of a black guy between my thighs just got me sooo hot and horny. Are you mad cause it turns me on thinking of a black guy eating me, do you think I’m a slut now? I’m sorry, I really am, but I just got so hot. Oh my god look at his dick! Oh damn, he’s gonna fuck her. She’s gonna let him put his black dick in her pussy.We watched as the woman reacted to his fat dick opening her, pressing into her by moaning loudly, “Oh fuck it’s so damn big, so good!” I wanted to feel what she was feeling so badly, but I was trying not to show it, after all Jack was my husband. I felt my arousement again expressing itself as my vagina clenched, clit pounded harshly while watching the black man fuck her slowly, still from the woman’s viewpoint. I had just cum and now I was extremely aroused again as I watched his long thick black dick penetrating deeper and deeper into the woman as her moans became increasingly louder and her cries begged him not to stop. With each lifting and falling of his thin black hips she seemed to become more excited and her hips moved wildly as she fucked her pussy up forcefully to his hardest, deepest thrusts. I sat there mesmerized watching the woman’s reaction to her pussy stretching to fit his gargantuan dick. Her hips undulated as if trying to stretch her pussy to conform to his extreme length and thickness. Her cries and moans told of the pain he was inflicting deep in her pussy but still she lifted to meet his most forceful thrusts as if addicted to the pain his swollen glans caused as it forced to her depths. Every cell of my existence cried out to feel the pain she was experiencing. Until this day it had never entered my mind to fuck a black man. Now that I had opened my mind to the possible pleasure it would afford me, I found myself craving the experience. It was such a taboo thought, god, what would my friends, and especially my parents think if they found out I wanted that or had actually done it? Those thoughts made the act seem so much more delicious and compellingly taboo. I was so engrossed with the woman’s plight as he fucked her roughly, deep, driving his entire long black dick into her to his balls, that I wasn’t even aware that Jack had left the room. When he returned he had interrupted my fingering of my pussy by saying, “Lay back against the headboard”, I lay back obediently while still transfixed by how excitedly the woman was fucking the black cock impaling her pussy. She appeared to crave his hurtful thrusts, hips roughly fucking her pussy up into his deepest impalements then grinding into his swollen glans while pleading for him to fuck her deeper, harder, to cum in her pussy. I felt as if in a trance as I lay back watching the events unfolding in the movie. I barely noticed as Jack lay down beside me, until he spread my thighs widely and began fingering my pussy while rolling my swollen clit beneath his thumb softly. On the screen the black guy looked to his side and said, “Kiss your wife Brad and show her you still love her”. A white man’s face entered the picture and moved towards the camera and we could tell he kissed the woman being fucked. It was easily discerned that kissing her husband while the black man stroked in her pussy excited her immensely. Her hands reached down to pull at the black guys hips and she cum violently as they kissed. Then the black pushed him away saying, “Now sit down and let me give your wife what she really needs.” The man left the view of the camera and the black guy began fucking her hard, fast, deep. I cum hard, moaning, hunching as my whole body tensed and shook repeatedly. My thighs clamped his hand as I hunched frantically into his probing fingers and then tensed again.I lay there trembling, body sporadically jerking, shudders wracking my body as I exclaimed, “Oh my god Jack her husband is watching her fuck that black guy. How could he do that?””I guess he loves her honey”, He replied seriously.”How could he possibly love her and watch another guy fuck her, especially a black guy”, I asked, astonished that he had said that?My gaze returned to the screen, drawn by the woman’s screams and cries as he continued persecuting her pussy deeply with his now hugely swollen black cock. Again my thighs squeezed hard and my breathing became deep, hurried. The woman’s husband must have took the camera and was filming her face as she was fucked with her legs elevated and his black cock pistoning from balls to glans forcefully. His wife’s face was etched with her plight, her eyes gaping widely, awed by the forceful stretching of her deepest flesh and the immensely pleasurable pain he presented her with each forceful downward stroke of his hips. Her moans were filled with the love of his deep impalement of her pussy. She’d cum and her mouth would open but no sound escaped as she tensed until I thought her back would break as he fucked her incessantly.Jack began pressing the large dildo into my pussy and I felt my vagina stretching as it resisted its thick girth. It felt as if the man in the movie was entering me. Soon he had forced it past my restrictive muscles and began fucking me deeply with it as loud moans escaped my lips as its thickness became the black guy on the screen. In my mind I was fucking a black cock and I fucked my pussy up into it as wildly as the woman on the screen. His words when he answered my question caused an excitement to fill me that had me tensing hard. He said,, “I love you with all my heart honey and if you need a dick like that to be happy I’d find you one and watch you fuck him just like that guy.””Oh my god Jack, you mean you’d let a black guy fuck me like he’s fucking her and still love me if I responded like she is….I..I…oh fuck I’m cummin baby, fuck me, oh god ram it me like he’s fucking her”, I screamed. In my mind I became the woman and Jack was watching me fuck the black guy on the screen. My gaze never left the screen as the woman screamed how much bigger and better his black dick was than her husband’s. I had to bite my knuckle to keep from screaming the same thing as the dildo was so much larger than Jack was. The black guy was laying fully atop the woman fucking his dick deep inside her, grinding his hips as her own body undulated beneath his. I could see the pleasure building in the woman, could feel her desperate need for release as his cock tormented her sanity. Then as her thighs tightened, heels pulling at his ass she reached up and kissed him, a passionate kiss, a kiss you would give your husband, not another man in front of your husband for sure. She was his! He had subjugated her with his huge cock as surely as if he had clubbed her and d**g her off by her hair. He owned her and it was a willing servitude. Her husband placed the camera on a tripod and sat on the bed next to them and she didn’t even acknowledge his presence as her hips moved in tandem with her black lovers. Soft cries and moans spilled from her lips as her hands gripped him by his ass and held him deep inside her as she cum repeatedly while her husband gently stroked the hair on her wildly flailing head. You could tell that he really did love her and wanted her to experience the pleasure she was totally lost to. At any other time she probably loved her husband also, but at that moment the only man she loved was the one stretching her pussy so deeply with his long, fat black cock. Her cries and moans were filled with a passionate love of the pleasure roiling her body. When he would force his entire dick inside her and slowly grind his hips in small circular motions her face expressed the satisfaction consuming her as her moans told of the pleasure she felt. It was obvious there was no other place she wanted to be but in the arms of the man inside her. I had to wonder of the thoughts in her husbands mind as he observed her total submission to the black man fucking her. Could any marriage survive after him seeing her obviously overwhelmed by what she was experiencing? The scene ended with his black dick lodged deep in her throat as she relieved his pent-up balls of their hot slick cum. I could feel his dick in my own throat as I watched while wondering if Jack would ever kiss me again after watching a black guy or any guy for that matter, cum in my mouth and make me swallow every drop of it. The next scene was more of the same except it showed a petite white woman my size being gang banged by five hugely hung black men. That scene had me searching my soul as I wondered if I could really participate in the things that woman experienced knowing Jack was watching every second of it. I could never deny that I wanted to, god knows that at that moment I would have loved to have a room full of hung black men torturing my body with their huge cocks and leaving their hot cum inside every hole I had, but real life was sometimes more intense than fantasy and I needed to know how something like that would change me if at all.We fucked for quite a while until exhausted, I fell limp and said, “Turn that damn thing off”. Laying there panting, gasping for breath as my body continued to tense, thighs squeezing tightly I asked sheepishly, “Do you really think those dicks are real or just some kind of special effects dildos that they rigged?””Oh, they are real. I’ve seen black guys in college that big and one even larger than those”, Jack assured me.”You mean you’ve watched white girls fuck black guys in college like on that DVD? Did you think they were sluts, you know, because they fucked black guys”, I asked curiously? I was feeling him out as to how he might feel about me if I were to fuck a black guy in front of him.His answer of, “No I thought they were girls that liked the feel of big dicks in their pussies. I always found it extremely hot watching them fuck black cock just like it aroused you tonight! You want to be those women and experience what they were feeling don’t you honey”, he asked, while watching my face.I sat motionless and silent as I weighed my words carefully before asking, “What were you thinking while you watched them? I know it was pretty obvious how much it aroused me, but how did you feel about her husband watching her be taken by a guy with such a huge dick? Please be honest Jack.””I’m afraid you’re gonna think I don’t love you when I say this, but you asked me to be honest so here goes; I wished I was him and that I was watching that black guy fuck you. I’ve always wanted to watch you with a huge cocked black guy Connie. I know you’d love it just like the women on the video. I also know you’d say and do things that will humiliate me as he fucks you like they did, but nothing you say or do while under the influence of a huge dick could ever make me quit loving you. I would hope, if we ever did anything like that you’d respond just as those women did and completely lose control from the pleasure you’d experience and cum the whole time he was in you. Could you do it in real life honey now that you know I’d be ok with it and want you to?”His confession excited me and placed a craving in my mind and body along with a hope of actually fucking a black guy. The thought of fucking a guy with a dick like the one in the video or any other guy than Jack, was weighing heavily on my sense of values and morals. Until that night it had never entered my mind that I would ever want to fuck another guy other than in fantasy and never a black guy. Finally I decided that I should be honest about my feelings so I admitted that, “Yes, it did really turn me on thinking of being one of the women in the vids. That admission was followed by my expressing all the fears and doubts that had to accompany a woman’s desire to lose it completely while impaled on a black man’s huge cock with her husband watching. Would our love survive it, would I love fucking black cock so much I’d leave him to have it or would I even have to? Would he quit loving me after seeing me fucking a black man uninhibitedly and loving it so much I couldn’t stop cumming on his dick? Would he kiss me after watching a black man cum in my mouth, because I knew I wanted that, craved it even? Watching black men asserting their masculinity by forcing their lovers to swallow their hot cum as they fucked their entire black cock down their throats almost uncaring of their plight, had really gotten me hot. I wanted to feel a man use me, to give me no choice, to bend me to his sexual will. I believe Jacks love for me prevented him from being that callous and uncaring in his treatment of me and I understood that. But it still excited me to think of a man using me like a common slut, making me become one for him even though I resisted his efforts. I understood those women excitedly caressing their black dicks with their tongues and lips as their heads were held to their large black dicks? They were freed of their personal responsibility by being forced to perform. That allowed them to partake of any despicable act the men wished of them even though they really wanted to anyway. I had never seen men cum with such forceful volume. Their balls just kept pumping and spewing cum as the women tried to swallow the copious amount of black ball juice they flooded their throat with. I craved to experience everything those woman had even though it instilled intense guilt in me because of it!I needed to feel the heat and volume of cum those women experienced that had them crying out at the seething streams flooding their pussies as their black lovers spewed forcefully against their deepest flesh. I wanted to feel that seething hot lava-like expulsion flooding my pussy while I watched Jack’s face. Just the thought of him watching a black man ramming his spewing dick into my pussy, his wife’s pussy, while hearing me undoubtedly begging for it and seeing and hearing our groans and cries as we cum together made me so hot I could cum thinking it. Each time I had that thought it sent a hard shudder through my body. It really did excite me thinking of my husband watching me being filled with another man’s hot semen. I could close my eyes and imagine Jack kissing me passionately as I felt a black man’s hands squeezing my breasts, holding me by them as he persecuted my pussy with hard, stabbing thrusts of his huge dick until he forced all thoughts of my husband from my mind and my moans forced me to break our kiss and roughly grab the man by his ass and pull him into my pussy as I cum wildly and when my eyes opened I’d be rubbing my clit frantically unable to stop as I cum in real life as I had in my mind.I tried not to show my excitement at the possibility that I could experience what the women in the DVD had enjoyed even though my pussy was again filling with my moist arousal and my clit was begging to be mauled roughly. My voice seemed to quake with my sexual arousement as I answered him, “You know I want to Jack, I couldn’t hide my reaction to seeing them fucking those women. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be them. It scares me now just knowing that you know I was turned on by wanting to be fucked by men like that, you know, black and everything. I mean damn, I’m your wife! I shouldn’t have those kinds of feelings and desires and I feel guilty knowing how bad I want to do that. What’s even worse and really makes me feel slutty is that it makes me wet and throbbing thinking of you watching me cum on another guys dick. I really don’t think I could do it, at least I hope not because it scares me knowing how much I’d love it. I know it’s really exciting me talking about it and if we don’t stop you’re gonna have to fuck me or I’m gonna have to play with my pussy.”He showed me his erect cock. All seven and a half inches were rigidly jerking and swelling as I admitted I wanted to fuck a black guy and how it excited me thinking of him watching me do it. Jack pressed me back on the bed and slid between my thighs and placed his swollen glans inside my well fucked pussy and moaned as my warmth engulfed his dick. He began fucking me slowly, sliding his dick in and out of my tightly gripping pussy flesh. His dick felt wonderful as my slick wet flesh milked his stiffened turgid rod tightly as it slid in and out smoothly. My body clenched him tightly as we fucked. My hips moved sensually while I savored the feel of his hot throbbing girth inside me. Would I remain this tight I wondered after fucking such a humongous black cock or would my husbands’ white dick flail loosely inside my gaped pussy? Would I be forced to fuck huge cocked men to feel the same fulfillment my husband can now give me? Jack lay down fully atop me as his dick caressed me internally. Our bodies moved as one as we ground against each other hungrily. I hated that my mind immediately conjured up the black men in the vids and Jack became one of them as he fucked me. I knew he could feel the increased wetness and the added warmth of my arousement juices flooding his stiff dick. I couldn’t help but moan in his ear, “I love you so much Jack. Could you really watch me fuck a guy like that”, the sexual tension expressed by the nervous tremor in my voice told of the trepidation and excitement that thought filled me with. “Close your eyes and kiss me and imagine you’re feeling a black guy fucking his dick into your pussy. Imagine holding my dick in your hand as you feel him stretching your pussy painfully causing you to cry out how big he is and how bad it hurts.”“Oh god no Jack, I..I…c..can..can’t…….fuck me……fuck me hard….oh god baby…..yes…yes….could you….c..c..c.ould you..r.r.real….really…..aarrgghhHHHHHHH…c..c..cum..cumming!!”“Yes baby I could and would. I’d begin rubbing your clit until you’re hunching up forcefully into his cock, fucking him.” Then I’d look at you and ask, “You love his dick don’t you honey?” I know you’ll try not to admit you love him fucking you but when his dick begins stretching you deeply, opening you as no man ever has you’ll gaze up at me and say, Yes, oh my god yes baby, I do, I do love fucking his black cock honey”.”Stop Jack! Oh god this is so wrong, you can’t be serious…..ohhhhhhh……..Are you serious, you really…….want me to of……oh god that’s so hot……. fucking someone else while you’re inside me”, I ask incredulously as I see those black men and their huge dicks in my mind vividly?”Yes I do, I want you to think of fucking the guy in the video while I’m watching you”, he assured me.My eyes closed, head turned to the side and a long passionate moan escaped my lips. I immediately felt my warm liquid like expulsions engulfing his cock as my pussy filled with my wet excitement. My thoughts drove my hips as they began rolling, hunching. Soon, as the vision of my being fucked by a black guy enveloped my mind I moaned, “Oh god, yes, yes fuck me”, and my heels began pulling at his ass, his black ass, as I ground my pussy roughly up into his black dick’s deep thrusts.”God you’re making me so hot the way you’re fucking his black cock honey, you want him to cum in you don’t you, you want me to hear him groan and see him ram his cum deep in your pussy don’t you baby”, he taunted me.”Oh god yes, yes, I do want that, want to feel his black balls exploding his hot cum in my pussy so bad. Ohhhhhhhhdamn….cumming……cumming on his dick….hurts…fuck….it hurts so good!”As Jack heard me say I wanted to feel a black cock exploding its ball juice in my pussy I felt a swelling within me, his dick jerking stiffly and then my imaginary black lover’s dick began belching hotly inside my tightly clenching pussy. My husband groaned, “Milk his dick baby, take all his cum. Fuck her, fuck your cum deep in my wife’s pussy, pound it in her, hurt her pussy with that big black cock while you fill her up.” We both were lost to the fantasy of me fucking a black man as we strained against each other. “You really want to feel a black cock cumming in your pussy don’t you baby, want me to kiss you while he pumps you full”, he asked me as he fucked his hot cum deep inside me as I imagined it being a black man?“Yes, yes, god yes I do…..can’t stop……oh god fuck that white pussy…..hurt it…aaiiieeeeEEEEEEYESS”, I cried as I milked his spewing dick feverishly! Then we both collapsed and lay there with our bodies jerking sporadically, twitching as we gasped for breath. “God I love thinking about doing it, but I’m not sure I really could. Do you really want me to? I just can’t imagine me laying with some black guy between my thighs allowing him to press his black cock in my pussy while I’m looking at you, knowing you’re seeing me and approving of it. Besides I don’t think I could just screw a guy I just met. I’d want to get to know him first and see if I liked him. And what if I really loved it and wanted to do it again, how would you feel?””Connie”, it probably turns me on as much as it does you. Every time I think of you responding to a black guy fucking you like the girls in college did my dick gets rock hard and I need to beat off.” “Are you saying you’ve beat off before thinking of me fucking a black guy, since we’ve been married”, I asked, now curious how long he has had that fantasy.”Ever since we met honey, back in college”, he answered.It was then we both realized we really didn’t know much about each other’s fantasies and desires sexually. We got to talking about our sexual fantasies, the ones we would masturbate to. We both agreed to hold nothing back and that what we revealed to each other were the fantasies that turned us on but we never actually believed they could ever be realized. The only fantasy he had that he had never mentioned to me was of me fucking a well hung black guy. When he was in college he had witnessed quite a few white girls being fucked by huge cocked black guys in the frat house and it always excited and aroused him to fever pitch seeing and hearing them as their pussies were stretched and filled with black dick. He confessed he had watched several girls at different times fuck a few white guys and they never seemed to get into it much. Then the black guys would spread their thighs and begin feeding their black cocks into their well fucked pussies and immediately they would begin moaning, hips hunching, undulating around his fat dick, hands gripping his ass tightly as she screamed for him to fuck her, loudly exclaiming how big his black cock was and how he felt in her pussy. They became entirely different women as they seemed to crave their black lovers cum. The black guys would just lay there and girls would ride their dicks frantically, cumming repeatedly. Every time they would cum it seemed like it made them want to cum more and moreHe then said that once we got together he would wonder if I would enjoy fucking black guys but he never had the courage to ask me for fear of us breaking up. But still, every time he thought of his petite wife moaning and screaming as a black guy pumped her pussy full of his dick he had to beat off. Naturally he didn’t feel it was something he could tell me, that he wanted to watch me fuck another guy, especially a black guy. The kinkiest thing he had ever revealed to me before that night was his desire to see me with another girl. I think he got an idea of how much I had been hiding from him when I told him that I fantasied about having sex in public somewhere that people could accidently surprise us and see me sucking or fucking while pretending not to know they were there watching me be a little slut. Looking back, it is this moment in time that our adventure quit being a fantasy and took on the first aspects of reality. The story begins with Jack asking me if I wanted him to find a guy online that we could talk to and get to know through emails before meeting him, if I decided I really wanted to proceed, that is. He actually seemed elated that his biggest fantasy might be coming true before long. I know it sounds crazy for him to want to watch another guy fuck me, his wife, but it’s just as strange for whatever reason for me to want to participate in his fantasy and be aroused by it just as he is. Nothing else turns either of us on more than the thought of a huge cocked black man using me for his pleasure, or any huge cocked man really but especially a black man, while Jack watches it happen.I really didn’t think anything would ever come of his wanting to find a guy to fuck me. I figured it was just another role playing fantasy we both enjoyed and that sooner or later it would fade from being exciting so I flippantly replied, “Well, if I’m going to attempt to do this I am going to need you to find the guy and arrange everything so that I know you really want a black guy’s cock in your wife’s pussy. Andddd, because I’m the one that has to fuck this guy I want him to be in his late twenties, very fit, very, very well hung and have enough stamina to fuck me all night. Oh yeah, it would be great if he is a multi-cummer and shoots huge loads of cum from his black balls too. Think you can find a guy like that”, I asked with a huge smile on my face thinking my requirements would insure his failure?”Hmmm that’s the exact kind of guy I’d want you to be with honey. I really do want it to be the best fuck you’ve ever had in your life if you do it baby”, he replied.”I didn’t know I married such a pervert, you’re really weird”, I replied laughing.”Says the woman that wants her husband to watch her lose her mind fucking a huge black cock. Don’t you dare try and say you don’t want to either”, he retorted immediately.I blushed, my cheeks becoming crimson red I’m sure as I began stammering…”I…I…I didn’t….ok so we’re both fucked up…….and yes I do want to fuck a black guy so shut up and find me one”, I said as I laughed nervously, exhibiting the sexual tension I felt at his knowledge that I really did want this to happen.He immediately went online and joined a swinger’s site and began looking through the profiles for big cocked black men that were near us. We were both 30 years old and wanted to find a guy our age, or younger, that we could possibly become “friends with benefits” with. We spent hours in front of the computer reading profiles and looking at pictures and movies of black men fucking white women and those hours would always end with us fucking like rabbits pretending he was a black man fucking me in front of my husband. I knew he could tell my desire to be fucked by a black man was growing with each picture and movie I saw. He caught me many times on the swingers’ site looking through many profiles that we had seen before while idly rolling my clit moaning. Knowing he was willing to let me fuck other men had the craving within me almost an obsession to make it happen. I found it hard to believe the millions of people engaging in this kind of sexual free for all as I roamed the profiles on the site. By now I knew Jack was serious about this and I couldn’t contain my excitement at the thought of another man, hopefully a black man fucking me senseless.We really weren’t having much luck finding a guy, black or white or any other race, that I liked and was near us. I was about to lower my standards just to get fucked by someone else. Then one evening we received a message from a guy saying he saw our profile and was wondering if he could possibly view our private gallery. There was an Army base near us and to our surprise he was stationed there and I found him quite handsome. But unlike most of the black men on the site he had not posted any “Dick” pics. I thought that was a good thing because he seemed to want to get to know people for more than just sex but I really wanted my first black man to be extremely well hung, fat and long! From the pictures he did have posted it was obvious that he had been with quite a few white couples. Another thing I liked was that he didn’t have a bunch of “Fuck” pictures on his profile. There were women shown with him in various stages of undress (All of them wearing big smiles) but no “Action” shots. I was afraid he had a good personality but a small dick. I began reading the certifications the site allowed people to post on profiles to ascertain a person’s legitimacy as to being who they say they are. The third one I read had a woman saying, “Willie is a wonderful person and a long standing friend but first timers should know that his dick is not for the faint of heart. Plan on being with him a long while and bring throat lozenges, you will scream a lot I promise and he does have a throat full of hard thick cock that may leave you raw and sore if you like to deep throat!” I knew immediately this was my man. My thighs squeezed tightly with my excitement as my clit throbbed like a bass speaker at a rock concert.I wrote him and told him our circumstances and how I wanted to get to know him before we met if he was interested and gave him permission to view our gallery where jack had posted a few pictures of us to include a few nude shots of me. One of the pictures had me sitting on the bed with my thighs spread widely and my nicely shaved pussy glistening wetness while I held a sign with the words, “Place black cock here” and an arrow pointing down to my pussy. I remember how aroused I became knowing a black man was seeing my nude pictures, especially the one with the sign expressing my desire to fuck