Big Tits

I had never thought that I would EVER have to hire an escort. I’d always had the good fortune of being good-looking, charming, and wealthy, which meant that I was able to have easy relations with women; I’ve prided myself in never having to pay for sex. Then again, in some way or another, all men pay for sex.

Procuring one had been quite an ordeal. I had been referred to a reputable agency by this guy that I played squash with. The guy actually reminded me of my older half-brother Nathaniel, who worked as a sports agent and loved banging skanks.

So after weeks of online research and gathering up my courage, I decided to pull the trigger and solicit an escort. After I passed the pre-screening process, I was approved to select the woman of my choice. However, the escort wasn’t just for me.

A few months ago, my estranged father had passed away. In addition to leaving me his shares in our family’s company, he left me his beautiful futanari sex slave Marianne. I handed her the laptop and allowed her to scroll through the photos of the beautiful, scantily-clad women.

“That one,” she told me.

Ever since I had met Marianne, we’d been having the most fulfilling and debauched sex. Nothing was forbidden once we were together. And, as a reward for being a good and obedient slave, I was giving her an escort to enjoy.

The next weekend found us checking into a Hilton hotel. Per the instructions of the escort’s email, we checked-in with our real names. The two of us showered and put on bathrobes, waiting for 4 o’clock. About ten minutes before 4 PM, the phone rang.

“Yes?” I answered.

“Mr. Fitzgerald, this is Barbara from the front desk. I have a Miss Carla here to see you.”

“Thank you, Barbara. Please send her up.”

About five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to reveal a beautiful blonde clad in a blue dress and matching coat that made her look like she was going to a business meeting. She was carrying a small wheeled suitcase and a smart phone.


“That’s me,” I replied. “You must be Carla.”

“That’s me.”

I stood aside and let her enter the room. I knew Carla wasn’t her real name, but it didn’t matter; she was hot. As she walked inside, she looked around at the interior and noticed a small manila envelope with the word ‘DONATION’ written on it. She picked it up and put in the inner pocket of her jacket. She then sent out a text message on her phone.

Before closing the door, she put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the doorknob. As an added measure, she secured the latch on the door. She was slim and about a head shorter than I was. Through the dress, I was able to admire her perky backside and breasts; both weren’t huge, but they were ample and firm. Marianne had chosen well.

“And you must be Marianne,” Carla said, as she removed her coat and placed it on a nearby armchair.

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you,” Marianne said quietly. She was seated on the foot of the bed, waiting for my command to be able to move.

“Likewise,” Carla said. “It’s not often that I get called for couples, especially when of them is a futanari.”

“Did you need some time to get freshened up?” I asked Carla. “We can wait, if you wanted to grab a shower.”

“That sounds great, handsome,” Carla told me. “But, before I do, since you both are first-timers, I first wanted to lay a few ground rules before we party. Number one: no mouth-to-mouth kissing. It’s nothing personal, but I don’t know where you guys have been, and I’ve had bad experiences. Tell me what rule number one is.”

“No mouth-to-mouth kissing,” Marianne and I said in unison.

“Great! Rule number two: no piss or shit. I don’t find that sexy at all. If you find yourself needing to go to the bathroom, then do it in the toilet.”

“No piss or shit,” we repeated.

“Rule number three: no biting, scratching, or hitting. If you draw blood or leave a mark, then my agency will place you on the DNS list so fast that it will make your head spin.”

“No drawing blood,” Marianne said.

“No drawing blood,” I repeated.

“Terrific!” Carla said. “Well, I’m going to take a quick shower, and then we can party!”

She took her suitcase with her into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Even though she said that she was going to shower, based on the many online forums I visited, I knew it was a polite way of saying, “First, I’m going to count the money, and, if it’s all there, I’ll shower.” After a few minutes, I heard the shower water come on.

“Master!” Marianne quietly pleaded while fidgeting in her seat.

“Be patient,” I said, gently.

She nodded and bit her lip. I was getting excited at the sight of her anticipation. Her nipples and cock were already semi-erect. She’d told me previously that it had been years since she’d been with a woman. I only hoped that Carla would be up to the task.

A few minutes later, Carla came out of the bathroom wearing a pink bra and matching lace panties. She looked absolutely canlı bahis stunning. I went over to the nightstand and turned on my iPod and wireless speaker, which started playing some soft jazz. After that, I dimmed the lights a bit. I had read that it was important to set the mood.

