After exploring the twin mounds and caressing them one last time, I began to follow the terrain lower. There were no grasses here, only smooth expanses of open areas. Every where I look there is a creamy brownish color, I can’t help but touch, and feel the smoothness, and enjoy this feeling to my hands. I caress areas with my lips, just to experience the full adventure.

After a while I notice a patch of short grass, it’s so silky looking I have to run my fingers through it, there are aromas here that have an effect on me. So I begin to take my time to find their source, all the while playing in this soft grass. Slowly, very slowly, I go over every inch of this area, taking my time to explore every fold, and crease.

At length I come across a bear raised spot, it’s very strange to the touch, and it’s as if every time I touch, there’s a shudder from the surrounding area. From this place I look down to the mouth of a cave, but the day is fast slipping away so I’ll wait to explore that until I’m sure there is enough light. For now I’ll experience this bare area.

In the mean time I’ve worked up quite a thirst, my canteen is almost empty, and there seems to be some sort of flow from between the folds of this bear area. First I just massage the surrounding pleats in the formation; this seems to activate more flow due to the slow opening and closing of the folds. Aromas also increase with my manipulations, this whole area is responding to my touch as if it’s been waiting for me to get here.

I drink from these folds and creases, with my tongue I lap at the still forming juices, with every stroke of my tongue more juices flow, and my thirst is quenched. Now I close my eyes and begin to touch, first with my fingers, I move around the surrounding area of the bare mound, slowly I try to find the beginning of every fold. Everything seems to come together at a round hooded out cropping, from there each side has identical formations that seem to run from this point to the mouth of the cave, there is smooth, silky grass on the outside and the hidden places have no grass and are very moist. Carefully I make my way over this area slowly, expertly, finding every little inch and becoming very familiar with it. I know that once it’s dark I can rely on touch to tell me exactly were I am. Now with my hand closed I massage the hooded mound, first in circles, this seems to cause seismic movement in the area once again. All along the outer areas I continue for a long while until night falls…

I’m canlı bahis very tired, but far to excited to sleep. It’s now dark and I continue to trace around this small patch of grass, the hooded mound, and areas on both sides of it. After a while I lay down. Sleep finally drifts over me, my dreams take me back over the terrain I’ve covered these last few hours. Clinging vines and long grasses of the higher ground down toward the twin peaks and their pliable texture and smooth feel. Finally ending in this resting-place that I’ve chosen. Here the short grasses and this grassless out cropping has given me a surge of exhilaration for exploration that is about to come.

With the dawn I first nourish myself from the area, finding all sorts of things I missed in the fading light, again, as before there is an undulating movement in the area. Also the same tremors as though my actions are on the verge of causing some sort of release. I began a slow survey of the area below the mound; first by sight, then by touch. Slowly I felt my way down the face of the mound. Moving slowly, with a gentle firmness until I had traced the full extent of the curtain like formations from top to bottom.

Stopping, I realized what I had at first thought was the opening to a cave was the apex of two fallen trees. Upon closer examination, I finally found the cave mouth; from what I could tell the trees bared my path totally. Either one or both would need to be moved before I could gain full entry. Once again I turned my attention to the folds of curtain. Their texture was firm and pliable; with my fingers I worked my way back toward the hooded mound; first fully up one side, then down and back up the other.

Once again the area started to move, a rolling of the ground that was barely perceptible. But as I manipulated the curtains, and the bare mound the undulations got stronger, and much more rhythmic. While the shifting was not very severe, it caused the trees to move, and I decided it was time to help. All the while I pulled, grasped, and massaged my way back to the trees. At the apex I tried to place my hands between both trees and push them outward, the attempt failed. So I traced the smooth brownish length of the tree nearest me, reaching mid way I found that there seemed to be a crease that would allow it to bend at that point.

