Annie’s Tales – Part 5

Early October, and Annie was now three months pregnant. She had yet to inform any of her family, with the exception of Tim, of course. Tim had known pretty early on. It was hard not to show, given the fact the Annie had been a small, skinny woman to begin with. A few of the women at work knew, including her supervisor and department heads. Ray Dalton also knew that she was pregnant. The son of a bitch. Ray knew that she was pregnant, and given their complicated, partially incestuous relationship, he was well aware that it was a fifty-fifty chance that he was the father. At first, Ray found it exciting. He must have had a fetish for pregnant women, since he seemed to enjoy bringing it up while driving his fat dick into her. And Annie quite enjoyed it as well. Even as her belly grew, her lust for sinful sex seemed to grow with it. Fucking two well hung young studs, even if one happened to be her own son, on a regular basis helped Annie push the realization that she’d soon be mothering a baby once again from her mind. For the time being.

All of that changed when she found out that Ray had enlisted in the Navy. What hurt most was the fact that she didn’t find out until two days after he had left. He hadn’t even stopped by to tell her, let along give her a fare well fuck. It had been left up to Tim to break the news to her. Given that in her heart she knew that the father of her child was in fact her son, it still hurt that Ray had abandoned her is such a heartless manner. It had been nearly six weeks now since he’d left, and yet she still hurt emotionally. She was in love with the 21-year-old, as much as she was in love with her son.

Her life was about to change. Annie had called her mother up over the weekend and asked to stop by. She had a strained relationship with her mother, with the two of them barely seeing one another, even though they lived so close. Annie did make it a point to call and talk, at least once a week, but it had been some time since they’d talked face to face. Bringing up the fact that she was now three-months pregnant would be easy, given the swell of her belly beneath the sweater she wore over her tan corduroy skirt. Listening to her mother rant on and on about her life choices would be much harder.

The air was chilly, coming down along the northern mountains, when she headed out that morning. Before heading across town to her mother’s house, however, Annie had an appointment to keep with her gynecologist. After climbing behind the wheel of her Impala, Annie sent a text reminder to Natalya Aleshinova, her boss. She’d taken the entire day off, but with Natalya only recently back from her extended stay in Russia, Annie wanted to be sure that Natalya knew where she was. Her drive to the clinic took her past the Starlight Bowl, where she had enjoyed many evenings bowling with her friends, or cocktails in the lounge after. Now that she was getting along with her pregnancy, she had had to give up both. Bowling and boozing where about the only hobbies she had, besides sleeping around with her son or his friends. Annie’s only remaining vice was her cigarettes, and giving them up had been easier said than done.

Annie finished of the Winston, the last of the pack, sitting outside the clinic. She still had a few minutes until her appointment. Besides, she was warm inside her car, and the way the trees were waving and shedding their leaves, she knew it would be a chilly walk in. Still, when the time came, she hustled.

“Good morning, Mrs. Strauss!” came the cheerful greeting of the young receptionist, seated behind her desk. The young woman, maybe no more than 24 or 25 Annie, thought, barely looked up from her keyboard as Annie leaned down to sign in. Her name was well down the page, she noticed, and scribbled her name as illegible as all of the others above.

“Do we have any concerns this morning?” the receptionist asked as Annie moved to take a free seat near the wall-mounted television.

“No,” Annie answered. “I’m fine.”

“Wonderful. The doctor will be with you shortly.” Given that there were three other women, all in various stages of pregnancy, seated with her in the waiting room, Annie doubted that it would be any time soon. She settled in, retrieved her cell phone from her handbag, and picked up where she had left off, popping virtual bubbles mindlessly.

Annie had been waiting nearly fifty minutes when the door to the back rooms opened and the familiar voice of Rebecca Thomas called her name.

“How are you doing this morning, Annie?” Rebecca asked as she held the door open for her to pass.

“As good as can be expected, I’d think,” Annie smiled. Rebecca had been a friend of Annie’s now since her first visit and they had met a few times for coffee. Rebecca had guessed early on that Annie not only was unsure of whom her child’s father might be, but also that it very well could be her own son who was the father. Annie had been so taken aback at the question when posed that she flatly denied it. Rebecca saw illegal bahis through it, however.

“Your secret is very safe with me,” Rebecca had told her. “I know the pleasures myself. I’ve been having an incestuous affair with my son, Carl, for a while now. And I know of at least five, maybe six, other women who partake of that very same sin.”

