In the darkness, the door suddenly opened, the bright lights and loud noises of the party outside spills into the chamber. The sounds and sights of the raucous masquerade party permeating everything like a thick fog. Blocking the doorway, two shadowy figures are seen as they make their way hand in hand into the room. The darkness quickly returns as the door is shut, leaving the pair in an inky silence, safe from prying eyes.

With a sudden click, the room is filled with light from the flick of the switch on the wall. The room is luxurious in its accouterments, an elegant bedroom with plush carpeting, four-poster bed complete with silken curtains obscuring its occupants from view. The bed has a gothic hint to it, the posts carved like twisted pillars and gargoyles perched atop them. Even the chest of drawers has a matching refined but dark taste, being carved with intricate patterns of mythical beasts on its dark stained surface. On either side of the bed, by the headboard is a pair of nightstands, carved in the same style as both the bed and drawers.

The couple standing at the door pays no mind to their surroundings, looking at each other with a fire that is plainly visible behind their masks. One is a tall man, standing just a few inches above a full six feet, with long, wavy, silken brown hair that flows around his face, which is covered by a silvery masquerade mask, formed like a dragon’s face. A neatly trimmed mustache and beard of deep brown surrounds his mouth, and a hint of sparkling white teeth behind them, his lips twisted in a lusty, almost predatory grin. Shining brightly, his eyes are quite expressive, a swirl of colors that one might call hazel but leaning towards green. His body is covered in a shimmering cloak, royal purple in color, with simple black underneath its voluminous depths, reaching down to the floor, just shy of dragging on the ground. The other is a tall woman, a mane of velvety tresses the color of fire billowing around her face with a wildness that matches the look in her hazel eyes, peeking from behind the green butterfly masquerade mask. She nibbles on her bottom lip a little, a slight glossy sheen on them, but not a hint of color besides her own. Her form is a beautiful and perfect example of what a woman should be, voluptuous with a divine rubenesque quality. Her form is garbed like that of a tavern maiden, a low cut bodice accentuating the ample curves, and short skirt displaying her shapely legs, a carpet of perfect freckles covering her exposed shoulders.

Without a word spoken, the pair begin to undress each other, his hands working on opening her bodice and the skirts, her hands opening the clasp of the cloak and pulling the dark shirt quickly over his head. As he works a little hurriedly on sliding the garments off her creamy and beautiful flesh, her hands busy themselves on his belt, tugging it loose and letting his pants fall to the floor, nothing on underneath. She grins mischievously, seeing that he has already begun to succumb to the moment, a noticeable firmness rising between his legs. Letting out a soft gasp to break the silence, his eyes grow wide from behind his mask as her form is revealed to him, naked and perfect in its entire splendor, without a scrap of undergarments on herself. With delicate hand, she reaches up towards his mask, but he takes that hand in his, a seductive grin on his lips as he shakes his head.

Still holding her hand, he leads her to the bed, gesturing to it. His smile softens as his eyes seemingly drink in her alluring curves. A slight blush shades her features as she sits down on the bed to watch him as he pulls out four lengths of emerald green chiffon silk from the nightstand. Her smile grows wide as she stretches the length of her body across the bed, purring softly in delight as her arms and legs reach for each corner of the bed. With an obviously practiced hand, he moves to each corner, securing the nearby appendage to the post with a delicate but firm knot. Satisfied that she is fastened well, he climbs on the bed as well, coming up from the foot, his head finding its way between her legs, continuing on to her soft bosom, the freckled globes moving from her heavy breaths. Her bondage causes a blush to spread over her body, obviously aroused at the restraining, heightening the sensations coursing through her.

Her eyes watch him from behind the mask, as his tongue slides up, dancing over her creamy breasts, covered with an erotic coat of freckles. Without even much more, the candy pink nipples become harder, almost painfully so, a soft whimper escaping her lips as the tongue of her lover traces around one then the other. Punctuating the licking with gentle kisses, he makes his way to the hardened nipples. With a sudden move, he takes one into his mouth, sucking it hard, bringing out a gasp of pleasure from her trapped form. With practiced ease, he begins to nip at it softly, holding it with his teeth before causing his lower jaw to vibrate quickly, a high-pitched alternation of pressure and relief on the trapped nip. His eyes illegal bahis lock with hers as he hears her cry out for more with a hint of amusement as he continues with the vibrations, and then moves his attentions to the other one, starting with a simple sucking on the nipple. A slight tremble in her body begins as he flicks her nipple a little with his tongue before starting hard suction again, working back to the vibration of his jaw. A soft and erotic sigh fills the air from her as he grins, knowing she is ready now, struggling against her bonds, and starts to kiss his way down her belly, tracing his path with a gentle stroke of tongue.

