Something wild and dangerous paces just below the surface. The leopard watches through my blue eyes. Her snarl curling my lips. The flexing of her claws echoed in my fingers. A leopard mates only with one strong enough to claim her. A savage clashing of beasts, each going their own way afterwards. But the human side brings me back time and again to this club. Forever searching for that wild mindless release. A maddening mix … the leopard will accept only one thing … the human hopelessly addicted to it.

So each night I come back, focused and unrelenting of my standards. I joke, laugh, dance and play as the leopard crouches, hunting elusive prey. She whispers to me that for only one will she be tamed…. a dangerous feral pet; safe only to the hand that is strong enough to collar her. But night after night our hunt is unsuccessful. We find poser after poser. Few come so very close but not quite close enough.

So we slowly we become complacent, watching but not paying attention. This club is our territory and we are confident that we know it well. Then comes the night HE appears, a hunter in his own right, stalking through the crowd… the beast in him calling out to us. The leopard is instantly aware, my own pulse speeding. Let the Hunt begin.

As I do on most nights, I sit in a darkened corner, surrounded by the living pulse of the club. The music pounds the senses mercilessly with its driving rhythm. Secluded tables offer precious little release from the onslaught, while rooms towards the back of the club offer release of a different kind. My position grants me a clear view of the bar and dance floor… and him. Tall and leanly muscled, he moves with a grace the leopard and I recognize easily. Dark hair barely touches his collar and his clothes announce his taste and high standards. His restlessness is clear as he ignores the smiles and brushing caresses of the women who try to draw his attention. Striding towards the bar, his eyes constantly scan the crowd. With a smile of anticipation I leave the table.

Knee-high boots add precious inches to my five feet of height. Blonde hair gathered at the crown of my head still falls to mid-back, framing a delicate, trim body. A black silk dress clings to my curves and barely comes down to the top of my stockings. I slip through the crowd easily, all the while aware of the lustful gazes that follow me. But it’s only one gaze I’m concerned with and it’s not turned toward me. Yet.

As I near the bar, I can’t help but take the opportunity to drink in the sight of him and savor the thrill of the hunt. With a look that hints at the wildness just barely constrained, a red-head nervously moves illegal bahis out of my way, allowing me to step up next to him. The energy he gives off is truly delicious. The leopard purrs in my ears, long and low. Without looking to my left I call the bartender by name and ask for a water. From the corner of my eye I catch the slow turn of his head, the heat of his gaze on my body. We’re close enough that I’m sure he can catch the scent of my perfume and my arousal. Looking up I catch his gaze in the mirror behind the bar, my head tipped back as drink from the bottle. A small smile graces my lips as I hand the bottle back and head for the dance floor.

The music is hard and driving. A perfect match for the evening, offering no mercy to the weak. It shakes me to the very core, feeding the wildness in me. Moving to the center of the floor I begin to dance .. not with anyone in particular … I just dance. Men try to match me but they are nothing and easily ignored. It’s just me and the music and the need to move. Closing my eyes I loose myself to the beat.

Strong hands grip my shoulders and pull me back. There’s no need to see who’s caught me … it could only be him. He lifts my arms over my head, grasping both wrists in one hand, causing me to lean back against him. Our bodies meet in long line. I can feel the heat of him through the thin silk of his shirt. As we writhe and sway to the music my ass brushes against his cock teasingly. I can feel more than hear his sharp intake of breath. Sharp teeth graze over my neck. It sends tingles through my body … liquid heat tightening the core of me. Growling low in my throat, I turn.

Facing him, my bright blue eyes match his fierce amber ones in open challenge. The spark and slight narrowing of those topaz orbs tells me that the challenge is acknowledged and accepted.

His strong hands capture my wrists and pin them behind my back. Pulling me flush to the front of his masculine body, we both moan at the heat of need flaring between us. Gripping both delicate wrists in one large hand, he wraps his fist with the silken length of my hair and pulls back sharply, tilting my face up sharply. I’m nearly breathless as his eyes hold mine and lay a blazing brand of ownership over my soul. Without thought or care to our location I grind against him. My thundering pulse drowns out the music … my sight is narrowed till all I see is him … my awareness focused on just the two of us.

The feel of a second set of hands on my hips rudely draws me from my enthrallment. But for the fist still buried in my hair, I would turn and snarl at the unwelcome advance. Instead I’m pulled even tighter against illegal bahis siteleri his lean body. My gaze darts up to see him warning away the interloper with a purely possessive look. The hands drop away from my hips quickly but with a lingering regretful caress.