“Mmm, thank you very much,” Carla said. “Now, who’s ready to party?”

I removed my robe and bared my naked body to the two women. Carla surveyed my nudity with interest – it could have been feigned, but it looked very convincing. She started over towards me, but I held a hand up to halt her.

“Actually, I’ll be mostly watching; you’ll be playing with Marianne,” I told her.

“Whatever works,” Carla said, still looking at my crotch.

“Marianne,” I said. “You can now move but be gentle with her.”

“Oh, thank you, master!” Marianne said.

My sex slave got to her feet and hastily undid the belt of her robe so that she could quickly discard it. It was amusing to see Carla’s astonishment as she beheld Marianne’s nude body. I had to admit, I never got tired of seeing her naked.

The olive-skinned woman had thick thighs, a large backside, and enormous breasts that wobbled and swayed like overripe fruits. Carla goggled at the large throbbing penis that pointed in her direction, and the two testicles that hung beneath it. Marianne unashamedly grabbed her own dick and stroked it anxiously.

“Oh, let Carla help you with that,” the blonde said as she sauntered over to Marianne, wrapped her fingers around her cock, and gently began to stroke it. Marianne moaned soft and low, her eyes fluttering as the female hand roved every inch of her sausage.

As the two of them made their way into the bed, I sat in a nearby armchair and softly stroked myself while watching them. Marianne raked her fingers through her long, black hair as Carla kept giving her a handjob. Carla nuzzled and kissed Marianne’s neck, slowly working her way to her ear. Once she started to nibble and kiss her earlobe, Marianne’s body grew tense. She bit her lip and her toes curled.

“Do you want me to stop?” Carla whispered.

“Yes,” Marianne said as she sat up. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.”

“I-it’s not that I didn’t enjoy that – believe me, I did. It’s just that, I don’t want to rush things.”

“Don’t worry, baby. We have all the time in the world. You’re so tense! How about a massage to put you more at ease?”

“I’d like that.”

“Great,” Carla said, prancing out of the bed and to the bathroom. She returned with a small bottle of massage oil and told Marianne to lie on her front. She climbed back into the bed and straddled Marianne’s back. She then poured a sensible amount of oil on her shoulders and began to gently knead them with her hands.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah,” Marianne groaned. “That feels nice.”

“Well, thank you,” Carla beamed. “See, even you didn’t realize how tense you were. Carla’s gonna get you all loosey-goosey.”

Even though the sight of Carla giving Marianne a massage wasn’t very arousing, I felt glad that she was enjoying it. I was in awe at how skillful the escort was in soothing my sex slave. I was paying attention for sure, hoping to emulate her technique in the future.

Without warning, Carla turned to face me with a sexy smile. She then reached behind up and undid the front clasp of her bra. Even in the dim light of the hotel room, I was able to admire those perfect, shapely breasts of hers right before she bent forward to mash them into Marianne’s oily back. Marianne let out a surprised moan as she felt Carla’s bare tits against her skin. Marianne began to stir beneath her as things got more intimate.

“How’s your back feel now?” Carla asked.

“Mmmmm, great!” Marianne said, raising her head.

“Great,” Carla said, climbing off her back. “Now we can give your front some attention.”

Marianne rolled over onto her back. Carla went to her suitcase and procured a large wrapped condom; I had to say, she was well-prepared. She hopped back into the bed, unwrapped the condom, and fitted it on Marianne’s erect member.

“Now,” Carla said as she stood on the bed. “Let’s get started.”

She relieved herself of her panties, baring her beautiful, bald slit. Reaching down with two fingers, she spread her womanhood wide to better devour the turgid rod that stood beneath her. Very slowly, she lowered herself onto Marianne’s penis. When she had taken it to the hilt, she exhaled audibly and bit her lip. I could tell that she was trying hard not to be overwhelmed by the massive futa-cock that was now inside of her.

Very steadily, she began to ride Marianne. The two females started to moan and pant in near-unison. Carla’s eyes fluttered shut as she started to fondle her own breasts. The remaining massage oil on her hands did well to make her tits nice and glossy. I started getting hard again.

My nose detected the faint, musky odor coming from the bed. I smiled knowing that it was purely biological: when sexually aroused, futanari exuded powerful bahis siteleri pheromones that lowered inhibitions and amplified arousal. As skilled an actress that Carla appeared to be, not even she could resist the thrall of those pheromones. She was biting her lip, mewling like a cat, and, in the dimly-lit room, I could see the blush in her skin. I could also see the copious juices coming out of her pussy.

