The JourneyAs we journey across the mountain pass, the sun shining and the cool breeze blowing, we stop for a brief rest. It’s been a long day… You’ve been touching my thigh during the drive and looking at my package hungrily… As we stop, you unbuckle your seatbelt, slide over on top of me, and plunge your tongue down my throat… Kissing me madly as you grind against my quickly awakening shaft….Your kiss goes straight to my loins, causing me to harden as you grind against me… I pull you in tight against my kiss as my arms wrap around you, your breasts aganist my chest…. You pull your top off, break our kiss, and I slide my lips down your neck to your bare breasts…. I slide the seat as far back as it will go, you pull my shirt over my head and stop, leaving my face and arms tied up and covered… You suck my neck, slide toward a nipple, and suck it into your mouth while you hold me trapped in my shirt… You reach between your legs and start rubbing my hard cock as you grind aganist my leg… I can feel your heat and wetness as you knead my dick harder each time… You open the door, climb off of me, get out of the car turn my legs out the door, and tear open my pants, sliding them and my underwear off, to reveal a huge hard on…. With my hands and face still covered, you grab my shaft with you hand and slide your mouth down to the base of my dick, sucking me hard!….I moan as you suck me, your hand firmly grasping me as you stoke me in rhythm with your mouth sliding up and down me…. I pull of my shirt, grab your head and force you down onto me, savoring the feeling of being in your throat…. I release you and watch as you suck me and stoke me…. With bahis siteleri my hands I pull you away from me, stand you up, and tear your pants off of you, revealing a wonderfully shaved and wet pussy….We both step out of our clothes, standing there naked, with beautiful scenery all around…. I turn you and lean you aganist the front seat, spreading your legs wide, I kneel in front of you and bury my face into your pussy…. I can taste your wetness as I tease your clit with my tongue, my hands sliding up your body to tease your tits…You lay back in the seat…. Grasp my head with both hands, and pull my face into your hot, wet, pussy… I swirl my tongue on your clit, suck you lips, nibble on them, and slide a finger into your wetness…. You moan in delight as it enters you… Pulling my head harder into you as you quiver while an orgasm builds….I press my finger aganist your g-spot as I suck and tease your clit… You pull me tighter into you, your legs shaking, as your orgasm begins… You shoot cum on my face as you scream out in pleasure… Rolling waves of ecstasy run through your veins and across your skin…. I keep rolling my tongue across your clit, sucking it deeply into my mouth as your orgasm peaks… Your body convulses and your scream out “Oh my God baby, suck my pussy, oh Baaaabbbyyyy!!” As your orgasm subsides you release my head, your cum drips from my face… I stand and with my rock hard dick, I ran it into that wet, tight hot pussy… You scream out in ecstasy as it fills you and hits bottom… You grab my ass, pulling me into you demanding me to fuck you hard and fast…. I start pounding your pussy madly, my balls slapping your ass as canlı bahis I hold your legs up and drive into you hard with each stroke…My head bulges and throbs with each thrust, as your walls surround me and grip me tight… It feels wonderful being inside you, filling you with my dick and having your love box squeeze and massage me with every stroke… I continue thrusting in and out of you, slowing down my pace enough to make it last longer… I reach up and pull your hair, exposing your neck as I clamp my lips on your neck and suck…. I slide my other hand under your butt cheek and tease your pink ass flesh with my finger…. My cock throbs as my orgasm builds deep within me, our mutual moans and grunts become a****l like as we madly fuck one another toward orgasms… I tickle your ass, you slap mine and pull me in deep as you suddenly and unexpectedly cum… Your orgasm hits you and your legs quiver, you spasm in ecsatsy, arching your back and crying out loudly….. Do you want my cum inside you baby? Do you want to taste it? Do you want to see my huge load shoot all over you???? Tell me what you want!!!….With my last thrust as your orgasm peaks, I swell within you one last time…. You tell me to shoot my load all over you…. “Oh baby, oh baby…. I’m gonna cum all over you”… I pull out of you and grab my cock, you reach to squeeze my balls as I stroke it until my hot cum shoots out all over you… Shot after shot of hot, wet cum shoots out of my swollen head, onto your thighs, tummy and all over your enlarged clit and wet pussy…. After we clean ourselves up from that spontaneous sex moment the weather turns cooler as we prepare to call it a day. We light güvenilir bahis a fire and make camp for the evening, watching the sunset and the moonrise… As we lie there snuggled together, i roll over to kiss your lips, gently at first, parting them and sliding my tongue into your mouth… You pull me tight against you with a kiss that seems to last forever…. My hands slide under your loosely fastened shirt as I begin squeezing your breasts and feeling your warm skin under my touch… You once again expertly find your way to my awakening cock, slide your hand into my pants, and gently fondle my member….. The kiss intensifies and our hands explore and the excitement returns… We crawl deeper under our blanket to get warm and press out bodies together… Removing pieces of clothing between kisses, touches, and fondles… Once we’re both naked, I’m fully erect, hard and throbbing and your pussy is wet and hot, I roll you over onto your stomach crawl behind you, tell you to raise your ass into the air and as you do I plunge my big, hard dick into your tight pussy…. I place both hands on your shoulders and penetrate you as deeply as I can… You gasp as I fill you with my cock… Screaming out “fuck me Jonathan, fuck me HARD!” My cock throbs within you as I start to ride you from behind, pulling you into me with each thrust… My balls slap against your clit and you whimper each time they hit your swollen clit….That slapping motion of my balls against your clit only intensifies the building of your orgasm…. You spread your legs wider so I can stay deeper inside you with each thrust… I slide one hand off your shoulder, around to hold your breast in my hand as my other one slides up and I put my fingers in your mouth… You suck and bite them…. Then I slide that hand around your throat, squeezing firmly and pulling you upright as my hard shaft pounds your soft, tender, wet pussy….



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