Part 1: A Fortunate Evening

Kyle Kepler was what most people would call an outdoorsman. If it was an outdoor sport, he was interested in it. Hiking, fishing, camping, hunting and any other sportsman like activities were where he spent almost all of his time. After taking a sabbatical from his job, he had decided to go on a 500-mile hike through the Great Green Forrest. The trail took him through plots of old growth oaks and groves of young pines. It winded along rivers and streams. The trail went up mountains and down into valleys. He had just turned 30 and wondered, as did most of his friends, if this was an early mid-life crisis.

For his first day, Kyle decided to take it slow. He only planned on hiking 5 miles in before calling it a night. He parked his car at the trailhead and changed into his hiking books. He wore running shorts and a tight t-shirt that showed his toned but not overly muscular body. He wore a baseball cap that covered his short but shaggy black hair. His facial hair was scruffy, but not yet a beard. He was going to let it grow while he hiked and see what it looked like at the end. Once he felt ready, he threw on his backpack that had everything he would need for a week before resupplying at a small town near the trail. He took a quick look at the map and then started walking through the forest towards his first stop five miles down the trail. It was a fairly popular campground and he hoped there would still be an empty site for him to set up his small tent for the night.

As he traveled, he became more and more happy with his decision to take time off from his office job. The forest was revitalizing. He could feel his soul replenishing with every step despite the pain of his backpack straps on his shoulders. He passed a few hikers on his way. They all smiled and greeted him. He was impressed with how attractive all of the people on the trail looked. It made sense. They were all in shape and being in nature has a tendency to make most people more happy and cheerful.

After hiking for a mile or so, Kyle came upon a couple sitting on the side of the trail. The man looked like he was in pain and the woman was talking to him. Kyle got closer and saw that the woman was rubbing his back as the man winced in pain.

“Hello there. Is everything alright?” Asked Kyle.

“Hi. My husband twisted his back,” answered the woman. The woman looked to be about 30 or so. She had long blonde hair and was fairly tall, about 5’9″. Her long tan legs shot out from tiny denim shorts. She had worn high-end hiking boots on and was wearing a purple sports bra. Kyle thought it looked like the bra was holding back very large breasts.

“I think I will be alright if I just sit for a while,” added the husband. He looked a bit older, maybe 40 or 45 years old. The husband was the definition of an old hipster. He was skinny about the same height as his wife with a faded haircut and a fashioned mustache. His hair was brown with speckles of gray. He was wearing tight jeans, a plaid shirt, and Chuck Taylors. His backpack looked brand new.

“My name is Kyle. I have some Tylenol if that will help,” volunteered Kyle. “How far are you guys going?”

“I think that would help,” answered the man. “We are just headed up to the Green Springs campground for the night.”

Kyle got the Tylenol out of his bag and handed the bottle to the man.

“Thanks,” said the man. “My name is Brad and this is my wife Nadine. Tomorrow is our one-year anniversary and I agreed to take Nadine camping. It’s her favorite activity, but I’m not big on the outdoors. As you can probably see.” Brad chuckled motioning to himself with both hands.

Kyle and Nadine both chuckled with him.

“So, Kyle,” Nadine started, “How far are you going?”

“I’m actually headed up to Green Springs tonight as well. I am thru hiking though and this is just my first night,” answered Kyle. “I will be hiking the entire trail over the next few weeks.”

“I have always wanted to hike the whole thing. I was hoping to convince Brad to go with me. Things aren’t going as planned,” joked Nadine.

“I’m doing it solo,” added Kyle. “It sure would be nice to have a friend, but none of mine could take the time off work.”

“Do you have a reservation at Green Springs?” asked Brad. “The say it’s all booked up tonight.”

“Well shit,” proclaimed Kyle. “I thought I would be able to find a spot when I got there.”

“You can stay on our site,” offered Nadine and Brad nodded in agreement.

“I think the Tylenol is starting to work,” said Brad. “Can you help me stand up?”

Kyle and Nadine took Brad’s hands and helped him up. He tried to lift his pack but winced in pain.

Kyle reached down and picked it up. It wasn’t too heavy since it was only for one night.

“Let me carry this for you Brad,” suggested Kyle. “Least I can do with you guys offering me a place to sleep.”

“I think you’re the one we should be thanking,” said Nadine and with that they started down the trail. Moving slowly as to not exasperate Brad’s back.

As they walked, illegal bahis Kyle got to know Brad and Nadine a little bit better. Brad was a photographer and Nadine was a department store model. They had met at a photoshoot and got married after a year of dating. They had been trying to have children for a few months, but still hadn’t gotten lucky. Nadine had been hiking and backpacking her whole life, but Brad had always been a city dweller. They had spent several previous nights car camping, but this was their first time backpacking. Brad didn’t complain too much, but really wasn’t suited for athletic activity.

Just before the campground, they had to cross a river. It had rained the night before and the water was pretty high. Luckily, a rope had been strung from one side of the river to the other and they could use it to balance as they walked. Brad went first and though he was a little unsteady, he seemed to be doing alright. Mainly because he didn’t have a backpack on. Nadine went ahead of Kyle. They were both doing well until Nadine stepped on a slippery rock and went over sideways. Kyle reached out and grabbed her, but she was already drenched. Kyle was also completely soaked after getting her back on her feet. Her pack was soaked through. Luckily, Kyle was able to keep both his and Brad’s pack above the water. They quickly made their way to the other side of the river. Though a bit breathless, Nadine found the strength to hug Kyle and kissed him on the cheek.

