SOFT MOANS AND GENTLE WHISPERS and the squeaking of the bedsprings are sounds I’ve always associated with sex, but dialogue of an erotic nature had never entered my mind. Little did I know how powerful sexy words could be. The right phrase from a virtuoso dirty-talking woman can have me hard in seconds, ready to climb the walls in unspeakable excitement.

The speaker of those magic words was a sultry bombshell named Audrey, whom I had met in the parking lot of a liquor store in a small town in Georgia. I had just graduated college and, with nothing better to do, was hitchhiking across the South, visiting Civil War battlefields and one-star roadside motels. I was walking out of the store with a bottle of scotch, and the bountiful beauty with a brunette bob and a beauty mark on her upper lip was holding a bottle of bourbon.

“Looks like between you and me, we’ve got it covered,” she said, in an antebellum drawl. “Care to have a drink with me?”

I could think of nothing I’d have liked better. I hopped into the passenger seat of her MG roadster, and we found a quiet spot under a willow tree and imbibed. Between belts we shared our life stories. Right away I could tell that Audrey was a plainspoken, shoot-from-the-hip type of woman. Still, I was floored when she stated, “I was planning on driving down to the Florida Keys. Care to be my escort?”

Though I am impetuous, I was slow to answer, so she added, “Look, Spencer, I think you are illegal bahis a really hot guy. I want you so bad . . . the thought of cutting a sexual swath down the state of Florida with you as my stud makes me dripping wet. So what do you say, handsome?”

What do you think I said? Audrey’s edict had me raring to go. She took me in her mouth, right under the bowing branches of a willow tree, tantalizing me with her multitalented tongue. Not only could she do a number on me with her pink tongue, but between the action she held me in her tiny hands while looking me straight in the eye, telling me in truck-driver’s language how much she enjoyed sucking me off.

You’d have thought she had never seen a man naked before, the way she was praising me. I had never been so flattered, or excited. So when I ended up holding her hair, I erupted in an explosion.

Audrey and I spent a glorious few weeks together, and I learned that a nasty-mouthed lady could turn me on something fierce. On our first night together, in a motel near Kissimmee, Audrey did a striptease for me. I lay on the bed, nude, as she turned the radio down low and did a little dance. As she pulled off her clothes she’d ask me questions.

“Do you like my legs?” she started, running her nails up and down her thighs. She didn’t wait for an answer, and she didn’t need one. “I’d like to wrap these legs around your face,” she added. Then she removed her top. “How about my breasts? Do you illegal bahis siteleri like my breasts?” She held them in her hands, lifting one of them up. “When I mess around with girls I like to kiss their breasts. Would you like to be in bed with me and another girl? We could both lick you at the same time. Would you like that? Have you ever been in bed with two beautiful girls at the same time?”

I was in a fever, thoroughly aroused, as if I were listening to phone sex. But the voice was standing right in front of me, in the flesh, in red lipstick. Audrey finally stripped naked. She pulled a chair in front of the bed and sat in it, spreading her legs wide. “I really like it when a man does this and I watch as her fingers traced the out line of her hairless pussy, mesmerized by how she took her long fingers and inserted them in to her wet hole on then two slowly going in and out. As I was watching this I could fell my cock starting to stiffen and get rock hard I wanted her fingers wrapped around my cock I wanted to feel her move them up and down slowly as she suck my cock taking it all the way in her mouth. She then took her fingers out of her tight hole and kneeled in front of me and she slowly started to lick my cock and balls first she took my waiting prick in her tight wet mouth I groaned out loud nearly shooting my load down her throat, she must have knew because she pressed at the base of my cock and moved to my balls and began canlı bahis siteleri to suck and lick them as she jacked me off in her tiny hand. She then looked up at as she slowly licked and pumped my cock and, said ” you want to fuck my tight little pussy don’t you want to taste my juices and have them running down your chin as I grind my wet cunt against your face dint you?” and with that she sat on my face and smothered me with her young tight juicy cunt. God she tasted good sweet like honey I licked and slurped as much I could I could feel her quiver in orgasms as her muscles tightened around my tongue. She grinded against my mouth as she sucked on my cock taking it all in her mouth and down her throat.

I then flipped her over tired of her teasing and begin to rub my hard ready to explode coke over her pussy. I slowly eased my cock in to her almost coming in her with my first stroke but did not. She w rapped her legs around me forcing me dipper in to her cunt egging me to go faster but I held off wanting to tease her as she did me. I sucked on he sweet breasts taking the nipple in to my mouth rolling it on my tongue flicking it and then biting on them. It seemed the harder I bit the louder she screamed I started to slam into her with all my might harder she screamed faster it was then, I felt her start to quiver around me getting tighter and tighter with each thrust. Pulled out and came with a great heave all over her breasts and mouth as she greedily licked it up ” oh yes come all over my tits you horney fucker cum all over me I want all you cum!”

With that said I gave one lat explosion it seemed and promptly passed out. The last thing I remember is her tongue cleaning my now limp cock.



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