‘This is our last goodbye… I hate to feel the love between us die’ (… do you know the lyrics of Buckley?) ‘Must I dream and always see your face… kiss me please kiss me. Kiss me out of desire, baby no consolation. oh you know it makes me so angry because I know that it died, I don’t want to make you cry, this is our last goodbye’…

The wet street was scattered with a few trees and tall buildings, which hardly let the light from the moon cast its slummy elegance. His shadow had no face… a professional, slipping by unnoticed. He was paying attention. He rounded the corner and then slowed his pace and stopped suddenly. Backing into a crease in the architecture around him, he waited blending into his surroundings.

She looked into the rearview mirror and put on a fresh coat of lipstick. It was almost time to meet him. She didn’t know what would happen…

Inside the restaurant, the hostess said that he called ahead and reserved their table and would be there soon. As she was seated, a bottle of wine he ordered was waiting for her to start. As she waited, he watched her from across the street. She was very beautiful. She gulped her wine, and he knew she would be nervous. He walked around and then across the street. When he stepped in their eyes met and she grinned.

Time shifted into later that evening where they were sitting on the floor by the fire. His kisses explored and she put her hands on him following his curved muscular frame. She whispered into his ear of how long she had waited for him to be with her and how it was worth the wait. Before he illegal bahis knew it she started with his feet, and removed his shoes. She massaged each foot… lifting his toe in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. She giggled at his reaction. She slowly removed his pants and warmed his skin with her hands. She opened one button on his shirt then to another part of his body and kissed it. Each time he put his hands on her, she would stop everything quietly and stare at him pouting until he just laid them over his head. She returned to the last button of his shirt and pulled it off. A warm palate of skin waited under his tee for her to taste and explore.

She pushed her hands under and up his last layer and removed it. She licked him and then drowned him with deep kisses. She laced his skin with light teeth marks and popped his fingers with her hands and massaged his forearms, shoulders, neck, and the back of his head. Slowly moving to his mid section, she scratched silently writing on his body with her fingernails. She wrote secrets on him that would never be revealed except by God.

Still fully clothed, she backed away and undressed and touched herself revealing for his pleasure a matching set of lingerie. Then she pulled his foot between her legs and rubbed it up and down her clit. Her panties started to visibly become wet as he watched. He reached around her hips, pulled her panties off, and pulled her forward kissing her hard. He put his hand on her crotch and she started bucking her hips as he fingered her until she dripped. Then he pulled her legs apart illegal bahis siteleri and up and whipped them over his strong shoulders kissing her thighs. He massaged her breast, trading touches with licks then the same between her legs making her scream. Her body rippled with goose bumps and red flashes. She was hot and bothered.

He turned over and pulled her to him positioning her on his belly. She smiled and started sliding back and forth joking with him that this was mounting someone (he would use the term when referring to his fighting verbiage). She turned around on him and he smacked her ass and ordered her to fuck him. She slid above his dick that was rock hard. He groaned and worked his way inside her. She rode him this way in a rhythm he controlled by pushing and pulling her hips. She bounced up and down and each stroke made her more and more crazy. She tried to turn around with him inside her giggling and fell over on him nibbling his neck and telling him how good he felt.

He told her to turn around. He spit in his hand and also on her ass. She buried her head and waited as he pulled her hips up and back then pushed into her rippling pain as he broke through the ring. He told her that he knew she wanted him this way and he was taking her ass like she promised him. Her screams muffled by the pillow made the hair on the back of his neck stand up, and he stopped. But then after a moment she backed up making his dick push into her ass. He thrust again. She screamed and cried and wiggled while getting her ass fucked until he orgasmed with a mighty grunt. canlı bahis siteleri Then he fell over beside her and she placed kisses on his neck and said that she loved it.

The crackling wood from the fire woke her up. She stretched then eased to the shower. She thought he was asleep. He watched and followed her. She took the soap and washed herself then washed him while they kissed. He picked up her legs and heaved her against the wall penetrating her. He teased her with his words as he told her that he knew she wanted him to fuck her and he was going to give her a good and proper fuck like she deserved. He made her say how much she liked it. She repeated over and over how she wanted him and how much she loved his dick inside her. When she came, he whispered in her ear to take him into her mouth and finish the job.

She slid down and as the water poured over them, she licked his balls and around his dick then wrapped her lips around it. She pulled him closer and pushed him back giving him motion that he soon repeated then started fucking her mouth. She sucked and watched, as he talked dirty to her about how much she liked his dick in her mouth. He lifted his foot and played with her clit with his toe. She began grinding his foot and sucking harder. He told her how he knew she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He pushed hard and gagged her throat choking her with his cum. She swallowed it all and it slid down her throat…

Before leaving they kissed passionately. She smiled and one last time eased her hands down his pants. She told him this was their last goodbye. She squeezed his dick and rubbed up and down lightly until she felt his juices on her fingers. She brought her hand to her head and behind each ear dabbing herself with his pre-cum. She licked off the stickiness, and winked as she walked away.



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