Well, it was my senior year of college and I was working in the main campus library to make a few extra bucks. My supervisor was a university employee named Angela. She was a few years older than me (I was 21 at the time and she was maybe 28) and light years ahead of me as far as maturity is concerned. Anyway, she was a kind of hot, natural looking girl. Very little makeup and long dark hair. She dressed pretty plain but you could see a very nice body underneath all the layers.

Angela and I got to know each other working the long weekend hours at the library. We kind of flirted sometimes, but I had a very serious girlfriend at the time, and didn’t dream that anything could happen with the two of us.

In April of that year, Angela let me know that she had received a job offer as head librarian for a small liberal arts college and would be moving over the summer. I guess the fact that she would be moving released some of the tension between us and allowed for a little more flirtation.

Anyway, one Sunday near the end of school, after we had spent several hours behind the desk at the library, we decided to go have a beer together. Angela and I had never even seen each other outside of the library, but we got along great, so it seemed like a natural progression.

At this point, I knew I was physically attracted to her, but still didn’t dream of what would come next. After a couple beers, Angela suggested we go back to her apartment to hang out for a while. I quickly agreed and we made the short walk to her place.

As soon as we were in the door, I noticed that Angela obviously did not have a roommate. It was an efficiency-type place with an open floorplan, and noticeably, only 1 bed. She showed me to the couch and went and removed 2 beers from the fridge. Angela then put on some music, opened our beers and sat down illegal bahis beside me. We talked for a while (I can’t remember the subject) and enjoyed that “chatty” feeling you get after a few drinks with someone whose company you enjoy.

At some point, Angela slid close to me and said, “everything is ok, but no intercourse.” I croaked, “ok”, and she began kissing me deeply. Before I knew it, Angela had unzipped my jeans and was leading me toward the bed. She pushed me back onto the bed and stood to remove her clothing. I watched breathlessly as her tank top stretched over her head, revealing her pert, creamy breasts, with thick dark nipples. I was even more observant when she removed her plain white panties exposing her thick, dark bush.

Angela then bent to remove my shoes and socks before pulling my jeans and boxers down to the floor. She then pulled me to a sitting position and pulled my t-shirt over my head. A few more kisses and she had me flat on my back again, and was kissing down to my midsection. I was a bit self-conscious as I had worked out that morning and then changed for work without showering. However, when Angela reached my hardening cock and balls, it was obvious that she didn’t mind my sweaty musk. She buried her nose in my coarse pubic hair and breathed deeply, before dipping her wet tongue to my pungent scrotum and perineum.

I’ve never had a woman inhale, taste and touch all of me the way Angela did that afternoon. She focused her mouth on my thighs, testicles and perineum, taking care not to touch my now rock hard penis.

Insane with Angela’s ministrations, I had to taste her. I reached for her thigh, which was to my left and pulled it toward and over my head, so that we were embraced in a sweaty 69 position. Her seething pussy was now less than a foot from my needy mouth. I remember the dark hairs plastered illegal bahis siteleri around her cunt and asshole with her juice and sweat. I remember her thick, meaty lips, fully engorged. More than anything, I remember her intoxicating scent, which was almost primal. I wrapped my arms from the outside to the tops of her thighs and pulled her steamy sex to my face. I lapped violently at Angela’s hot vagina as my nose was stationed milimeters from her fragrant rosebud. The overall assault on my senses was overwhelming.

During my feast on Angela’s pussy, she continued to lap and suckle away at my musky nether regions. She caught me by surprise as she became the first woman to not only lavish the area below my scrotum but also to tickle and then lick away at my tight, virgin ass. She lifted her sex off of my face and pulled my knees up and apart so she could better access my sweaty backdoor. The vulnerability I felt at that moment was unbelievable but the rush was so strong that I could never have stopped her. Angela buried her tongue in my cheeks, which caused me sensations I had not felt before, nor since. Wanting to return the favor I pulled her ass back toward me and buried my face in it. Another first for me, and I’m not sure I would be comfortable doing it with another human, but Angela’s creamy skin, soft hairs, and unbelievable scent worked some kind of spell on me. I slowly licked up and down her fragrant crack, pausing to flick my tongue around her crinkled bud. I was able to get an arm squeezed underneath her to manipulate her exposed clit. My fast fingers and probing tongue had her gushing within minutes.

Angela then told me that she was going to “finish me off.” I had no idea what else this woman could do to me, but who was I to stop her. She told me to stand and spread my legs. I obeyed. Angela then positioned canlı bahis siteleri herself between my legs, facing forward (the same direction I was facing.) She lifted the base of my cock and licked me from there back to my ass, her tongue tracing the sensitive line of skin that looks as though it were sewed. Angela then gave my quivering anus one last sloppy lick and began to gently work her saliva-wet finger into my hesitant hole. She reached her other hand up and began lightly pumping my throbbing cock while munching my saliva soadked scrotum and perineum. Her hand made agonizingly slow strokes on my cock while the index finger of her other hand applied gradual pressure to my dark opening.

Angela’s hands began to work in unison, pressure gaining in my rear meant faster, harder strokes in my front. At last, my ass began to relax and Angela began to twist the finger while performing her melodic thrusts. As the pressure began to build in my center I thought I would pass out. I began to breathe deeply, trying to hold out as long as possible. I now couldn’t tell the difference between a tongue, lips, or fingers. It felt as though there were 15 women lavishing all of my most forbidden parts. Finally with a great shuddering, my cock erupted spurting blast after blast of thick semen on the floor and nearby bed. My ass clenched Angela’s finger tightly as I rode multiple waves of ecstasy. Finally, knees shaking, I fell facefirst onto the bed.

Angela helped me all the way onto the bed and left my view for a moment. I heard water running and she was soon back with a steaming hot towel that she used to clean my drooling cock, saliva and sweat soaked balls, and twitching anus. We gradually drifted to sleep and I was awakened several hours later with another worshiping of my privates.

Angela and I continued to laugh and hang out at work, but never hooked up again. For some reason I didn’t even try. I almost didn’t want to change the memory of what was (and is) by far the sexiest afternoon of my life. She moved away that summer and I have neither seen, nor heard from her since.



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