I placed my arm under it, and started lifting, and slowly it gave way. Nearby I found a way to brace it; I didn’t want it to slide back down, especially now that the mouth bahis siteleri of the cave was exposed. Excited, I traced along the tree to the mouth of the cave; there the curtains acted as sentinels, swollen, pliable and waiting to be explored. There was still not enough room for my full entry, so I began tugging and pulling on the curtains, they gave way, and to my suprize they seemed to have the flow from the hood creeping down from them. I continued massaging and plying, trying to make the entry larger so I could ease into the opening.

As I worked, I seemed to excellerate the flow from the hooded mound, now a steady stream, this encourages me continue on this area for a bit longer. A slight musky aroma has started to fill the air, it’s intoxicating and exciting so I bend lower to find the source; as I slowly pull the curtains aside I’m rewarded with the full view of the open mouth of the cave. I can see the moist inner wall, which is becoming slick from the hood above. Using my lips and tongue I sample the texture of the wall, after sucking and tasting for a while I position myself for a head first entry. Slowly, carefully, and firmly I push my head into the cave.

As I inch my way forward, I feel the curtains cling to my sides. Because I’m dryer than they are, they’re being pulled in as well. It’s at first warm inside, as I move deeper the heat increases, slowly I move back to get a better position, then again I push deeper this time lunging firmly until I’m’ half way in the cave. By now, I’m covered with the moisture of the cave, movement is easier, and I get deeper with every push of my legs. Everything is so close; the walls grip me as I try to make my way further into the cave. At first, the cave seemed to work against me, pushing me out even as I tried to get in. This was until I was thoroughly coated by the cave’s own secretions.

Now there is an almost imperceptible movement in the cave, a rhythmic undulation that grips and releases me, holding me firmly in place, then urging me deeper still. But this first entry has taken its toll, being surrounded by this hot cavern has caused my strength to ebb, so I stop my movement, my excitement is mounting but I need to rest. So I exit the cave, once outside I notice that a small pond has formed in the mouth of the cave, everywhere I look is now covered with the flow from the hooded mound. Being ravaged by thirst, I take advantage of as much fluid as I can. Licking and sucking from the curtains, over the hood, back to the mouth bahis şirketleri of the cave. As I do this, the area begins to shift and roll around. Everything seems unstable; I stop and listen. In the distance there is a low rumbling. As I continue to drink the rumble turns into a moan, coming from farther up.

When I finished drinking, the sounds began to subside. I wondered if the cave would collapse if there was another quake. After thinking about it, I decided to re-enter the cave, after all what a way to go. I covered myself with the liquids from the stream by sliding through and rubbing myself all over the curtains, and mouth of the cave. Totally coated, I again push my head inside. Now however entry is easy, and the cave seems to welcome my return.

The cave is gripping and pulling me forward, deeper and deeper even past the point where I’d left. Every movement I made; was met by a movement by the cave. The quaking started again; small shifts caused the walls and floor of the cave to narrow around me. In turn I was now surrounded by smooth, wet heat. The cave seemed to become unstable; as I moved deeper, the more unstable everything became. Now as I thrust forward, that low moan starts again, being inside it seems even louder, it causes vibrations to flow through me; and the undulations of the cave become greater.

As I reach what appears to be a dead end a strong quake begins. As soon as I touched the area the walls clamp down on me. As I try to stay put the floor raises up to cut off all movement to the rear, and the entire cave begins to quiver and bounce around as though alive. Now the heat and pressure are making me dizzy, the walls, and floor have me locked in place, while the quake racks the cave. I felt myself being squeezed and released in a rhythmic gripping by the cave; this excited and frightened me; I felt as though I would burst. With one long series of massive convulsions the cave began shuddering; it began squeezing, and pulling on me as though asking for my very essence. Resisting as long as possible I ride the quake, again I’m squeezed by the hungry cave. Stiffening, tensing, then finally shuddering the cave pulls every ounce of me too itself. Finally the gripping of the cave walls begins to subside, and I relax. Floating in a haze of exhaustion, I slide out of the cave. It’s been a wonderful trip; next time I think I’ll look for the other entrance, they say there’s always another way in.

* * * * *


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