Natalya’s Tales – Part 3

What had originally been scheduled as a three-week vacation with her husband in Russia had turned into a nearly six-month ordeal for Natalya. When she finally walked into her home in Regal Bay, with Mikhail carrying her suit cases behind, she felt a wave a relief wash over her.

“Thank you, Mikhail,” she told the old chauffeur. “I’ve enjoyed your company, these past years.”

“And I’ve delighted in working for you, Ma’am.” Mikhail set the luggage down inside the foyer and turned to leave. His work for her ended in that moment, per instructions given him by Mr. Aleshinov. As it was, now Mikhail, who had been working for the family in the states for many years, was due to fly home to Moscow in two days’ time. He was not looking forward to his return. Mikhail had enjoyed living and working in the United States, and had become a big American Football fan during his thirteen years in Regal Bay. He would miss watching football Sundays the most.

Natalya moved through the house that was once her home and took in the work that had already begun. The packing up of the furnishings had started before she had even left Moscow, and little remained on the ground floor that wasn’t either crated for shipment or wrapped and ready to be. Upstairs, she passed her son’s occasional bedroom, and saw through the open door that Nico had already moved his belongings out. The room was bare, save for bits of debris lying about. The other rooms, likewise, had already been cleared. Only the bedroom she once shared with her husband remained intact, a parting gift from Piotr.

Natalya knew that arrangements had already been made for her to relocate to a condominium near the Golf Club. Piotr was good about such things. Organization was his strong-suite, after all. She would visit her new home in the morning.

During her stay in Moscow, Natalya had reunited with her daughter, Marina. Had Natalya known that her husband was planning to file separation papers during her stay, she might not have gone. It was only the lure of spending time with the daughter she hadn’t seen in more than two years that took her to Moscow. She had been enjoying her stay, going to the theatre with Marina, visiting friends from her youth, and delighting in the new Moscow night-life, before Piotr had called for her at his office.

She was due to fly home that week, but upon her arrival at her husband’s office suite, commanding an entire floor in one of the new high-rise complexes that displayed to the world that Mother Russia was indeed stepping into the 21st century, Natalya was informed by Piotr that he’d changed her plans. “You will be staying in Moscow until certain matters are taken care of,” she was told by her husband in a firm, unyielding voice.

Natalya was confused. “What matters, Piotr?” He refused to answer her. Instead, he escorted her out of the building and into a waiting car. Ten minutes later, they were in the offices of his lawyers, who presented her with the Documents of Legal Separation. Natalya was utterly confused, for she had thought that their marriage had been a good one, despite their lack of intimacy of late, or their separate careers.

After reading through the documents in stunned silence, she only asked Piotr, “Why?”

“Do you not understand, Natalya?” he replied, using her formal name. He rarely did. “We are living two entirely different lives. I will be staying here, in Moscow, where I have my business interests to look after. I will of course be living with my mistress, who will become my wife in due course. Do not look shocked, my dear. You have been aware of Ekaterina for many years now, as I know all about your life in Regal Bay, as well as your infidelities to me. I will not live a lie any longer, this marriage we have. For too long my eyes have been turned away from what you do behind my back, but no longer. I am becoming embarrassed by you, my darling star, but no longer. I am ashamed of what I have discovered about you, but I will be no longer.”

Natalya had been aware that Piotr knew that she enjoyed sexual relations outside of their marriage. He had never said a word, until now, that he disapproved. Maybe that was why, she surmised. He had given her rope and enough line. She had provided the knot. And now, he was tugging it tight.

Her husband’s lawyer began to speak then, with a deep, gravelly voice that grated on her immediately. “You will be removed from the home in Regal Bay, with only your personal belongings in hand. All shared items will revert back to Mr. Aleshinov’s possession, and returned to Moscow. You will, of course, be provided a home, with it and all utilities paid for by Mr. Aleshinov for the time being. You will continue living in Regal Bay, should you so desire, and be provided with a stypance of $175,000 annually, for the next five years, and no longer. You will release all claims to any of Mr. Aleshinov’s property, or investments. You will be removed kartal escort as primary beneficiary from any and all policies, henceforth.”

