Author’s note: The events in this story are a retelling of the past year of my life. A year of sexual bliss, love, loss, regret, and growth. I share them with you as an attempt to educate, stimulate, and arouse. I appreciate feedback any feedback you may have on my writing. Hopefully you will enjoy sharing my journey. This introductory chapter includes far less erotica then future installments I hope will contain. This is also my first attempt at this writing style so please be kind.


Sept 23rd, 2009

Rickie tried to hold his speed constant but his right foot seemed to have a life of its own. 65 … 75 … 85 … 90.

“Slow down. Focus! Last thing you need right now is a cop,” He tried to tell himself. Unfortunately this was easier said then done as the soft lips of the little brunette next to him continued to slip up and down his rock hard three-inch shaft, rolling her tongue around him with each stroke.

Little Tammy Jones deftly slipped Rickie’s shaved balls out of his fly as she adjusted herself in the seat next to him. She had managed to kept her pace even as Rickie mindlessly quickened his. Her fingers gently caressed the smooth skin of his balls as her lips traveled from the underside of his head to the base of his shaft.

Tammy and Rickie had been less like lovers and more like siblings as of late. The two had at once point been an item. At the time Tammy was an innocent and freshly 18 year old with a consuming infatuation for the 24 year old Rickie. 5’5″, 130lbs, picturesque nubile breasts and the cutest face which her straight shoulder length brown hair framed perfectly. She had been unmarred by any sexual preconceptions when Rickie started dating her. A clean slate for him to mold into an ideal sexual companion. She had become just that. Unfortunately it had been short-lived. That had been illegal bahis almost 2 years ago and since then they had grown more of a sibling bond. Tonight was different though.

With each caress, each deep slip into her throat, Rickie could feel himself getting closer. Raggedly he rides the brake in a vain attempt to stay out of window view of the fellow drivers. Tammy slips her mouth off his head and looked up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes.

“We better not get back to my place before I get my treat!” She said in a bubbly tone with a hint of mock disappointment. That was all it took. Once her lips slipped over the head of his cock once more he knew he was done for. Instinctively, his hand went to the back of her head as his orgasm struck him. He bucked gently against the seat belt pulling his ass slightly off the seat, unwittingly pressing against the gas pedal. The car began to zip past the others on the road as his cum began to pour into Tammy’s eager mouth. She locked her lips around the head and sucked as each hot sticky jet filled mouth. She swallowed it all greedily. Even as Rickie’s orgasm subsided and he relaxed back into his seat Tammy kept sucking. She made sure every drop had been taken care of and then continued to lightly lick and suck his softening cock to ensure he was enjoying the afterglow of her stellar performance. Something she had learned from him during her “training.”

Tammy sat up, giggled, and pointed to the upcoming exit.

“You’re going to miss my exit,” She said smiling at him. “You look like you enjoyed that.”

“No, terrible, you’ve totally lost your touch,” Rickie replied with a sarcastic smile. “No one gets me off as fast as you.”

“Well It was the least I could do after the amazing orgasm you gave me last night. Your tongue always feels best after we’ve fucked.”

Rickie illegal bahis siteleri went silent for a moment as he stared out the front window. His driving had been taken over by instinct as he’d driven this girl home hundreds of times before. His mind started to wander off to the night before. His thoughts plagued by the fact that he had to drop off the one girl who’d been able to make him smile since ….

“You’re thinking about her aren’t you,” Tammy said with a compassionate drawl.

“No … well yes, but not because I regret this weekend. This weekend made me happy. It’s just …” She cut him off with a kiss as he pulled up to her house.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m here if you need me. I care about you Rickie. I don’t like seeing you hurt.”

“I know. Thank you.” Rickie smiled at her as she left his car and bounced up to her door. Tammy turned and waved as Rickie headed off home.

The drive home was much less eventful. The broken white lines in the road constantly leading him into the dangerous realm of road hypnosis. His mind would wander to her. He would wonder, “what if?” He knew she was moving on and he was trying to as well. It hurt, but he was dealing. He was doing better. Today was especially tough because it would have been their one year anniversary. This weekend with Tammy had been a boon. A welcome reminder that other girls out there made him happy.

Rickie nearly got out of his car with his pants still unzipped and his soft cock hanging out. Quickly he rectified the blunder and sauntered up to his 2nd floor studio apartment. As usual his cat, Jonesie, gave him a welcoming rub as he tossed his things on his desk. He picked her up and scratched her head.

“You’re the one girl who’ll be with me till the day you die aren’t you Jonesie…. Aren’t you?” He said as he set her canlı bahis siteleri down with a smile. He got undressed and prepared to turn-in. It was nearly midnight and he had work the next morning after all. Rickie grabbed his phone off his desk to check the time. A perplexed look crossed his face as he realized there was a call incoming. The phone must have still been on silent from the show he and Tammy had seen together. Regardless, he managed to pick it up before the digits disappeared and the screen went dark. It was not a number in his phone book, but it was one he recognized. A number which for his own sanity he had removed from his contacts weeks ago. It was her. It was Chloe.


The voice on the other end sounded shaky and the warble undermined its attempt to hide the tears obviously flowing.

“I’m sooo sorry. I made a mistake.”

“Calm down. Are you okay?” Rickie could do nothing but be supportive. He knew he should be furious but rare was the situation when he could call Chloe out.

“Can I come over?” She sputtered over the line. Ricky paused. He wanted badly to see her. He wanted once more to be her White Knight. His mind raced with options but he knew it was trivial. No matter what he knew what his answer would be.

“Of course,” Rickie crooned into the phone with a tone that had always been able to calm Chloe down.

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” The line went dead.

“11:45 … figures it would be today of all days,” Rickie said to himself as he looked at the time on his phone. He got dressed again. Putting on the dark jeans and washed out pink button up shirt he had been wearing earlier, he donned his chucks and went down to the street to wait for her.

This isn’t where our story begins, however. This is where it will inevitably end. The fates of Rickie and Chloe can’t be summed up in the events of a single night. Their story is one of passion and strife. A tale that must be experienced from its first harmonious notes through its most dissonant chords. Follow me back to the origins of The Journey of Rickie and Chloe.



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