Annie had recognized Rebecca’s son’s name as one of her own son’s friends. In fact, Annie had been fucked at an impromptu orgy, more of a gangbang, and Carl Thomas had been in attendance. There was even a slim, outside chance that Carl might even be the father of her baby, not that Annie would ever admit as much to Rebecca.

“How have you been feeling?” Rebecca asked as Annie dutifully stepped onto the scale to be weighed. “You’re looking nice, by the way.”

Annie blushed a little. She’d always thought that Rebecca might be bi-sexual, though she’d never admitted it. Still, Annie felt a spark every so often around the older woman. Not that five years was much older. “I’m feeling good,” she admitted. “Just wish I could give up the smokes, you know?”

“It’ll take time,” Rebecca smiled. Annie was taken to a small examination room, the same as she’d been in each of the past two visits, and after stripping down to her underwear and bra, and donning the surgical gown provided, her vitals were taken and then she was assisted onto the table.

“Just relax and Dr. Medford will be in shortly,” Rebecca smiled, adding a gentle squeeze to Annie’s hand before she left. Rebecca returned with the doctor after nearly fifteen more minutes of waiting. The room was warm, and soft music played soothingly in the background. Annie had nearly fallen asleep by the time the sixty-some-odd year-old doctor had arrived. Dr. Medford began his examination of her by checking the entries that her nurse had already made, while she removed her underwear. Rebecca helped her get into position by easing her ankles into the stirrups and propping her head up on a pillow. The doctor lifted her gown and dipped his head between her thighs a moment later, and for a brief moment Annie felt his breath on her sensitive flesh. The next, she felt herself being opened, first by the gentle touch of his fingers, and then the cool hardness of the speculum as he opened her birthing canal up for examination. She shuddered a little, and Rebecca again took her hand. Annie responded with a smile.

It was all said and done within minutes of Dr. Medford’s arrival, and Annie was dressed and ready to leave a few minutes later. “If you’d like, let’s meet up for coffee later.” Rebecca offered. “I get off at 3.”

“Actually, I’m headed up to see my mother after this,” Annie explained. “I think it’s time I let her know.” She patted her belly with an uncomfortable smile.

“Well, if you need to talk after, just give me a call, okay? You’ve got my number.” As Rebecca led Annie out, the nurse asked in a hushed voice, “Do you plan on telling your mother about who the father might be?”

Annie had been putting that very thought off, until it was time. Now, with Rebecca’s query, she had to consider it. “I’m sure its Ray’s baby,” Annie said, even though there was no conviction in her voice. Rebecca recognized it as well. “That’s all she’ll need to know, right?”

At the door, Rebecca paused. “I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, sometime. When you’re ready. She’s been through what you are, only she was very sure. She doesn’t know about you, and I’ve not told her anything other than I might have someone she would want to talk too. Just let me know, okay?”

Annie nodded. “Thanks, Rebecca. I’ll think about it. We’ll see how things go with my mother first, okay?”

Rebecca gave her a quick hug and then opened the door out to the waiting room. “Call me this evening, either way.” Annie told her that she would and after checking out, she headed for her car. The sun had broken through the cloud cover and with the wind dying down a bit, it was actually warm enough for her to drive across town to her mother’s house with the window down. She stopped for cigarettes and smoked two on the way, taking the scenic, round-about way. Once she realized that she was putting off the inevitable, she turned onto Principality Boulevard and headed for her mother’s big house in Van Winkle Heights, high in the foothills overlooking the bay.

Annie’s family had money, of that there was no doubt when one visited any of the three Van Winkle “sisters”. Annie’s Aunt Gloria, who she indirectly worked for at the Golf Club and Convention Center, lived a quarter mile further down the road from her own mother’s house, and yet their properties bordered one another. The driveway wasn’t a long one, but curved behind a stand of firs so that the front of Greta Van Winkle’s house was hidden from direct view of the boulevard. Annie pulled her Impala along until she was parked behind an unfamiliar car sitting just past the front steps. She sat in the car until she had finished her latest cigarette, and then resigning illegal bahis siteleri herself to the task, she climbed out.

Annie rang the doorbell and waited. Usually her mother’s housekeeper, Mrs. Pollock, would have answered the door and let her in. However, when the door finally opened, it was her own mother who greeted her.

