It’s that time again…I have no idea how it starts…when my body hair would stand on end seemingly without any apparent stimulation making me shiver with desire…followed by an increasing dampness between the inner folds of my pussy lips and a weakening of my knees…a shortness of breath…as if someone is touching me…running his rough hands on the quivering flesh of my body and touching the wetness between my thighs…the nipples of my breasts slowly growing hard…a soft moan echoing out of me…the scent of sweat and rawness in my breath…all these making me feel weak…needing…and on the edge.

This always happens a few days before my normal bleeding and I don’t know if this is just particular to my own body, is it just me, or do other women feel the same way.

It is late and I am alone in the house, the only sound I can hear is the soft humming of the central air, the cold air bathing me…enveloping me in its comforting aura. I had just taken a cold shower to refresh me on this hot summer day after a hectic time at my shoppe and had changed into a floor length zip front floral caftan house dress with long slits on the side reaching my upper thighs….its soft fabric gently caressing my soft naked flesh underneath, making me unusually moist between my thighs.

I am free of any underwear, wearing underwear makes me feel restricted when I just want to feel comfortable, so I never wear any bra or panties at home. I even sometimes go grocery shopping at the corner Vons Store without any. Yes it is provocative but I just love looking at the wide eyes of those young handsome grocery clerks who see I am wearing nothing underneath when the sun hits my floral dress revealing a hazy reflection of my bare breasts, my total nakedness under my dress glowing in the sunlight…something to feed their own lusty imaginations….but more than that…it makes me feel sexy when I feel the moisture between my thighs and see those needy eyes staring at me, my fresh clean scent drafting in the air around me.

Which is exactly what I am feeling right now. Horny. I wonder anxiously where my son John is. He did’nt leave me a note on the fridge nor did he let me know on my cellphone where he was going and…I need him right now…or if not him…anybody.

From the sofa I was reclining on while watching TV, I hear the sudden opening of the electric gate outside and the sound of tires on the driveway. I look out and see John with someone else I can’t quite recognize in the dark, getting out of his car. The main door opens and John comes in the living room with the other fellow whom I suddenly recognize as my darling Jason, the young boy/man I met at the Glendale Galleria who visits me often at my shoppe. The young boy who had an erotic interlude with me in his car.(See “A young Man gets lucky”)

Jason and my son John finally met in the Galleria and it was even a pleasant surprise to me how the two boys got together so quickly. Jason, like John, is an avid PlayStation2 player and they find so many games they both mutually like that I often see them talking in my store discussing nothing else but video games. Since John was my only son…I, somewhere along the way, began treating Jason like a son as well, because of the way both of them got along.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi Baby.”, a smile on my voice.

“Hi Ms. Gail” Jason’s voice a little shaky.

“Hi Honey. How have you been?” I ask gently.

“Fine…John and I saw each other in school so I decided to treat him at Burger King.”

“Mom…can Jason stay over tonight?” John asks. I look at Jason, his eyes looking at me reclining my shapely upper thighs exposed which I did’nt bother to cover. I look at John and Jason, feeling what the two boys really need as my eyes scan their faces.

“Jason…would you like to stay over for the night Honey?”…I ask softly, looking at his eyes and seeing his desire.

“Yes Ma’am”…Jason’s voice and his heavy breathing easily betraying him, his eyes still looking at my exposed thighs.

“Mmmmmmm…I’m so glad both of you are here.” I softly reply, my voice filling up with numerous intimate possibilities. These boys had already been with me in a wild threesome in a previous stay over and the fact they are here with me now is giving me the shakes… their presence at this time of night in my home makes my pulse rate suddenly jump north. The thought of having these two boys intimately with me…inside me…is making me shiver with lust. I get up from the sofa and motion to John…

“John…come here Baby and give Mommy a hug. I missed you.” I call out to my son kissing him lightly on the lips as he comes to me with a hug. After he had done so and while still holding him, I call out softly to Jason looking at him with increasing desire in my eyes.