a black cock. I also included our phone number and told him the best times to call to catch us both home. I told Jack what I had done and he read our messages and said, well I guess we’ll wait and see if he liked what he saw. I’m not sure who was more anxious and excited, me or my husband as we sat waiting for the clock to say it was time for him to call. I had told him 6:00 PM or later was the best time to catch us home. At exactly 6 O’Clock the phone rang and he was assuring Jack that yes, he would be honored to be his wife’s first black man. Jack talked to him for almost an hour with me sitting next to him listening to their conversation on speakerphone. I couldn’t hide the excitement I felt as he told my husband everything he wanted to do to me while Jack watched. I was also throbbing at the comments he made about my appearance, especially the nude photos of me on our profile and how he wished I were there with him so he could do as my sign instructed. I noticed that Jack had removed his pants and underwear and was slowly stroking his cock as Willie told him how it would excite him for Jack to see me cumming on his black dick. When he asked my husband if he had any reservations about him spewing his hot cum in his wife’s mouth and making her swallow it, I saw Jack’s dick visibly jerk and stiffen tautly. God I was hot! Soon, as I listened to their convesation, I could feel my juices seeping from my pussy with my arousement. I stripped nude and went and got a beach towel and lay it on the couch and sat next to Jack holding my pussy and squeezing my thighs.Jack told him I was nude playing with my pussy while listening to us and told him he could talk to me if he wished. He began talking to me, asking me how bad I actually wanted to be with a black guy. I told him that if he was here I would probably show him. When he told me he was also nude and stroking his dick as we talked, while gazing at my nude photos, my thighs squeezed and I glanced at Jack and silently mouthed, “I am so fucking hot”. He also asked if I would be turned on knowing my husband would be watching me slut myself to a black man. I trembled and shuddered as thrills raced from my groin at his question. He seemed to know everything that turned me on. We talked for quite a while and the longer we talked the hotter I got. He told me that once I had become accustomed to fucking black guys with large cocks that maybe he would bring a few black friends with him sometime and I could be their slut with my husband watching me make them all cum. That thought had my thighs opening widely as I lay back on the couch with hips hunching my pussy into my hand. I was fingering my pussy roughly while rubbing my clit with the heel of my palm as we continued talking. I’m sure I turned a darker shade of red when he said, “Your breathing sounds like you’re close to cumming Connie, would you like to cum together. I’ve been trying not to, but thinking of having this dick in you while looking at your picture and hearing your voice has my balls about to explode.”The thought of him stroking his dick and wanting to cum in me caused my thighs to tense and legs to straighten as I cum hard. I was unable to talk or even breathe as I heard his low groan and excited moans as he also cum. My body was stretched straight out, hips lifted, hips out-turning as I cum thinking of Willie fucking his cum into my pussy. My body jerked, trembled, hips lowering and then rising with each new tensing wave as it held me captive. When I thought I was done I lay there panting as Jack rose and turned and began pumping his hot cum in pearlescent streams over my pussy, groin and breasts. I moaned deeply as my hips again lifted and I cum again as I felt his hot juices splattering my body. Then Jack straddled my waist and pressed his cock into my mouth and I sucked the dregs of his cum from his balls as I wished Willie was there between my thighs emptying the dregs of his balls into my pussy deeply. “Mmmmmm, Willie moaned, I want to hear those gasps and cries in my ear as I pump you full of my hot cum Connie. I hope I was as good in your mind as you were in mine” , he panted over the phone. “Hmmmm I want you to just stand and beat off and cum all over me sometime Willie. Jack just did that to me and I think it would be hot seeing that white cum exploding from your black dick and feeling it hit my skin as you paint me with it. Then I want you to stick it in my mouth and let me suck it hard again so you can fuck me hard and deep. Will you do that for me”, I asked?“Sure, anything you need babe”, he replied. He asked me how long I thought it would be before I would feel comfortable meeting him. I was still sooo hot I wanted to tell him to come on over but I was afraid I’d sound too eager and a complete slut to my husband so I said, “I believe you may be the man we’re looking for Willie and I’d be willing for us to meet with you somewhere for coffee, dinner or whatever.”I’ll let you and Jack make the arrangements Willie but before I let you go I’m curious about something. I’m embarrassed to ask this but it’s important to me as to deciding if we go forward with this or not. My voice was tinged with the excitement I felt as I asked him, “Just how big is your dick Willie, I’m not that big down there and I know it’s going to hurt if you’re as big as some black guys I’ve seen in movies but I really want to feel full and stretched. That is a large part of my fantasy of being with you”.He replied, “I know what you’re both looking for Connie and you won’t be disappointed in the least I assure you. I am going to fuck you longer, deeper and harder than you ever dreamed a man could fuck you. I will make you cum so hard and so often you’ll be embarrassed to look your husband in the eyes afterwards. I know what you need. I know how badly you want to suck my black cock, to make it erupt in your mouth so you can drink my hot cum while your husband watches you do it.”I blushed a crimson shade of red as I looked at Jack before saying, “Oh my god I believe I could cum again hearing you talk like that. I can’t believe I’m still this hot talking about this with you. Tell me Willie, doesn’t it bother you knowing a woman’s husband is watching you?””No, actually it turns me on knowing he’s seeing how much his wife loves my dick. Very few white guys can make their wife’s pussy feel like I do or make them cum as hard as they do while fucking me. Knowing he’s hearing his wife screaming her pleasure drives me to just keep making it better and better for you. My goal is to addict you to black men fucking you. You do realize that your husband will enjoy watching you almost as much as you do fucking me. He too wants you to become addicted to large black cocks because he is a voyeur and he feels your pleasure as he sees you succumbing to your body’s needs”, Then to Jack he said, “Jack I think you should know that whenever we get together for me to fuck your wife I need you to place my dick in her pussy whenever it’s not in her, you know, like the first time it goes in her, or when it accidently slips out while we’re changing positions or something. What better way to show her you really want my dick inside her pussy and you’ll still love her after I cum in her? Can you do that for us buddy”, he asked?“Oh my god Willie, you mean you want him to put his hand on your dick and place it at my pussy whenever I want it in me? That is so fucking hot!! Oh shit yes, will you do that honey? Oh damn I’m beginning to believe I’m really gonna love fucking you Willie.” Jack was blushing and I’m sure a mite humiliated at Willie’s suggestion as he looked at me. That would be the ultimate humiliation, to feel Willie’s cock throbbing in his hand knowing he was placing it at his wife’s pussy so I could cum on it. He would have the memory of its thickness and weight burning in his mind as he heard my screams as it penetrated me deeply. God Willie knew exactly how to arouse me. The thought of a black man between my thighs was arousing enough but to picture in my mind Jack holding his dick, guiding it to my pussy…..mmmmmmmm…god I would need that cock in me so badly! “Do you want Willie to fuck me bad enough to do that honey”, I had to ask?“Of course he will. He needs me to fuck you even worse than you want it, isn’t that right Jack”, Willie asked? I’m sure Jack hated to admit it but he replied, “If you want me to put his dick in you then sure, I’ll do it.” I noticed his dick was again hard and jerking as he said he’d comply and I’d bet it turned him on as much as me thinking of actually holding Willie’s black cock. I was beginning to wonder if my husband didn’t have a little Bi-sexuality in him.“Oh my god Jack, I can’t believe you agreed to that. I love you so much”, I said as I reached over and kissed him.“Hey Jack, I’m not sure how you feel about it but just so the both of you know, I’ll let you suck this dick with Connie if you want. I’m getting the feeling you might want to”, Willie said almost gleefully.”I’m sure he does, he’s kinky that way. Just so you know honey, I’d love to have you help me suck Willie’s black dick….mmmmmm that’s so fucking hot! I’m just so nervous about all this! I’m afraid I’ll meet you and then not be able to do it and you both will be mad at me. Isn’t that crazy that I’m afraid my husband will be mad at me because I can’t fuck another guy. You seem like a guy that I would like, and you definitely know what I need and how I want to be treated. If you were here now I’d probably be sucking your dick or something but still, I don’t want to rush into anything until I know I’m really ok with it””Listen Connie, if its ok with Jack and you, I’m going to be in town tomorrow evening and I was thinking maybe we could meet and have coffee or a drink or something and just talk. We don’t have to do anything but I’d love to meet the two of you. Hell we can meet at McDonalds if you want. I’ll probably be wearing sweats so I don’t want to go anywhere fancy. What part of town do you live in?””In the southwest part”, I replied.”Around Dixie Highway””Yes, near the Dixie shopping center””Think you’d like to meet at the McDonalds there around 7 PM for coffee or a coke or something?”I looked at Jack as I felt my heart pounding in my chest wildly. I wanted to meet this man so badly but I wanted it to be Jacks decision. I felt a trepidation that he may say no but I asked, “Well what do you think, want to meet just to talk, but I’m telling you right now I’m not doing anything this soon”. I knew I was lying and really hoped that I could meet Willie and keep my hands off him but if he persisted I knew I would relent.”Sure I don’t see any harm as long as he knows you’re not doing anything upfront”I told him my condition for meeting and he was very gracious assuring me that I wouldn’t be expected to do anything I didn’t wish to. I agreed that we’d be inside on the back side of the building and he assured me he would easily recognize such a beautiful woman. So it was set, our first meeting to accomplish my eventual debasement by a black man’s big dick. This is the night before our marriage became a sexually charged whirlwind of depravity. It seemed that our actions the next night had far reaching affects that we could never have foretold or imagined.The MeetingChapter two: The SeductionI was filled with a nervous excitement all day as I kept remembering Willie’s words. I showered, shaved my legs and pussy making sure my pussy was soft and slick, even rubbing moisturizer on my mons, which of course had me rubbing my clit cumming my ass off thinking that I may have to renege on my statement that I wouldn’t do anything yet. I couldn’t believe how hot it made me thinking of Jack watching me fuck somebody else, especially somebody with a long thick black cock. I couldn’t think of it without my pussy squeezing tightly and a hard shudder wracking my body. It actually embarrassed me knowing how badly I wanted to do this. I had never had anything arouse me so quickly and my pussy never filled with such a wet yearning as when I thought of Jack placing another man’s dick in my pussy and then watching me fuck him, especially a black guy. I spent the entire day trying to figure out what to wear and then Jack said, “Wear a short skirt and a stretchable sport top with no bra.” I wanted to go commando but I was sure it would communicate to Jack just how badly I needed to do this so I donned sexy low cut panties.That evening we arrived right before seven and went in and ordered two coffees and sat at the rear of the shop on the back side as we had said we would. I sat on the bench seat along the wall and Jack sat across from me on the seat attached to the table leg. We were both nervous about someone we knew seeing us there. It was like everyone there knew we were waiting to meet someone to fuck me. Of course Willie was late and we both feared he had changed his mind. We both laughed when we realized we were feeling disappointment at someone not showing up for the purpose of eventually fucking me. Then suddenly he was standing beside us grinning as he extended his hand to jack. They shook hands and I noticed Jack winced as Willie gripped his hand strongly. I was glad to see he gripped Jacks hand strongly because I knew Jack hated someone with a weak handshake. He was big, at least 6′ 4″ tall and muscular. He was wearing a white T-shirt and grey sweat pants. His biceps were as large as my thighs it seemed. Remembering that old adage of, big feet, big dick I glanced down and was pleasantly surprised to see sneakers I could have used for canoes. As he moved to bend and kiss me on the cheek I saw his cock pressing against his sweats and deduced he wasn’t wearing any underwear. My breathing became rapid, deep and I tried to dispel sexual thoughts from my mind. I knew Jack had seen it also by the way his gaze was glued to Willie’s pant front as he smiled and raised his eyebrows as if saying, wow, big dick.Willie sat down beside me on the bench seat along the wall. Before anyone could speak Willie leaned over and lightly kissed me on the lips, remaining there long enough to let me know he wasn’t shy about seducing me with Jack watching. I liked his boldness, especially when I saw the shocked look on Jacks face. Willie’s hand found my thigh and his large black hand squeezed it softly. I felt my cheeks burning as I blushed knowing Jack was watching me being fondled by a black man in public. I’m sure they both knew my panties were soaked. I had expected Jack to say something, to tell him not to do that in public but he said nothing, not even when Willie proclaimed, “Damn girl your lips taste good, my dick’s gettin hard. I can’t wait to feel them wrapped around my cock”.”Wow, you just get right to it don’t you Willie. How about you tell me what you do in the army or where you come from before we talk about doing what we all know we want sexually. I’d like to know something about the guy attached to a dick before I place my lips around it.” My voice exhibited the sexual tension his kiss had instilled in me and the throbbing in my clit necessitated my crossing my legs and squeezing my thighs tightly as my leg pumped quickly. He spent the next ten minutes telling us where he was from and that he was recently divorced and had a little girl that stayed with him for a month every summer that he loved above all else. I couldn’t keep my mind on his words as in my mind I was wishing he’d pick me up with his muscular arms and lay me on the table and rip my panties from me and fuck me hard right there in front of Jack, God and everyone else. Then, as if reading my mind he looks me in my eyes and says, “I’d love to fuck you right here in front of everyone, just lay you down and fuck you on this table with everybody watching”The fire that had been seething within me was now a blazing inferno of need and when Willie turned towards me and ran his hand up beneath my skirt and uncrossed my thighs every cell of my existence silently cried out for him to touch my pussy. Then as he glanced at Jacks face he placed his hand between my thighs and squeezed my pussy with Jack sitting silently watching him. The moan that escaped me told of my submission to his action. The feel of his hand on my pussy, finger pressing along and separating my labia had my pussy a swamp of need. I kept glancing around to see who was watching us but no one appeared to be paying any attention to us. My chest rose and fell heavily as u*********sly I spread my thighs slightly as my hips began a slow undulation as I rubbed my pussy into his grasp. I was losing it, I wanted him to finger my pussy. I felt my pussy clenching and releasing wildly. My hand fell to his arm and as I stared into my husbands’ eyes I pulled his hand up tightly between my thighs. I kept expecting Jack to stop him but even when I moaned loudly at the feel of Willie’s fingers sliding into the leg opening of my panties, he did and said nothing. My head lay back, eyes closed as I felt his finger exploring the wet opening of my need. As my pussy pressed into it I felt myself entered by at first one, then two and then as my thighs spread widely Willie inserted three of his fat fingers inside me and then began twirling my tautly swollen clit with his thumb. My hips hunched, undulating my pussy around the deeply probing invaders that fanned my arousement until it became an inferno that threatened to consume my sanity with its white hot heat. I gazed around at people eating and talking unaware that my married white pussy was being groped by a black man within their view. The sound of his fingering my flooding vagina was plainly heard as a squishing that would have been noticeable except for the louder moaning from my lips.Jacks eyes gleamed with an evil brilliance as he watched this black man debase me, his wife, in public. My pride said to stop him but I couldn’t. I’d never felt so slutty or alive in my life. My mind was overwhelmed with the realization of my most arousing and long lived fantasy. I wanted him to fuck me and was about to beg him to that end when people sat down beside us. Jack jumped up and stood between us and them saying, we should go talk in the suv.Reluctantly Willie removed his hand from my crotch saying, “Yeah I guess that would be best before we get locked up”. As I walked towards the door Willie reached down and grasped me by the ass and squeezed it hard causing me to jump and smile up at him as he grinned down at me. I saw Jack scowl as we heard a small boy tell his mother, “That black man grabbed that lady by her butt and she just laughed at him. I bet you’d spank me if I grabbed a girl by her butt”. “I’m not doing anything. That was the agreement Jack, remember”, I said, before realizing just how ridiculous it sounded considering everything that had just transpired.”I remember, I just don’t think we should be doing this kind of talking right here in McDonald’s”, Jack responded.I was still on fire and knew what could happen in the suv and I knew I would lose any remaining inhibitions if Willie continued to be so dominant. When we approached the SUV Jack opened the sliding side door and said, “Why don’t you get in back with Willie because it’s you two that really need to get to know each other.”I grinned and said, “I’m really not doing anything asshole, you might as well get that in your head no matter what happened back there”. I crawled in the back and scooted against the far side and turned towards Willie expecting him to want to take up where we’d left off inside. My panties were soaked and still bunched up alongside my pussy where Willie had left them from fingering me. My pussy was aching to be entered again. I spread my thighs widely allowing the cool air to kiss my swollen, inflamed pussy lips almost like a light caress causing my vaginal muscles to clench tightly as I pretended to situate myself on the seat. God I felt so vulnerable to Willie’s masculinity as my gaze wandered his body while he seemed to ignore my presence. I saw Jack turn and watched as his gaze fell to my bare pussy and I stuck my tongue out at him saying, “You’re just gonna have to wear that hard-on till we get home mister.” Outwardly I was trying to act nonchalant in front of the two of them, as if what had happened inside was forgotten by me but inside Willie still held dominion over my mind and my body craved his touch again. It was a split seat where we were sitting. It was like a bench seat but was actually two separate seats and either or both could be folded down flat if needed. I noticed Jack had already folded the other rear seats down flat and I was sure he hoped we’d be back there fucking tonight. There was a lot of leg room in front of the seats also to accommodate Willie’s height. Finally Willie kind of leaned over in the seat turning towards me and placed his right hand on my right knee and said, “Ask me anything you want to know Connie and I’ll answer you truthfully.”I wasn’t expecting that. He seemed to have lost the desire he had for me inside. Suddenly he was playing by my rules and I wasn’t sure if I liked that much. God!, now he was dominating me by with-holding his sexual attention and it made me crave him even more. I much preferred it when he seemed to just take what he wanted from me while I’m sure humiliating Jack. “Ok then tell me if you liked fingering me back there in public with my husband watching us?””Well yes I loved it just like you did. If you ask your husband I’m sure he will tell you he loved it also. That’s why he was holding his hard dick while you succumbed to the sensations and emotions of being groped in a public place by a black man you had just met with him watching you. You liked him seeing what we were doing didn’t you?”His smirking smile told me he knew he was torturing me with his hand unmoving on my thigh as his words rekindled the flames he had fanned inside. “Yes it was a real turn on knowing he was watching us, in fact it caused me to just lose it. If you liked it so much, why did you stop once we were out here, were you just teasing me, well us, really!”I figured you’d come get what you wanted when you were ready just like I will when I’m ready to suck your asshole”, he said smiling.“Oh my god, why would you want to suck my asshole”, I asked as I squirmed at the thought of his mouth sucking at my virgin asshole. I had to wonder just what all I would experience in a bed with Willie after that comment.Willie knew he was torturing me with his words as he turned to face me in the seat, his hand becoming an even greater torment on my thigh as it moved slightly higher and squeezed me.” He knew I wanted his hand on my pussy and that his teasing me would have me in a state of constant tormented arousement. I could hardly restrain from touching my throbbing need but I was determined not to give him that satisfaction.Willie shifted his body till his legs lay straight out angled towards me as he lay back along the seat with his ass positioned at the edge of the seat. Then he pressed his sweats down to midthigh allowing his dick to jerk stiffly erect. He was huge and his glans was visibly throbbing, swelling and receding with each of his strong heartbeats. He squeezed his buttocks tightly and his dick lengthened another inch as its stiffness strained its skin until it stood trembling its entire length as he said, “To get it nice and wet and have it craving to feel this stuck all the way up in it”When Willie kissed me in the restaurant and then fingered me right there in public with Jack watching, I knew if he tried to fuck me I would allow it, even welcome it. I continued asserting that I wouldn’t, so that Jack wouldn’t think I was that eager, but the way Willie asserted his masculinity had me craving for him to take me. I wanted him and I was no longer even trying to deny it to myself. Then when he showed me his dick, knowing the effect it would have on me, I knew my fate was sealed and so did he I’m positive.I couldn’t help gasping, “Oh my god Jack, as I gazed at the fattest, longest dick I’d ever seen. I didn’t know what to say and I blurted out, is that real?” I sat there gaping as my panties began to feel like a barrier between my pussy and his magnificent cock. My hands slid quickly beneath my skirt and slid my panties off. The cool evening air caressed my hot swollen clit as I felt bursa escort my mind descending into an abyss of depravity that I feared I would never be able to escape. Worse though was the knowledge I may not even want to. I tried to rebel against the craving need I felt drawing me to Willie’s dick. I pressed my clit hard beneath my fingertips as I tried to still the throbbing I felt there, but it only intensified the maddening yearning I felt in my vagina. Even my asshole cried out to feel his dick assaulting it. I was insane with need and I hadn’t even touched him yet.Then Willie said, “Look here Jack, I showed your wife what you two have been fantasizing about so she would know I had what she needed, when she was ready, and she took her panties off. I think she might like it by the way she’s rubbing her pussy.” Then looking back at me he said, “Don’t be shy, you can touch it, you don’t have to fuck it if you don’t want to”.I knew we were going to fuck the instant my gaze fell on Willie’s cock. He knew exactly how I would respond to his teasing display and the leering grin he wore taunted me of that fact. I hated that he knew how badly I needed his black dick inside me, hated that he had known he could fuck me tonight no matter what I had said beforehand. A part of me also hated the fact that Jack was allowing Willie to dominate me and humiliate him without as much as a word of dissent. In fact his arousement seemed to increase as he watched me succumbing to Willie’s advances. The sluttier I became the harder Jack’s dick appeared to get. I was entranced by the thought of Willie fucking me in front of my husband. Still though, a part of me hoped my husband would stop this madness and tell Willie to leave. But when I pulled myself up and glanced over the seat I saw Jack stroking his dick as he stared at Willie’s cock in silent awe. I knew we were both lost to the forces within us as I asked in a low voice, almost a whisper, “My god Jack are you really sure you want me to do this, if so, then I need you to tell me what you want me to do right now.” The tremor in my voice displayed my excitement as I stared at Willie’s huge black dick. Even to myself my voice seemed to plead with him to tell me to proceed. Jack leaned back between the seats and stared at Willie’s dick and then at me squeezing my hand between my thighs. I saw his gaze lift to my face and I’m sure he saw the smoldering need seething in my eyes. Every cell of my body cried out to grasp his black dick as I restrained myself from touching him knowing that to do so would seal my fate no matter if Jack came to his senses and wanted me to stop. I wanted to hear my husband tell me to violate my wedding vows and become the slut I knew I wanted to be at that moment. I knew I was lost, unable to prevent what was about to happen and I hoped he was still ok with it because I couldn’t turn back, not now. Willie was fucking my emotions and my mind even before he took my body.I heard Jack say, “First I want you to put both hands on his dick and squeeze it, feel it and imagine what it will feel like in your pussy. Then I want to watch you suck his cum from those black balls and after swallowing it all kiss me so you know I still love you.”I thought, this is happening, it’s really happening. My husband is telling me to suck another man’s cum from his balls, his black balls. Thrills began racing through my body from my groin as I realized that we both needed this to happen. A calm entered my mind as I resigned myself to doing what he and I both needed to sate the devils within us. Jack watched as I extended first one hand and then the other to grasp what we both had fantasied and role played about all these weeks. Again though, My hands faltered just as they were about to embrace Willies meaty dick. This craving I felt contradicted every moral value and belief I had lived by up to that point if my life. This wasn’t a black dildo or me imagining Jacks dick was a black guy’s, this was another man’s massive, throbbing black cock that was straining with a desire to be inside my husband’s wife’s pussy, my pussy. I again gazed at my husband as the trepidation filling my mind told me that to touch him would end our lives as we knew it. My heart was beating hard, racing, chest lifting and falling heavily as Jack saw my hesitation. He must have seen the trepidation in my eyes because he smiled and said,” Its ok, go on and enjoy yourself”. A hard shudder wracked my body before I said, “I love you so much”, and placed my hands on Willie’s cock and held it tightly, moaning as I felt it jerking stiffly in my grasp. My fingers could not fully encircle his fat girth as I stroked it. God it felt so hard, so thick and long. My thighs squeezed tightly, crossed, as rippling spasms of need had me moaning loudly. My chest was rising and falling rapidly as I felt Willie pull my stretch top up my arms and off my body exposing my breasts to anyone gazing in the window. The cool air impressed upon me their bareness as his fingers began squeezing them, pinching my stiffly erect nipples lightly. “I can’t believe I’m really doing this. I feel so slutty knowing you’re watching me, with you knowing how badly I want this dick in me. God it feels so meaty, so heavy and it’s so much bigger than yours, shit I’m sooo fucking hot! God I want to suck this dick so bad but I’m so scared, tell me to do it Jack”. Hearing him telling me to suck Willie’s dick was like holding a blowtorch to my emotions. My head lowered, tongue slid out tentatively and I began tasting his dick, licking it, gathering his precum with my tongue and then moaning as my mouth opened and engulfed his glans entirely. Willie moaned loudly and his large hand gripped my head as he held my mouth to his huge dick and began fucking my mouth while saying, “That’s it baby, suck that black cock. Show Jack how bad you need the cum inside those black balls. Let me feel that pussy baby so I can tell Jack how wet his wife is from licking my dick. Don’t forget those big black balls.” Seeing my husband stroking his dick as he watched Willie fucking his wife’s throat, my throat, had me sucking at his dick voraciously. While holding his fat glans in my mouth I knelt on the seat allowing Willie to again ram his fat fingers deep in my pussy. I felt my panties laying on the seat and picked them up and tossed them on Jacks head. They were dripping wet and my sex odor permeated them. I felt a hunger for Willie’s cum now and I pressed his dick down and lowered my mouth to his large balls and began licking and sucking them avidly, massaging them with my tongue as my hands pumped his fat dick.I moaned loudly as Willies fingers pressed deeply inside me to rake and grope my slick wet walls. He had large hands and thick fingers and every time he pressed another inside my pussy my moaning became deeper more desperate sounding. He knew I was highly aroused by his deep fingering of my pussy and the fact that I was sucking his huge black cock. Willie seemed to know exactly how to push my buttons as he’d say things like, Damn Jack, I thought you said your wife was shy. There ain’t nuthin shy about the way this slut of yours is devouring this black cock. Yeah that’s it lick dat head girl, show your hubby how bad you want dat cum”. Each time my gaze became directed at jack my actions became frenzied as the knowledge he was watching me heightened the hunger I felt for Willie’s large black cock. Later Jack would tell me that the look of love I held in my eyes as I felt the heft of his dick while feeling it jerking strongly in my grasp excited him deeply. He had watched as I squeezed a stream of precum from his tip and then licked it off before placing my lips around his urethra and sucking at it. He said he knew my tongue was probing his hole as I sought his slick juices. He had to stroke his dick as he watched my tongue slide around his tip while moaning my need as if his precum instilled an excited thirst for more.