“Annie! I’d forgotten all about your coming this afternoon! Come in!” Greta’s song-like Georgia-belle voice chimed brightly. Annie cringed inwardly. She hated the way her mother brandished her accent like a flaming baton, ensuring everyone within range knew that she was Southern-born and Southern-bred.

Annie followed her mother into the foyer and paused as Greta closed the door behind. She took a look at her 65-year-old mother and raised a brow. Greta was dressed in a deep purple nightie over like-colored stockings. The material was so thin that Annie could easily make out her mother’s dark underwear and bra beneath. On her feet she wore house slippers. In the hall beside her, the ancient German-made grandfather clock chimed the hour.

“You’re dressed rather comfortably for this time of day, Mother,” Annie commented. “It’s three in the afternoon and you’re dressed for bed. Late or early?”

Greta laughed. “Oh, Annie! I’ve been up for hours. I’m just enjoying a quiet afternoon, is all.” Annie let her mother guide her through to a sitting room, where she settled into one of the expensive settees her father had imported from England years ago. Her mother sat on the edge of a matching unit, her wide, bright smile turned her way.

“My, you are looking wonderful, Annie,” Greta said. “How are you doing? What are you now? Three months?”

Annie sat numb, shocked even. “You already knew that I was pregnant?”

“Why, yes dear, I did. I’ve known for some time now. Tim told me.”

“Tim told you?” Annie’s voice was nearly a croak by then. “When? When did he tell you? What did he tell you, Mother?”

Greta leaned back, getting more comfortable in the settee. She crossed her long, thin legs before replying, “It’s been some time back, I think. Maybe the end of August? When Tim did my hedges out back. It was just before the Summer Party, as a matter of fact. I’m still upset that you didn’t come, by the way.”

“I didn’t know Tim did yard work for you,” Annie admitted.

“Oh, yes. He has for some time now. I pay him well, also. He’s very good at trimming my bushes,” she added with a sly grin.

“I’ll say he is!” came a voice to Annie’s left. She turned to see a tall, very young man walk into the room, wearing only a white terry-cloth waist wrap and flip-flops. “He kept your bush neatly trimmed, Greta.” The young man tipped a glass back and finished off whatever it was that he’d been drinking.

“Oh, Annie! You remember Gavin, don’t you? He’s your cousin Ginger’s youngest boy,” Greta introduced as she stood. Annie watched as her mother, a 65-year-old grand-mother, went to the young man, who was now older than her own son, and give him a full-mouth kiss. When she turned back to Annie, she explained, “Gavin also does some yard-work for me, from time to time. He usually spends most of his time in the pool or the spa, however.” Greta added a giggle for punctuation.

“Speaking of the spa, it’s ready whenever you are, Greta,” Gavin told her.

Greta turned back to Annie. “We were just about to spend an hour or so relaxing in the spa, Annie. I’d like it if you’d join us.”

Annie shook her head. “I don’t think so, Mother. I came to talk to you about…well, about this!” and she waved a hand over her belly bulge. “Instead, it would seem that you already know all about it.”

“Not everything, dear,” Greta shrugged. “But maybe more than think I should know.” Greta turned back to Gavin and told him, “Run along to the spa. I’ll join you shortly.” She gave him another kiss, again full on the mouth, and Annie watched as he rushed away.

“Now, what do you want to talk about, Annie?” Greta asked, again taking a seat on the opposite settee.

“First of all, I want to know if you’re fucking that boy!” Annie hissed.

Greta laughed. “Of course, I am! He’s a fine young specimen, isn’t he?”

“If he’s Ginger’s son, then that makes him your sister-in-law’s grand-son,” Annie reminded her mother.

“That’s about right, yes.” Greta’s grin widened. “Technically, it’s incest, but as far as I know, we’re far enough apart for it to be somewhat legal. I’ve been bedded by much closer relatives than Gavin, I think you know.”

Annie was stunned by her mother’s candidness. It had been many years since they had discussed the family and its sinful, incestuous ways. Annie had long maintained her desire to not get involved with her relatives sexually. She could never understand the thrills or pleasures the Van Winkles got from it all.

And yet, even as she sat there, in the presence of her shameless mother, Annie realized that she herself had been partaking of the very same pleasures with Tim, her own flesh and canlı bahis siteleri blood son. She was no better than her mother, and given that she very well could be carrying his baby in her womb, she was maybe even more depraved. In that moment, Annie could feel her chest tighten, and tears beginning to well up in her eyes.