“Come here Honey…”. He joins me and John in a group hug that is anything but filial both boys pushing their crotches against me tightly. I feel the bodies of my two boys against mine and, yes, there is no mistaking the bulge I feel when illegal bahis they rub their body hard against mine. I sit back down on the sofa still holding both of them. As we sit down, John on my right and Jason on my left, I hold their faces on the hollow of my shoulders, their warm breaths on both sides of my neck. I close my eyes and smell their raw sweating scent making me giddy as I break out in goosepimples. I open my eyes and look at both of them.

I look breathlessly at these two beautiful and handsome boys beside me who will be staying the night in my home…with me…inside me…my mind asking myself what could possibly be in store for the three of us before the night is over…but even before I could finish asking myself the question, I suddenly feel my body hair stand on end again, the wetness between my thighs gushing forth as the scent of these two young and eager and virile boys, raw with sweat from the summer heat outside, assail my nostrils…making my breathing go faster specially when I feel John’s hand in front of me getting hold of the zipper of my dress and slowly drawing it downward…completely downward…then gently parting my dress…opening my nakedness to both their needy eyes.

This is what I need, I thought…sighing…as I feel their hands gently grope and touch my breasts…softly kneading the luscious warm flesh and making my nipples grow hard.

“Oh John….Jason…..babies…you both need me don’t you…”I moan and sigh breathlessly giving myself up to the sensual erotic sensation of their touch upon me…soft and gentle at first, then suddenly demanding and hard and rushed. My mind slowly beginning to turn in circles as this intoxicating sensation cover my entire naked body…their touch overwhelming me…my nakedness in front of them only serving to increase my need as they stare at my body….

I feel Jason slowly go down between my thighs…parting them slowly…as I willingly open them…breathing in deeply of my pussy scent as he goes down…..He glances at me from between my thighs…again taking deep breaths, breathing in the raw fresh scent of my pussy…my fluids now flowing freely, driven by the thought he is staring at my bare pussy down below…my insistent desire now growing stronger as I feel his warm breath on my bare pussy….then his warm lips…then the burning heat of his tongue on my wetness…

“Oh Jason baby….” I moan out his name as he begins to lick my pussy, now extremely wet, my body fluids gushing forth from deep inside me into his open and waiting mouth…his tongue moving in and out of the inner folds of my labia like a penis and sucking in the pink sensitive flesh…eating me…feeding his desperate hunger on me….his mouth ravishing my clit…driving me mad as I buckle my groin urgently into his face, my head thrown back in extreme pleasure, my left hand gently caressing him…his hair…then holding the back of his head and drawing his face closer against my pussy…a soft moan escaping from my lips as I feel Jason eat me so divinely.

At the same time John is sucking on my right breast and running his hand across my belly down into the softness of my upper thighs then back up again to the soft warm flesh of my breasts…groaning…mumbling…breathing hard. I raise my right arm offering the white soft flesh of my shaved armpit to him. John taking his cue from me, immediately mashes his face on my armpit, his nose rubbing and feeling the sweet essence of my soft flesh…then he begins kissing me softly there…then licking the soft flesh as I feel his tongue tickle me…down to the naked core of my body…I’m losing it again…the need of my two boys so urgent…like mine. I begin to feel my orgasm boiling up from deep within my belly.

It always begins at the back of my hips and electrifies my upper thighs…then it starts to build up inside me suddenly rushing forth torrentially into the open V of my thighs, a flood of erotic current draining out of the open channel of my pussy…this mind blowing gripping sensation of emptying… this natural climb to heights beyond any imagination…this inner explosion that blows my mind into bits and pieces and molds everything back together again…this orgasmic experience all women are born for…my intense orgasm rushing into the open mouth of Jason who is licking and sucking my pussy…my clit…and desperately swallowing the flow of my liquid essence into his mouth…his face caught between my soft thighs that is holding him down tight on me.

“JASON HONEY…I’M COMING…….” I scream into the void of night as a strong orgasm racks my entire body…my hips spasmodically jerking on his face, my upper body raised as I look at Jason staring at me wild eyed flicking my clit with his tongue and sucking it again and again making my orgasm erupt endlessly….