“Damn Jack, I’m pretty sure your wife wants to feel this nigger dick in her married pussy by the swamp her pussy is, yeah you’re married to one hot little slut. I think she’s changed her mind about not wanting to fuck tonight, haven’t you baby, how about you, you want to see your wife cumming on this dick?”“Yes he does, god yes he does, he wants you to fuck his wife as much as his wife wants to cum all over this big dick. How about you Willie, do you want to fuck Jacks wife?”, then I went back to sucking his dick feverishly. Jack had his dick out slowly stroking it while watching my hunger expressed by the way I licked and suctioned at his stiffly jerking black cock. Just then a Woman and three teen aged girls walked by the truck talking animatedly. Our SUV had rows of windows all down the sides which made it impossible to hide what was taking place inside it. A young blonde girl glanced in the window and stopped, staring at me sucking Willie’s cock. She grabbed the arm of another of the girls and pulled her over and pointed in the window. I was watching them, knowing they were watching the two of us in the back seat. Suddenly the woman and other girl stopped and turned and saw them standing staring into our vehicle and proceeded to walk back. Gazing in the window she saw Jack stroking his dick and loudly proclaimed, “Oh my god”, and grabbed the girls and started to pull them away just as her gaze fell in the back seat. She stopped, stood there staring as if mesmerized as I tried to lift my head upon hearing the woman’s exclamation. Willie held my mouth to his dick as he said, “Show those ladies what a good cocksucker you are baby. Yeah teach them young girls how to suck nigger dick”.My gaze was on the woman and girls as my mouthing of Willies dick became frantic as again my favorite fantasy was being fulfilled. Knowing they were watching me suck a black cock with my husband watching instilled a slutty feeling that released every inhibition I had ever possessed. My pride was stripped from me knowing these young girls and the older woman were watching Willie dominate me, shoving my mouth up and down his dick with his fingers entangled in my hair. I thought I was going to die with Willie’s fat cock stuck deep in my throat as my body began tensing as I cum while Willie used me as I had always dreamed of being used. His big dick sc****d and hurt my mouth and throat as he fucked me ruthlessly, excited by the girls and woman seeing him using me. Both his large hands held me to his cock as he fucked it up into my screaming mouth. The girl’s excited murmurings, whispering in each other’s ears, told of their sexual excitement and I was sure they would be rubbing their clits as they remembered the sight before them tonight in bed. I could tell the woman wanted to leave but the spectacle before her held her fixed as if cemented in place. Just like it had affected me, the sight of Willie’s huge black dick held her hypnotized. One of the girls, that appeared to be the oldest, moved behind the woman and leaned back against the car parked next to ours and lifted her skirt and slid her hand into the leg opening of her panties after glancing around furtively. She began rubbing her clit with a glazed look fogging her eyes. I saw the woman’s gaze shift to my husband’s dick and watched as her tongue slid over her lips expressing her thoughts. Jack said later he had to release his cock to keep from cumming at that instant. She seemed mesmerized, lost to her own arousement and seemed drawn to join us. Her hand began moving towards the door handle of our vehicle. Just then the two younger girls grabbed her arm and seemed to break the spell that gripped her and she began herding them away from the suv as she kept glancing back over her shoulder longingly. I’m sure the older girl orgasmed as she stood there masturbating while staring at Willies black dick and the white woman inhaling it.I was out of control by then. God my pussy had never felt emptier or more craving as it clenched repeatedly expressing the hunger within me. With Willie’s fingers removed the dick in my mouth became ten times as appealing. I had never wanted to fuck anyone as badly as I wanted to fuck Willie right then. I never dreamed I would respond to a black cock as I did Willie’s huge black a****l dick. I couldn’t think of anything else, I had to have him in me, fucking me, hurting my pussy. Everything about Willie and his cock was arousing to me. His self-confidence and take charge manner was new to me. I’d never had a man exude his masculinity by humiliating me as I was having sex with him. When Willie called me a slut and told me I was a good cocksucker, we both saw Jacks face flinch at his words. Then as if to humiliate him further he said to Jack, Damn man I’ve never had a woman try to suck the cum out of my balls like your wife is right now. He used me, just treated me like a white married slut that he knew craved his cock, and I loved it, it made me want him in me even more. The inferno burning within me drove me as I managed to push Willie’s hands free of my head and rise quickly to straddle his thighs and began to try to place his dick at the wet flesh craving its feel when I remembered Willie’s words. “Jack, put his dick in my pussy baby, god I need to fuck him so bad honey. I watched as Jack leaned back between the seats and gripped the black dick I was straddling and held it erect. God I was fucking hot seeing him do that for me. I was unable to rise far enough to allow my pussy to be impaled by it and I couldn’t prevent the anguished moans expressing my frustration from escaping my mouth. Lost to the hunger within me my pride was thrown aside as I placed first one foot on the seat beside his hips and then the other as I held onto the front seat back with one hand while positioning Willies tip with the other. Jack was not only holding Willies black dick but stroking it as I attempted to force it into my pussy. His eyes seemed jaded with excitement, his breathing was quick, deep and his hand stroked Willie’s dick quickly. I felt embarrassed, humiliated, knowing Jack was seeing my hunger expressed in such a wanton manner, but that knowledge also had me trying desperately to open my inner sanctum to Willie’s thick glans to end the torturous craving that inhabited me. My breathing became rough, ragged with my repeated failures to force his girth inside my pussy. I felt tears running wetly down my cheeks, almost crying as my frustration caused me to moan, “Oh god it’s too big for my pussy, but I need it so bad”. The feel of Willie’s raw hot glans pressed against my wet flesh as I tried to force it in me teased me, drove me as I felt myself opening, stretching, tissues burning until I couldn’t stand the pain and had to relent and rise again. I was gasping for breath from my repeated efforts to impale myself on my first black cock. I balanced myself with one hand on the back of the rear seat and one on the back of the front seat. The wet flesh of my pussy molded to his fat tip as it pressed me open as my vagina clenched at his massive tip like it was trying to devour him. I was sitting there with my pussy held to his cock by my weight as I gasped my need. I was trying to regain my breath before attempting another assault on my restrictive opening when Willie placed his hands on my hips and pulled me sharply down on his cock. His sudden unexpected action caused my left foot to slip from the seat and my entire body weight slammed my pussy down on his cock forcefully, impaling me instantly. “AiiieeeeeeEEEEEE…OH MY GOD!”, I screamed loudly while trying to push myself up to relieve the pain burning in my pussy. My breathing was deep, harsh, staccato-like as the intensity of the pain in my pussy had me quickly screaming, “DON”T, don’t move, oh my god it hurts, oh fuck it ripped my pussy. Please, please don’t move, god Jack he’s so fuckin huge. I had tears running down my cheeks as I turned my head to gaze at my husband’s face and while grimacing, I said, “Shit, I’ve never felt anything feel so good and hurt so bad at the same time. Damn honey I feel it throbbing in my pussy, feel every vein and ripple. So hot, so good. Oh shit, I feel so full of hard dick and I think it’s just the head in me. God I’m burning he’s stretching my pussy so much. Oh my god Jack I’m doing it, I’m fucking a black guy’s big dick with you watching me just like the couple in the movie.””Are you enjoying it as much as she was”, he inquired?”Oh god its impossible for her to have enjoyed it anymore than I am. I’m sure…Willie’s dick… …..ohhhhgod…..m……..much thicker…..ohhhhhh…. than that guys was. Shit, every time I move my pussy…..fuck….feels….good…..feels so good…arrgghhh……god I want to force the whole damn thing deep……..arrggghhh ….so big…..ohhhh god…hurts… oh fuck I need it all inside me even though its…iits…killing…me. The pain……..seems to…ohgoddddd……. it feels….so fuckin good….ohhhyessss…..sooo hard!!!! Oh god Willie you’re so fuckin huge…love it…god I love it!”Willie laughed and said, “Take it slow baby, take what you need, no hurry, that dick will be there as long as you need it. Just work dat pussy down that dick….damn your old lady has some nice tight pussy Jack. I think I’m gonna open dat shit up some tonight though!”I felt a hand squeeze my ass and turned to see that Jack had released Willie’s cock and was now pulling my ass cheeks apart as he tried to relieve the pain of Willie’s cock as it stretched me. He asked me, “Can you turn around here and face me so I can watch your face while you fuck your pussy down onto Willie’s big cock baby. I need you to show me how much you love his dick baby, cum on it for me”. Then, as I began slowly, agonizingly, rotating around his cock, Willie sat up and turned till he was facing forward with his thighs spread widely. I again had both feet up on the seat astraddle his hips with my hands holding the front seat backs for balance. Jack then leaned back between the seats and kissed me passionately causing me to relax and as we kissed I felt Willie’s dick enter me deeper reminding me that I was fucking a black man’s large dick as my husband kissed me. The feel of my pussy opening, stretching to engulf his cock caused me to squeeze his dick tightly as strong sensations raced through me causing me to tremble and moan deeply. My emotions were already in turmoil when Jack broke our kiss and whispered to me, “I taste his dick on your tongue baby, that’s hot.”He then kissed me again and the knowledge he was tasting Willie’s cock in my mouth and willingly licking and sucking my tongue was the hottest stimulant of my life and my body began trembling as in my mind his excited kiss was because he enjoyed tasting Willie’s black dick. I had to break the kiss as a loud moan escaped me and I cried out, “I’m cumming, ohgod I’m cumming…fuck me Willie…oh god fuck me hard!””Watch her Jack, watch how she cums on my dick. Ask her if she cums better on black dick or yours, ask her”, Willie said while laughing loudly.Hearing him taunting Jack for some weird reason intensified the orgasm that held me completely in its grip. Willie was hunching his dick up into me hard, forcing my pussy to accept his blackness as I screamed my pained pleasure. I felt ripping but I couldn’t stop forcing my pussy down into his rabid hunching. Every forceful thrust sent sensations of both pain and pleasure racing through my body as his stiff dick drove an insanity into my mind. Jack was watching me cum, seeing me completely lost to the coursing waves of pleasure that drove me to hold my pussy to Willie’s most violent thrusts while begging for more. I knew he had never seen me cum like Willie’s dick had me cumming, hunching uncontrollably, screaming my need for more of his black dick. I didn’t want to exhibit such a ravenous appetite for Willie’s huge dick in front of Jack but I was stricken, unable to cope with the pleasure his cock was inducing in both my body and mind. I couldn’t prevent my body’s reaction to such intense, never before felt pleasure. His dick was pumping me full of a pleasure that felt as if it was permeating every cell of my body; a pressure inside me that if I couldn’t escape its hold, I knew it would drive me totally insane. Every movement no matter how small sent voltage like jolts of lightning streaking through my body that caused me to tremble, shake, muscles tensing so tightly I was sure I would rip them or tear the tendons holding them. I was held to Willie’s dick like iron to a magnet as he enjoyed my plight knowing my husband was seeing me fucking his dick so fitfully. I couldn’t think about that though, his fat dick was completely overwhelming my mind and addicting my pussy. The exquisite pain he caused as he forced my inner tissues to accept him deeper and deeper with every passing second held my mind and body captive to his every movement. I asked Jack to write his memories of the next few minutes as I couldn’t recall much as I spent those minutes lost to Willie’s fucking me.Jack: When Willie told me to ask Connie who made her cum better I felt humiliated once more. I knew he loved me seeing her completely out of control as he fucked her. I have to admit that it did arouse me seeing the woman I love, the woman who professes to love only me, ramming her pussy forcibly down onto his black dick uncontrollably. All he really had to do was hold his dick up as she ground her pussy downwards forcibly. He wasn’t fucking her as much as she was fucking him now that he had around ten inches of his hugely fat cock buried up inside her. I knew I didn’t need to ask her, it was obvious how much more my wife enjoyed cumming on his cock than she ever had mine. Her head flailed wildly, not stopping until the wave of pleasure that gripped her had curled her toes and made fists of her tightly gripping hands. I could easily discern how overwhelmed she was by the sensations of his fucking her so deeply. Her hips slammed her pussy down forcefully into his black cock as she screamed her pained pleasure. I felt so inadequate watching my wife cumming so intensely. I wondered if she could ever love me the same as I watched her being completely subjugated by Willie’s black cock. My dick throbbed with a fervor I’d never known before as I watched her throw her head back and heard her scream how she’d never been fucked so good or cum so much while her hips continued to rotate around the huge mass of his swollen hot glans. I watched my wife’s face as her desperate need expressed itself by her uninhibited actions. She would roughly ram her pussy down against his swollen dick, grinding her pussy incessantly, forcefully onto it as she cum hard, moaning her love of the painful pleasure he inflicted deep inside her body. Each time she cum like that she glanced down and moaned when she realized there were inches more of his fat dick he could impale her with. She was out of control, no longer caring if I or anyone else watched her fuck Willie’s black cock. Each time she forcefully squeezed his cock as he impaled her deepest flesh she would beg him to fuck her hard, deep and he did just that. He gripped her hips and pistoned his huge dick up into her roughly, persecuting her pussy with his long thick dick till she was screaming how she couldn’t stop cumming. Then she opened her eyes and looked me directly in my eyes and exclaimed, “God Jack…… you’ve never fucked me…….so…so…deep…so good. I…I didn’t…arrghhhh…. hurt or…..ohgod…. feel this full….ungh and stretched……….when I lost my cherry….aieeeEEEEE.”I was kneeling with my knees on the front seats facing my wife and Willie when I heard something beside the suv. Glancing out the passenger window I saw the woman that had been there with the k**s. She was beautiful standing there smiling, her long blonde hair hanging around her as she bent staring in the window. She smiled kind of shyly and used her fingers to wave at me as I gazed at her. I sat back in the driver’s seat, my hard dick still protruding from my pants and motioned for her to get in. She glanced around furtively as she stood there seemingly gathering her courage and then opened the door and slid her thin, perfect body into the seat. She glanced at me shyly as she smiled I would have guessed her age to be in her early thirties from her body but the faint crow’s feet at her eyes said she was older. I guessed mid-forties or so. She was wearing a peach colored tight fitting dress that showed off her amazing body. I actually felt a little embarrassed by the way my dick was jerking uninhibitedly as my gaze roamed her body.”This is a little awkward isn’t it”, she finally said softly. “Is she a friend of the two of you or someone you just met”, she inquired as her head turned to gaze at Connie’s frenzied fucking of Willie’s cock.I had to chuckle as I replied, “No, actually that’s my wife Connie enjoying her first black man”.Her eyes widened as she said, “Really, your wife? And you find that arousing watching her so consumed by the feelings his large penis presents her? Does she take on such well-equipped men often? You have a beautiful wife! Where does she put all that cock, she’s so petite and tiny? His dick has to be painful in such a small pussy. We’re about the same size and I don’t think I could ever manage that kind of thickness and length although I believe it would be interesting to try.I watched her gaze devouring the sight of Willie’s large dick working in my wife’s pussy and noticed her breathing becoming deeper, slower and her hips began shifting nervously as I said, “Does it arouse you seeing her respond so excitedly to the full feeling he gives her? Is that why you’re here now? As to you asking if she does this often the answer is no. Until tonight this is the largest cock she has ever had”, I said as I shook my cock at her stiffly.”Oh my god, its no wonder the woman sounds as if she’s being ripped apart. Instead of sitting there stroking your dick you should be providing some relief to her”, she said as she turned and knelt in her seat and reached back and began rubbing Connie’s clit gently. Connie’s reaction was immediate as a deep moan escaped her lips and her hips began undulating, pressing up into the digit caressing her. “Oh my god yes, yes….so good….Shit Jack, she’s rubbing my clit and I love it. Fuck me Willie, fuck me….oh damn…….c..c.cum….oh my god I’m…I…I’m cumming…DON”T STOP….Please DON”T STOP!! aarrgghhhHHHHH…………..argggghhhh……….fuck……me……..oh fuck….aaiiieeeeEEEEEEE!!!!! Oh god who are you?…..unghhhh……….unghhh……..thank you….thank you…..god I ccan’t stop…no…no….oh god it’s so long………c..c..can….can’t..oh shit it hurts….s..soooo…gooooddd. God Willie I love….your dick……..hurts….god you’re killin me…rub it!……oh fuck rub me….please don’t stop….oh fuck I..I…I’m….cummingggggggaiiiieeeeEEEEEEEE””Call me Eve for now sweetie. Damn I don’t know where that dick is going inside you girl. That has to hurt, it’s so thick and long. You’re such a beautiful but very petite woman, I think your husband is crazy to let a man with a cock like this have you….although, I also find It to be a very erotic sight watching his blackness press so deeply inside your white pussy while hearing your pleasure expressed so vocally and displayed so physically. You’re making me quite hot and somewhat jealous also.”Eve’s entire countenance was altered now. No longer smiling, her eyes seemed fogged with the arousement she felt. Her tongue was constantly running over her lips and I debated in my mind if it was because she was thinking of sucking Willie’s black dick or licking my wife’s pussy or more simply just because of her increased respiratory rate drying them constantly. I was gazing at her dress covered ass, admiring its perfect shape when I was drawn to reach out and begin running my hand over her. Her body began moving and I saw her bite her lip as she moaned softly. Her dress felt smooth, silky as it flowed over her ass beneath my hand. She hadn’t objected so I pressed her dress up to reveal she wore no slip which surprised me. Her underwear was made of silk with frilly edges and it was easy to see they were expensive. Everything about her reeked of wealth and elegance. My hand began a journey of exploration as it lightly caressed her ass cheeks before sliding down to gently rub her clit through the silky feel of her underwear.Eve was in a state of arousal that had her breathing a constant stream of vocal ecstasy. I let my index finger slide between her labia as I pressed it along her slit. I could feel her wetness soaking into her undies as I softly caressed her labia beneath the silk I was touching. “Take them off please, I’d hate to ruin such expensive panties”, she gasped, her voice tinged with the sexual tension she felt. As I reach over and pull her panties down to her knees I see her reach out and place her hands on Willie’s big balls and gently caress them beneath her fingers before grasping the base of his huge thickness. I heard her gasp as she realized the true extent of the thickness he was forcing into my wife’s pussy. My fingers pressed inside her pussy and a hard shudder wracked her body and a loud moan flowed from her lips as her hips began undulating as she pressed into my fingers. Her head lay sideways on the seat back as she gripped it bracing herself as she squeezed my fingers with her inner muscles. I couldn’t believe her tightness for a woman her age. Two fingers seemed to stretch and fill her completely.Connie now had enough of Willie’s dick inside her that her feet were on the floor of the suv as her hips rolled and hunched slowly as she savored the feel of his dick distending her pussy even more with every hard grinding her hips expressed. Willie was squeezing her breasts while whispering something in her ear. I couldn’t understand what he was saying but Connie kept moaning and her pussy’s gyrations were becoming even more agitated by his words. She was lost to him and his dick. Eve was now similarly aroused, her pussy was wet and made loud sucking noises as I fingered her, squishing sounds that told of her aroused need.I saw movement beside the car and quickly looked to see who it was, afraid we might be caught by a mall cop or worse. To my delight it was two teenage boys standing quietly watching everything transpiring in the suv. Both boys were holding their hard dicks through their shorts, rubbing themselves. One of them raised his gaze and found me staring at them and quickly punched his friend and pointed at me like it was time to go. I don’t know why I did it, it just sounded so hot at the time in my mind but I put my finger to my mouth as if to say shhhh and motioned to Eve’s bare ass and pointed to their dicks and gestured asking them if they wanted to fuck her? They both nodded yes vigorously.I sat down in the seat and asked Eve if she’d like to suck on my hard cock for a while. She turned to face me with her knees on the passenger seat and her hands on the console as her head lifted and she glanced around everywhere, everywhere except directly behind her where the boys were. Seeing no one she lowered her mouth to my dick and began licking at the precum streaming from my tip. Each flip of her tongue sent shivers of excitement racing from my cock to bring moans of pleasure from deep in my being. It was hard for me to motion to the boys to open the door and mount her as her tongue was inducing electric like thrills to race from my dick. She was laying across the console with her right knee on the floor and her left on the seat when they opened the door. Both had their dicks out stroking them as they decided who would go first.When the door opened Eve had tried to lift her head to see who it was but I held her mouth down on my cock. I watched as the younger boy dropped his pants to his knees and crawled up to where he could enter Eve’s pussy. They both moaned loudly as he began trying to work his young stiff dick inside her tight pussy. Once he was inside her I allowed her to lift her head whereupon she began moaning “No, NO, oh god not right here….who…who is it…oh my god he’s fucking me…stop…stop…. I..i…i..c.c.can…can’t…..oh damn it’s so hard…mmmmm. Oh god fuck me!