“Ahhhhhh! Shit! Oh, what a nice, fat cock! You are spreading me wide, aren’t you!”

Marianne did not answer her; she was too engulfed in the burning chills of pleasure engulfing her every being. She gripped the bed covers tightly as she watched the attractive blonde ride her cock. I could imagine those supple sugarwalls of hers were massaging her dick ever so nicely; I bet it was like fucking a hot apple pie. She reached upwards to fondle Carla’s supple chest globes. The escort’s face erupted in a big smile.

“Oh, no,” Carla moaned. “I’m gonna…mmmm…mmmm..mmmm!”

“You came already?” Marianne asked.

“Can you blame me?” Carla chuckled. “You’ve got a thick dong, lady.” She leaned forward so that she was resting her head on Marianne’s titanic bosom. “Go ahead. Fuck me some more.”

Marianne did not need telling twice. She immediately wrapped her arms around Carla, planted her feet, and began ramming her cock into Carla’s pussy. Carla’s mouth went oval-shaped as her womanhood was pummeled at high speed by a thick, ten-inch futa dick.

It was now Marianne’s turn to smile. She was breathing heavily and grunting like a beast. I watched those massive, hairless testicles of hers bounce in rhythm to Carla’s perfect ass.

“What…what’s that…is this milk?”

Carla was sitting up now. Her eyes were glued to Marianne’s plump nipples, which were dripping with white liquid. The lactation was apparently enough to momentarily make Carla forget that she was having sex. Marianne didn’t mind being stared at; she simply reached up and started pinching her own nipples. Carla was in awe of the large sprays of milk that jumped into the air.

Marianne definitely noticed the amazement in Carla’s expression, so she asked, “Would you like some?”

I could see the conflict in Carla’s face as she considered the consequences of drinking the breastmilk of a stranger. The conflict lasted about two seconds before she dove face-first and open-mouthed into the milky bounty of Marianne’s breasts. She first let out a surprised hum, which turned into a ferocious growl, and then a contented moan.

Marianne stroked Carla’s blonde hair as she continued to breast feed and fuck her. Carla hadn’t realized that she was in the clutches of a sex-hungry beast. Luckily for the both of us Marianne was a beast on a leash; she was completely subservient to me. If I had ordered her to immediately pull out of Carla, put her clothes on, and leave the room, she would have done it. She wouldn’t have liked it, but she would have done it.

But I wouldn’t have done it. I was having way too much fun watching her have her way with Carla. I was now convinced that Carla wasn’t faking her enjoyment; she was gurgling like a baby, moaning with a mouth stained with milk. Another scream – she had cum again. It wouldn’t be too long until I came. Marianne wasn’t finished yet.

“Yesssss,” the futanari moaned. “Oh, keep drinking my milk!”

Carla detached from the nipple and let out a moan. “I’m full! No more!”

Marianne lifted her own teat to her mouth and started sucking on it furiously. I felt a shiver of lust shoot up my spine at the sight. I could feel my throat burning as I longed for the taste of her milk.

Marianne’s moans were getting higher in pitch. Her thrusting increased in speed. Carla wailed as she strained to stem the tide of her numerous orgasms. The poor blonde thrashed within Marianne’s embrace. It felt as through all three of us were nearing our peak.

“Guh!” I cried out. I was first to go, spewing my cum onto the hotel room floor.

“Ohoho, GOD!” Chloe came again. I lost count of how many orgasms she’d had.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!” Marianne roared. I watched her beefy rod pump its load. Not surprisingly, the condom was only able to hold so much before it started to overflow. The elation on Marianne’s face was such a delight.

“Oh, god,” Carla moaned. “That was amazing.”

As I was coming down from my own climax, I felt a bit envious as I saw the dazed, cross-eyed expression on Carla’s face; I had never done that to a woman before. I got up and went to the bathroom and washed my hands. When I returned, Carla was able to roll off of Marianne.

After getting off of the bed, Carla did a series of yoga poses. Marianne wanted to go after her, but I quickly ordered her to remain on the bed. We then watched quietly as she went through the different forms, the both of us amazed at how limber she was. The poses did well to display her breasts, buttocks and nethers; they felt a bit suggestive. When she was done with her stretches, she got to her feet.