She watches him, eyes transfixed on her lover, his head moving ever so close, till finally he leans in and kisses on her left thigh. A slight tremor of excitement stirs in her body at the first erotic contact of the night, and is followed by a breathy gasp as he slides his tongue out over the same spot, just above her knee, moving his tongue upwards. His hands are occupied elsewhere, fingers just tracing with light caresses on her calves, stroking them gently as he moves his kissing and gentle tonguing up to her creamy inner thighs, nearer the warm, soft and slightly moist petals. But instead of making his way there, his mouth moves to the other leg, starting back at the knee, with almost a perfect mirror of what he had just done. With a grin he lifts her leg a little, as much as bonds will allow, and turning her leg to take a light nibble on the back of her knee, licking over it lightly, doing the same with the other knee. Unable to keep it in, she lets out a gasp at the teasing, her body responding with increased breathing, her bosom rising and falling erotically. His eyes quickly move between her legs, to the sweet shaved mound that emanates the erotic scent filling his nostrils, and raising the heat in the room.

Licking his lips, he leans in and licks just around her velvety petals, tasting the flesh that holds them, and finally parting them slightly with his tongue, his fingers tracing up behind her knees, to where he has just kissed not moments ago. His tongue slides in deeper, moving towards a tender nubbin of flesh, but just barely missing it. Sliding around it with his tongue, he spirals it in a slow, lazy manner, teasing and tormenting her with the anticipation of touch. Her muscles tighten and spasm at the touches, hips bucking upwards to his tongue, aching to feel more, her skin flush with arousal, cheeks a crimson glow. Her voice cries out for her lover, calling for more, tugging against the silken ties, flesh quivering at the pleasures visited upon her, her vulnerable body arching at the sensations. The spirals around the nubbin pick up speed, the tip of his tongue getting closer, closer, just a breath away…then he stops and pulls his tongue away from her clit, going back to where he started. Her folds are flush, blushing from her arousal, as pink as her nipples, glistening from moisture.

Once again, his tongue travels in the opposite direction, tracing with a slow steady pace around the tender nubbin, moving at a lazy speed. The spiraling movement is closer and faster with each pass of his tongue. Her body straining against the bonds, breath a deep and husky sound as his tongue continues its assault on her. His own voice lets out a slight moan, the smells and sounds from his lover enhance his arousal. Her skin is quite flushed now, slick with a sheen of sweat brought on by the heat of passion building inside her, voice but a whimper of whispers begging for release. His tongue is moving quickly now, just a hair away from the tender spot, teasing with its closeness, and the heat of his hot breath on her moist depths. Her cries fill the air as she strains to pull, gripping at the silk, tugging them, causing the wooden posts to creak a bit with the strength of her passion.

Suddenly he pulls back, watching, as her voice becomes a pleading whimper just before he returns. His tongue slides out again, licking the nubbin, the agile muscle rubbing itself from one end of it to the other, moving slowly, pressing hard against it. Her body is alive with movement, jumping and thrashing against the bonds at the sudden sensation. The words from her lips speak and beg him to suck on her, to devour her delicious form. With a grin, he begins by flicking the aroused flesh back and forth, circling around it again and again, caressing the sides and top with every stroke. Moving in closer, his lips press to it and begins to apply a light suction to it. Her body begins to shake with impending release, taking pleasure from all his talents. His lips quickly add suction, and pull the aroused clit between them, where his tongue worked to tease and caress it before his teeth press against it, and he hums. The direct vibrations from his teeth send her over the edge causing her body to thrash violently as rivulets of pure pleasure gush all over his face, drenching him with her honey. She is shaking uncontrollably with desire as a scream of passion fills the air, her body continuing with illegal bahis siteleri a second eruption, one endless wave of pleasure after another, unable to even grip at her bonds anymore. His lips utter a loud moan at the release of her pleasure, enjoying the energy permeating the air.