………oh damn…yes…yes!”, she moaned as the boy began fucking her with a steady tempo of long smooth strokes. Knowing she was enjoying a teenage boy in her pussy had my own dick jerking stiffly which was not lost on her aroused state of mind and body. Her head lowered and her mouth opened to engulf my glans tightly in her suctioning mouth. I couldn’t prevent the loud groan escaping my mouth as her tongue slickly adored my dick. Her head bobbed frantically as her arousement expressed itself in a hard suctioning of my entire cock. She wanted my cum and my cock stiffened to give it to her as I watched her fuck the boy. I could tell that she was enjoying his fucking her tremendously by the way she pressed her pussy up and held it to his now rapidly pistoning cock. He was making grunting sounds and fucking her more forcibly and I knew he was nearing cumming in Eve’s pussy. Her hands gripped my thigh as she lifted off my cock and pressed herself back into his stronger thrusts as she began wailing, “Oh god it’s swelling, throbbing, yes, yes doit…cum…Oh god it’s so hard, doit”, while ramming her pussy back into his punishing thrusts. I moaned my disappointment as my glans throbbed, swollen until it ached so badly I thought it would rip its taut skin. I watched as the boy lay down atop her body and held her tightly to his excited fucking.”Ohhhhhhh”, he moaned, as his back arched, ass squeezed and he thrust deeply inside her while groaning, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cum so quick but it feels so good, you’re so tight!””Oh shit I’m cumming, fuck me, oh damn it’s so hot..oh god he’s cummin…aiiieeEEEE…so good!” She tensed hard each time he rammed his young dick into her deeply, repeatedly grinding his erupting cock into her forcefully each time his balls flooded her older pussy with the product of his young balls.”Oh crap…don’t even know your name…oh my god you’re cumming so much…oh damn its been so long since…since….ohgod..I can’t stop…yes..yesssss..ohhhhhhhhhh god its still cummin……..whats your name…..oh shit it’s so hard…so deep…don’t stop…arrrggghhhHHH…fuckit….fuckit h..hard.”He did, I watched as his ass clenched and his back arched as he drove as deeply as possible into Eve’s grinding pussy repeatedly. Eve’s hands reached back as she attempted to pull at his young ass while pressing back into his deepest thrusts. She groaned her appreciation of each hot gushing from his young dick as her own orgasm held her in its intense grasp. Finally both their bodies went limp and they lay there sporadically jerking, Eve’s ass clenching with each involuntary thrust of his cock as he emptied the dregs of his young balls within her. As his arousement faded he pressed his upper body up and watched as his dick slid from Eve’s pussy while saying, “My name is josh, thank you, your pussy feels real good. None of the girls older than me would ever let me fuck them before you. I hope you liked it!”How old are you Josh”, she asked while rolling onto her back to gaze up at him?Seeing him her eyes opened wide and she glanced first at me and then Josh as he said, “Sixteen, but I’ll be s*******n in a month””Oh my god no wonder your dick was so hard”, she said as she saw the other boy standing there with his dick jerking wildly. His dick was quite a bit larger than Josh’s. He was a good nine thick inches long, longer and thicker than my own dick and it was not lost on Eve as her thighs squeezed and her hand slowly moved to her clit as she idly toyed with herself as she realized he wanted to fuck her also. I watched as her breathing became deeper and her hips began rolling, undulating beneath her own caresses. She was held mesmerized by his dick as low moans began escaping her as the craving she felt expressed itself. She said later that knowing these young boys were excited by her, their dicks hard and swollen by their desire to fuck her older pussy, had her clit tautly throbbing and a hunger clenching her cum filled pussy. She felt such a slut but at the same time more alive than she had felt in years. She wanted this, wanted to feel this young boy gushing in her pussy as his virile, hot, swollen dick stretched her painfully. She was so aroused she knew she would even allow him to take her virgin asshole if he desired, even welcome it! The knowledge that she had just allowed a sixteen year old boy to fill her with his hot cum and now was craving another young man’s stiff dick to perform the same action only much more deeply inside her had her trembling with anticipation. She had enjoyed the first boys cock so much the thought of a longer, thicker boy entering her overwhelmed her sensibilities completely. The feeling of Josh’s cum streaming from her pussy and seeping down into the valley of her ass and over her anus filled her with a delicious slutty feeling. Her pussy clenched with the thought of another young boys dick pressing into her pussy amidst her first lovers cum, something she had never experienced in her many years, but now she lay here in public craving it to happen. As soon as Josh sidled out the door the other boy stepped forward, his dick stiffly swaying and jerking as his eyes roamed Eve’s beautiful thin body. Her panties were still down around her knees and the boy slid them down her legs and off her feet before throwing them to me grinning. Then he placed his hands under Eve’s thighs and pulled her ass to the edge of the seat before sliding his hot throbbing cockhead along her well moistened slit. Eve watched as he positioned his fat glans at her well fucked vagina and began pressing it inside her firmly. Josh’s cum acted as a lubricant allowing his fat tip to easily open her to its thicker girth. Eve moaned her pleasure as she felt her pussy stretched tightly around his thickness and her hips became alive as her inner muscles squeezed him. “My name is Richard but the girls all call me Dick. Josh is right, your pussy does feel real good. Are you some kind of slut or something that just likes to fuck a lot”, he asked her?Dick was more experienced and began fucking her with smooth strokes of his dick as his hips made small circles as he worked deeper and deeper into Eve’s body. Eve was in heaven as he fucked her, her hips undulated sensuously beneath his as her moans filled with the pleasure she felt as he penetrated deeper and deeper inside her body. Her breathing was almost Lamaze like as his strokes became harder, more forceful as he penetrated her pussy deeply. “Yes, yes, I do love the feel of a hot hard cock like yours fucking me. I love it, do you want me to be your slut, to let you cum in my pussy? Oh god your dicks so big, so hard and thick, fuck me baby, make me cum…..ohhhhhgodyes!! Her thighs were spread widely, knees bent as her ass moved sensuously as she hunched up into his deep thrusting cock. Her hands gripped his tight ass cheeks, fingers imprinting deeply as she clawed at him excitedly. Her words and pleas for him to make her cum excited him and his thrusts became faster, harder as he sought to bury his dick inside her wet warm older pussy. Once embedded fully inside her he began grinding against her clit roughly as her hands held his hips. It was easy to see he was hurting her as her hands touched his hips as if to push him away. Instead of pushing at him though a primitive need surfaced within her that made her crave more, a need that women have experienced since the earliest of times as a man sought to leave his seed within her womb. The pain eve endured as this boy’s long cock stretched her internally until she felt ripping only enhanced the exquisite pleasure he afforded her simultaneously. It is this pain that women have sought from their lovers since time immortal, a pain that’s addicting by its nature as his cock caressed her deeper than anyone in her life had before. It was this primitive need that had her hands pulling at his ass as she ground her pussy’s deepest flesh roughly against his swelling glans. The more her pussy stretched the more intense her orgasms became. She began begging him not to cum yet, to fuck her all night, screaming for him not to stop as her legs straightened each time an orgasmic wave coursed through her body. Then her thighs would lift, knees bent as her heels again pulled at his thighs as she fucked his stiff young dick frantically, pleading, as her hands gripped his ass while holding him forcefully to her out-of-control hunching until again her legs tensed with another more deeply gripping orgasm.I glanced around to see who was hearing or seeing Connie and her losing it on their dicks. I happened to notice a couple in a pick-up truck parked in front of us a few rows over. It had an installed lift kit and I was sure they were high enough to see a lot of what was happening inside our suv. The girl looked to be astraddle the guy facing out the windshield while leaning sideways so he could see also. From her movements I knew she was riding his dick as they observed us. Damn, I thought, everybody in this parking lot is fucking except me. I glanced back at my wife and was amazed to see that she had managed to cram Willie’s entire fat dick fully up into her pussy and was grinding roughly down onto it as he ground up into her. I can only describe the look etched into her face as one of love as she twisted her upper body to kiss Willie passionately as she saw me watching her. As our gazes locked I saw the lust expressed in her eyes and heard her say, “I love you so much Willie, love your big black cock fucking me so much better than anyone else ever has. Fuck me baby, show jack how a real man makes his wife feel”, he did and she stared at my face as she cum hard, unable and unwilling to even try to restrain the way her pussy met his fiercest thrusts. Then to my amazement, as she tensed, pressing her pussy down onto his pistoning cock she silently mouthed, “I love you so much Jack”, before her eyes closed and she was lost to the incessant hammering of his black dick inside her again. I felt the entire suv shaking roughly as Eve’s moans became loud pleading entreaties for Dick to fill her with his hot cum, to pound it into her pussy roughly. Her ankles were locked over his thighs as she used her legs to pull him tightly into her impaled pussy as she cum more intensely, more often, than ever before in her life. Her shoulders were raised, head bobbing as her entire body shook fiercely. His thrusts were violent, deep and the suv rocked as he fucked his cum deep inside her body. He used his dick like a ramrod as he impaled her with it deeply, repeatedly as she cried out first in a pained reaction to each hard stabbing thrust and then moaning her love of him as he filled her with his hot young ball juice. He lay flat down on her body and kissed her with a passion reserved for someone much older than himself. I could tell Eve’s emotions were distraught at having someone so young provide her with such intense pleasure. I could see the love she felt for him as his large dick moved inside her deeply. She hadn’t been this close to a man in a long while evidently and she couldn’t control her body or her emotions as she cum repeatedly while feeling his virile young balls pumping her full of his hot enjoyment of her body. They continued kissing as they lay there with their bodies trembling, sporadically jerking as their combined ardor ebbed. I heard Eve say to him, “My real name is JoAnne”. Finally, with their bodies drained of the dregs of their desire he began to rise and Eve, or JoAnn it seemed, gripped him by his wrist and held him saying, “Wait just a second Richard”, as she groped around until finding her purse and retrieving her phone she pressed a few buttons and handed it to him and said, “Put your name and number in there before you leave me please”. He did and then moved to join his friend but Eve sat up and grabbed him and quickly lowered her head to his still partly inflated dick and began licking him, sucking their cum from his dick and balls as she cleaned him eagerly. When his dick again became stiffly erect her moans became excited and he placed his hand behind her head and held her as he began fucking his cock into her throat choking her. Ummmmffghhh she moaned as he forced his cockhead into her throat repeatedly. JoAnn was hot beyond belief as this young man expressed his desire once again for her to make him cum. She devoured his hard dick, licking sucking, pressing it into her throat and then swallowing allowing it to slide even deeper into her gullet. His long dick was pistoning from his glans to his balls as she deep throated him as if he was fucking her pussy. I saw his hand tighten on her head as her tongue slid out and caressed his balls as they twitched. He staggered, moaned, ass cheeks squeezed tightly as he forced his spewing dick deep into her constricting throat. He bent at the waist as his arms encircled her head and his entire body shuddered as he groaned loudly. Then she pulled her head from his dick and began sucking at his pulsing glans as he continued to spew his slick hot juices out onto her laving tongue as she sucked at his urethra in a hot display of her own craving need. Her thighs clamped tightly, hand pressing forcibly against her clit as she cum while sucking ravenously at the dregs of his ardor.”Come on Rick, we’re going to be late. How many times do you have to cum, shit let’s go already”, Josh said as he pulled at Dick’s arm. Dick pulled his shorts up and placed his cock inside them, hooked them up and raised the zipper and bent and kissed JoAnn again and said, “Call me and we can take our time and enjoy it next time”. “Oh my god If I enjoyed it any more than this time I’d have a heart attack and die”, she replied as she lay back on the seat limply with her legs still out the door. “Thank You Jack, god I’ve needed that for so long. I can’t believe I had a sixteen year old boy fuck his cum in me and I loved it. I feel so perverted right now, maybe Dick is right, I am a slut that just loves to feel hard dick in my pussy. Damn I loved his big cock. I never dreamed a larger cock could be so much more pleasurable. Hell even Josh has a bigger dick than my late husband did. Then as if remembering Willie’s huge dick she sat up in the seat, reached out and closed the door and twisted in the seat to peer back at Willie and my wife.They had folded the seats down into the floor flat and Connie was on her back with Willie atop her with hips gyrating as he ground his dick around in her pussy. Her pussy looked grotesque with his huge girth appearing to be as thick as her thin ass while pistoning between her upheld thighs. Her moans were constant as his dick moved inside her and they expressed her love of the pleasure his dick afforded her. Just hearing her anguished response to the pleasured pain his fucking presented her instilled an arousement in both JoAnn and myself as we watched. Now that JoAnn had tasted and experienced the more intense arousement and pleasure that larger cocks afforded her I knew she was imagining the sensations Willies dick would instill in her body as she watched Connie becoming addicted to Willie’s black dick. “You know she loves what she feels don’t you Jack, I mean god, listen to the craving expressed by her voice? Doesn’t it bother you knowing you can never make her feel like he is? She has been fucking him all this time and she still wants more and he just keeps giving her what she needs over and over. I want to fuck him so badly but it scares me to death wondering if I’ll ever want to fuck a white man again if I do. Look how thick his dick is and how she lifts her pussy to his hardest thrusts like she loves the pain he inflicts in her pussy. I can’t believe she has all that cock inside her and still grinds her pussy up into it like she needs more. Damn, I feel so empty inside watching his massive cock impale her so deeply. You won’t even be able to feel her pussy after he’s through with her and I really don’t think she is going to care as long as she has a black man to fuck.”Joann turned around and sat back in the seat as she gazed around saying, “I can’t believe we’re doing all this here in the shopping center parking lot and haven’t been caught”.“We have been caught, you caught us and Josh and Dick caught us also. You know those two boys will remember you and talk about this night the rest of their lives don’t you JoAnn? They will remember fucking you here in public and be masturbating to the memory of it tonight in their beds. How does that make you feel?”“It creates a slutty excitement in my pussy because I know I will also be masturbating to that same memory someday, hell, I could right now. I can’t believe how profoundly exquisite my arousement was as they fucked me here in the truck knowing anyone could see us. That fear of discovery coupled with the sensations of the largest cocks I’d ever had inside me had my emotions distraught and elated simultaneously. God when I think that I was sucking your cock and being fucked by a teenage boy right here in public, and I loved it as much as I did, it really scares me. It had been so long since I had any cock in me, and never such young, hard, virile cocks as they have. So stiff and insistent in their needs…..damn I’m getting wet with a pussy full of cum already…this is so unlike me! I have to question just who I am and what my values really are now. God Jack doesn’t it bother you at all hearing your wife begging for another man’s cum like she is now? What could she possibly be feeling that would make her behave so uninhibitedly right in front of you. I’ve never been confronted with such a sexual situation as this and it’s really having an arousing effect upon me that makes me feel overwhelmed and out of control. I have to get away from all this and collect my thoughts. How about we go have a cup of coffee and I can clean up in the rest room?”I started to ask her if she’d drain my balls before we went but thought better of it because of her sincere concern as to her emotional state. I tucked my dick back inside my pants and zipped up before turning to Willie and my wife and saying, “We’re going to go have a cup of coffee you two need anything?”Connie replied haltingly, “NO!….got….arrghhh……everything………unghhh…….I……..unghh……need……..ohfuck…….right here!”I got out and walked to the passenger side and opened the door for JoAnn. I noticed she held her dress up as she swiveled around and stood up beside me. Then she let it fall saying, “God I’m so wet, my thighs are coated with cum and I feel it draining from me like a faucet. Is my dress stained Jack”, she asked as she turned her backside to me so I could inspect the dress?“No it’s fine right now although I’m surprised it’s not wringing wet the way you were cumming on Richard’s big dick”, I said grinning as we began walking towards the restaurant.She blushed as she averted her gaze from mine and said almost in a whisper, “I’m ashamed to admit this but knowing you were watching a young hard dicked boy fucking me and seeing my inability to keep my composure and then having you in my mouth as he cum in me and all of it taking place in a public parking lot, well, it just overwhelmed me completely. Sex has always been a very private undertaking before in my life and all this has me unable to control the urges and sensations these sights and sounds cause in me. Just talking about this openly has me aroused. Every time I think of your wife and that black man back there in the truck I become overwhelmed again by the desires I feel. I have always been a quite shy and reserved person and now I’m wondering just what all I have missed in my life because of it. I have experienced more sexually, in this one night, than in my whole life and I loved every second of it and that just scares the pants off me….oh my, why would I use that expression?I laughed and said, “By the way your expensive panties are laying on the dashboard back in the suv, they are quite wet in spots”.We were maybe thirty feet from the door as she smiled faintly and said, “Which reminds me I need to use the restroom for a bit. Can you get us a coffee, black for me, while I’m in there?”As we walked we saw a black boy around 17-19 years of age hosing the drive off. He was staring at the suv almost constantly and it was very obvious by the bulge in his pants that he was seeing something he liked. He glanced at us and seemed to recognize us and grinned broadly as his gaze ****d JoAnn very obviously.JoAnn grabbed my arm and said, “Oh my god Jack do you think he saw me, look at how he’s looking at me and smiling.” Then as her gaze fell to his cock she moaned, “Look at his dick, damn are all black guys hung so well? Do you think he’s thinking about me?”“Well I wouldn’t blame him if he is JoAnn. Would you like him to be?”“Damn, why is everything so sexual suddenly. Why would you ask me that Jack when you know the answer. God I must have been a complete slut all my life and just never realized it. My pussy is so wet now from looking at his dick I feel the boys cum dripping from me. How am I ever going to clean up with these thoughts in my mind? I’m such a perv now.”As we entered the building she said, “See you in a few minutes” and walked away towards the restroom.I watched her walk away as I admired her svelte body as she lithely moved. Everything about her was sensuous and I felt my dick jerking as I remembered the feel of her soft ass and tight pussy and the way she voraciously sucked at my cock while under the influence of a young virile dick fucking her. It was obvious she was a very passionate woman underneath her reserved veneer.I obtained the coffees and placed them on the table and sat down and began thinking of her in the restroom cleaning the results of her adventures from her beautiful body. I wondered if she was masturbating with the young black guy in her mind and began hardening at that thought. I noticed how slow the business was and decided to go see. I stood and slowly made my way to the restroom and when no one was looking slid into the restroom and was disappointed to find her standing before the counter looking in the mirror. She jumped as I walked up behind her and placed my arms around her waist and kissed her neck, sucking at the skin there. “What in the world are you doing in here Jack”, she asked as she turned to face me.I kissed her. Our lips met and my hands began bunching her dress up in the back until my fingers were squeezing her bare ass cheeks. Our tongues entwined as I felt my mind drawn into the vortex of her inner passion. Her ass was soft, supple and I wanted to taste that skin beneath my lips. I lifted her by her ass and sat her on the counter as I knelt before her. I pressed her dress up and began kissing her groin, licking her softly as her chest began lifting and falling quickly. “Not here Jack, somebody will come in, please, you know I can’t stop you”, she began pleading. I sucked her clit hard, licked it with sudden pressure that had her thighs closing swiftly against my head as a moan escaped her mouth. I slid my tongue inside her still cum filled pussy and began licking energetically around her slick walls as her thighs opened and her hands found my head and held me to her as her hips began undulating, fucking her pussy into my flailing tongue. “No, you can’t, they cum in me, oh fuck you’re so nasty, so fucking nasty, doit, lick it, oh shit your tongue feels so nasty. Eat me Jack, lick the cum from me, oh god I’m so fuckin hot…god I can’t believe you’re…you’re….arrghhhHHHHH……oh fuck yeah……suck it……shit, shit I love it……so slutty… the cum from my pussy…taste their dicks….ohhhhhhhhhfuckkkkkk.My dick was jerking stiffly, straining its skin tautly as I rose and kissed her. Her tongue licked and sucked at the juices coating my face before sliding between my lips to slickly entwine with my own as she sucked the cum coating it from me hungrily. I placed my aching, swollen glans at her entrance and rammed into her fully as we continued kissing. Her scream was muffled in her throat as I ground against her, mashing her clit tightly as the feel of her warm moist flesh clenched and milked me as her hips hunched into me roughly. I loved the feel of her pussy squeezing me tightly as her arousement demanded she take my cum as she had the boys. I fucked her hard, deep as my mind was overwhelmed by the sensations flooding me with excited pleasure. All the longing and need I had experienced all night demanded I cum. Her screams as I ****d her furiously only served to drive and excite me further. When she cum, the warm flow of cum engulfing my dick caused my balls to lift, twitching as they built up an explosive force that finally erupted from my tip to inundate her furiously hunching pussy with my lava-like expulsions. We strained together, bodies slamming together repeatedly as we both relieved the pent up need we both held within us.I was ramming the dregs of my ball juice into her roughly when suddenly her pussy became a swamp of heated liquid and she began moaning, her hips moving as if something had ignited an inferno of need within her. I saw that her gaze was behind me and I turned to find the black boy from outside standing there with his pants removed and his black dick proudly standing straight out from his body. His dick looked muscular, stiff, curving upwards as it protruded stiffly from his body for a foot or more. His glans was fat, purplish and as round as a large plum giving his cock a menacing appearance as it jerked stiffly as he watched us. I’m sure the voluminous sac containing his large balls impressed upon JoAnn the volume of cum he would surely spew within her receptive body.I stepped back allowing my flagging cock to slide from JoAnn’s well fucked pussy as I motioned him forward. He stepped between her uplifted thighs and I saw the fear welling in her eyes. Her chest was heaving as she felt his tip press against her hot wet flesh. As he began opening her she cried out, “Oh god it’s too big, it won’t fit…..I..I..c..can’t”, then, as his fat glans overcame her resisting inner muscles to lodge throbbing within her vagina’s tight grasp, her head fell backwards, eyes closed and she moaned, “Oh god yes…YES….oh shit it feels so huge..ahhhhhhh……..oh god Jack look how long he is…….ohhhHHHH GOD YES…..oh damn its so big…so good……so fucking hard….aiiieeeEEEEEEEE……..oh god you’re hurting me…….oh shit…..yes..yes…fuck me…don’t stop..doit!!” JoAnn was holding her thighs up and spread as she watched his black dick slowly pistoning deeper and deeper into her white pussy. She begged him to fuck her faster, harder as her hips began moving, rolling around the hard mass at her center. He kept slowly fucking his dick in her at the same frustratingly slow speed causing her need to become desperate. JoAnn had never felt such intense rippling sensations of pleasure as those his fat dick caused to roil not just her body but also her mind. The outward pressure his dick created within her as he moved became intense waves of pleasure that permeated every cell of her body as they spread from her center to the peripherals of her body. Her fingers clenched into tight fists as her toes curled from the excruciatingly exquisite pleasure that threatened her sanity. Her dress seemed to confine her, trap her as her entire being struggled to free herself from the torment she felt within her. She pulled her dress off over her head and threw it to me as her hands squeezed her breasts, fingers tormenting her nipples as she tried to divert her mind from the pleasure in her pussy. Her legs lowered, heels pulled at his ass, as she held her pussy to his still slow, incessantly pistoning cock.I could see her torment, hear her pleas for him to fuck her faster, to hurt her, anything to relieve the craving need he instilled in her with his slow incessant fucking of her pussy with his young, muscular, stiff cock. The look in JoAnn’s eyes told of her inability to control her emotions much less her actions as her legs wrapped his body and her arms stretched out behind her with her hands flat on the counter-top bracing herself so her hips could uninhibitedly grind her pussy roughly into his black dick bursa escort bayan as he fucked her deeply. Even if the restroom filled with women she knew she would be unable to stop. If anything, in her state of arousal, people watching her would just intensify the insanity she felt in her mind. Her whole situation of being in a public restroom cumming as I ate her cum filled pussy, followed by me fucking my hot cum into her as deeply as I could, only to have my spewing dick replaced immediately by a black boy a third her age stretching her pussy with his long, thick, stiff cock had her lost completely. Her every movement was a reaction to an intense, voltage like, streaming of pleasure permeating every cell of her existence, a pleasure so intense it had her emotions distraught and her mind ceding control of her actions to the movements and corresponding pleasure felt within her pussy. Her mind could not mount a defense to the sensations constantly bombarding her senses and overwhelming her ability to think with their intensity. Even nude she felt trapped, unable to escape the pleasure building within her body that caused her fingers to tingle and her toes to curl tightly. Her whole life had been spent as a reserved mother and then grandmother and now here she was slutting her body to seemingly anyone that desired her and worse, she loved it, craved more of it, especially more of the black dick frustrating her with its slow penetration of her depths.Any reservations or inhibitions she still harbored left her as her mind was swept into the swirling abyss of depravity her body was already engulfed by. The feel of his long dick stretching her pussy incrementally with each slow, pressured stroke of his black dick had her craving for him to fuck her hard, deep, relentlessly to sate the craving within her. Her moans became desperate as his dick opened her internally, stretching her deepest flesh only momentarily before again sliding back along her clenching vagina. Her cries expressed the pleasure she felt as her pussy gyrated around and against his swollen, throbbing glans at the end of each of his forceful thrusts and then her moans told of her disappointment as he refused to press that flesh until the insanity in her mind was exuded as a wet pleasure soaking his dick. Her breathing became rapid, almost Lamaze like with intensity as she felt her body begin tensing. Each slow thrust of his dick became agonizing as she felt herself approaching a point of departure from his torturous fucking of her pussy. Her pride was non-existent as she began begging him to fuck her hard, to make her cum, her hips hunching into his thrusts with forceful gyrations as her hands pulled at his body. Her ass slid from the counter top leaving her weight supported upon his stiff dick as her legs tightened their grip around his ass and she tensed her relief moaning, “Yesssss…..aarrgghhhHHHH…………….FUCK ME…..PLEASE FUCK ME!!”His black hands held her by her ass as he continued the