“What did Tim tell you?” she asked in a meek, fearful voice.

Greta moved to sit beside her daughter and took Annie’s hands in hers. Annie looked up at her mother, as this was the first time in years that she could remember her mother holding her at all. “Annie, Tim told me all about how you and he have been lovers for a while now. He also told me about the others you have been with, that he’s shared you with. You know that I’m fine with all of it, as long as you are enjoying yourself.”

Greta paused to let Annie take this in, before going deeper. “I think he’s accepted the fact that your child is also his, though you might suspect otherwise.”

“There was another boy, Ray, that I’d been sleeping with. As often as I’d been sleeping with Tim,” Annie shyly admitted.

“It doesn’t matter, now does it?” Greta asked. “You believe it, deep down don’t you, that your baby is Tim’s? And from what Tim has told me, he is accepting of that responsibility, even if it needs to be as a sibling, rather than as a father.”

Annie sobbed. “Mother, I don’t know how you can be calm about all of this! This is really devastating to me, you know? After everything I’ve ever said, to you and to Dad. The way I’ve looked down on all of you…perverts. And I’m no better! I’m just like all of you, ain’t I? I’m a perverted fuck just as much as the rest of the Van Winkles!”

Greta laughed then and pulled her daughter into a hug. “Yes, my lovely daughter! You are a Van Winkle! And I am proud that you are my daughter. I love you so very much, and I know all of your family does as well.” Greta tipped Annie’s head back slightly, and after a moment where their eyes locked, Greta ever so lightly touched her lips to her daughter’s. They kissed, if only briefly. When it was over, Greta again asked, “Will you stay a while, and join me in the spa? It’ll be good for you to relax and unwind. I know your nerves must be shot, and I can feel the tension radiating from you.”

“What about Gavin?” Annie asked.

Greta laughed, “Oh, I’m sure he won’t mind. You really need to get to know him, and the rest of the family’s young men, Annie. Gavin is such a wonderful young man, just starting out you know. And I must say, he’s worldly beyond his years!”

“Oh, Mother!” Annie gasped. “I don’t know if I want to know about it.”

Greta stood up and with a shrug added, “If you stay, I might even be inclined to tell you some things about Tim that you’d find interesting. For instance, did you know that he has a fetish for shaving women’s legs, as well as their privates? Oh, but I’m sure he’s done it for you, hasn’t he?”

Annie was on her feet, her mother having taken her by the hand, and followed her meekly. She had never imagined that such a loving, intimate act that Tim had begun to do for her only recently was in fact a fetish. And, if she could believe her own mother’s innuendo, Tim was providing the same sort of attention for her as well. How many other women did her son provide that service for, she wondered as she followed her nearly-naked mother through to the recently added on spa. They passed through the un-used maid’s quarters that her mother had converted into something of a wet-room. The outside door led onto the back porch and the pool beyond. The inside door opened into the spa, where Gavin awaited, seated chin-deep in the frothing, steaming hot tub.

The room was very warm and humid, and even as they had passed through the wet-room, Greta had begun to shed her meager clothing. Before Annie could react, her mother was stripped down to her stockings only, and after taking a seat at the edge of the tub, those too were removed, and Annie’s 65-year-old mother slipped naked into the hot tub, to join an equally naked young man.

“Are you going to join us, Annie?” Gavin called as he enveloped Greta with and arm. Greta settled in tight to his side and leaned her face into his neck. Annie watched as her mother began to nibble on his wet flesh without another word.

Annie moved over to a plank-wood bench and taking a thick towel from the rack inside the door, she sat down. The high humidity had already begun to make her sweat. “You really need to get out of your clothing, dear,” her mother needlessly informed her. “I won’t mind, and I’m sure Gavin won’t either.”

Annie was still very unsure of what was going on, and yet the heat was really beginning to feel good, even as she felt her clothing dampening up on her skin. Reluctantly, she did as her mother had said, first pulling the sweater up and off. She had to stand to remove her skirt, and as she kicked off her shoes she saw Gavin’s eyes turn her way. The young man was taking it all in as she stripped. Even with a well-rounded belly, he seemed to be lusting for her. It probably didn’t help that, as she stood Annie could tell that her mother was stroking his manhood beneath the churning water. The steady motion of her arm and should gave that away.



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