At the first taste of the delicious nectar, he draws back, releasing the tormented clit before moving down. His tongue quickly dives into her gushing depths, seeking and licking at them while mining inside her for the liquid pleasure she is offering him. His nose presses down against her nubbin while he dives in deep, slurping and sucking noisily, the sound of his feast filling the air along with the delicious scent of arousal. She whimpers for him to take her as his, begging to be his. He smiles as he continues to explore inside her moist depths, seeking her juices inside. His face is pressed tight to her mound while she cries out from the decadent pleasure wrenched from her charged body, taken higher, making her dizzy from wave after wave of oblivion. His speed increases as the sounds of pleasure and passion filling the air as he enjoys her divine taste. His tongue penetrates her deeper, rubbing over every inch of her hidden flesh it can reach, the sweet honey from her body quickly coating his face and beard, making it matted and sticky. The scent of mutual arousal is thick, a musky taint that makes the most expensive synthetic pheromone pale in comparison to Mother Nature.

Her body cries out for more, wriggling and panting as he continues to work his tongue inside her. The fire in her eyes speaks of a lust and desire not quite fulfilled. He catches this in her eyes, despite the cries of passion that she is uttering incoherently. He growls seductively and pulls his face from her mound, moving his body up on top of hers, his lips pressing to hers and finding a deep, passionate kiss, hungrily sharing her juices with her, still coating his face. Their masks rub in the kiss, almost coming off. Reaching up, he pulls part of the lengths of silk, and they become loose and free her arms in an instant, as if she had never really been held. Her arms circle his body, pulling him closer, molding her body to his as she deepens the kiss, hungrily sucking on his tongue when he starts to trace her lips with it. The passionate flesh-to-flesh contact sends shivers of erotic electricity through their bodies, delighting their senses.

She begins to roll with him, urging him onto his back as she breaks the kiss, moving her lips to kiss and lick some of her nectar from his beard. He smiles, watching her, his hands caressing her body in a lazy, sensual way as she lays back, giving himself over to her as she did to him. His hand slides through her silky flame tresses with a smile as her lips trail down, circling his nipples, testing his flesh for every bit of sensitivity, discovering his body and tasting the sculpted planes and curves, reveling in having her lover as hers now. He lets out a moan, stroking her hair with a deep affection, looking into her eyes with a pleasure filled smile, licking his lips and letting out a little jump, quivering as her lips make their way to his belly. She grins at the reaction and takes a playful bite at his hips, laughing softly. Her eyes dart over to the lurid length, throbbing and erect just inches from her face. Licking her lips, she moves down and begins to nibble and suck on his thighs, bringing out a blush on his face, still visible beneath the mask, a soft whimper-like sound coming from his lips at the attention, his body trembling with excitement. The thick member throbs and twitches, growing even firmer as he whispers for his lover to take him.

Moving between his thighs, she straddles his left leg, rubbing her still dripping sex against it lightly. Responding, he moans and moves his leg against it, trying to tease more arousal out of her body, his eyes focused on her face as she enjoys the erotic shock. Leaning down, she nuzzles his shaft with her nose, kissing and licking on his sac, aching at being so tight and filled, the scent of them milky and warm from her heavy inhalations. Her tongue swirls around on the sac, before she blows lightly on it, his body trembling, and an earthquake of pleasure passing through him. In an instant, she moves up and devours him whole into her mouth, sucking and bathing him with her swirling tongue. A mighty explosion of sensation fills him, causing him to arch his back, screaming out for his lover, words choking in his throat. Her eyes sparkle as she enjoys his responsiveness and the way he freely and fully gives himself over to the delights of the flesh as she runs her tongue up the silky hardness of his shaft, her eyes locked on his, watching the fire burning in his. She keeps locked on his eyes as her mouth opens more and she eagerly engulfs his hardness all the way to the back of her throat in but an instant. His hands immediately reach up and grasp her flaming tresses, running through them, clenching at the flowing mane with trembling fingers, his body alive canlı bahis siteleri with tremors, lost to the exquisite pleasures that are being visited upon him. Bucking his hips up, he cannot help but wish more, at being so wonderfully deep in the velvety throat of this ravishing woman. His eyes are wide and locked with hers, scarcely able to utter a whimper and moan, repeating the word lover over and over like a litany of lust filled desire.