same slow monotonous thrusting up into her convulsing body even as she settled down onto his young hard cock. Soon her pussy was fully impaled as her body trembled, shook, hunched and rubbed her clit into the base of his hardness as she cried out, “Oh god, oh god, oh god its so big….so hard! Fuck me…ohgod I can’t stop cumming…hurts…hurts so fuckin good!”My dick was straining its skin as I stroked it slowly, not wanting to cum as I watched her completely lose it on his young hard black cock. Her hands held his neck as her head was thrown back, long hair hanging as she opened her thighs and stretched her legs out leaving her impaled upon his cock as her pussy gyrated around his up thrusting dick. Finally he began fucking her as she was begging him to, roughly bouncing her body upwards with each torturous thrust into her depths. Her eyes opened widely, her mouth fell open but no sound escaped as he persecuted her pussy fitfully. Her face registered the pain she felt but when she finally cried out her words begged him not to stop, to fuck her forever and then her thighs suddenly closed on his body, legs wrapping him as her body fucked him wildly for a few seconds and then she screamed, “AieeeeeEEEEEEEEE…OH GOD NO…not again….fuckme oh god I’m cumming….yes YES! FUCK ME”, as her head flailed from the ecstasy in her pussy.Seeing her, an older woman, completely lost to his black fucking told of her total subjugation by his young hard dick. If there was any doubt as to her total domination it was dispelled when he turned her ass to me and said, “Fuck my slut’s ass whitey”, as he spread her ass cheeks with his black hands. I was mesmerized by all of this and as I stood there gazing at her perfectly puckered red asshole it opened slightly as if inviting me to enter it. There was nothing in the world I wanted more right then than to feel her asshole squeezing my inflamed cock. I placed my tip at her hole and felt it squeeze shut then relax as he said, “C’mon baby, let him in, you know you want that hot cum up in that ass”. Her ass began moving as she pressed her anus against my tip and moaned loudly. My dick was totally stiff as I held it to her gyrations and soon I felt her opening as I slightly entered her. Her anus squeezed as it tried to dislodge me but I persisted and the next relaxation of her muscle allowed me to slide my glans wholly within her squirming asshole. “Oh fuck it feels so big…burns…don’t move…please don’t move…oh god I’ve got a dick in my asshole…so slutty…nasty feeling…..ohhhhhhhh yeah, fuck my pussy…..ohmygod what am I doing….so good….fuck me…fuck my ass……yes… that…oh god…ohgodddd…fuck me…fuck me hard…..oh shit I..I..I’m…I’m..gonna….oh damn I’m cummin….fuck me…..fuck ME harder……oh god I’m cummmiIIINGGGG……don’t stop….oh fuck PLEASE don’t stop…doit…do my ass….long….long strokes…oh fuckyeah…like that…..ohhhhhhhhgod not again……aaiiiEEeeeeEEEEEEE…..ungh…….ungh……..don’t stop…arghhhHHHHHHH!!”Her entire body fell limp between us as we fucked her roughly. Her head lay back against me as she said, “Oh my god I think I’ve died and went to heaven. Oh damn I never dreamed a dick up my ass could feel so wonderfully slutty and depraved. Cum there Jack, I need to feel you cum in me there…oh god it still feels so nasty….so good”, as her pussy continued to rotate around the black dick within her and thereby also squeezing and milking my embedded cock. “Oh damn I’m such a slut, I can’t get enough of any of this……I’ve never felt so free to enjoy myself as I do right now with both your dicks throbbing inside me. My dick was throbbing because her constant squeezing and relaxing was taking a toll on my ability to keep from exploding my cum up into her tight rectum. “You want me to cum Jo, I can baby, you’re ass feels so wonderful I can feel my balls ready to explode whenever you need it”, I told her. “Yes..oh god yes…doit…I need it….cum in me…nobody’s ever cum there before”, and her hips began hunching as she milked my dick with her tight ring of sensitive nerves. “I…I feel it swelling…let it go Jack….fill my ass up…..ohgod fuck it…….I’’I’I’m gonna…..ohgod…ohgod doit…..cum with me…fuck my pussy…..ohgod cum in my pussy….make it cum…….ahhhhhhhhhhgoddddd I’ve got a black dick cummin in me………oh no….so hot…..ohgod I’m cummin…oh shit Jack I feel it…I feel it in my asshole….aarrghhhhH………arghhHHHHH……ohgod you’re killin me……..cum…cum….oh fuck…ohfuck”My cum lubricated my swiftly thrusting dick as I continued fucking JoAnn’s ass while I spewed my love of what I felt. Her entire nether area was soaked in cum as the three of us flooded our relief and it felt and sounded nasty as we all hunched and thrust in unison. Squishing sounds filled the air as her body became a veritable swamp of cum, hers mine and his. Our moans and groans combined as we all enjoyed the ecstasy her body presented us so wonderfully. I could feel the stiffness leaving his young dick through the thin membrane separating our cocks within her as my own excitement waned with my deflating dick. JoAnn though was still moaning, trembling and tensing as her orgasm continued unabated. Finally her tremors subsided and the three of us stood there hugging, sandwiching her between our bodies as we all sporadically shook and hunched as the arousement slowly drained from us. All but JoAnn that is. Her undulating body told of her desire to continue fucking her young lovers large black dick. He finally said, “Well folks I need to get back to work if I want to get out of here on time tonight.” JoAnn sighed her disappointment and placed her hand behind his head and pulled him to her lips and kissed him with the passion of a woman wanting to enrage a man’s loins to continue fucking her. I felt his dick jerk strongly inside her pussy and thought, “Ah the virility of youth”. “Er, do you think you’ll still be around here around elevenish he asked as her lips left his. My limp dick slid from her ass followed by a gush of cum. I noticed that her feet were inches from the ground as she began sliding down as his dick exited her pussy. Streams of cum ran down her thighs as her feet hit the floor and she crumpled as her legs gave out completely. We caught her and sat her on the counter as she said, “Wow, I didn’t realize how weak my legs are. Where’s my shoes, does anyone see them? “I’m going to sound like a perfect slut asking you this now, she said as she directed her gaze at the black boy, but what is your name? I like to know the name of someone that fucks me so thoroughly and leaves me wanting more.”“Cocker, John Cocker. Please refrain from the jokes about my dick and my name please”, he said.JoAnn smiled and replied, “Well should we call you John or Cocker, I kind of think cocker is appropriate”“I prefer Jack, the nickname for John but you can call me Cocker if you want because I know his name is Jack and it could get confusing like it did to me when we were fucking and you kept talking to “Jack” like you did”.I placed her shoes on her feet and she slid from the counter and immediately grabbed both our dicks and knelt and began cleaning them with her tongue. Both of us rolled our eyes as her tongue laved over our sensitive glanses. She soon had us both hard again as her lips suctioned liquid love from our cocks and balls. She was definitely a wonderful cocksucker and it was very obvious she enjoyed making cocks cum down her throat. She seemed to relish being throat fucked to completion and never missed a drop and always had an orgasm herself while she swallowed hot jism. When she began sucking Cockers dick she stopped and looked up at me and grinned while holding her pussy as her body shuddered and said, “God I want this in my pussy again so badly but then I’d have to clean it again and I’d want it again and we’d never get out of here”. Then she began devouring his black cock until he was fucking his cum down her gullet shortly after. I knelt and began fingering her from behind as he was fucking her face and as soon as she had cleared her throat of his cum she fell forward and began pressing into my hand as I roughly fucked her with it. My thumb found her clit as I groped her as deeply as possible, paying special attention to her g-spot and soon she was cumming hard, squirting profusely as she moaned her love of what she was feeling. “My god what did you do to me, what was that”, she asked as if astonished by her forceful spewing? She lay back on the tile floor of the restroom and raised her head to watch as her thighs clenched and her whitish ejaculations continued to bubble from her urethra as she tensed. “I like that”, she said matter of factly as she held her pussy tightly. “Did I just piss myself”, she asked inquisitively?“Damn girl you just squirted, you’re one hot ass cougar”, Cocker said grinning down at her as he pulled his underwear up and picked up his jeans and stepped into them. “Shit, he continued, now I have to mop that puddle of cum up. Damn you really let go baby. I want you to do that sometime when we fuck, that’s some wild shit. I’d heard about women that do that but I never saw it before. You better sneak out now Jack and let her get cleaned up. Here let me unlock that door”, he said as I wiped her wet expulsions from my hand before donning my pants. We hadn’t known he locked the door and JoAnn and I both had felt an undue excitement at thinking we could be caught at any time. He peered out the door and then turned to me and said, “its ok now, go on out”.Shortly he too came out and winked as he walked by and retrieved a mop and returned to the restroom. I had to smile as I knew he was mopping up JoAnn’s voluminous expulsions. Soon she appeared looking slightly embarrassed as she sat down with me. “I came here to get away from all that and to sort my feelings out as to my behavior in the suv. I wound up experiencing things I never dreamed I would enjoy and found out I love them. I feel really slutty right now Jack but you know, I also feel freer than ever before in my life. Both times, in the suv and the restroom, I felt alive again. My anus really feels alive and different. I keep squeezing it because it feels like it supposed to have something in it and I think its leaking. I have toilet tissue pressed up in my asscrack and my vagina and I’m still feeling wet. I think I should go back to the suv and get my panties. As we walked back to the suv JoAnn went on saying, “My grand-daughter was right it seems, I did need to start living again. Since Frank passed away I have been trying to deny that I needed another man in my life. It always seemed I was being unfaithful to his memory when I felt desire for someone else, hell, I even felt guilty when I masturbated. That seems so foolish now sitting here with you while your wife is enjoying another man’s cock and you accept that with no jealousy or issues. I’m sure it sounds crazy to you but I felt guilty, still do a little, having you inside me in the restroom knowing you’re married. Lydia was right, I did need a sexual adventure like this. She said I needed to let myself go once in my life and meet some adventurous people like those in the suv. I have to admit that all four of us were terribly aroused by the scenes in your truck even my youngest grand-daughters seemed to be affected. I’m sure Lydia knew I was about to open the door to your suv when those girls insisted we go. They seemed anxious to get home and I’m sure it was so they could masturbate to their memories of what they saw. I know I would have also if Lydia hadn’t suggested I return to your suv and she would take the girls home to their parents. She said if I needed a ride home I could call her to come get me. I guess I didn’t need much encouragement after almost opening your door when I was standing there the first time. The unexpected sight of your hard cock and their fucking was mesmerizing to say the least. Then, knowing your arousement was mirroring my own, I wanted to feel you inside me so badly, as I stood there. For some strange reason it just felt natural that we should be having sex as they were. I can’t believe I was about to open the door with my grand-c***dren standing there. I have never been more nervous or excited as I was when I approached your vehicle the second time. If I hadn’t been so aroused I would never have had the courage to do something so blatantly sexual. It went against every value I had but the whole situation was heightening the arousal I felt so intensely that it gave me the courage to say hi to you even with your cock jerking in plain sight or more truthfully, because of that fact.I opened the door so JoAnn could enter the suv and walked around and got in myself. As I entered I heard Willie telling JoAnn that Connie needed a little break and that if she wanted she could use his dick until she recuperated. Then Connie spoke up saying in a weak voice, “My pussy is still wanting more but the rest of my body is telling me to take a break, damn I’m exhausted. Go on and come back here, you won’t ever regret it I promise you!” The MeetingChapter 3: Caught, but the Officer is Seduced Also.I could see the trepidation and indecision displayed on JoAnn’s face as she watched Willie stroking his fat long cock for her enjoyment. He knew the effect it was having on her. I watched the arousement building inside her, her breathing was becoming deep but unhurried as she shifted in the seat until she was kneeling facing Willie as her tongue slowly ran over her lips as she wondered if she could possibly get his fat dick in her pussy. I softly said, “You know you’ll regret it the rest of your life if you don’t try!” She smiled at me and then lifted her dress over her head and lay it beside her on the seat and knelt there with her fingers toying with her clit until her courage built enough to allow her to slide through the seats into the rear. I grabbed the toilet tissue from her ass and vagina as she moved to the back causing her to turn and say, “Thank You”, as she winked at me.I watched as she sat cross-legged beside him with her hands gripping his cock as she felt it. Her fingers weren’t long enough to completely encircle his massive thickness and her eyes gleamed as she realized just what she was about to embark on. I could easily discern her rapture as she began stroking him lovingly and his dick began jerking stiffly in her grasp. I knew she was wanting to taste his black dick but couldn’t muster the courage quite yet to do so. I said, “Let us see you suck it Jo, play with his big balls and suck it good and hard so it can stretch your tight pussy”. She moaned and slid her legs down along his as her thighs squeezed tightly and her mouth found his fat glans and she made a display out of licking all around it as she teased him before stopping and looking at me saying, “Does it turn you on watching me suck his black cock Jack, I bet you’d like me to suck on his black balls wouldn’t you?” She watched my face as she licked the length of his dick, sucking at his shaft, licking wetly all over his thick shaft before sucking a ball into her mouth as she moaned her excitement as Willie placed his large hand on her head saying, “That’s a good slut, suck those nigga nuts. You want that cum don’t you baby, want to feel this black dick shooting hot cum in your mouth. Yeeah I know you do. Show Jack and Connie here how bad you need a black man to cum for you, suck my dick baby, suck the cum right outta those black balls”.Jo was seething hot, his words had her pussy literally streaming her excitement as her lips slid over his knob and she began sucking in earnest at his tautly swollen glans. Willie began moaning his pleasure as her head bobbed swiftly, her right hand following her mouth up and down his dick while her left squeezed and felt his massive balls. JoAnn’s relative inexperience sexually except for missionary and oral sex with her husband had left her vulnerable to the intense arousement of the new experiences she was encountering. Interracial sex was never in her mind and now its taboo nature had her lost to the emotions and sensations that Willie’s huge cock was instilling in her. She had always been treated with respect by her husband and now she was being called a slut and cocksucker and feeling humiliated and used by black men, fucking young teenagers and loving it and about to embark on her greatest adventure yet, Willie’s huge black dick.She knelt beside him rubbing her clit as she allowed her arousement to heighten, giving her courage to stand flat footed astraddle his erect cock and lower her sloppy pussy to his bloated glans. JoAnn quickly decided that it would be impossible for her to engage his thick cock head after trying unsuccessfully for a few minutes to impale herself with it. Willie folded his legs up as he knelt and pushed Jo to her hands and knees and began forcing into her pussy. Jo screamed and tried to get away by crawling forward but soon he had her shoulders pressed against the front seats and was holding her by her long hair as he forced past her restricting inner muscles causing her to shriek with pain. She twisted her body and reached between the seats and grabbed the gear shift knob and tried to pull her body from his thick dick. Willie just kept fucking his cock into her pussy. Each forward thrust of his hips moved her entire body until there was nowhere for her to go. She screamed how he was killing her, ripping her pussy and pleaded for him to stop, begged me to make him stop but Willie persisted until her cries became moans and her hips began undulating. Her head lifted and I saw the trails her tears had left down her cheeks but now her eyes were closed and she was extolling the pleasure she felt as he fucked her forcefully, deeply.Her beautiful face was contorted with the exquisiteness of the pain she was enduring as she became overwhelmed by the pleasure she felt imparted by his black cock’s stretching her deeply. Soon she was kneeling with her hands on the seat backs as Willie’s hands groped her breasts, squeezing them as he continued his forceful journey to her depths. Her eyes were veiled with a fog of pure lust as her hips rolled in tight circles around the massive cock at her center. As each new orgasm began tensing her body she pressed back into his dick moaning, “Fuck me, oh god it’s so deep, so hard and thick…..aieeeEEEE……….yes…yes….oh god it’s so big…fuckmeeeEEEEAAIIEEEEE……arghhh……unghh doit…oh fuck…ccc.c.can’t stop cum…cumming…arrgghhHHHH…..fuck me….oh god you’re hurting my pussy….don’t stop….please fuckmeeee!!That was how JoAnn was when the front door opened and I saw the girl that had been masturbating earlier climbing into the front seat smiling broadly. This was Lydia the girl that had talked her grandmother into returning to join us. I knew she was just sixteen or s*******n years old and I felt exposed sitting there with my hard dick jerking in full view of this beautiful teenager. JoAnn’s loud exhortations of pained pleasure caught her attention and she twisted in her seat to stare raptly at her Mamaw’s erotic fucking of Willie’s black dick. Willie was again on his back and Jo was astraddle him sitting on his cock with her thighs widely spread, feet flat on the floor and her arms stretched spread eagle as her hands gripped the passenger handholds above the windows. Her position left nothing to the imagination as she rose and fell fitfully on his massive dick. Her cries were constant as she fucked herself with his huge cock for a few seconds and then forced her pussy down onto his thickness while groaning as she felt him stretching and distending her pussy forcefully. You could see her craven need as she ground down onto his fat glans while gasping how huge he was and how much she loved his black dick. Lydia’s only response was, “Wow, look how her pussy is stretched by his dick, that has to feel really good”, and then her entire body was wracked by a shudder that left her squeezing her pussy between tightened thighs. She turned back around and slid down in the seat until her ass cleared the seat and then raised her skirt and slid her panties down her shapely legs and off her feet before placing them in her purse and sitting it on the floor beside JoAnn’s. Then she turned to face me while leaning back against the door and spreading her thighs widely allowing me to stare directly at her young clean shaven pussy. She stared at my dick as her fingertips began rolling her tautly swollen clit beneath them causing passion filled moans to escape from her lips and her hips to sensually undulate. Her gaze lifted to my face and she panted, “You must think I’m a real slut but I’m really not, it’s just that all this happening today has simply overwhelmed my sensibilities. I wouldn’t do this anywhere else but I can’t help myself in this sexually charged atmosphere. God, even my reserved grandmother is back there hunching her pussy down onto a huge black dick like a sex starved slut. And you, you’re sitting there with your dick begging to be touched while I’m here craving to have it in me making me cum.I was as aroused as ever in my life seeing this beautiful teen girl so lost to the arousement consuming her. Her pussy was oozing her excitement, the light was glinting off it as it seeped into the crack of her ass and coated her labia after her craving compelled her to press her fingers inside her vagina and grope herself deeply. Her breathing was quickened, chest lifting and falling as her eyes clouded with the internal heat of her arousement. Her countenance showed the hunger within her, her eyes reflecting the a****l lust overwhelming her. I was sure the sight of her grandmother screaming her pleasure as she fucked Willie’s black dick had a large part of the arousement gripping her now. So much had been transpiring I had almost forgotten my wife was even here. What had started as her black debasement had become an orgy of sorts right here in the parking lot. I glanced into the back and didn’t see her at first, then I noticed her curled in a ball at the back of the suv sound asleep. She had a satisfied smile on her face and I was sure she was probably exhausted from all the energy she had used cumming for hours on Willie’s hard dick. He was everything she had demanded in her requirements and more!I loved everything that had happened today. Being very voyeuristic I had been hard most of the day as I enjoyed the throbbing and jerking instilled by my wife and these other women and girls. Watching as they allowed the men and young boys to sate the hungers they possessed in their bodies was a voyeurs dream as was the young woman sitting across from me expressing her need. But even a voyeur needs relief occasionally and I held my dick as I asked Lydia, “Would you like to suck this for me sweetie? Seeing your beautiful body in such a state of obvious need has me needing to cum something awful.”Her tongue ran slickly over her lips as she stared at the precum oozing from my tip and I could see her indecision at stopping pleasuring herself and sucking my dick or just continuing and cumming herself. The dick won out as she knelt in the seat and moved to lower her mouth to my jerking cock. I remembered how JoAnn had assumed the same position earlier and I had been left throbbing my need as the boys distracted her from my dick. I planned on just lying back and enjoying this young woman sucking me as the hunger within her drove her to relieve the aching need of my balls to spew into her throat and onto her moist tongue. She had just pressed her mouth down my dick to my balls when I heard a tapping sound. My first instinct was to ignore it but it grew louder and more insistent. I glanced towards the sound and was shocked to see a cop standing tapping on the window as he bent to peer inside. Instinctively, not thinking of my action, I lowered the window with the switch. “Goddamn, what the fuck do you people think you’re doing in this shopping center parking lot. He stepped sideways and gazed into the back of the suv for much longer than he needed to in order to ascertain that yes, there was a white woman energetically fucking a huge dicked black man back there. He returned to the window and placed his arm on the frame and leaned in slightly and said, “Welll as I see it one of two things is gonna happen here, one, all of you can go to jail tonight, or two, he said as he opened the door and lowered his zipper and pulled his hard dick out, you can drain this cop’s balls and get out of the parking lot in a hasty manner.I smacked Lydia’s ass, who by the way hadn’t missed a lick sucking my much limper dick, and said, “Have at it officer, she needs a good fucking, isn’t that right Lyd?”“UMMMMMyeaass”, she moaned as she shook her head yes while still bobbing quickly on my again hardening dick. God what was it about seeing white women fucking large black cocks that aroused everyone and made them need to cum so badly I wondered? I was feeling elated that this cop had succumbed to JoAnn’s display of her unmitigated hunger for Willie’s dick and thereby kept us from the pokey.I watched as the cop pulled Lydia’s ass towards the door allowing her knees to drop to the floor leaving her d****d over the seat with her ass at the doorway. I saw her face grimace as he entered her roughly then stop as he undid his trousers and allowed them to drop leaving him there with his utility belt hanging open as he again began fucking his cock into Lydia’s young pussy. He soon was buried to his balls as Lyd moaned her pleasure loudly. “How old are you”, he asked Lydia as I prayed she said eighteen. “s*******n”, she said, causing him to bend down and look at me questioningly.“I have a daughter your age”, he said matter-of-factly.“Do you fuck her this good too”, Lyd asked him causing me to about shit my pants. She told us later that every time she mentioned his daughter his dick stiffened and swelled inside her. “Does she tell you how good your dick feels in her pussy? I’d like to fuck my daddy too, he’s so handsome and he has such a big dick. I have to play with my pussy whenever I see him and mom fucking. You can be my daddy now. Fuck me daddy, fuck my pussy, I promise I won’t tell anybody”, she continued as he was obviously affected by her words.We didn’t know that a few days earlier he had opened his daughter’s door unannounced and saw her kneeling looking for something under her bed wrapped only in a towel that left her ass and shaved pussy directly in his view. He had stood there gazing at her entirely too long and when he finally broke free of his thoughts his dick was hard and he started to close the door and leave but she had stood and said, you’re supposed to knock before you come in dad. He had been embarrassed as he saw her gaze fall to his obviously hard dick. And then the towel fell and she stood there nude for much longer than necessary before saying, “Oh my god dad”, and turning till her back was towards him and then bending at the waist to retrieve the towel leaving her perfect ass for his view again. Holding the towel to her she said coyly, “Oh well, I guess you didn’t see anything you haven’t seen when you changed my diapers huh dad”, and then laughed nervously leaving him wondering if it was sexual tension expressed in her voice.He had replied, “Just more of it sweetie, you’ve certainly grown into a beautiful young woman like your mom, same body and everything. Oh I came to tell you dinner is ready. He knew his voice reflected the sexual tension he felt so he left quickly. He felt perverted for the thoughts he had while staring at his daughter’s beautiful body. Those thoughts and the memory of her body had haunted him ever since though and now this girl he was fucking had brought those memories to the forefront of his mind.“I’ve wanted this so long daddy, wanted to feel you fucking me like you fuck momma. Do it hard daddy, fuck my pussy like I see you fuck mom. You feel so good in my pussy dad, so hot and big. Tell me you like fucking me daddy, tell me you’ll do it every day.”He was sweating profusely as his strokes became more forceful and his dick swelled and jerked in her pussy as she taunted him knowing he must have thoughts of fucking his own daughter by his reaction to her words. He bent down and reached for and squeezed her tits while bent over her back. The sounds of JoAnn’s cries caught his attention and he glanced at them and his dick throbbed and swelled even larger as he watched her hunch into the dick impaling her almost fully now.“Oh daddy would you like to see me fuck a black guy like that, I will if you want me too”“Yes, yes I would baby”, he groaned as his mind became captured by the images of his daughter and wife impaled by a dick like Willie’s. Those thoughts and visions emptied his balls in Lydia’s wildly hunching pussy as he thrust deep and hard into her repeatedly with each hot discharge. Suddenly the radio on his shoulder became alive asking if he had responded to the mall parking call yet.