Brief Recap of Chapter 1:

He and she had gone to dinner, where she had intimated a particular fantasy. The fantasy involved being taken by surprise in the morning by a man. He talked her into letting him be that man, so the fantasy was set in motion. He made her wait over two weeks to build up her suspense and anticipation. He did indeed startle and excite her with his arrival where he stripped her bare and began his quest of her beautiful body. With the use of only his fingers and mouth running the length of her body so far, he was able to help her cum and cum again. Now bending over her looking into her deep brown eyes, we begin chapter 2 of her adventure.

The Key Ch.2

He could see the desire in her eyes as she spread her legs to invite him inside. He slid his hands across her knees, then up across the soft roundness of her pussy and up her tummy. Then he followed that same trail with his mouth, slowly kissing her every inch until his lips met hers. As they kissed deeply, he reached down and grabbed his thick cock and began to bring it to her. First rubbing it up and down her clit, and then finally making small circles around her opening by sliding his head just barely inside her. She melted into him and the feeling, waiting for the moment that kept her from sleeping over the past weeks. That first connection where friends become lovers, penetrating her as she engulfed him in pure desire and ecstasy.

The small circles were driving her crazy, she pleaded softly “Please baby, Pleeeeease!” Without warning, he pushed up on his hands and looked into her face as he thrust his hips into hers with one swift motion. Using his muscular ass, he continued his forward pressure and did not withdraw. She squeaked, “OOH!” and then silence followed, until from deep within her came a tone he had never heard from another woman before. “Aaagggggh” seemed to last for minutes from her lips, her body was perfectly still, her legs were stiff, she was reconciling in her mind whether this feeling was pain or pleasure. It was indeed pleasure as a smile broke illegal bahis across her face, he felt thick and seemed to be growing inside her, she wanted more, needed more!

Seeing her regain her composure, he began to move in and out of her. He pulled out till just his head was connected to her pussy before his next plunge back into her. He knew she was all his now and that his cock had complete control over her. He wrapped his strong arms around her, bringing her supple breasts close against his chest. She nuzzled into his neck and kissed him softly, as the gentle steady rhythm of his thrusts filled her sweetness between her legs. She had been taken, her knight a gentleman, she had lost track of time or even thoughts beyond this room. She was being made love to like a princess, she couldn’t be happier.

He whispered in her ear, “Does that feel good?”

She replied “Ummm so nice.”

“Sweet!” He thought to himself, “I better work on the naughty side of her.” with that he pulled back and sat up between her legs. He put her legs on his shoulders and spread them over his arms. He reached under her and lifted her ass until her pussy was inline with his cock and slid it inside her. Moving slowly at first he leaned forward bring her legs toward her body and grabbed her wrists and held them down and out. In this position, she could not move or squirm away, he could fill her pussy or her tight ass. Naughty was now being thrust upon her with the force of a train going by. With her ass off the bed and her legs out of the way, he was able to move at an un-encumbered speed. The tension he had built over the past weeks was now being unleashed between her thighs. The pace was so intense, he felt like he could fuck her all day long. His balls were now slapping her ass and resonating loudly into her room.

In this position she felt like such a slut, providing her pussy and ass for all to see and take, but she loved it! The sun was starting to peak through her shades, she was now able to see the definition in her lover’s body. At the pace in which illegal bahis siteleri he was working her and the morning light coming in, she could see him begin to glisten with his lust. His shoulders were broad and his chest was flexed in holding her hands down. She looked down from his chest to see his flat stomach pounding against her. She could see the subtle “V” his muscles and hip bones were making in accordance to his thrusting cock. Seeing that and feeling these out of control plunges into her, she began to cum.

He watched her face as she closed her eyes and contorted her mouth. He pumped into her until she was biting her lower lip and then just pushed in deeply.

She didn’t think she could cum with her legs spread wide, but oh my gosh…or gush as the case maybe.

Releasing her hands and bringing her legs together against his chest, while pumping into her slowly, he asked “How did that feel?” she just shouted “Oh Fuck yeah!” which was naughty behavior for her. He rolled her over and lifted her up on her hands and knees. Sliding in behind her, he guided his cock into her swollen and dripping lips. Moving slowly against her ass, he caressed her shoulders and back. “She was so beautiful,” he thought. He grabbed her hair with both hands and picked up the pace enough to hear her soft moans. Needing a little more pressure to thrust, he grabbed her hips and pumped himself with her body. oooh oooh oooh oh oh oooooh he moaned.

While getting banged from behind, in a soft sweet voice she said “Baby, its your turn, get on your back.”

He obliged without a word and watched his naked woman moving around him.

Her legs were now a little shaky from the intense pleasure she had been given, but she was ready to feel the warm rush of his cum to finish off her fantasy. She pushed his legs together and sat on his knees. She had tasted herself earlier when she kissed his lips, now she was ready to lick her sweet desire off his cock. Sliding down his legs, she positioned herself with her mouth at his thick pleasuring pole. She took canlı bahis siteleri her little hand and began to stroke it, then brought his round full head to her lips. She wanted to return the teasing favor he had imposed on her and gave him just little licks up and down his shaft. She could feel him straining his hips as she brought her mouth back up to the top. She gave into to his pleads and sucked him deep into her wet, warm mouth. She was much more comfortable getting then giving oral delights, but after her morning, he felt so good in her mouth. She let him hold her head down as she took him in and felt the hot bath of her mouth, lust was so close for him.

She released him from her mouth before he exploded to get one more thrust between her legs. She slid up his body, with his cock against his tummy she straddled him and rubbed her engorged clit on it. She was moving back and forth, ensuring the full length of his cock was feeling the full measure of her clit. To get a better angle for rubbing, she lifted herself onto her hands, and he was able to fondle those soft tits. She wanted to slow her pace and was now moving at a rhythm that will surely bring him to the brink. Before he could cum, she slipped him inside her and continued her languid but steady pace. It was his turn to moan and she knew his time was here. She pushed down hard with her pussy then flew off of him, to suck and tug him until his release. His cum was warm and abundant, yet she was keeping up with him with all she had left. While his cock was still hard, she pulled it in between her legs, closed her knees and came one last time on it until she fell unto his chest.

She nestled into his shoulder, her breasts against his body, and one of her legs over his, completely satisfied. It had been perfect! Could they ever have a moment quite like that one again, she didn’t know. It was her fantasy and she didn’t want to take the chance of tarnishing it in anyway and yet, she was not a one night stand sort of girl. Still throbbing between her legs from her morning of passion, she decided to make a decision about where their relationship would go later.

Gathering himself, he thought, “Oh damn, I came before I got to have that beautiful, round ass. Ah! Well, next time.” then fell asleep. Will there be a next time…Hmmmm.



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