Devouring his hardness eagerly, and with urgent stroke, making love to it, worshipping its creamy promise of pleasure, taking him to the edge of sensual madness and holding him there. Her eyes are possessive, showing that he has him, and that he belongs wholly to her desire. His hands, still trembling, alternate between grasping and tugging gently at her hair, urging her down onto the throbbing member, and grasping at the bed sheets with a fierce strength. The quivers in his body lead him to shake almost violently, totally under her spell, helpless to her desires. His mouth can do nothing but utter noises of divine pleasure, his eyes locked on hers, wide with pleasure, a burning need growing, a desire to make the two flesh one.

Suddenly, she releases his shaft from its silky sheath, a look of shock in his eyes as she moves, scrambling back to capture its length between the soft valley between her breasts. He lets out a moan as the sight of her soft, tantalizing and erotic curves grip him, moving up and down over its length, her tongue flicking out to lick at the angry, swollen head each time it appears before her lips. His body quivers, but paralyzed from moving any more at the delicious sight of milky globes enfolding him. She throws her head back, the flaming curls tossed as her hands make their way to her nipples, pinching them in rhythm with the stroking of the member, absorbed by the heat of its length trapped in her cleavage. Her body is lost to the shared ecstasy, the feel of their bodies together delicious and burning, as his eyes watch with an intense gaze, entranced by the sight of her supple curves, the flush from her enjoyment as he finally can move, reaching up to touch and stroke her hair with one hand, and pinching a nipple himself with the other, wishing to be a party to her pleasure. His voice is weak as he begs her to ride him, to be inside her, to be one with her.

With a ragged breath, she releases his hardness from its soft prison and crawls up onto him fully, taking his lips into hers, looking deep into his eyes as she slides him through the folds of her flower. Slowly, she moves back as he kisses her back hungrily, his tongue parting her lips and sliding in to meet hers, dancing with its partner in her mouth, a soft whimper escaping his lips as she slides his length into her softness. The velvet envelops him, gripping him madly with a barely tempered need for his flesh. He almost lets out a cry of sheer ecstasy as he finds himself inside her, the intense desire fulfilled at last, wishing he could prolong it forever. Hips bucking up against hers, he strains to be sheathed in her fully, to fill her completely. She whispers to him, asking that he give herself over to him, her voice seductive and soft, expressing her desire to share the pleasures he gave to her, to see the moment of his true nakedness, safe in her arms. His hands work over your back, feather light touches, threading through her mane as his eyes lock onto hers, whispering and moaning that he is hers, to take him, his body trembling with desire, hips pushing up against her, enveloped in her warmth, the tight, moist place welding the two bodies together as one.

Her hand slips between their joined flesh, reaching down to feel the slippery length plunging in and out of her, glorious in its rigid relentlessness. His hand follows her, but makes its way to where his tongue had recently visited, adding to the pleasures that she feels, his fingers trace and caress the nubbin, lazily rubbing against her own hand affectionately. She tosses her head back, and leans along with it, resting her other palm on his thighs, arching her back and riding him with the strokes of intense friction. His hips bounce her a little on top of him, pushing in deeper and harder, picking up a slight pace with each passing moment. His other hand reaches up to stroke and caress one of the milky orbs bouncing in the light, tracing over its soft flesh, moving his finger over and around the nipple with barely a whisper of a touch.

Her muscles inside tighten like a vice suddenly as she reaches back to massage and stroke his sac, screaming with pleasure as his fingers push her over the edge, new ripples of sensation driving her to whisper of her release, groaning as she begins to convulse atop him. She continues to pump furiously, enjoying the spreading warmth fully as he can’t help but follow suit, driven to the edge of pleasure and beyond. The powerful rippling of her moist depths milk his shaft, urging a powerful eruption inside her, the torrential flood of his hot, sticky seed spraying inside her, as he whispers in response, telling her that this is for her, and how much he loves it. She just sits astride him, eyes close as she feels the torrent of heat fill her, ribbons of pleasure splashing her walls, receiving the ultimate compliment a man can give.



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