Sharp teeth catch the edge of my ear to send delicious shivers down my back. His smooth deep voice purrs in my ear, “Let us find somewhere away from prying eyes. I have no desire to share your sweet treasures … this time.”

Suddenly I am released and left to stand on my own two feet. Warm fingers grasping my hand, draw me along behind him. After a moment my head clears. I silently ask him to pause by laying my hand on his back. This is my territory, my place, and I can offer better than the rooms that are available to the public for a price. Though I know it must go against his nature, he follows me to a door set off to the side of the bar. A tall heavily muscled man nods to me and moves away from his post in front of the door. He earns a smile and a bonus on his next check by holding the it open so that I and my guest can pass through it quickly.

He is silent behind me as he’s lead up a short flight of stairs to the room that sits above the bar. Making sure the door is locked, I pause and wait a few steps into the room, watching him closely. He stops before the huge bank of one-way windows and looks down at the throbbing mass of humanity on the dance floor. Toeing my heels off, I pad over on stockinged feet to stand behind and just to the side of him.

This room is the complete opposite of the rest of the club. It is a soft calm quiet haven. The music is barely more than a whisper. Even my footsteps are silenced by thick, lush carpet.

Without turning towards me he speaks. “You are not what you seem.”

Standing near him, but not touching, I respond. “You were wanting something predictable?” Without warning I find myself pulled roughly around to stand in front of him. Large hands cup my cheeks, tilting my face up to receive his wild kiss. Drowning in the feel of his lips, clutching and clinging to him, I know the time for talking is past. The dance has begun.

With a soft growl, he pushes me away, the bare skin of my back against the cool glass. A challenge lights my eyes as he looks me over, silently daring him to continue. The tension is so thick I can taste it, hot and heavy on my tongue. Groaning impatiently, I reach for him, unwilling to wait any longer.

He grips my wrists and raises them high above my head, his laugh mocking my need. “No, no girl. You’ve had your way for far too long.” His words barely have time to sink in before I find canlı bahis siteleri myself turned roughly, body pressed against the glass wall, wrists pinned. With his hips pinning mine and hand drawing up my dress, I can’t help but struggle a little, giving into that beast inside me who just come easily. “We do it my way tonight.”

My dress is pulled roughly over my hips and bunched at my waist. Grinding my ass back, stroking against the hard shaft that is barely concealed by the material of his slacks. The fire of need and pure lust burns low in my belly. “Then fuck me, damn you!” I grit out between clenched teeth.

His teeth clamp down on the back of my neck, biting and sending shivers through me. I can barely hear the rasp of his zipper over the gasping of my breath and pounding of my pulse. The scrap of lace that I generously term as panties is drawn down with a rough hand, his finger pushing into that tight hole. I can’t bite back the groan or the reflexive spreading of my thighs to give him greater access.

With slow strokes he teases me. Adding a second finger, driving me need higher, drawing whimpers and moans from my throat. I know what he wants. He wants, craves to hear me beg. Beg for more, for release … to be fucked by him. I feel the wild thing inside of me snarl softly then give a hard shiver as even it succumbs to him.

“Please. God please I can’t take anymore,” I moan out brokenly, hardly aware of how my voice echoes my desperate state. As soon as the words are out of my mouth his fingers leave my hungry cunt. With firm hands gripping my hips he pulls me into position, the head of his cock poised for the first thrust but holding me from pushing back.

A long low growl rumbles from his chest as he buries himself deep. I echo that with my own cry. God he fills me, stretches me. So deep and pulsing. Pulling back slowly then driving back in. Each thrust sounding me down to the roots of my soul. Pounding into me, bracing against the glass, screaming and crying out, thrusting back at him. His hand wrapped in my hair, pulling my head back, forcing me to look through the one-way glass to the maddened masses below us.

“Look at them. Look at all those men who would love to be in my place. And none of them could ever do this for you.” His voice growls in my ear, his body claiming mine completely. His words send me over the edge … spinning out of control … my entire body throbbing and shaking in release.

Strong fingers digging into my hip, pulling on my hair and biting down on my neck, he growls out his own climax …. shoving himself so deep that I’m not sure that we’ll ever be separated completely now. An arm runs around my waist, holding my weight as my knees buckle.

Breathlessly we lean against each other, sinking back into our own skins. But something has changed .. for the both of us.

Who was the predator and who was the prey in this hunt?



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