“What of our son? What of Nico?” she asked in a meek voice directed towards her husband. Piotr stood at the large windows, gazing out into Moscow, his back to her.

“He may do as he has,” Piotr replied without turning. “He has never wanted from me, so I will give him what he asks. Nothing.” Piotr turned to face her and added, “Until I die, when he will of course receive the bulk of my estate, unless I change my will before then. Until that day, the only thing that was once mine that he may have is you, my darling star. After all, he has had you time and again, hasn’t he?” Suddenly, he flung a manila envelope into her lap. Natalya had no need to open it, for she knew from its size and weight what it would contain. Photographic proof of her infidelities, most likely with their son, but possibly others as well.

“You will remain here in Moscow until the formalities have been completed,” Piotr informed her in passing as he headed towards the office door. Those were the last words Piotr Aleshinov would speak directly to her. They hit her hard, as a sledge hammer to the chest. She had never suspected that he knew about the affair she and her son were having. He had never given as much as a hint before that statement. When she finally looked up from the envelope, she found the dark eyes of Piotr’s lawyer on her. She felt his judgmental gaze even as he began to explain to her the process, of which she would of course have no say in. As he spoke, she felt the tears begin to roll down her cheeks.

After spending several long hours with Piotr’s lawyer, the bulk of which was lost in a fog in her mind, Natalya was escorted to Piotr’s Moscow home by one of his hired underlings. There, she was assisted in packing up her belongings and then driven into the heart of Moscow, where she was put up in a suite of rooms in the Swissotel Moscow downtown. She would remain in Moscow through the summer months, while arrangements were being made by Piotr for her she was told.

Marina visited her at the Swissotel, and they enjoyed nights out together, as mother and daughter. The sting of what had happened to her began to ease, being with Marina, but for Natalya, the idea that she would soon be on her own frightened her dearly. She had talked with Gloria Van Winkle on several occasions, explaining to her employer the situation which she now found herself in. Gloria was supportive and insisted she would not be replaced, should she wish to continue on at the resort. She was given all the time she needed, and Natalya would be welcomed back with open arms, Gloria insisted. Through exchanges of e-mails with her colleagues in Regal Bay, Natalya was able to continue with her duties as best as she could for the resort. However, she began to look forward to returning to her office and getting back to working, hands-on as it were.

Those had been long, hard months for Natalya, and now that she had returned to Regal Bay, she wanted nothing more than to forget the entire ordeal. The first step would be to reconnect with her son, and explain to him her new situation, as well as his own.

Looking out over the lush green backyard from inside the sun room, where she often enjoyed spending a quiet afternoon with a book and music, Natalya tapped her cell phone. A moment later, the deep note of her son’s voice once again came to her.

“I’m home now, Nico,” she said in her soft, accented voice.

“Mother, I told you to let me know before, and I would pick you up at the airport.”

“Mikhail was waiting,” she told Nico. “He brought me home.”

“Is he still there with you?”

She shook her head, even though Nico would not see. “No, my love. I am here alone.”

“I’ll be over in a few minutes,” Nico informed her. “I’ll take you to lunch and we can talk about what is to happen now that the bastard has cut you free.”

“Nico, we do need to talk. But I would prefer we talked later. For now, I just want to relax. It has been a long day for me, and I’d prefer to bathe and sleep. Come for me this evening, will you please? We will dine at the Club.”

“Alright, Mother. I’ll come for you at seven.” After a pause, Nico added, “I love you, dear mother.”

“And I love you, my dear Nico.” Natalya put away her phone and with her heels clicking across the bare wood floors, echoing through the nearly empty house, she made her way to the master suite. Ten minutes later, she had settled into her deep tub, her flesh wrapped in hot, soapy water. For the first time in months, she could feel the tension beginning to ease out of her.

Nico arrived promptly at seven that evening, after she’d enjoyed a nap. He was dressed for the evening, in one of his black pin-striped suits he favored, with a tie-less white shirt. Natalya was still dressing when he met her in her bedroom. Although maltepe escort bayan she had her lavender skirt on over her stockings, she only wore her white bra above. Her milky flesh tantalized her son, as she could see it in his eyes in the dressing mirror. She could almost feel his touch, long before he stepped up behind her.