That’s it…..I need to be fucked and fucked hard as I quickly rise from the sofa and remove my dress throwing it down on the floor and drawing both boys with me as I get up and in a breathless dominant voice command illegal bahis siteleri the two boys,

“Baby…Honey…take your clothes off and get down on the floor with me right now…hurry….” the two boys immediately get up and remove all articles of their clothing and lie down on the floor, with me in between them. John moves to my back and Jason faces me as I lay on my right side. They mash their hands all over my hot flesh…my soft breasts and ass getting the most attention…their lips and tongue sucking and licking that part of me they touch while I grope in between their thighs and get hold of both their penises…hard…hot…taut like burning iron rods…

I lead Jason’s penis into the open folds of my dripping pussy with a rush…while John lifts my left leg up to give him access to the opening in my ass…then I feel it…that sudden mad and wilding rush of being completely filled both front and back…at the same time…the rush going up my throat almost choking me as I struggle for air, my two studs start moving immediately in and out of my body with a strength I could never imagine…two hard penises pushing and rushing in and out of me at the same time…four hands groping and touching me all over my body…in my breasts…my belly…their mouths sucking my flesh…their voices animal-like…our bodies crashing uncontrollably against each other…I have become a piece of delicious soft tasty flesh they are feeding on and playing with as they move violently in and out of my pussy and ass…their hands everywhere…my body now moving with them in unison, willingly giving itself to the wild onslaught of these two hungry and desperate boys…as I feel myself going beyond the edge of sanity falling down a bottomless dark pit of decadence and sexual depravity…my mind losing its sanity and my body jerking by itself leading me into a series of huge continuing orgasms that has me screaming into the void of night as my boys move roughly inside me and, with their hands, continue to tear my body into pieces with their own mad desire……

“YESSSSSSSSSS…FUCK ME BOYS…HARDER…HARDER MORE…I WANT MORE…OH JOHN….JASON…YOU’RE BOTH DRIVING ME CRAZYYYYYYYYYYY…” I growl out mindlessly in blind passion…the intense burning pleasure beyond any description…my mind without focus as the pleasure radiates all over me…

“Aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhh…” All I am conscious of is the deep groaning of Jason who is at the same time pushing his rock hard penis relentlessly inside my pussy as his hot scalding semen hits my inner walls, my pussy lips opening up and receiving his seed then closing up on his penis as I grip his penis with my inner pussy muscles again and again…holding his hardness…my left leg going around him…drawing him tighter to me as John continues pushing his penis in and out of my asshole…rapidly…his body pushing me and Jason roughly into each other until he bites the side of my neck and growls…

“MOMMMMM…..I’M COMING…………” John screams as I feel his scalding seed rush into my ass…both boys causing me to jerk spasmodically against them as I come again and again…my voice nothing but a howl of wild passion in the night.

It is a long time before either one of us move. I am still tightly in between the two bodies of John in my back and Jason in front of me. Jason is still inside me…his penis already starting to grow once more at the constant groping of my pussy muscles…his hands insistently rubbing the soft flesh of my breasts…I feel John still hard inside my ass. I slowly stand up weakly, emptying myself of them and go to the kitchen getting a couple of paper towel sheets from the rack to wipe myself dry of the profuse seminal fluids flowing out of my pussy and ass, then I go back to my two boys who are still lying exhaustedly on the floor. I slowly examine John’s penis which is clean except for some semen that is dripping down on his shaft and odorless even though he fucked me in the ass, then did the same with Jason…whose penis is now completely erect.

I stare at both their penises and could not quiet the shivering desire still within myself, so I take John’s penis into my mouth and lick all the excess semen that is slowly dripping along the shaft…tasting the salty sweet creamy flavor of my son’s seed. I feel his hands on the back of my head telling me he wants my mouth on him so I begin sucking his penis harder…moving my head up and down on him…slowly at first…but as I feel his hands push me down more insistently…I rush down and slurp his penis harder…my mouth and tongue going down to his balls, sucking each of them, then back to his penis until he begins moving up and down with me…his voice now a slow growl as his hips move in rhythm with my mouth…until his hands push me down hard on him…the flesh of his penis going stiff at the same time spewing his seed into my mouth, his voice gurgling on his throat…

“MOMMMMMMMMM…”John’s voice making me delirious with need as I hastily swallow his seed pleasurably, the sweet canlı bahis siteleri salty taste lingering in my buds. After a while I turn to Jason’s penis and give him a kiss…taking the whole thing into my mouth to see how far deep it will go then letting it slip off my mouth after going past my throat…licking the hard bony shaft as I go down on him…my mouth sucking him hungrily until I hear his moaning…his hands finding their way to the back of my head.