“10-4 you can 10-22 the Dixie shopping center call I’m 10-23 appears to be just a 10-92 the operator has the vehicle running and will remove it shortly 10-12”, he responded as he pulled his trousers up and once clothed again he smacked Lydia on the ass and said, “Good luck with your dad sweetheart but now you have to get out of this parking lot before another cop comes along. He seemed uneasy, as if he knew Lydia had tuned into his thoughts of his daughter, which she had, and wanted to get away from her. That and she was u******e and he had just dropped his nuts in her young pussy thinking of doing the same with his own daughter.It was later when JoAnn’s jaded mind realized it was her grand-daughter being fucked in the front seat just as she had been earlier except she had an older man’s dick empty his balls in her hot young pussy.I started the engine thinking I would get a motel room. Just as I put the truck in gear I heard a yell and glanced behind us to see Cocker running towards us yelling, “Hey wait up, where you going?”I stopped and he ran up and opened the door and stopped, smiling as he saw Lydia sucking my dick again but this time less hungrily as she seemed to enjoy it more. “Damned nice pussy even if it is leaking some man’s ball juice from it. We gonna share this ass too my man”, he asked as he ran his hands over Lydia’s smooth ass cheeks.“Get in, a cop told us we have to go or go to jail. Climb in the back I’m sure you can find something to get into back there”, I told him as a disappointed look came over his face.I pulled out onto the road and began driving north. I stopped at a red light and a pick-up pulled alongside me with a blonde woman driving it. I let the suv roll up till she was alongside them fucking in the back seat. I pretended to be staring out the windshield like I was completely unaware my dick was being sucked. She turned her head and glanced in our window as we rolled by. I saw her face register what she had seen and again slowly turn to stare at Willie and JoAnn. Her face took on a somber look, her tongue moved slickly over her lips as I watched her scoot down in her seat. I was sure she was removing her panties. It seemed to take forever for the light to turn as she would gaze into our suv and then straighten, face forward, eyes closed as I was sure she was playing with her pussy. When the light turned green and I pulled off slowly she drove beside us hanging back where she could watch them fuck and see the road simultaneously. Each time I turned to watch JoAnn fucking Willie I also saw out the window the woman’s face contorted with the passion of her own arousement.Suddenly the pickup truck raced by us. As she passed I saw the woman’s face and her mouth was open, head bobbing strongly and I knew she was cumming and inadvertently hit the gas as she tensed. I had my hand on Lyd’s head as I drove and Jo and Willie were oblivious to the woman in the truck that had been observing them. I saw the pickup slow and allow us to get beside her again. By now Cocker was nude kneeling in front of Jo while she stroked his dick while grinding down onto Willie’s dick. She was on fire as her arousement expressed itself in her actions. This time the woman rode alongside us as she watched Lyd suck my dick. I turned my head and stared directly into her eyes and smiled as I motioned to her and then to Lyd sucking me as if asking if she’d like to suck me too. She immediately lay back in her seat and her whole body began trembling, her eyes closed, head jerking as she cum again. I noticed that she was running up on the car in front of her and began blowing my horn and at the last second before impact she jerked the wheel and turned into a parking lot. I watched in the rear view mirror as her truck sat motionless in the lot. I smiled knowing that she was still cumming because of us.It was then I heard my wife’s impassioned scream of, “OH MY GOD YES, oh fuck, doit, doit hard…oh shit fuck me. Oh my god another black cock is fucking me Jack! Fuck I love black dick! Oh damn its so long…fuck me….fuckit hard…oh my god I love this so much…..oh god baby fuck it….hurts…oh shit I love the way you hurt my pussy……..fuck it….oh damn….fuckme hard…hard…oh fuck I..I.I’m c.c.cummin….aawwwwkkkk…..oh god its so big…hard……oh god yes…fuck it all in me…c..c.can’t cumminggggggg……I love it…love it….FUCK ME!…aarrrggghhhHHHHHH…ohhhhhhhgodddd Oh fuck you’re ripping my pussy… it…….yes…yes…right there…oh shit yeah…fuckit….doit…oh god no..not again……aaiieeeEEEEEEEEEEE….hurt it…oh pleasseee hurt it…aarrrGGHHHHHHHYESYESgoditssofucking big…long…..fuck me forever…please don’t stop…..cum, I need you to cum in me……oh baby your dicks so fucking good….hard… stiff….need it….d..d..don’t hold back……make it cum……ohhhdamn….OHFUCKITS SWELLING……so big….so much dick! Show Jack how much you like his wife’s pussy….cum in it for me…make me scream while he hears me take your hot cum.“Hey Jack my man, this woman says she’s your old lady and she wants me to leave some nigga cum all up in her pussy, you ok wid dat?”“Yeah tear that slut pussy up Cocker, make her scream and then fill her up with as many loads of black ball juice as she can hold. Make her beg for it, makes my dick hard hearing her beg for black dick to cum in her!”“You white people are fucked up man but I’m not complaining as long as this slut fucks dat pussy back on dis dick like she is. Your wife loves black cock fella and I love fucking her for ya. Yeah baby git dat dick, that’s it fuck dat pussy back into it hard. Fuck it like you havta have dat cum to survive!”I watched Connie ramming her pussy back onto Cocker’s long dick like a woman possessed by a demon, a demon that craved black cock cumming in her. As I watched I saw headlights coming up behind us, lights that were set higher than normal and Connie and Cocker were illuminated brightly as they fucked. I knew who it was right away. The woman drove up on our bumper and rode there for a few minutes and I knew she was watching them fuck. I could see his long dick silhouetted by her headlights as he withdrew it and knew the woman was seeing its length and girth also. Soon her lights dipped and she slowed quickly and I knew she was cumming again. As high as her truck was she probably saw Jo rising and falling on Willie’s dick also adding to the arousement she surely had. Lydia was driving me crazy with her avid tonguing of my swollen sensitive glans as she enjoyed licking and sucking at my dick. She had never been involved in a group sexual situation and I’m sure she felt sexually unfettered and free to enjoy everything she had ever imagined. She was sucking my cock like she had been craving to lick and suck a dick for hours and now that she was free to do so she was enjoying it immensely. But her enjoyment had my balls aching for release and I pulled into a parking lot and held her young head as I proceeded to fuck her mouth uncaringly of her plight. God I needed to cum and it was her that I needed to give it to. She moaned and allowed me to fuck her throat as deeply as possible until moaning I rammed my swollen dick as deep as possible in her throat and clenched my ass cheeks and exploded hotly into her constricting throat flooding her with the product of my long constrained balls. She choked, coughed around my pulsing dick and cum spewed from her nostrils as I tensed till I thought my glans was going to explode. Finally my need subsided a bit and I withdrew to her mouth and moaned my pleasure as she sucked hard on my tip, her tongue laving at my urethra as I continued spewing while holding her tightly to my throbbing glans. Her hand pumped me as if she thirsted for my cum while she continued sucking and licking at me strongly as each drop oozed from my opening. Finally I sunk back into the seat while she was still sucking at my sensitive glans until moaning I had to entwine my fingers in her hair and pull her from my dick forcefully.“Wha..what’s wrong, did I do something wrong”, she asked with a look on her face as if surprised that I had stopped her. “NO, definitely not sweetie. All that cum dripping from your nose and chin says you did everything perfectly I’d say. You really love sucking cock don’t you Lyd”, I asked her as she wiped cum from her face with her fingers and made an erotic show of sucking it off and swallowing it.“Hmmmm I do now. I’ve never been able to just take my time before and enjoy the way a dick jerks and swells in my mouth and hands. I loved teasing your tip with my tongue until it exuded that slick liquid so I could lick and suck it off you. That’s the first time someone really fucked my mouth and I loved it. I really loved it when you cum in my throat and I felt it sliding down my throat making me swallow it. But damn you just kept spewing until I choked and a lot of it came out my nose. I thought I was gonna drown but I really didn’t want you to stop. The way you moaned as your balls emptied in my mouth and then when I was sucking your fat tip really turned me on. It turns me on knowing you like me sucking your dick while you’re cumming and you have to just fuck it in me uncontrollably. I’m gonna suck one of those black dicks after while, that really turns me on thinking about it, gonna fuck them both too and that reeeaaaally turns me on thinking about it. I wanna feel what your wife and Grandma is feeling now. I bet they wish they had fucked black cocks when they were my age instead of waiting till they were older.I put my dick up but the way this day was going I had a feeling I would have it out stroking it again. I started the engine and had it in my mind to drive to a motel when suddenly the woman in the truck sped into the lot and made a big circle and stopped with her door alongside mine. She opened her door and swiveled in the seat and said something. I got out and walked the few steps to her open door and said, “What did you say”, with a big smile on my face. Up close I could see that she didn’t have panties on and her open thighs allowed me to see her wet thighs and pussy as my face was at the same height as her seat.“What in the hell are you people thinking? Damn you’ve almost caused me to wreck three or four times watching you people fuck and suck. Don’t you know how hot it is watching those black guys fuck those women? What are you trying to do to people anyway”, she asked as she sat on the edge of the seat?I got up close to her and placed my hands under her thighs and pulled them towards me as my head lowered between her thighs and I began sucking at her pussy hard, licking her soaked pussy as she screamed in surprise, “Oh my god what are you….ohhhhh shit……oh damn that feels so nasty…so good”, as she lay back on the seat with her thighs lifted and widely spread. I sucked and licked at her furiously until her hands were holding my head as she rubbed her pussy against my face as my tongue flailed inside her slickly. My face was coated with her slick emissions as I licked and sucked powerfully at her clit until she was tensing so hard her back arched and her hands gripped the seat in white knuckled fists as she begged me not to stop. I wouldn’t stop even when she pleaded, “Oh god no more, please no more, oh fuck…oh fuck no…arghhHHHHHgoddddnoooo……suckit…oh fuck I’m cumming again….aieeeeEEEEeee….you’re fuckin killin me……yes…yes….suck it….ohgod don’t stop, please don’t stop…aarrgghhhhHHHHHHHHAAAIIIEEEEEEEE….oh my god in heaven….fuck me….oh fuck I want to fuck one of those black dicks……….oh god fuck me….please fuck me. I was already undoing my pants as I suctioned her clit roughly. I climbed up into the cab and lifted her back onto the seat and crawled between her thighs and rammed my entire dick into her with one hard thrust of my hips and began fucking her hard, ferociously as her hands pulled at my ass. We rutted like two a****ls as our bodies slammed together and ground roughly against the others until her thighs squeezed my body, ankles pulling at me as she held her pussy to my deepest, hardest thrusts and we both cum hard. I didn’t cum I gushed. It felt like my constrictor muscle just opened and allowed every drop of cum in me to rush in one long streaming flood from my balls into her receptive pussy as we ground together in a rhapsody of love as our bodies released the sexual torment of the days arousement. I couldn’t believe I had gotten hard just moments after Lydia had drained my balls thoroughly and then gushed another pussy full of hot cum from them just minutes later. I was drained and I fell atop her as we both lay there gasping from the ferocity of our coupling.“I was going to get a motel room would you like to join us”, I asked as my dick slid from her pussy and I slid backwards down her body until my head was even with her pussy and I began licking her sensitive clit. She moaned, shuddered and bent to press me away as she said, “Yes, Yes, quit that till we’re there though”.I pulled my pants up and then noticed that Lydia was standing there the whole time watching us. “That was hot”, she exclaimed as her hand still rubbed at her clit. Seeing my dick hanging she quickly knelt and sucked it into her mouth and cleaned it of our cum before saying thoughtfully, “Hmmmm her pussy tastes kinda nice, wonder if she’d let me clean her too”, she asked smiling.“Yes I will beautiful, but not here, at the motel you can enjoy my pussy for as long as you like and then I will return the favor if you’d like”, she said to Lydia as she spread her thighs and allowed Lyd to see her well fucked pussy. “Why don’t you ride with me baby”, she asked Lyd?Lydia was aroused at the thought of being with an older woman for her first Bi experience. She had always thought it would be with her grandmother or hoped for it anyway. She gleefully ran around the truck and climbed into the cab and I watched as she assumed the same position as she had in the suv and began rubbing her clit sensually. Ann was going to wreck before they got there if Lydia teased her like that, or they’d never get there because they stopped and 69’d in the truck I thought as I grinned.When I got back in the suv JoAnn was moaning loudly, “Oh god its so big, so good, ohhhh it hurts, it hurts…fuck me….oh god Willie…yes…yes…right there..aaarrgghhhHHHHHHH…..unghh……unghhh oh god not again….noooooo….aaaiieeeeEEEEEI”M CUMMIN OH GOD……..OHGOD…….GOD ITS TOO BIG oh shit…shit….oh god my pussy’s so full……..aieeeee…..too much…..oh fuck you’re ripping my pussy……god I love your dick……….oh…oh….ohgod please, please not again……..unghhh….unghhh……oh damn…….oh god its so good….so hard……oh fuckkkkkk oh god I’m cumming again…nooo..nooo…..oh god I love your black dick……….aieeeee………..aieeeEEEEEEEEE…..oh god baby I can’t stop……….fuck me….please doit hard……..oh god it hurts so deep…so good…god you’re killin me…killin my pussy…d..d…don’t stop…god I love it……love…aarrgghhhHHHHHHHHHGOD……doit…doit baby…..god I love your long…….unghh….thick….unghhhh….hard dick. 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His balls mashed her asshole while his body crushed her clit as he buried his entire long black girth as deeply as possible into her white body. Her ankles pulled her pussy up and held it to the grinding heaven of her deep impalement as she cried out her plight with tears rolling down her cheeks as she begged for his cum and got it.Connie was laying on her back, her arms wrapping Cocker’s body as she hunched sensually up into his extreme length while moaning her love of his black cock as he stretched her unmercifully. Her eyes were closed and her head was held in the concave of his shoulder as she tensed repeatedly as he ground his dick into her soul. She had found heaven on another black cock and hadn’t missed or needed him for a second as she cried her love of Cocker’s black cock and how she’d only fuck black men from now on. I heard him ask her if his dick was better than mine and her answer, while expected still cut me to the quick as she moaned, “Oh god baby there’s no words to describe how much better your dick is and how much it satisfies me more than he ever did or could. This pussy is black owned baby, I love your long dick stretching me deeply. Now fuck me baby, hurt my pussy with your big black dick, let me cum on it again, god I love the way you make me cum, fuck this white slut hard, make me scream your name”.God what is wrong with me I ask myself as my dick throbs stiffly once more. Hearing her love of these guys black cocks should instill anger in me but instead I love it, it excites me knowing how she craves their dicks and wants to cum with them inside her over and over. I want to cum as badly as she craves their black balls to empty themselves inside her married pussy as I watch and hear her love of their hot juices scalding her pussy, my wife’s pussy.“Listen up people, I’m going to get a room so we can get comfortable and fuck on beds and furniture instead of this hard floor. Everybody ok with that?”Connie glanced at me with lust fogged eyes and said, “Oh god does that mean I can fuck black cock all night, lets do it!.”JoAnn was attempting to suck Willie hard again and she stared at me blankly for a few seconds before asking, “Why would you do that when I have a home with a swimming pool and bedrooms everywhere. Why not just go to my home”, she asked?“That works for me Jo how do I get there?”She thought for a second before saying, “We’ll have to get dressed as it’s a gated community is that all right with everyone”, she asked as she glanced at everybody?Everyone seemed ready for a break anyway so we all agreed and began searching for clothes and raising the seats in the back and before long we all looked like normal people. I glanced over at Ann’s truck and didn’t see anyone so I got out and went over and climbed up on the running board and watched as Lydia roughly ground her pussy into Ann’s face as she cum screaming. Ann had Lydia’s thighs pressed up next to her breasts as she tongue fucked her deep and viciously. It was hot seeing someone so young gripping an older woman’s head and pulling her tightly into her gushing pussy as her hips hunched frantically into the wet licking within her. I coughed and said, “We’re all going to JoAnn’s home to party. I guess you know how to get there don’t you Lydia”. Lydia’s head was lain against the seat back and her moans didn’t waver as she continued undulating even after Ann had stopped sucking her pussy. Ann gazed at me with eyes that smoldered with her arousement at eating such a young tasty cunt and said, “Ok Jack, we’ll be there soon baby. Just thought I’d grab a bite to eat because I was starving for some of this young pussy”. I smiled and shook my head and thought “God, who would believe me if I told someone about this day”.The MeetingChapter Four: The Aftermath, Officer DanDan Morley was a normal guy, married eighteen years with a s*******n year old daughter and fifteen years on the police force. He had been tempted plenty of times to take advantage of his position as a cop to profit sexually and in other ways but had always resisted other than maybe accepting a donut or cup of coffee here and there through the years usually in return for a favor from him. Surprisingly, up until the last few years, he and his wife were happy sexually. For a couple of years though his wife Marlene seemed to be more sexually inclined than he was. He would be tired or preoccupied with his job and nothing seemed to really get his blood flowing anymore, not even his wife. He knew they still loved each other but he knew she needed more from him sexually that he couldn’t provide.Then that thing with Carla had happened quite unexpectantly. That night he had surprised his wife by taking her on the bathroom countertop. She had even commented on how hard his dick had been and asked him what had gotten him so worked up. He wondered what she’d say if she knew he was remembering their daughter’s young firm body and her seemingly uncaring attitude that he had seen her totally nude. Every time he replayed that encounter in his mind he convinced himself a little more that she had dropped the towel on purpose and wanted to turn him on, wanted him to think of her sexually. Every little thing she did now became something sexual in his mind. She’d kiss him good-bye and he wondered if she had meant for her breast to press against his arm like it had. Once when he was standing between the island in the kitchen and the sink she had pressed her body through the narrow space and he was sure she had pressed her ass against his dick, purposefully lingering there as she reached for a paper towel and then backing into him once she had grabbed one and her hand had reached back as if to steady herself but it landed directly on his semi-hard dick. Did he imagine that she had squeezed him as her hand pressed against him steadying herself in an “Accidental” touching as she did it. He found himself noticing young girls on the street and comparing their bodies to Carla’s. He would be sitting in his patrol car watching traffic and begin remembering her nude body and wondering at her feel. His dick would harden as he thought of touching her labia as she was bent before him. He always felt guilty after having those thoughts but he knew he enjoyed thinking them. He also knew he would never do anything to make those visions true.Then he got the call about the car in the mall parking lot. He had sat and watched the people in the suv and found it very arousing seeing white women so lost to the feelings and emotions of fucking a black guy. He wondered if the white man with them was married to one of them or a friend or whatever. He had watched the one woman be fucked by the black guy and then they stopped and he was about to approach the suv when another white couple walked to the vehicle and entered it. In just a few minutes that woman had taken her clothes off and was in the back with the black guy obviously sucking his cock. He had watched as the black guy fucked the woman doggy style roughly and then the woman had rode his cock maniacally. Again he started to approach when a younger woman pulled into the lot and parked some feet from them and walked to the suv and got in. The last two women to enter had been beautiful, one older and one younger.When he finally did approach the suv and watched up close and saw the young woman sucking the man’s dick he had to notice the similarity of her bare ass and his daughter’s. That prompted his thoughts of Carla and as his dick pounded in his uniform pants he decided he was going to fuck somebody or they all were going to jail. Remembering how the young girl had taunted him and how much he had loved thinking of Carla as he fucked her in his mind and then his thoughts turned to watching his wife fucking such a huge dick as the guy in the back possessed he began coming unglued. Then he thought of Carla fucking such a black dick and he exploded instantly. That girl seemed to know his thoughts and how to push his buttons perfectly. He wished he had gotten her name and number but her being so young he had just wanted to be gone. But now every time he looked at his daughter he remembered the girl’s tightness and the feel of her firm breasts beneath his fingertips and the softness of her ass. His wife appreciated the results of his thoughts even though he was sure she would leave him if she knew the truth causing his hard erections.Then his wife’s mother became ill and she wanted to return home to help her father care for her for a few weeks or however long it took for her to get well if shorter than that. Dan had assured her they would be fine and to go home and care for her. Dan and Carla took her to the airport the next day and stayed till she boarded the plane. On the ride home it became very quiet and Dan thought there was a sexual tension in the air. Carla kept squirming in her seat and Dan would glance at her with his peripheral vision trying not to let her know he was looking. She wore a short skirt and it kept riding up her thighs. “Want to stop and get a bite to eat”, he asked trying to forestall the erection he felt pulsing in his pants.“Naw I think I’m gonna go home and lie down for a while if its ok with you”, she answered. He noticed her hand was squeezed between her thighs as she leaned sideways in the seat against the door. Then she sat up and said, “Oh this is Friday isn’t it, did mom tell you Sheila was spending the weekend with us? Her parents are going out of town and won’t be back till Monday so she’s staying with us. I bet mom forgot all about it. I guess you have to entertain us both all by yourself for the week-end cause mom would crap herself if you left us alone with her gone”, she said smiling really big as if she enjoyed that thought.“Which one is Sheila”, he asked her?“The sexy one that wears a thong when she comes to the house to swim because she knows it teases you so bad”, she said laughing.“Oh yeah, I wonder if she’ll bring it with her tonight and wear it without your mom here to protect her”, he asks smiling real big. He thought he was making a joke but when Carla said, “She might bring it but without mom here she’ll probably just go skinny dipping hoping you’ll jump her bones. She’s really quite a slut and she has always said she’d like to have sex with you. I think the uniform turns her on”, she said matter-of-factly.“Oh, it’s just the uniform and not my rugged good looks or my hot body, huh”, he continued trying to make light of her words.“No, I imagine it’s because I told her what a good lay you are. Remember the time a when you and mom were having sex in the living room and you didn’t know I was home until after you was through; well I saw the whole thing and the next day I told Sheila about it and she made me describe the whole thing in vivid detail. She told me then she was going to screw you and she’s been teasing you ever since. I guess I’m your pimp dad. And just so you know if she should happen to succeed this week-end I swear I won’t tell anyone because it’s my fault she’s so hot for you, especially not mom.” He pulled in their garage and they got out and walked in the house as they continued the conversation.“Why would you do that Carla? Whatever possessed you to tell her something like that? I mean it’s not like it was something that would come up in everyday conversation.”“Are you mad at me? I wasn’t thinking straight and she was just persistent about wanting to know why I was so preoccupied the next day. Sheila can be a very insistent nag when she wants to know something.”“What was wrong with you that she would notice honey? I mean why would you even be thinking about it the next day?”“Dad I was not a virgin a year ago and not a little girl anymore either. How do you think watching you and mom have sex affected me. I mean it was quite erotic and you two did about everything two people could together. I mean you even did her in the butt and she loved it! I know it really changed the way I saw mom after that. God she can be such a slut when she’s hot. I knew why you two got married after that night. I still get upset when I remember how mom got when you…… I can’t say it but I see it in my mind still!”“Why did you keep watching if it affected you so badly Carla, why didn’t you just go to your room or something”, escort bursa he asked?“Dad could you stop watching if you saw two good looking sexy people having sex and you knew they didn’t know you were watching. I mean it wasn’t like I was thinking of you being my parents while I was so hot I wanted to join you two. I was an emotional wreck having the feelings I was having that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about doing things with you and even mom. I couldn’t sleep all night that night and mom thought I’d pissed the bed the next morning it was so soaked from me imagining things and masturbating over and over. I mean it wasn’t like I’d been watching porn, it was real people, people that I love and shouldn’t have feelings of wanting to express that love physically with. Plus the fact that all the moans and cries you two made were real not faked like in movies. I mean I could see the love you two had for each other and how you expressed it with your touches and the way you kissed all over her and down between…………I…I don’t want to talk about this anymore dad ok… I just told her the next day because I was confused and needed somebody to talk to.”He saw the tears welling in her eyes and how her hand pressed between her thighs as they sat on the couch together and knew she was becoming aroused remembering what she had seen. “Does your mom know any of this honey”, he asked almost in a whisper?