This started as a phone text flirtation but developed into short tale. It might get adapted into a longer piece at some point but I thought I would share it with you for now. Enjoy.

After a long day at work I return home and enter the room wearing a dark grey business suit and white shirt. I remove the jacket and sit down in the large leather arm chair. I take a sip from a crystal tumbler of fine single malt whisky, the ice clinking against the glass.

My eyes settle on you kneeling a few feet before me. Naked as expected except for a pair of black patent five inch heels and your pink leather collar. Your jewellery is minimal. Diamond stud earrings, no necklace, just a simple sliver chain around your left ankle carrying the word SLAVE.

Your knees are spread and your bum rests on your heels. Your arms are raised with your hands on the back of your head holding your hair up exposing your neck. Your shoulders are back pushing your breasts forward for my inspection; you hard nipples punctuate your beauty.

I enjoy the view for a few more moments before giving you a slight nod.

You crawl on your hands and knees the few feet between us until your face is a couple of inches from my knee. Reaching down I lift your chin with one finger till our eyes meet. I can see the fire and lust burning in your eyes. Another small nod and you settle between my legs, running your hands up my thighs till they meet ant my groin. You bite your lip and still looking at me gently squeeze the firm lump in my trousers.

I move my hips forward and your delicate manicured fingers soon unfasten my belt and button then slowly pull down my fly zip.

I watch you chew your bottom lip seductively as you reach into my shorts and your hand circles my growing erection and pull it free.

Still maintaining eye contact you bow forward and the tip of your tongue protrudes through your pink painted lips and it circles the head of my cock.

My manhood twitches in appreciation and grows harder, reaching its full length.

You spend a little time licking illegal bahis and kissing my shaft from the tip to its base. Not ignoring my ball sack which you also bathe with your talented tongue.

Rising up on your knees a little you place your lips over the swollen head of my penis, the tip of your tongue still dancing its pleasures for a second before you sink down taking me deep into your mouth. You swallow two thirds of its length before moving back up, pausing and then dropping down again. You repeat the move four or five times each time taking more of my cock into your mouth.

I rest my hand on your head, not applying any pressure but guiding you to swallow every inch. You fight your gag reflex for a moment and breathe hard through your nose which brushes the short trimmed pubic hairs of my lower belly just as I nudge the back of your throat.

My fingers close into your hair gripping you firmer, keeping you in place while I count slowly to five. As I feel you start to try and pull back I release you and you pull back with a gasp, drooling saliva up my erection, strands of spit bridging the gap to your luscious lips.

I offer my hand and help you stand. You are an erotic vision balancing in your high heels with my leather band of ownership secured around your throat.

I place each of my hands on your outer thighs just above your knees and slowly slide my fingertips up your legs and over the curve of your hips. I move further up your body and onto your shoulders before tracing your collar bones.

Your eyes close as you enjoy my caress and you purr as my touch moves down your cleavage and begins to circle both your breasts in unison. My contact scribes ever decreasing spirals over your amazing tits till my thumbs brush over the excited nubs of you aroused nipples. You moan from deep in your throat and your knees run together slightly trying to soothe the grown feeling between your thighs.

I place my hands on your hips and guide you as you comply with my instructions to turn around.

My eyes follow the line of illegal bahis siteleri your spine till it disappears into the cute cleft between your stunning butt cheeks.

“Show Me” I command and you bend slightly at the waist and move your feet a little apart. Reaching back you place a hand on each of your bum cheeks and spread them apart. Your most intimate special places are fully exposed to me. You are nervous vulnerable and oh so sexy at the same moment.

I place a finger on your coccyx bone and drawing it down your open crack.

I brush over the tight puckered hole of your anus, knowing how sensitive you are there and how you pleasure nerve endings there will be tingling.

I turn my hand over and move lower to cup your pussy. Your let lips rest on my fingers part spread already by your position but peeled apart more by my touch like a blossoming flower dripping with nectar.

I can’t resist and lean in closer. Blowing a stream of air over your arsehole making you wiggle before pushing my face deep into you from behind. My nose buries between your cheeks sensing the fresh odour of your freshly showered body. My tongue stretching out to taste the juices that are dripping from your open labia. You lean forward slightly more and I pull you closer till my tongue can just lick your little clit!

You groan with pleasure again and your polished finger nails dig into the pink flesh of your butt pulling you wide open. I raise my chin dragging my tongue back through your pussy lips drinking in your fluids before licking small circles around your anus. You push back slightly wanting more.

I come up for air and arrange our legs so you now straddle my lower limbs. I unbutton my shirt exposing my chest and stomach.

Taking your waist in my hands I guide you back and down till you are poised over my lap. My cock is vertical, hard and the tip is slick with a drip of pre-cum and the remains of your saliva. The head touches your vaginal opening and u release my hold allowing you to sink down and fully impale yourself on my canlı bahis siteleri manhood!

Once fully embedded you move your hands to the arms of the chair. Then you begin to raise slowly, your thigh muscles flexing as they begin to lift you up and down on my cock.

The feeling is exquisite as your hot wet pussy grips and rides my dick. Your slick juices lubricate the movement as you increase the rhythm. My hands envelop your body. One arm holds you and its hand cups your left breast, two fingers pinching your caroused nipple like scissors.

My right hand explores lower, across the warm flesh of your stomach and down between your thighs. My own legs move spreading yours even wider so you are totally exposed. My cock continues you penetrate you each time you bounce on my lap.

Mg wandering hand caresses your smooth shaved pubic mound and slips lower to find your clit which sparks with electricity at my touch. I hold you tight and begin to drive up into you. I can feel your climax growing…

“You have my permission to cum Babygirl”

And with that your speed increases as you pound down on my erection taking every throbbing inch!

I feel the glowing perspiration of your back on my chest and tease your clit more with my fingers. You are gushing with fluids and on the verge of a massive orgasm.

Your body jerks and vibrates as your climax hit. Your inner pussy muscles grip me hard milking my balls.

Our mutual climax is all we could imagine. The sensations so magical they are almost impossible to describe. Pleasure, lust, love, and more.

You collapse back onto me as we recover our breath. My hands and arms still wrapped around your gorgeous body. I kiss your neck gently.

After a few minutes I help you off my lap. My slowly softening penis finally escapes your vaginas hold.

As you stand I see the dribble of my excess cum flow from you pussy lips and drip down onto your inner thigh.

So erotic. So sexy. So beautiful…

“You may rest now” I say as I fasten me fly and re-button my shirt.

With that permission you lower yourself naked to the floor and curl up around my lower legs, your cheek resting on my polished shoe..

“Thank you Master” you whisper as you feel my jacket draped over your shoulders and you close your eyes… x



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