I opened the door of my apartment, about to leave and go to work, when I looked up to find you standing outside in the rain, just about to knock on the door. From the looks of it, you had been standing out there for quite some time, because the rain had soaked you from head to toe, causing the shirt you were wearing to stick to your skin, and your skirt to stick to your thighs, making your luscious curves even more pronounced than before.

I quickly opened the door and you entered just as quickly, and before I had a chance to react and shut the door behind you, you tossed the bag you were carrying onto my recliner and you threw your arms around my neck, pressing yourself urgently against me and kissing me deeply, causing me to walk back to the couch, but not before I shut the door tightly behind you with a slam. We fell back onto the couch and you straddled me, then your hands slid to my shirt and you whispered in my ear to put my arms up, only breaking the kiss for a moment as you got my shirt off me and threw it to the side.

It was then that I realized that the radio was still on because one of my favorite songs, “Addictive” by Truth Hurts began to play on the radio as you pulled your shirt off, and my hands slid up and undid your bra, then I whipped it off as quickly as possible, and as I leaned up I began running my tongue around your left breast, kneading it gently with my fingers as I circled it slowly. I felt your hands on the back of my head and I heard you sigh as you threw your head back, then you moved down and I pulled back from your breasts, and you pressed my head back and began using your talented tongue in my mouth, our tongues running circles around each other. I then broke the kiss and I sucked on your left nipple for a moment, then your right. My hands continued stroking your illegal bahis breasts gently as your hands found your skirt and your panties and you worked them off, only having to adjust slightly to get them off before you tossed them aside.

You then roughly put a hand on my forehead and pushed me back to the couch, then slid down me ever so slowly, your hands undoing and unzipping my pants and pulling them and my boxers down off of me. You then slid a hand to my cock and you began slowly stroking me, working your hand around it in slow circles. You then smiled up at me as you straddled my thigh, slowly rubbing your pussy over me up and down as you lowered your head over my cock. I stopped you for a moment, and I leaned down and kissed you again, this time more deeply and urgently, sucking on your bottom lip for a moment as I broke the kiss. You gasped and then immediately went to work on my cock, wrapping your mouth around me, and working your hand up and down my cock as I felt your tongue begin slowly working around my shaft rapidly, and I felt you begin to suck on me hard. Your talent was evident as I began playing with your hair and you worked my cock over ferociously, sucking me off as fast as you could, after a little while, I couldn’t hold back anymore and I came.

I didn’t look down to see if you spit it out or took it in. I grabbed your sides and I rolled to my left, then I slowly slid down you, starting at your neck I kissed a trail down over your collarbone, then between your breasts, stopping to just lick the inside curves of each of them before proceeding down over your stomach and around the edge of your belly button. I then slid down between your legs and brought your left thigh up onto my shoulder, then I began slowly kissing down the inside of it, causing you to bring your hands up and illegal bahis siteleri run your fingers down my chest before I brought your other thigh up and kissed down the inside of it, stopping on each just before I reached your pussy, I then slid a hand up between your thighs and I stroked you gently, my fingers running over your pussy from top to bottom, causing you to arch back slightly and grab the arm of the couch, digging your nails in. I then dove down on you, letting my tongue run slowly from the bottom of your pussy to the top, sliding into you gently only occasionally as I worked my tongue side to side, twisting it slightly as I work you over.

I stopped at your clit and I began to run my tongue flat along it, first up and down, then side to side. As you moaned and arched back, I felt your hands come to the back of my head and you roughly shoved me into you farther, my tongue pressing hard flat against your clit before I took it into my mouth, then I began working my lips along it side to side and rolled my tongue around it as I sucked on it gently. My hands slid under you and I caressed your ass, tilting your hips up to me as my tongue lashed you, first your clit, then back down your pussy slowly. I heard you cry out and I felt your body tremble gently as you obviously came hard.

I pulled my head up from between your legs, then I slid up on you, positioning my cock over your pussy, then I ran the head of my cock up and down over your pussy slowly, feeling it begin to throb with excitement as I played with your clit with head of my cock. I then worked it into you slowly, sliding the head in first, causing you to moan and throw your head back in ecstasy. You wrapped your legs around my waist and I began thrusting into you slowly, working my cock into you up to the hilt, then slowly canlı bahis siteleri pulling out of you, bringing my cock all the way out of you. At this point I hear you yell “Faster” to me and I respond by picking up the pace, working my cock in and out of you faster and harder, I hear you moan and scream as I try to keep myself from cumming too early, my cock already starting to swell inside your tight, throbbing pussy, which is tempting me to explode as you respond to my thrusts by rocking your hips into me. Your hands manage to find my shoulders and you pull yourself up to face me, your legs around me, the two of us grinding together almost painfully as we work ourselves both toward a violent explosion.

You pitch your head back and I feel your juices coat my cock as you cum, I keep thrusting but it’s not long before I explode inside you. I roll to the side and I roll you over on top of me, then we lay there and kiss for a few moments, before you whisper in my ear that you want me even more now. I smile and I tell you to be my guest. You then pull yourself off of my cock and you turn around so that you’re facing away from me as you come back down on my cock, and you begin rocking your hips as my hands come up and I caress your ass. You begin to ride me like this, rocking your hips down into me as I begin to feel myself building again toward another strong cum already. You must feel it to because you look back and tell me not to cum, to wait for you because you’re close already too.

I grasp your hips tightly and I keep pulling you down into me hard, then letting you come all the way up off of me almost before driving myself into you hard and fast. I feel myself swell inside you as you tighten around my cock again, then I feel you finally let loose as you lay back on me, and I cum only seconds later, and I wrap my arms around you. You then pull yourself up off my cock and lay back on my chest, your hand reaching back to play with my hair as I kiss and suck on your neck. We fall asleep like that and I end up missing work just for you…



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