“No, I can’t talk to mom about anything sexual in nature anymore. I..I..feel so…so confused when I see mom undressed now and remember how much she liked you…you know…and I know girls do that with each other and I..I…want….oh god I don’t want mom to hate me or think I’m some kind of slut because I have those kind of feelings about her now. I don’t want to I just do”, and then she began crying, sobbing and he held her close to him and felt her warmth against his body. He knew exactly why she couldn’t stop watching them just as he watched the people in that suv that night. He also knew how it felt to fight i****tual feelings that invaded one’s mind and inflamed one’s body. He was flooded with so many different emotions and desires as he held his daughter fighting the sexual feelings it instilled in him as he tried to soothe her concerns, but he didn’t have any answers to give her as he had the same feelings she did. Now though with her confession of her feelings towards him and her mother he knew it would be so much harder not to take advantage of her confused emotions to sex her. And what of Sheila, could he say no to her if she really presented her pussy for his use, he really doubted he was that strong. And how would that make Carla feel fucking her friend while she lay playing with her pussy as her memories and emotions had her craving for him to fuck her also.Thankfully Sheila arrived just then and walked right in like she owned the place, glanced around and asked, “Hi everyone, where’s mom hiding”, before giving Dan a sultry smile and glancing down to his crotch and licking her lips in an obvious sexual gesture.“She’s not here Sheila, her mom is sick and she had to go out of town to take care of her”, he said.Sheila’s eyes lit up and she sat down directly next to him and placed her hand on his thigh as she said, “Oh my, I hope it isn’t anything serious. Will she be gone a few days or do you know”, she asked, feigning concern when she really just wanted to know how long she had to seduce her husband.“Probably a few weeks but we’re hoping she gets better sooner”, he answered as the feel of her hand was becoming uncomfortable.“Well you tell her when you talk to her that Carla and I will take good care of you until she returns and not to worry about anything here”, she said as her hand moved higher and closer to his hardening dick. The growing lump in his pants did not escape Sheila’s notice as she coyly said, “It must be really HARD, when your wife is gone, but don’t you worry we can handle it all, can’t we Carla”, using double entendres to say what she really wanted to impart to him.“I just bet you can, yes, I bet you can handle just about anything you get a grasp on when that pretty head gets to working on it”, he said as he stood with his hard dick directly in front of her face as he pulled his pants up enhancing the effect of the outlining of his dick as he thought, I know how to tease too little girl. Carla sat there watching and listening to their banter with a wry smile on her lips knowing exactly what both of them were doing. She felt her heart breaking knowing her dad was going to fuck Sheila and it was her fault. She wanted him to want her as badly as she wanted him but she knew it was never going to happen, he would never do that to her, his daughter. She would just go on fantasizing and trying to forget that night.“I’m going up and take a shower sweetie”, he said to Carla.“Ok, we’ll be in the kitchen, I’m gonna make some sandwiches want a couple”, she asked as she thought to herself, probably wants to be clean for Sheila when she sucks his dick.“Sure, I haven’t eaten anything today, I’m starving”, he replied while making it a point for Sheila to see him licking his lips while gazing at her pussy. He smiled when he saw her thighs squeeze together tightly and she had to lean against the wall for support. He knew he was going to fuck her but it would be on his terms not hers.He had just got out of the shower when Carla knocked on the door saying she had his sandwiches. He opened the door and glanced around looking for Sheila before whispering, “Where is she?”“Downstairs in the kitchen”, she replied quietly. He opened the door and pulled her inside and took the sandwiches and placed them on the countertop as she stood gazing at his nude body. He stood there allowing her to watch his dick grow stiff and begin jerking strongly before stepping close to her and gazing into her eyes as he said, “Carla I’m tired of fighting it, if you want me as badly as I need you then just show me right now.”Carla’s heart was pounding in excited disbelief as her dad lowered his head and kissed her, not as a father but as a man. Her arousement was instantaneous and total as her hand found his cock and she felt what she had longed to touch for over a year. A weakness flowed over her that left her legs shaking, her knees about to give out as he lifted her and sat her on the counter and slid her panties down and off her feet. Her thighs spread instinctively as he moved between them and she expectantly waited for him to enter her pussy. Instead he removed the rest of her clothing and once nude he again kissed her passionately before beginning the same slow licking and kissing journey she had observed him making with her mom. She knew his ultimate destination and her pussy clenched, clit pounded its taut need for his mouth as her body writhed while feeling his licking and soft sucking nearing the insane pounding of her clit. “Oh god dad I’ve dreamed of this so long I think I’m gonna….oh shit I’m cumming, oh god, ohgod dad fuck me”, then when he clamped his mouth on her clit and sucked hard she began pulling at his head just as her mother had and she also roughly hunched into his tongue as it slid deep inside her and licked roughly around inside her slick pussy.“I love you so much dad…oh god I’ve wanted this so long……oh god it feels so nasty…so wonderful and nasty…..I feel you licking inside my pussy….ohhhhhhhhyeah……..oh fuck dad you’re…you….oh fuck I’m cumming so good…….please don’t stop…….oh fuck eat me…eat me…..god dad you’re so good….I know what mom felt that night now…….fuck me now…please daddy fuck me like you fucked mom!”Dan was lost to the desire he had fought for months. Hearing his daughter’s pleas for his dick sent thrills racing through his body to stiffen his dick until it trembled with its hardness. Ahhhhhhh he moaned as he felt her pussy open and engulf him in the heat of her young vagina as she fucked it feverishly into his thrusts. Her hands gripped him by his ass, fingernails driving his dick deeper and deeper with the pain they inflicted but he couldn’t stop. He fucked his daughter like he fucked her mother while thinking of fucking her, rough, deep and viciously. The need he felt stiffened him, caused him to swell and thicken as she begged him not to stop, to hurt her pussy like he had her mom’s. He felt her warm cum juice engulfing his dick as he ground roughly into her deepest flesh. He watched his daughter’s face, her head laying back against the mirror, eyes open staring at his face as they both enjoyed the sensations that joined them at their middle. Her eyes were inflamed with the passion burning inside her as her dreams became reality. He felt her legs wrap him, heels pulling at his body as she moaned, “I love you so much daddy…..f.f.fu.fuck me daddy, ohgod….fuck me hard…c.c.cum.cumming…fuck me like you fucked momma…..unghh…unghhhh!! Her pussy clenched his dick hard as her hands pulled his head to hers and she kissed him. The emotions they had fought for so long now drew them together in the i****tual expression of the physical love they both knew they could no longer resist. Like a****ls rutting, their bodies writhed and hunched together as the hunger that had them starving for each other was finally allowed to devour them both. Her hips rolled and hunched wildly as the feel of her dad’s hands holding her bare ass to his forceful fucking of her pussy had every cell of her body permeated with sensations that she knew her mom had felt that night so long ago. He loved the feel of his dick sloshing inside her young pussy as she flooded him with her excited love of fucking his i****t stiffened cock. Carla felt her pussy being stretched by her dad’s furious thrusts up into her receptive cunt as they kissed passionately. She couldn’t stop her hips from pressing her clit against his body as she hunched vehemently down onto his straining dick. Suddenly her hands gripped his ass tightly, nails piercing his flesh as her thighs tightened around him and she became immobile except for a rough grinding down on his cock as she cum intensely. She broke the kiss and screamed loudly, “Ohgod fuck me…fuckme dad…..ohhhhfuck I love your dick daddy….I knew I would…aarrgghhhHHH I love you….I really do dad………..I won’t tell daddy…..please don’t stop fucking my pussy…unghhh your dick feels so good……..cumming….aiieeeEEEEE…….tell me you love me daddy…..tell me you like my pussy please………..aaRrrgghhHHHHHHHHHHHHohhhhhhhyes. Her emotions again took control of her and again she kissed him, only this time she savored his mouth as her pussy twirled on his pulsing cock. Their tongues entwined and danced as her legs held him to her tightly squeezing pussy. This was nothing like the girl in the van, which was about him and his desires, this was about fulfilling his daughter’s physical and emotional needs by relieving the torment in his own mind and body. His hands gripped her bare ass, fingers pressing into the valley formed between her young ass cheeks as he felt her thinness. He slid her from the counter-top and began fucking up into her pussy frantically. Her arms wrapped his neck as she pulled her pussy up and then allowed it to drop as his cock thrust up to meet her forcefully. His hands on her ass aided her raising and slamming her body down on his stiffened dick with her thighs spread widely as her hips undulated roughly while rubbing her pussy around on his tautly strained glans. They stood fucking with her weight holding her pussy to his strongest upward thrusts, forceful thrusts that lifted her body with each rough bottoming of his dick as he stretched her painfully. She cried, not from the intense pain in her pussy but from the joy of knowing her dad wanted her as badly as she needed him. That knowledge kept her tensing as she cum repeatedly, her young body begging for more as she hunched down onto his stiffness knowing he wanted her pussy wanted to cum in her as he had her mother. She no longer felt jealous of her mother as she felt his dick swelling, imparting the fact of his impending orgasm. Carla was living her dreams and she never wanted it to end and Dan had never felt such a tight wonderful pussy as his daughter possessed. He pressed her against the wall and held her thighs open widely and fucked her with a vengeance borne of the anguished guilt he felt for enjoying his young daughter’s pussy so thoroughly.Carla loved the deep hurt her father gifted her with, begged for him to fuck her even deeper and faster. He forced her against the wall with his hardest, deepest thrusts as his balls exploded and he heard her anguished screams as his hot expulsions soothed the deep pain of his swollen cock persecuting her young small pussy. Again, and again he rammed his dick into her depths as he found contentment as her pussy greedily sucked at his spewing dick. Her body tensed so hard she shook violently as his cum scalded her inner flesh like spewing lava. He needed to hear her screams, needed to punish her for being so beautiful and seductive, for telling him how badly she needed this when he was already craving her young pussy. They stood like that for what seemed like hours but in reality was minutes as they both sporadically jerked and spasmed as their bodies drained their arousement slowly. He kissed her emotionally as their minds were swept into the same passionate turmoil that united them in the love they felt for each other, a love expressed both physically and emotionally now.Carla donned her clothes again as she felt both embarrassed and elated at their i****tual coupling. She felt both guilty and special knowing that her dad fucked her before Sheila and then kissed her and told her that he would only fuck Sheila if she wanted him too. She was smiling as she felt their cum running down her thighs from her well fucked sloppy pussy. She went back down to Sheila feeling more loved than she ever had with her dad’s cum still dripping from her pussy as evidence of his love for her. Once there she asked Sheila if she planned on fucking her dad that week-end. Sheila smiled and said, “I thought that was a foregone conclusion, are you going to fuck him too? Maybe once I fuck him I can talk him into fucking you if you’re nice to me”, she said confidently.“Or, maybe if you eat my pussy I can talk him into fucking you sweetie. I can guarantee he won’t fuck you without me asking him to because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. If you want to you can just eat me right now and then you’re free to do whatever you want”, Carla told her even more confidently.“What makes you think he won’t fuck me anyway Carla, maybe while you’re asleep or something”, she asked?Carla made a show of climbing up on the counter in front of Sheila and spreading her thighs widely before saying, “Because he just told me he wouldn’t while he was cumming in his daughter’s hot pussy a few minutes ago”, she said as she held her pussy spread so she could see the cum inside her.“You little slut cunt, I like you more and more. I’d have never dreamed you’d have the nerve to let your dad have that pussy. Was he as good as you thought”, she asked excitedly?“Mmmmmmm no, he was a lot better than I thought. God he fucked me so hard and deep I didn’t think I’d ever quit cumming. Oh my god Sheila you won’t believe how his tongue feels in your pussy, god he kept me cumming so hard and forever it seemed. He’s so fucking nasty when his face is in your pussy, he even licked my asshole and had me wanting him to fuck me there. Damn I’m getting wet thinking about it”.Sheila sat on a stool and wrapped Carla’s thighs with her arms and lowered her head and began gently licking her clit as Carla moaned and lay back on the island and began a slow undulating hunching until she felt Sheila’s tongue invade her slimy cum filled pussy. Oh god yes baby, eat that cum outta my pussy and I’ll have dad fuck your slut pussy good and hard, is that what you need”, she asked her as Sheila began tongue fucking her deeply, obviously aroused by Carla’s excited hunching into her laviciously laving tongue.Dan stood watching Sheila eating his daughter’s freshly fucked pussy and knew then she had told her what she said she was going to. Evidently Sheila wanted his dick bad enough to drink his cum from his daughter’s full pussy. He walked around behind her and slipped the chair from beneath her and slid her panties down her legs and let them drop on the floor before spreading her thighs and sliding two fingers up into her pussy and groping her slick walls as she tongued Carla’s pussy. “Fuck her daddy, she’s eating my pussy so good. Make the cunt beg for your cum like you made me dad”, she implored him. Dan positioned his dick at her entrance and began slowly pressing it into Sheila’s pussy. With just the head in her I asked Carla how much of my dick I could fuck her friend with and she replied, “just half of it until she makes me cum dad”. He began fucking her smoothly using just half his hard dick as Sheila moaned and begged him to fuck her harder, deeper.“You have to make my baby cum if you want all my dick sweetie”, he told her as he continued to torment her with slow strokes with half his cock. He kept squeezing his ass cheeks forcing his cock to fill and swell in her pussy as he fucked not only her pussy but her mind. She began sucking at Carla’s pussy, licking and probing her wet hole deeply as Carla’s hands found her head and she began hunching hard into her face. Sheila moaned as she felt Carla’s pussy flowing wetly and soon Carla was roughly fucking her pussy into Sheila’s deeply licking tongue as she tensed and moaned her orgasms. He heard his daughter pleading for Sheila not to stop and heard the slurping noises Sheila’s tonguing was making in her now cum sloppy pussy.Sheila screamed loudly as she felt him slam his entire dick deep inside her repeatedly. She cum almost immediately as he fucked her incessantly, driving his dick fully to her depths as she pressed back into his hardest thrusts. She was standing now, back arched as he fucked up into her pussy and he told Carla, “Get down here and suck her clit baby. We’ll make it good for her because she made you cum so well”, he said as he continued torturing her pussy deeply. Carla dropped to her knees in front of Sheila as Dan lifted her by her thighs and spread them widely leaving her impaled with her weight bearing her pussy down onto his dick as Carla began sucking hard on her swollen taut clit. Sheila screamed and hunched as she cum hard while Carla’s tongue flew over her throbbing clit until Sheila had to grab Carla’s head and hold her mouth to her clit as her pussy clenched his dick tightly as she continued to cum repeatedly. He lifted her off his dick and told Carla, “Put it in her ass baby and you eat her pussy while I fill her with hot cum”.Sheila screamed in pain as he forced his fat glans through her tight anus and began ass fucking her while Carla slid her tongue inside her pussy and licked and sucked at her furiously. “Oh god it hurts, it hurts…fuck it…oh god eat me Carla, suck my pussy…..oh god fuck my ass….doit…doit…oh fuck I’m cumming…cumming so good…suck me…shit suck it hard…oh god fuck my asshole….so nasty….love it shit I want this all weekend……goddamn you were right Carla your dad fucks so good…aiiieeeEEEE…..oh shit not again….arrghhhHHHHHh…cum…cumming so goddamn good…..fuck me…oh damn fuck my asshole…cum in it….oh god I want to feel it so bad….tell your dad to fill my ass with his hot cum Carla, please…please…I’ll suck the cum from your pussy again….. tell him….please…OH FUCK YES….arghhhHHH god he’s cumming…….oh shit I’m cumming again…ohgod I can’t stand it…..shit it feels so nasty….asshole so slick…oh god fuckit….doit…aieeeEEEE…….arghHHHHH….aieeEEEEE yes..yes…oh god Carla yes suck me….oh damn no…no…not again….arggghhhHHHHHHH……god I can’t stop cumming…..finger me…..put your hand in my pussy Carla….ohgod hurt me…..fist me baby……oh god I love you both so much oh shit, oh shit yes…yes..oh god your hand hurts so good….fuck my pussy with it…..don’t stop Dan….fuck my ass…aieeEEEEEEEEEEEE….you’re killing my pussy…don’t stop…please don’t aarrggghhhHHHHHThen Dan’s legs crumbled and he dropped to his knees as Sheila dropped with him dragging Carla down by her arm which was still impaling Sheila’s pussy. Her elbow hit the floor and stopped her arm but Sheila’s body continued down forcefully ramming Carla’s fist up into her pussy causing her to shriek in pain momentarily but then her hips began rotating around the fist at her center and she began cumming so hard her entire body shook violently as Carla began fucking her pussy again with her embedded fist. Sheila shrieked her pleasure as she tensed and then abruptly she just fell in a heap and Carla withdrew her fist and smiled at her friend and said, “Damn it’s gonna be a long weekend I can tell right now”Marlene hated to leave her family alone, especially after remembering that Sheila was spending the weekend. She had planned on being there when she agreed to it. Marlene had seen the way that girl flirted and openly teased her husband and the way Dan’s eyes followed her ass when she wore that damned thong bikini. But Carla was there so nothing will happen she was sure. Dan would never do anything in front of his daughter she was positive. When the plane landed Marlene expected her dad to pick her up at the airport but instead there was a black man that looked to be in his late thirties or so holding a sign with the word Morley printed on it at the baggage pick-up. She had walked over to the man and said her name was Morley. He smiled and asked, “Marlene?”She replied, “Yes that’s me”.“Your dad asked me to pick you up sweetie. He didn’t want to leave your mom so he asked me to come”, he said as she grabbed her bag off the baggage belt. He took it from her as they began walking towards the exit escalator. He seemed to be very fit and carried her bag under his arm even though it had wheels on it. When she pointed that fact out he just shrugged and said, “Yeah but it always hits my ankles and it’s easier to just pack it”, as he grinned at her. She noticed his gaze kept roaming her body as if admiring her shape. She also couldn’t help but wondering if the very large lump in his trousers was his dick or a rolled up handkerchief. When he allowed her to enter the moving walkway in front of her she got her answer. She could swear she felt his gaze on her ass as they rode it to its end and when they stepped off she could see the bulge had taken on more of a straight thickness that was outlined perfectly by his thin pants. God it was huge and its glans was as thick as a small orange. She tried not to stare but her gaze kept returning to it. They had to take the elevator to ground level and he was standing behind her when a crowd of people pushed on forcing her back against him until she could feel his cock pressed tightly into her ass crack and it was plainly throbbing and felt huge. The few moments it took to ride down were moments of exquisite torture to her sensibilities. His thick glans was throbbing directly against her asshole and she couldn’t help but squeeze her anus as his pulsing permeated her with coursing thrills. She was becoming aroused by that and the fact that a man possessing such a magnificent love tool found her to be so seductive, even if he was black, especially because he was black! She couldn’t prevent her hips from moving or her pussy from yearning its emptiness as he seemed to press his dick against her ass as if he found pleasure in it. She was sure she was blushing a beet red as they walked to his van as now he was fully swollen and it appeared to be a third leg being held down by his restricting pants. She felt a trepidation at riding with him swollen as he was. She was sure the back of her dress would be soaked through with her arousement if she had to gaze at his dick for the entire ride. He put her luggage in the back of the van and they got in. They were silent as they rode and finally she asked, “Are you a neighbor of my parents mister….gosh I don’t even know your name?”“Names Amos Moss and no, actually I rent a room in the basement from them. I kinda like it down there and it fits my budget at present and they can use the money with the medical bills and all. They’ve always told me about their beautiful daughter but they never mentioned you had a perfect body to go with that beauty. If you get lonely or need someone to talk to you just come on down and we’ll get to know each other better. I know your dad ain’t much of a talker even to his wife but there’s no doubt he loves your mother with every breath of life in him. He certainly sees that she gets whatever it takes to keep her happy and satisfied I know that personally”, he saidShe felt a trepidation at living under the same roof with Amos, especially with him making it plain that he’s interested in her as a woman and not her parent’s daughter. She couldn’t help but wonder how something that large would feel inside her though. God he was three times as thick and twice as long as Dan. Her gaze again fell to his large protuberance and she was shocked to see it stretched along his thigh down almost to his knee and as thick as a spray can or thicker with a head even larger than a small orange now. Her breathing was deep and rapid now and she couldn’t tear her gaze from it. She almost convinced herself he was playing a joke on her and it was a rubber inflatable toy or something. His voice interrupted her thoughts as she heard him say, “I’m really sorry about that it’s just that I find you very sexually desirable and it’s almost impossible for me to hide that fact when I become aroused thinking about being with such a beautiful woman.”“I guess I should take that as a compliment and I do, it’s just that I’ve never seen such a large admiration for me before. Is that really real? It’s quite impressive to say the very least and I can see how you could never hide your feelings from a woman you find sexually appealing. My husband would be very jealous of you. I have to admit that I’ve never been with a black man before and I can’t imagine what that would look or feel like to a woman but I would think it would be even more stimulating out of your pants than it is in them.”“I’m the one that’s jealous of your husband Marlene, after all he gets to feel his manhood soaking deep inside you not me. I can only imagine the tightness of your moist body gripping me as we made love and that can’t possibly be as exciting or warm as your body is in real life.”Marlene was on fire as they talked of his manhood and his desire for her to have it. She has just met this black man and already they’re having a conversation about his huge dick. That says a lot about her sex life with Dan. She heard a zipper being drawn down and when she looked he had opened his pants and unzipped them and had his cock in his hand pulling it from his pants. Once freed it stood stiffly erect straight towards the sky and was thicker than her wrist easily, maybe her bicep even. “This is what a black cock looks like sweetie, think you could handle a real man’s cock like this? Come on over here and feel it if you want to know if it’s real. It won’t bite you but I might if you get me all excited with my head between those beautiful thighs.”Marlene couldn’t believe how easy it was to be so sexual with Amos. He made her feel as if it was completely natural for her to be gazing at his bare black dick. God she wanted to suck him so bad and she knew if she touched it as he was asking her to, that she would. She was sure he knew it too. She wanted to, but damn, she was married and he was black. Her pussy was crying out for her to **** his big dick, to force it up her pussy and scream as it tore her flesh internally as she cum all over it. Amos had pulled into an alley and stopped and pushed his seat back and said, “C’mon over here and do what you’re thinking baby, we both know you need it”.Marlene’s emotions were in turmoil. She was married and had never been unfaithful and she didn’t take her marriage vows lightly, but damn how many women could resist what Amos was offering her here in an alley where no one would ever know. Her heart was pounding, her throat dry and she kept swallowing nervously. And the throbbing deep in her clit was maddening in its urgency. She sat there quietly observing his dick visibly throbbing. His glans swelled and relaxed as if it were a creature alive and breathing heavily. With each swelling his dick lengthened as if straining to be released to ravage her pussy. He was right and she knew it, she did need it and knowing it was throbbing its need to be inside her pussy heightened her arousement until the clenching need in her vagina gave her the courage to allow the last of her inhibitions and pride to flee her. She moaned as she accepted her fate and slowly leaned over and gripped his fat dick, felt it jerking strongly as it communicated its desire to be in her by stiffening, growing in her grasp. The pulsing she felt within his cock seemed to permeate her hand and run up her arm and down her body while exciting every cell along its path until it reached her clit where it instilled such an intense thrill her thighs tightened instantly, buttocks squeezing while her vagina clenched then opened, gaping as if crying out to be entered. She was mesmerized by his masculinity and his sudden baring of his black dick told of his confidence that she would be unable to resist succumbing to the thoughts and visions his dick induced in her mind and body. She hated that she was so predictable, so vulnerable to his actions. Marlene had never considered herself easy but she offered not the slightest resistance to his hand pulling her mouth to his fat glans as her body pulsed its need. He knew she was entranced by his black dick, drawn to it as he said, “Yeah that’s it baby, you suck on this big dick. You like that black cock don’t you, yeah I know you do. You get it honest though, your mom loves it too. I bet you didn’t know she wanted you to come take care of her so you could keep this cock happy till she’s able to again, did you? She knew you needed a good fucking. It was her idea for me to move in the house with her and your dad goes along to keep her happy.” His words, especially what he was saying had her pussy dripping her excitement. She wanted to talk to him about her mother but the arousement he was instilling in her demanded relief now. For a second she felt guilt at not being with her mother right then but then she remembered his words telling why her mother wanted her there. Everyone had always said she was her mother’s daughter because of the similarity in the things they both liked and enjoyed. Amos’s dick proved just how accurate that saying was about the two of them.Damn she was sooo hot and feeling his hand holding her mouth to his dick had that arousement growing steadily. She was stricken, unable to think of anything but sucking at the slick precum oozing from its fat tip. He was so thick she couldn’t even get it in her mouth and that frustration had her licking and sucking at every hard inch of it all the way down to his bloated black balls. She was hotter than she’d ever been in her life as his dick jerked in her hands. She had to feel it in her, fucking her, hurting her pussy deeply. “Fuck me Amos, I need to feel it in me, need to know