There were no witty words, no come-hither looks, no pick-up lines. There was only the contact, the mutual understanding, and the long car ride home.

I sat next to him in his brand new 2003 Jeep Wrangler, wondering why the sexiest man in the world had to have the car with a tiny engine and the worst acceleration rate ever. I shifted positions, trying to covertly study his profile as he concentrated on the road. There was no music; we needed no relaxation.

He had strong, chiseled features, angled sharply as if he had been cut straight from dark marble and was magically animated just to take me home. His face was framed by delicate and angelic wisps of hair colored like the rich dark chocolate bars of which I was so fond. It curled about his cheekbones, rather high for a male, but so exotic; as were his eyes: they were golden in hue, so deep and dreamy that I could dive right in and take a long swim. His lips were – well – masculine, if that’s what lips can be described as, but all I knew is that I had to repress the urge to dive over the gear shaft and suck on his lower one in hopes that he’d pull over and make love to me right there.

No such luck, however. I hung onto my urges, though with a desperate and slipping grip.

We turned corners like mad men, and I could even hear the squeal of tires once, though I doubted it was from us. He wasn’t driving all that fast, and I knew it was because he wanted to make me insane. I writhed and shivered in that seat, feeling the intense heat of passion building up inside me. No man had ever instilled within me the dark and burning need to mesh, and my stomach fluttered curiously at the thought. In all reality, who was this man?

We met in bar; I won’t give the specifics. But it was over a dry martini that I realized he would take me home that night, and I saw the knowing glint in his own eyes. He would give me what I want, something that I had never had before, and in return I’d be his forever for the taking. For once in my life I lost my independent streak and melted helplessly into his front seat.

Finally, just when I was beginning to imagine that I would perish from want before we arrived at his house, he pulled up into a drive and came to a halt, swiftly pulling his key from the engine. He sat there for a moment, his strong fingers flexing about the steering wheel. I could see his knuckles alternating from white to red to flesh tone, and I imagined bahis firmaları those firm hands fondling my breasts, the rough palms dragging across my sensitive nipples. As if on cue, they rose to greet the world through my tight white tank top. I needed him, and by the fierce determined look in his eyes, he needed me too.

I slipped out of the car and landed on the pavement wobbly-kneed, clinging to the door for support as I tried to stable myself. He shut his door and circled around behind the Jeep to grasp me gently by the elbow and usher me into his house.

The foyer was dark, and I hadn’t the faintest where I was going, but he obviously knew. My eyes hadn’t even adjusted to the dark as he moved me along a hallway, turning me to the left and urging me gently upstairs. I stumbled once near the top, but his hand was still on my arm, and before I knew it I had been pushed into a room and heard the door close behind me with a soft click.

I could feel the largeness of the room. It just felt spacious as I put my hands out in front of me in an attempt to find something to hold onto. But there was no need, because his hand had slipped from my elbow and onto my hip. He was directly behind me, and he grasped my hips with both hands and pulled me gently to him. I let out a sigh, a desperate call for passion, and turned my head up to meet his lips.

He was warm and soft, yet so hard to the touch. His muscular arms gripped me close as our mouths opened and our tongues sought to explore each other as completely as possible. One of my arms rose to wrap about his neck, pulling his mouth harder onto mine. His hands slipped underneath my top to cup my breasts through my bra.

It was the sweetest moment I had ever experienced.

When at last our mouths separated, I could hear his panting breath and feel the ripple of his muscles as he moved. We were walking closer to the bed. Right as my knees nudged the mattress I turned and wrapped my arms about his neck completely, careful to make sure every contour of my body was pressing snugly against his. I could feel the hardness of his want beneath his jeans, and my legs rose to wrap around his waist as he tumbled me back onto the bed.

His hands traveled everywhere as we struggled out of our clothes, tossing them in every direction without care. It was the moment we were driving towards: the point where we touched flesh-on-flesh and knew that we had to continue or kaçak iddaa be consumed.