“I’ve missed you, Mother,” he whispered from behind. His hands went to her shoulders and lightly caressed them. She paused in putting on her earrings when his lips brushed against her neck. He kissed her and she suddenly trembled.

“Oh, Nico!” she groaned. “How I’ve missed you, my son.” She turned quickly and her heavy bra-encased breasts brushed across him. “I’ve missed you so very much.” Her arms went around his neck and she pulled her son’s mouth to hers. Nico kissed her deeply, his own hands going to her hips to pull her tightly to him. She could feel his bulge against her lower belly, and she wanted him then, more than ever. By the bulge he had brought with him, Nico had similar feelings.

It was a struggle, but Natalya managed to disengage herself from Nico. “I thought we were going to dinner,” she said in a voice barely above a whisper. Her eyes went to his, and she saw lust in them. She understood then that they would not be leaving any time soon. She took a step back and felt the bed against her thighs. She fell back, slowly, and curled to lean back against the head board. Nico watched her all of the way. She saw in his face that he understood the invitation.

Nico dropped onto the mattress and leaned in to kiss his mother once again. This time, there was much more passion in his embrace, and his breathing began to deepen as he grew more excited. His tongue pressed between her lips when Natalya dropped her jaw and she sucked hard on it. Her hands went to his shoulders and she thought that her son felt a bit stronger beneath his clothing. She pushed the jacket from him and it fell to the floor. She brushed the back of his head, her fingers stroking through his thick, dark hair. She took a gentle hold and pulled his lips tighter to her own while thrusting her own tongue deep into his mouth.

Their lips remained locked as Natalya slipped fully onto her back beneath her son. Nico was pressed hard against her by then, his body moving atop her as he repositioned himself. His hands came up her torso and pushed her bra cups towards her chin. Her heavy breasts fell free, only to be captured by his large, strong hands a moment later. Nico’s mouth came away from hers and he moaned, “Oh, Momma! I’ve missed you!” His eyes took in each of her fleshy globes before he lowered his mouth to his mother’s left breast. Nico’s lips enveloped the darkened morsel that was his mother’s waiting nipple, perched atop the fleshy mound.

“Oooohhh, Nico! My son!” Natalya sighed as her body immediately began to tingle under her son’s oral attack. Her nipple was sucked deep into his mouth and after a moment, Nico began to gently chew upon the hardening nub. “That’s my baby! Suck on Momma’s siska!”

With his hands squeezing her breast flesh roughly, Nico moved from nipple to nipple over the course of the next several minutes. All the while, his hips rolled and pressed against her thighs. Natalya stroked his head, his shoulders, and down his back, wanting to feel her son’s naked flesh against hers. Nico’s mouth was covering her breasts and the valley between with wet kisses and long licks. After a few more passionate minutes, his mouth began to go even lower. As he slipped down her body, Natalya managed to tug his shirt upward and Nico paused long enough to allow her to strip it away, to join the jacket on the floor.

Nico captured his mother’s eye with his own, and Natalya in turn saw the slight grin on his mouth. The passion they both felt was beginning to boil. “Take me, Nico!” Natalya mouthed, her words barely audible above his panting. But her son had heard her.

Nico leaned into her belly and again began to kiss her flesh, across the swell of her belly, just above the hem of her skirt. As his tongue tickled her naval, his fingers curled around the hem at her hips. Natalya stroked his shoulder flesh lightly, and then ever so slightly lifted her hips. Nico had been waiting for this, and with a sharp tug, her skirt was ripped from her hips down nearly to her knees. Nico came back up to her breasts and captured her right nipple between his lips as he pushed the skirt past her knees. She helped by scissoring her legs, eventually kicking her skirt to the floor as well.

With her bra still bunched up at her shoulders, Natalya lay beneath her son in only black panties. She was breathing as heavily as he was, though he seemed to be doing all of the work. It had been a long time since she had been this excited, for any man, let alone her son. She could already feel the dampness between her thighs, soaking the crotch of her panties.