“That bahis şirketleri always helps after sex,” she explained. “Especially after taking a horse cock like that.”

“Well, you impressed the hell out of me,” I told her.

“I appreciate it. This wasn’t my first rodeo with a futanari.” She quickly snatched up her bra and panties. “Well, our hour is up! I’m going to go get showered, okay?”

She skipped off to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I put my robe back on and pulled out some bottled waters from the mini fridge for myself and Marianne. A few minutes later, Carla emerged from the bathroom fully dressed and dragging her wheeled suitcase looking exactly as she had when she first arrived.

“I had a great time,” Carla said to Marianne.

“Me, too,” Marianne said hungrily.

Carla walked up to me and ran her index finger along the folds of my robe. “Shame that we didn’t get to party. Maybe next time?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

She held out her hand and I reached outward and grasped it so that I could shake it. She then looked over at Marianne, who was still kneeling on the bed and wearing her spent condom. Carla bit her lip, fidgeted for a bit, and then walked over to the bed. She grasped both sides of Marianne’s face and put her mouth to hers. My cock twitched as I saw the females’ tongues slithering in and out of each other’s mouths.

“I thought you didn’t kiss on the mouth,” I pointed out.

“It might be the pheromones talking, but I felt forced to make an exception,” Carla said as she slowly walked away from the bed and got her suitcase. “You guys did great for your first time. Ta-ta!”

Carla left the room jauntily, retrieving her coat from the armchair on the way out. I turned back to the bed to see Marianne still looking at the door with an expression of longing. I felt some pity for her, as I had only paid for an hour with Carla and Marianne could have definitely lasted longer than that.

“Did you enjoy her, my sweet slave?”

“Y-yes, master,” Marianne said. “It felt good to fuck her.”

“Still horny?” I asked, rhetorically.


“Well, get rid of that thing and I’ll fuck you,” I said, indicating the condom still affixed to penis.

She got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but stare at her large backside swaying with every step that she took. I stood there watching her remove the condom, which was laden with semen, and toss it into the garbage can. She then stood in front of the toilet and took a piss, taking care to use both of her hands in order to aim better with her large penis. She sat down and quickly urinated through her woman parts as well.

She reentered the bedroom, fondling her huge tits as she looked at me, waiting for my next command. I smiled and pointed downwards towards my feet. She dropped down to her hands and knees and crawled towards me. When she reached me, she knelt before me with a smile on her face. She grabbed my hard member and started stroking it. I looked down at her as I felt the lust building within me like magma in a volcano.

“I commend you for getting on your knees,” I told her. “But I don’t remember giving you permission to touch me.”

“Master, you’re so cruel,” Marianne said. “You know that I want your body, and I’m tired of having to beg. I don’t care if you punish me. You need to AH!”

I used my big toe and long toe to stroke her cock. She let out those low moans that signaled her desire for me.

“How dare you defy me this way?! I blame this wayward cock of yours for making you like this!”

“Master…when you keep your dog fed on a regular basis, they obey you more…I’m starving. FEED ME!”

I grabbed her roughly by the hair, making her face contort with pain and lust. As her mouth opened to let out a yelp of discomfort, I shoved my dick inside. She began to violently suck on it, making slovenly noises and saturating it with her spit. I clutched her head with both hands as I struggled not to smile. I began to wonder if I had made a mistake putting myself in her mouth; I truly began to believe that she was going to devour me.

I started to back away, but before I could, Marianne wrapped her arms around my waist and clutched me closer to her face, taking my manhood up to the hilt. An errant moan escaped my mouth as I felt the hot breath from her nostrils being blasted onto my abdomen. I tried to escape her viselike embrace, but she fought me. A brilliant idea soon popped into my head: I pinched her nostrils shut, forcing her to release my body from her arms and my cock from her mouth. Agitated, I grabbed her by the hair again and forced her up onto her feet.

“You stupid whore,” I growled. “Get on that bed!”

I threw her onto the bed. When she got on all fours in an effort to better orient herself, I quickly got behind her, spread her ass open and put my cock inside. Marianne tilted her head back and wailed loudly.



I then proceeded to violently rape my sex slave anally. This was definitely my first time in Brown Town, but I seriously doubted that the same was true for Marianne. The feeling of being in her ass was overwhelming; I quickly began to regret my rash decision.



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