I clung desperately to him, reveling in the sensation of my soft flesh rasping gently against his rough and bronzed skin. His mouth traveled from my lips down my chin, placing random sweet kisses across my neck and collarbone. A gentle bite had me gasping and arching against him, but he continued his path down my body. His hands rested lightly on my thighs as his lips hovered over one breast, his hot breath rushing across my nipple and making it reach out towards him, begging to be touched. He let his tongue graze across the tender flesh, sending tendrils of electricity along my spine and out to every point in my body. My fingers and toes curled and I couldn’t stop an escaping moan, low and husky.

His mouth descended and encircled the nipple, sucking it gently into his mouth as the tip of his tongue flitted across the surface. His teeth grazed my flesh and I whimpered, my fingers curling tightly into his hair. He moved from one breast and onto the other, repeating the same slow and erotic touch with his mouth and tongue, leaving me helpless and quivering.

I felt his lips circle about my stomach, his tongue flickering briefly into my navel. I knew his path, I knew his destination, and I spread my legs in anticipation, pushing his head lower. He conceded, not willing to fight with me, and the first touch of his tongue along my outer lips sent shock waves through my limbs. I gasped and moaned, my fingers flexing impatiently. His tongue slipped just between the outer lips, placing gentle touches alongside my inner folds. He reached up to open me gently, laying me out before him like a banquet. I purred and curled and uncurled, knowing what was coming next.

His tongue descended on my clit, flicking over it experimentally. I could feel his smile as I cried out again and he took it completely into his mouth, sucking tenderly and teasing me up to new heights. I thought I might shatter into a thousand fragments of glass and disappear into the earth. A finger slipped into me, pushing deep and rubbing against the inside of my walls. A second – and I could feel how wet I was, how much I needed him.

I couldn’t make a sound, and when he hit that secret spot inside of me, I writhed and arched against him, my mouth open in a silent cry. And then his touch melted away completely. He withdrew his fingers and left me grasping and panting kaçak bahis for more. Colored lights danced in front of my eyes and I felt dizzy for a moment.

It wouldn’t last too long, I knew, as I felt his hand slip up to grasp my breasts gently. His hips touched mine, and he pushed slowly against my entrance. I accepted him and he sheathed himself into my hot, wet opening. My legs wrapped around his waist and my moan of desire mingled with his, hanging above us in the heavy air as he pushed deep into my clutching flesh. When he had finally settled completely, we rested for a moment. His fingertips traced silent patterns over my breasts, and his hips began a slow, steady rhythm.

I was lost in my pleasure, floating in a dark absolution that I had never visited before, and would most likely never see again. It felt like the birth of humanity, the beginning of the world, the very start of evolution as we joined, thrusting and moaning. My senses were seemingly heightened as I discovered every contour, bump and ridge with my insides, feeling the rippling movement of his warm skin sliding over mine.

It was only a moment, however, before an animalistic need consumed both of us and we were driven to thrust desperately against each other. As our hips met, the smack of flesh echoed across the spacious room, followed closely by our breathy cries. His lips were everywhere; they danced trails across my flesh in a sensuous ballet that sent tingles spiraling down my stomach and straight into my tensed womb.

Our movements became even more urgent, cries now hoarse and growling as we rode each other. A separate darkness tugged at the edges of my vision and threw a cloak over the rest of my rational mind. It was as if I were floating along a precipice, and below were soft, warm waves ready to catch my fall. I hovered there for a prolonged period of time, gasping and clutching, scratching and moaning.

It was the one last move, the one last motion of skin-against-skin that sought to push me over, sending sparks of lights across my path and the sweetest, most indescribable feelings through my limbs. I lingered even there momentarily, letting my body drift down into the comforting folds that had beckoned. The darkness receded, as did he – sliding down my body to lay in an exhausted, panting heap beside me.

I took the last of my strength to curl up beside him, and somewhere in the back of my mind there was a surprised fluttering of thought as his arms wrapped around me as if I were as familiar as someone he had known for years.

Then came the third darkness–real and inviting, nudging my consciousness into another realm.



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