Nico had drawn his knees up beneath escort pendik his hips and as he continued to ravage his mother’s breasts with his mouth, he tugged at his belt and slacks until they were loosened. He again released her nipples to begin kissing and down her body. He passed her hips, across the material of her panties, and to the flesh of her thighs. Nico continued downward, along her left leg, until he reached her knee with his mouth. All the while, his hands were on her skin, stroking her. Natalya likewise kept her hands on Nico, and as he turned his hips towards her while kissing down her leg, she managed to push his slacks down to mid-thigh and reach into his blue-gray underwear to cup his bare ass cheek.

“Take me, Nico!” Natalya again sighed, even knowing that it was already a foregone conclusion.

Teasing his mother that much longer, Nico kissed his way back up her body, purposefully avoiding her pubic mound, to again attack her nipples. But only for a brief moment. When he heard his mother’s sigh of disappointment, he couldn’t help grinning into her flesh. This time, when he slipped down her body, Nico went right down the center line. Upon reaching his mother’s pantie-line, he took hold and pulled. Her hips came up again, and they went quickly down, past her knees, to be kicked away.

Natalya let her legs fall to either side of her son as Nico dropped between. His eyes were on her crotch, and the naked pink gash of her pussy. She’d trimmed her bush down slightly in the shower earlier, but knew how her son enjoyed her dark fur. His mouth again landed on her inner thighs, high up, very near her crotch, but not close enough.

“My pussy, Nico!” Natalya groaned while trying to pull his head into her crotch. “I need your mouth on my kiska!”

Again, Nico was smiling against her flesh. He knew he had her under his spell, as he had managed so many times before. This time was different, however, in the fact that she was now all his and his alone. He’d never be sharing his mother with his father again. He was now his mother’s only true lover, and in some ways, her master as well.

Nico slipped his hands beneath his mother’s thighs and hooked them. He gave her one last glance and only saw a passionate need on her face. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were closed. He blew his breathe across her slit and watched as she bit down on her lower lip.

“You like that?” Nico asked after another breathe brought about a similar reaction. She nodded feverously in response. “I know you like this,” he added, and then let his tongue reach out to lay against the entire length of her long slit. She instantly began to tremble.

“Oooohhh, yeeeesssss!” she sighed. In response, Nico gave his mother what he knew she needed; a long, leisurely lick that traveled from the very bottom of her slot to the sensitive nub of her clit. With a flick, he hit her button, and Natalya bucked hard into the mattress. With that, Nico latched his mouth tight to his mother’s eager cunt and began to devour her.

“Oooohhh, Niccooooo!” Natalya cried out as her son gave her what she so desperately needed. Within seconds, her body was convulsing through an orgasm that had been building up for months. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhyyyeeeee!”

His mother’s scream echoed in his ears as Nico sucked up the thick, tasty cream that all but poured from her. It was the sweetest he’d ever had, he imagined, and drank her juices down eagerly. The sounds of his slurping mixed with his mother’s groans of ecstasy as her orgasm drew out ever longer on his probing, flicking tongue.

Eventually Natalya’s orgasm washed through her to completion, and Nico lifted his face from her crotch. She looked at his beautiful, glistening face through heavy lids as he drew nearer. His mouth came to hers and she kissed him back as heatedly as he kissed her. As his tongue slipped between her lips to thrust into her mouth, his cock pressed against her labia. She rolled her hips and Nico slipped inside her easily, as if it were only natural. The feel of her son entering her set her trembling once again, and even as he began to move within her, she began to cum once again.

“Oooohhh, yeeeesssss!” she panted into his mouth. “Da, Nico, da! Fuck me, Nico! Oh, yebat’ menya! Yebat’ menyaaaaaa!” Natalya lost track of time as her orgasm exploded within her mind as well as her body. She felt his cock deep within her, pulsing and throbbing, hot and powerful. His tongue was as deep in her mouth as his cock was in her pussy, and she wrapped her arms and legs around him, to hold him within her. The mattress added its music to her ears, combining with their breathing, the slapping of their flesh together, and the buzz of her own heartbeat within her skull as her orgasm rolled on and on.

When she finally regained her senses, Natalya realized that she had passed out. She lay on her back in the center of her bed, covered not by her son’s strong, hot body, but by the down comforter usually folded atop the end-board chest. She felt a warm dampness between her thighs and knew that it was the cooling of her son’s semen, now leaking from her vagina. He had filled her to over-flowing, she laughed to herself. Such was his true need for her.



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