how a black man fucks my white pussy. You said my mom wanted you to fuck me and you said you wanted to fuck me, don’t tease me now; Do it before the guilt I feel stops me”“Listen sweetie, you get in the back and take all your clothes off and get on your hands and knees while I go take a piss and then I’ll see that you get all the black cock you need.”Marlene did exactly as Amos said and in just seconds she felt the cool air making her excitedly aware of what she was about to do. Her pussy was clenching and releasing quickly and she felt so empty. Even her asshole was squeezing her need. God she thought, I’m about to let a black guy fuck my pussy with the same dick he evidently used to fuck my mom. Her body shivered with electric like spasms at that thought and the implications it presented. Just then one of the vans rear doors opened and she heard Amos enter and she laid her head down on her arms and waited for the pain to begin. She felt anxious and the anxiety she felt as she remembered his size caused her to fill with a nervous trepidation of the pain she knew was only moments away. She felt his hands on her hips and then the raw feel of his glans against her wet labia. Her breathing was deep, rapid as she anticipated the forceful thrust that would engulf her with the pain she knew was coming. She didn’t care, she needed to feel his fat dick throbbing inside her regardless of the pain or consequences in her life. “Ohhhhhhh she moaned as his glans opened her and slid inside her easily, too easily. Oh my god who are you, where’s Amos”, she cried as she realized a different black guy was fucking her, fucking her deeply, wonderfully. “Oh god your dicks so long, oh fuck you’re hurting me. Why are you fucking me…oh god…oh god..yes….oh damn fuck me…doit……oh fuck yeah…right there…oh god it hurts……fuck me hard….oh god I’m…I’m…OH FUCK…YES..YES…cum with me….oh god..oh god its swelling….oh baby….aaaiieeeEEEEE FUCK ME…Fuck it in me……yes..yes…oh fuck I’m cumming…..aarrgghhHHHHHH……god your cum’s so hot…….oh god fuck me….fuck it in me hard…..arghhh…….arghhhh……oh god baby your dicks so stiff……and…oh goddddddd so black.” Then he was gone and before she could protest another guy was forcing his black cock in her cum filled pussy, a larger thicker cock that had her moaning loudly as she felt pressured from within, thrills filling her, coursing through her till they made her beg for more. He fucked her roughly, fast, deep and had her cumming continuously as she rammed her pussy back into his most forceful thrusts uncontrollably, like a woman possessed and unable to control the urges his dick fucked into her. And then he cum, forceful jets that spewed like rivers of hot lava to sear her inner sanctum as she screamed her love of it. Again and again he fucked his big cock into her savagely until sated he too left her suddenly. Before she even caught her breath another even larger cocked man had rammed deep inside her well lubricated orifice causing her to scream in sudden pain. God she loved black cock she thought, so hard, thick and able to stretch her like she was fucking a horse. She couldn’t think, his cock overwhelmed her completely as he pressed it forcefully to her depths with one unending pressured thrust of his hips. Unlike the others he fucked her slowly, letting her feel his cock stretching her deeply as he forced it in her till the exquisite pain had her begging him not to stop. When he stopped and began withdrawing it felt like her pussy was being turned inside out as it suctioned at his huge girth. Her orgasms had her body quivering, trembling as her pussy clenched at his fat cock until her groin tendons felt they were going to rip from the bones they were attached to. She knew Dan would never be able to satisfy her again and that thought brought tears to her eyes and she cried as she hunched her pussy ravenously into his huge black dick while begging him never to stop fucking her. She no longer cared if she ever got to her parent’s home. She was finding more sexual pleasure in the back of this van than ever before in her life. Before when she would hear of some white woman being gang-banged by a bunch of black men she had felt sorry for the woman but now, she knew those women that had just been ****d and not physically beaten had loved it and at some time would seek it out again in order to again feel the fullness and stretched pleasure their black cocks afforded themHe lay down on his back and had her straddle his hips and while squatting above him she placed his cock at her pussy and begin pressing his dick into her as she savored the feel of her pussy opening as his dick penetrated her deeply. She sat there grinding her pussy slowly down onto his wonderfully thick dick as her mind was swept into the vortex of pleasure his hot throbbing cock permeated her entire essence with. Her body shivered, trembled as she rose, allowing his dick to caress her internally before reversing and again pressing down onto his black horse cock. Her moans filled with the passionate arousement filling her as she felt herself stretched, distended by his thick girth before rising and repeating her slow descent into the abyss of pleasure his dick addicted her to. Her hips lifted and fell with increasing force and speed until she was screaming as she slammed her pussy down to his huge ballsac and cum while hunching her clit against his swollen balls. Her head flailed wildly as if she were trying to dispel the deep pain and the insanity she felt as she fucked his dick maniacally. Her mind was lost, overwhelmed by the intensity of the pain that permeated her pussy as she cum repeatedly while feeling her pussy was being torn, her deepest flesh ripped with an exquisitely intense pleasure that held her captive to the primitive forces driving her. She needed his hot virile semen to flood her and release her from the tortured need she felt. In the midst of an intense orgasm he lifted her from his dick and had her face him as she hunched down onto his dick forcefully, spearing her pussy roughly, repeatedly until her emotions demanded she kiss the man that possessed the instrument of her pleasure. She was lying atop him kissing him passionately as his long fat cock probed her forcefully. It was then she felt her asshole opening, being forced to spread as she realized a black man was pressing his dick through her sensitive ring of nerves. “Oh god no, no, please don’t…aieeeEEEEEEEE……..oh god stop…please stop……oh fuck its too big…..aaaiieeeNOOOOO oh damn you’re hurting me….burns…….please don’t move yet”, she pleaded. But no one listened and when her screams became loud shrieks that threatened to have the neighbors calling the cops, another black dick was stuffed deep in her throat choking her. Her asshole screamed its objection until it finally relaxed, loosened and her screams became moans of pure pleasure as she began using their cocks for her own pleasure while giving herself over to their complete control. She loved the way they took what they wanted and the way she felt so stretched and full of hard, thick black cock as she began cumming. The man in her mouth chose that moment to ram his extremely long dick completely down her throat until her nose pressed against his body as her body tensed and shook with intensity. She knew she would die there impaled and cumming as hot cum was flooding her gullet. She couldn’t breathe and didn’t care as her throat constricted around his dick, pumping it as she swallowed hard. The heat in her chest told of his release and she filled with a feeling of womanhood like never before. She loved this, never wanted it to end even if it meant she would die with their dicks buried deep inside her. Her hips hunched into their thrusts frantically as she needed to take their cum before she was relegated to remain forever In the heaven she found on their huge dicks.She choked and he began withdrawing his dick as it spewed and the expelled air from her lungs forced his thick slick cum up into her nasal cavity and cum flew from her nostrils as she choked and coughed clearing her airway. Her hunger caused her to immediately grab his dick and begin sucking at his tip, suctioning his ball juice from his black dick in slick ribbons of hot cum that shot out onto her tongue as she avidly sucked it into her throat and swallowed quickly. Finally he pulled from her and the man in her pussy began fucking her forcefully, rapidly as he fucked her harder and faster than he ever had. They both fucked her furiously with their dicks alternating in direction as her breathing became Lamaze-like until she cum hard. Her hips wouldn’t stop hunching as her mouth opened as if to scream but no sound was emitted and her eyes gaped widely and she tensed tightly as both men rammed hard into her simultaneously and filled her with their steaming hot ball juice. “OH GOD, OH GOD” was all she could finally scream as she felt their black balls emptying deep in her body. “Ahhhhhhhhhhgoddddddyessssss”, she moaned, as her body vibrated, shook with the intensity of her orgasm as they continued discharging into her ass and pussy with forceful spewing’s. Then the one man allowed his slimy dick to slide from her slick asshole and it was followed by a river of whitish cum running from her gaped hole to stream down over the other man’s dick. She collapsed onto the man beneath her before he rolled her to her back and pulled his huge dick from her tight pussy with a loud sluurrrpping sound. Her pussy was gaped even more than her stretched asshole. She had never felt emptier in her life. It was as if she were missing parts of her body. She could feel the coolness of the air inside her vagina and asshole.They left her laying there gasping for breath as she felt cum streaming from her body and down over her lips as it leaked from her nostrils still. She didn’t care. She knew she should be satisfied and sated with no desire for sex but she craved it, her hips undulated as she remembered the feel of the black cocks fucking her. She wanted more, wanted to feel her gaping holes filled again with black dick until she was screaming in a pained joy once more. It was then she remembered Amos, where was he, where had he gone she wondered. Moments later he appeared and stood there at the rear door and removed his shirt and then climbed into the truck and sat smiling at her as he removed his shoes and socks and then his pants and underwear.He closed the rear door and sat back against it smiling as he lifted his semi-hard cock and said, “Now you’re ready for Amos’s big dick baby. She felt drawn to it. The sight of his huge dick while her gaped pussy and asshole were crying out to be filled stripped her of any pride that remained as she crawled to him and began sucking at his dick while fondling his big balls, squeezing them as they rolled from between her fingertips. She couldn’t help moaning as she thought of those balls puking his babies into her greedy pussy. She suckled them, licked his big bag and laved longingly at his thick stiffening black dick. His cock was her phallic idol and she worshipped it with her mouth and hands lovingly. When finally he pushed her down on the trucks floor she knew and accepted her new-found hunger completely. Her thighs opened widely and as he positioned his fat glans at her pussy she said, “Thank you Amos”.“For what baby”, he asked?“For opening my pussy to where I can really enjoy your cock without having the pain I knew I was going to have. I loved every second of it. Tell me, did they also fuck my mom before you did?”, she asked?He laughed and sat back on his heels and said,”Baby you have one black cock loving mom. I met her and your dad at a swinger’s club when they first decided your mom needed more than your dad could give her. Don’t get me wrong now it was your dad that took everything forward. He knew she wasn’t being fulfilled sexually and knew she wondered about how bigger cocks would feel to her and he took it upon himself to join the club and take her there. Needless to say she saw things there that got her really aroused. It just so happened that the night they first came was what they called Mandingo night. It was a night when they allowed any black man with nine or more inches in free. The club required proof of a recent H.I.V. test to gain entry by a black man that night. There must have been seventy black guys there and they all were looking for white pussy to fuck. Well they had rooms there they called gang-bang rooms that a woman could go into and lay on the bed and any guy that wanted her could fuck her as long as she let him. They had open rooms and also interracial rooms where only people of different races could get together.Well your parents were watching a white women take on a big dicked nigga in what they call a gallery room which was a room with a bed in the middle and windows all around so people could watch. It was obvious that your mom was so aroused she could hardly stand, her thighs were clenching so tightly. A black guy noticed her distress and took your dad off to the side and asked if he’d object to him fucking her. Your dad said hell no. Your dad walked over to your mom and whispered in her ear that he was going to fuck her standing there while she watched. Your mom was so hot she agreed to let him and it was allowed in that room. She was mesmerized by the sight before her and didn’t even turn her head, just nodded ok quickly. He moved behind her and then let the black guy move up and lift her skirt and press his dick into her well moistened pussy. Before long she was moaning how big he felt and how she wanted him to fuck her in public more often because his dick felt longer and thicker. Soon she was pressing against the ledge that encircled the room holding her pussy back into the black guy’s roughest deepest thrusts and moaning every time she cum which was often. Then the guy pressed her up against the wall in front of her and grabbed the rail and began fucking her deep and hard. She happened to see his hands holding the rail and screamed, “Oh my god honey, who…what..oh my god a black man is fucking me…..aaaiiiiieeeeEEEEEE…oh god fuck me…fuck…so big..hard….oh fuck he’s hurting my pussy so good….he’s making me cum again….ohhhhhh”. Amos laughed as he said, “Your mom was so excited then that she just lost it. I mean she went crazy and began fucking his long dick with a desperation that showed how badly she needed his cum. Hell everyone was watching her rather than the couple in the room.Naturally after that she wanted more. She kept kissing your dad and telling him how much she loved him and how she couldn’t believe he watched a black man fuck her with everybody watching. The black guy told your dad about the interracial gang-bang room and your dad took your mom there and took her inside and told her to undress and lay on the bed. Now your mom is one hot lady and has a to die for body and before long the room was packed with guys wanting some of her pussy. I didn’t count but I’m betting she drained thirty or more black guys balls that night. She had cum dripping from every hole in her body and was covered with it when I stepped up and showed her my hard dick and asked her if she was up to trying it. She looked at your dad and said, “Baby if I fuck him he’s gonna ruin my pussy for you so its up to you, you tell him if he can use my pussy.” The truth was she was already stretched so much that your dad’s dick would get lost in her.Your dad saw how she couldn’t take her eyes off my cock and she was rubbing her clit after all those hours of fucking and sucking and he knew she wanted to fuck me so he said, “Yeah but you have to promise to cum in her pussy” Your mom fucked me like no woman in my life had. She begged me to fuck all my cock in her and tried to cram it all in her that first time we fucked. I’d never had a woman take so much of my dick and I loved it. She kept telling your dad how I felt in her pussy and how she wanted all my dick in her pussy and how she’s never cum so good in her life and she planned on fucking me every day if possible. I knew she was humiliating your dad but she wasn’t really trying to she was just being herself and being honest as they always are with each other. I was embarrassed but really turned on by the things she was saying and she made me cum, and she did make me because I wanted to fuck her all night because I was sure she was going to be the first woman to take all my dick. But she got to fucking my cock so frantically and she loved it so much that I couldn’t control it and I cum in her like a firehose. I’d never cum like that before, it was like I gushed one long never ending stream of cum from my balls that had me thinking something in my bag had broke and I wasn’t going to ever stop. Hell she had my balls pumping even after they were completely empty. My glans kept swelling and my balls jerked like I was cumming but nothing was coming out but it still felt so damn good. And the whole time I was flooding her she was driving my spewing dick into her pussy until she was rubbing her clit against my body screaming to your dad how she had it all in her and she loved every hard black inch of it.Nobody can fuck me like your mom can and that’s why you turned me on so much because I wondered if you were the same. That’s also why I stay in their basement for appearance’s sake. Usually your dad will sleep down there and we fuck in their bed unless he wants to join us and drive her crazy which he loves to do. I guess a part of me loves them both in some weird way. She wants you to experience my dick so you’ll come visit more often I believe.“Fuck me Amos, show me what Mom wants me to feel”, and he did. He began pressing his dick into her well fucked slippery pussy as loud moans spilled from her mouth and her hips lifted into his slow penetrating thrusts as he entered her deeper with every roll of her hips and forceful thrust of his. Marlene could not control her body as a pressure built within her that made her skin crawl and she felt she had to dispel the pleasure permeating her or she’d go insane trying to crawl from her own skin. She felt her sanity leaving her as her pussy stretched to accommodate his thick length. She cried with the knowledge that she, like her mom before her was driven to feel his entire black dick lodged entirely within her white body. Her hips moved of their own volition as they responded to the flood of sensations his huge girth provided. She began doubting her love of her husband as she cum and cum on Amos’s dick. She shrieked not because of the pain but because of the intense pleasure that agonized not only her body but her mind as well.He fucked her slow but incessantly as he forced deeper and deeper into her tortured pussy. Their bodies moved together in a well synchronized dance of passionate cravings. Her body undulated with his as his hips slowly ground his blackness into her incrementally with each passing second. “Oh my god, Amos groaned, I love the way you fuck me Marlene, your pussy is so fucking good. Damn I just want to drive my whole black cock up in you like I do your mom baby”“Oh god Amos, do it baby, I want you to hurt my pussy, fuck it in me….please fuck it all in me, I want it all…..god baby don’t hold anything back….make me cum….fuck my pussy like you own it because you do Amos, its yours baby so take it hard…FUCK ME….PLEASE!”Amos had been restraining the urges he had to fuck her hard, deep, to ram his dick in her and cum as she screamed as every woman did when he lost control. His hips rammed forward as he gave her what she had begged for and she screamed but her words didn’t beg him to stop they pleaded for him to continue to fuck her hard like that. His mind gave up control to his primitive urges and he began fucking her unrestrained and uncaring of her plight as she screamed her love of him and his huge black cock. He fucked her as she asked, slamming his dick to her depths until his large balls roughly smacked at her ass with each frantic thrust of his dick. Marlene met each thrust with one of her own that matched the force and ferocity of his unrestrained fucking of her now gaping pussy. She couldn’t stop cumming as she felt her pussy being destroyed by his huge dick. All she could do was attempt to insure it was a mutual destruction as she rammed her pussy into his dick until its stiffness was challenged by her grinding enjoyment of his swollen need. She was completely out of control as she screamed, “Fuck me, fuck me, god don’t stop, ohhhhhhgodddd hurt it, hurt it I’m cumming…..I love you so much baby….love d..d..dick….arrghhHHHHH…cum…cum in me…..give me your cum like you did mom……..don’t hold back……cum with me…..unghhhhh…….unghhhhh……oh shit….yes…YES Oh god baby it’s too fucking big….oh my god no….I can’t take it……oh shit……aahhhhhhhhhgodddyesss I feel it baby…let it go..god damn I want it!”Marlene began fucking her pussy hard against his swelling glans as he tried not to move but her frantic need won out as his black balls began gushing lava like streams of cum into the cauldron of her need till it overflowed down her ass crack to soak her asshole with its hot slick wetness. Her hands gripped his ass while she held her pussy to his stiffly jerking manmeat, hips rotating her pussy around the massive blackness impaling her as his throbbing glans continued spewing hotly. All she could do was moan her love for his hot impregnation of her pussy. She tried fleetingly to remember if she’d taken her pills but she didn’t care, it excited her thinking of Amos’ sperm swimming up her uterus to fill her womb with his babies. She knew her parents would accept his c***d for their grandc***d just as they had Carla. They had known or suspected that she wasn’t Dan’s and they were right she wasn’t. That fact would die with her she would see to it.“GODDAMN woman, not even your mom can take this black dick like that…FUCK! I don’t think I could fuck the both of you at the same time. Shit I’m empty, done, finished”, he said as his fat dick remained lodged inside her throbbing as it sporadically squeezed out another drop of his sperm as her pussy continued clenching, milking his dick as she snuggled with him. Her hips couldn’t be stilled as she massaged his dick with her squeezing cunt as she teased herself with the feel of his thick girth. Even deflating he gave her more pleasure than her husband when rock hard. She knew she was addicted to black cock already, knew she couldn’t live without fucking black cocks and she was ok with it. Hopefully she could find a way to sway her husband to be like her dad and enjoy her fucking black dick. If not then her mom would be sick an awful lot in the future, maybe for weeks or months at a time she thought gleefully knowing her parents would aid in the conspiracy to have her filled with black ball sperm. Hmmm she thought, I need to buy a very huge black dildo while I’m here or I’ll never be able to explain my gaped pussy when I get home.They drove home nude with her licking Amos’s dick most of the way home. He pulled into the garage so they could enter the house nude and unseen. As they entered the kitchen in the dark the refrigerator door opened flooding the room with light as they heard a voice say, “Goddamn Amos you done ruined that girls pussy too haven’t you. Look at you Marlene, cum all over you and naked as a jaybird. How’d you get that dick in you girl he must have hurt the hell out of you”, her dad said as he took out a bottle of milk and closed the door and sat down at the table shaking his head and smiling.“He had some help beforehand daddy, you know like mom did but probably not as much. Tell mom thanks daddy. This has been the best night of my life I believe”, she said as she bent and kissed her dad lightly on the lips. He laughed and said, “Shameless damn hussy just like your mom. Didn’t mom teach you not to run around naked in front of people? You ever hear of i****t, well the definition of i****t is when a beautiful girl runs around naked in front of her dad and causes him to get a woodie while thinking he won’t just grab her and stick that woodie up her abused asshole. I take for granted that sweet anus has been abused along with the rest of you tonight hasn’t it sweetie.”“Yes, very wonderfully I might add. First time I ever cum being ass fucked”, she said as she sat on her dad’s lap in the dark before realizing that indeed he did have a woodie. “Damn Marlene, oh my god girl you done sat right on this old man’s dick. I know that feel, that’s freshly fucked by Amos’ dick.”Marlene was shocked that her dad’s dick had slid right in her as she sat on it and she barely felt it. She sat there thinking of how he felt in her before she realized she should be embarrassed by what happened and jumped up saying, “Oh my god dad I didn’t know you were hard, don’t tell mom, oh god I’m so embarrassed now. You were inside me, I felt you in me. Shit now I feel naked, maybe I should go put a robe on”.“Or you could just go sit back on Paul’s dick and gyrate around a little ain’t that right Paul”“I got a better idea Amos, why don’t you put that dick that I’m betting is hard right now back in the girl’s pussy and I’ll just sit here and watch and stroke this ole dick while she enjoys herself. Hell she wouldn’t even be able to get off with this dick after having a bunch of blacks and then you in her. Lay down on the table and let her slide that pussy down your dick and you hold her thighs open so I can get a good view of that dick sliding in and out of her. Put her back towards you like you do with Martha you know”, he said with a sly grin on his face that Amos picked up on. He knew exactly what her dad was up to. You are a beautiful sexy woman just like your mom girl so it has to be hot seeing you take Amos’ cock like your mom does.”Amos positioned her bent over with her hands on the table and squatted and began feeding his dick into Marlene’s pussy. Once embedded in her, her moans became louder, more desperate as her pussy began revolving around his dick and pressing back into it. Amos lifted her off her feet and turned and lay back on the table and scooted back until his ass was fully on the table and his hands held her thighs widely spread as he fucked up into her. Her dad loved the lust that cloaked his daughter’s beautiful face as her arousement spread like a wildfire through her entire body. He also loved seeing her pussy so widely distended by Amos’ black cock as her hips worked her pussy down onto it. He knew that seeing him watching her would increase the tabooness of her actions and it would cause an inferno to consume her sensibilities. Once her hips were hunching uncontrollably and she was begging for him to fuck her hard Paul bent and lowered his head and began licking at her taut clit as it rode almost on his black cock. Her eyes gaped open widely as she watched her dad lick her clit, his tongue laving over Amos’ dick as he licked and sucked at her strongly. Her hands pulled at his head as she hunched violently up into his sucking as Amos began persecuting her pussy forcefully causing her to cum fitfully. Her body tensed until her hips out-turned and she began shaking with the intensity of her orgasm as neither man would give her any respite from her plight. She tried to push her dad’s head away as she cried they were killing her pussy, that she was going crazy and begged then to stop. She pleaded with them to stop each time she began cumming again screaming, “No, NO, oh god not again, please don’t……aaiiieeeEEEEE…..arghHHH”She tried to rise, to get away but Amos held her down atop him by her arms as he continued pumping his huge dick forcefully into her depths and her dad licked strongly at her swollen clit unceasingly as her hips bucked and jerked, thighs squeezing her dad’s head between them as her mind seemed to melt as her pussy flooded the black cock driving her intense orgasms. Knowing her dad was licking her pussy while a huge cocked black man fucked his daughter on their kitchen table had her lost to the emotions ravaging not only her body but her mind as she was overwhelmed with erotic sensations and thoughts. She cum continuously, not a second’s respite from the constant pained pleasure stretching her deeply as Amos fucked her frantically until finally, she fell limp atop him. Unable to breathe from the intense spasms roiling her, her mind protected her by shutting down thereby rendering her immune to the sensations and feelings instilling the insanity in her mind and the pleasure in her body. Amos slid off the table with her still impaled and walked down the stairs to his bed while holding her around her waist. He turned her to face him as he lay her down on his bed. Spreading her thighs he entered her and began kissing her as she groggily responded, stretching her arms before wrapping his head with her arms while hunching up into his dick sensually. He made love to her with his dick until she was cumming while moaning passionately. Again and again she flooded her pleasure before finally falling asleep with her hips still undulating her desire for more. Exhausted



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