“Ohhhh Gail….do it Mom…yes…do it…..”his hips pushing against my face.

I seem to have lost all my sense of motherly decency as I lunge down upon his penis harder and more rapidly like a woman possessed…his hips now moving with me…his desire showing itself in the way his hands on the back of my head hold me down hard…until…

“I’M COMING MOMMMMMMMMMM…….” Jason calling me Mom from somewhere…my mouth and mind lost as I plunge into him aware only of the tasty semen shooting into the back of my throat…my body shaking with him….my voice a high pitched tone of lust and madness….

After a long while I look at both John and Jason…their penises still hard…still pulsing and throbbing…and still ready…

I shake my head and smile gently to myself and thought…what am I going to do with these two well built boys whose sexual drive seem to be insatiable…or…I did’nt know if it was my own sexual drive that was insatiable. I did not have to wait for an answer to my own question because John suddenly stands up and gets hold of my right arm and says,

” Mom…let’s have a swim in the pool. I’m sweating so much I wanna take a cool bath. Hey Jason…lets go and take a dive in the pool Man…” so I am slowly dragged off the floor and out of the house, my two big boys holding on to me by my lower forearms…slowly dragging me behind them…all of us completely naked and drenched with sweat. We walk out of the patio and into the edge of the unlighted pool where we all join hands and dive into the cool clear filtered water.

I asked myself, is this going to be the end of it?…noooooo…a big big delightful no….not by a long shot..;=)

I am still weak in the arms and knees so after a few dips into the water to cool my body I simply tread water on the shallow end of the pool looking at my two exuberant boys swimming in laps across the entire length when I lose sight of one of them. I feel a sudden rush of water on my thighs then a pair of hands holding my hips and a face bubbling air into my pussy mound. I look at the other swimmer from afar and recognize John in the dark…..

It is Jason who is below me again…parting my thighs wide in the waters below as I willingly open myself to him, kissing my shaved pussy lips…sucking them…flipping my clit with his tongue again and again making me go mad with desire as my outstretched arms hold on to the side surface of the pool to keep me from falling deep into the water. A smiling face suddenly surfaces right in front of me as I see Jason grinning from ear to ear, then I feel a bonelike thing pushing against my thighs.

“Gail…I just can’t get enough of you down there….your taste oh man…wild…” he sighs with a hunger I am more than willing to feed…I draw his face closer to mine and kiss him hard and long…my tongue parting his lips and entering his mouth quickly, seeking his own tongue…my right hand going down below the water to feel and stroke this bonelike thing pressing against my pussy mound as Jason wraps both his arms around me. I break our kiss and breathlessly say in a soft provocative tone, my hand still stroking his penis,

“Honey I want you to fuck me in the ass…I want to feel how it is to be fucked by you in the ass…”…I whisper breathlessly to Jason, my body now shivering not because of the cold water…but because of my burning desire to be fucked again…,

“YEESSSSSSSSSS…” Jason answers and turns calling out to John.

“Hey John…c’mon…lets do Mom again…” at the same time getting out of the water and pulling me up with him. John swims to where we are and gets out of the pool following me and Jason to the couch by the pool side. Jason did’nt wait for us to reach the couch when he suddenly grabs my face and kisses me deeply, at the same time pushing his rock hard penis in between my thighs…but as John reach both of us, he shoves Jason aside and says,

“You go in the backdoor this time Buddy….” the sound of their voices arguing about where to enter me sounding just like my two little boys arguing which one gets the candy, making me smile and driving me mad and wild with increasing desire. I lie down on the middle of the couch and motion to John to lie in front of me. As he does, I reach for his throbbing penis and spread my thighs rubbing the head of his penis up and down the crack of my now drooling pussy as he slowly lowers his body down on me…his penis entering me with a slowness that is making me go crazy so I move my hips up anxiously, eager to meet his thrust and feel him inside me. He places both his arms around my back and turns both of us around abruptly causing me to get on top of him. I begin to slide up and down on him…my voice a loud moan as I feel the upper shaft of his penis rubbing and sliding hard on my clit.



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