“Saved us again Kyle!” She exclaimed after kissing his cheek.

“It was nothing, no worries,” Kyle answered. As Brad ran over.

“Oh man, thank god you were there Kyle. Thanks bro.” Brad said as he patted Kyle on the back. “Shit you guys are soaked. Good thing we are almost there.”

They hiked the short distance to the campsite. Once there, Brad went to check in as Nadine and Kyle set up camp. Their campsite was pretty far off from the others. Even though the campground was full, their site was out of view of all the other campers. Kyle first sent up a clothes line so they could dry their clothes.

“I’m going to change,” Kyle said opening his pack and taking out some boxer briefs and a tank top. He didn’t have another pair of shorts and it was too hot for pants.

“You want me to close my eyes,” joked Nadine covering her eyes but peaking though her fingers and laughing.

“Just giving you a heads up. What you do, is up to you.”

Nadine turned her back and started digging in her bag. Kyle turned his back to her and started to undress. Once his clothes were off, he started putting them on the clothesline.

“Damnit,” exclaimed Nadine.

Kyle turned and looked forgetting his nakedness temporarily. “What?” he asked.

“All my clothes and the tent are soaked,” Nadine stated turning her head and then opened her mouth wide starting directly at his cock. Kyle quickly remember and covered himself, but suddenly hardened at the thought of her seeing him.

“Sorry,” Kyle apologized.

“Oh, I don’t mind. I just haven’t seen another penis besides Brad’s for a while,” Nadine smiled.

“Mind moving your hands,” she joked.

“Naughty girl,” Kyle waved his finger at her and moved his other hand exposing himself, before turning around and putting on his boxer briefs and tank top. He could hear Nadine giggling.

Once he was dressed, he turned around and walked over to Nadine. He looked over her shoulder into her back pack.

“That sucks,” said Kyle looking at the wet clothes, “Does Brad have anything you can wear? You guys can stay in my tent. It’s small but should fit both of you; I will sleep under the stars. Let me help you with the clothes.”

Kyle reached in the bag, started pulling out clothes, and putting them up on the clothes line. Nadine started going through Brad’s bag. She pulled out an oversized tee shirt and looked at it nodding.

“Okay, now I’m changing,” She said turning around. Brad turned the other way. He wasn’t going to peep on a married woman. He took out his small two-person backpacking tent and began setting it up. After a few minutes, Nadine tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and saw her. The t-shirt was white and thin. He could see her hard nipples poking through. Though it was a baggy shirt, he could tell that he was right about her having very large breasts.

“Can you help me with my boots? The laces are hard to untie with them all wet,” Nadine asked.

“Of course.”

Nadine sat down on a log and Kyle bent over to help her. As he untied her first boot, he looked up and saw that Nadine had no panties on. Her smooth shaved pussy was on full display. Kyle felt his dick hardening in his briefs. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hide it. He slipped off Nadine’s boot and removed her wet sock exposing her narrow tan foot with red toenail polish. He untied the other boot trying his best not to look up but failing over and over again. Once he finished, he stood up.

“See something you like down there,” Nadine laughed pointing at his hard cock.

“Sorry, I didn’t, mm yeah,” Kyle illegal bahis siteleri stammered.

“You showed me yours, so it was only fair,” Nadine said as she reached up with her foot exposing herself once again and pulling down the waist band of his briefs, exposing his hard cock.

“Mmm,” she said biting her lip. “I wanted to see it hard. It’s a lot bigger than Brad’s.”

Kyle gulped almost audibly and then heard steps coming up behind him. He quickly pulled his briefs up and looked over his shoulder.

“Glad to see you guys changed,” Said Brad seemingly oblivious to the exchange Nadine and Kyle were having. “Sorry it took so long; the camp host was talking my ear off.” They all chuckled. Kyle went back to setting up the tent and tried thinking about baseball, hoping that his erection would go down before Brad saw it.

By the time the tent was set up, the sun was starting to go down. Brad started a fire, something he had been working on during his and Nadine’s previous car camping trips. He was very proud with himself and Kyle did have to admit, Brad did a pretty good job. They ate dinner and Brad went on and on about his work as a photographer. Kyle found it somewhat interesting, but Nadine keep yawning. Finally, she went to the tent. Kyle thought she was calling it a night, but she came back quickly with a bottle of Colorado Whiskey. This particular bottle had a metal shot glass on the top of it.

“Yeah!” both men cheered and they each took a shot.

Kyle laid out his sleeping back and they all sat down on it in front of the fire. The men sat on either side of Nadine. Nadine’s smooth long legs were touching both men.

They kept talking for a while. Kyle and Brad took a shot every few minutes, but Nadine seemed to be drinking quite a bit slower than the men. Soon both men were pretty drunk.

“So Brad, I mean Kyle, I’m Brad,” Brad slurred. “Is there a Mrs. Kyle or a girlfriend or something?”

“No,” Kyle answered, himself fairly drunk, “I’ve never really found nobody to settle down with. I like to keep my options open.” He felt Nadine’s hand brushing against his upper thigh.

“Ahh yeah a player,” drunken Brad continued slurring worse and worse. “I used to fucks a lots of ladies too. Then I met my wife that’s been like the best, but now I’m old so we don’t fuck too much any mores”

“Jesus, Brad,” exclaimed Nadine. “I don’t think Kyle needs to know that.” They all laughed though. Nadine’s hand moved higher up Kyle’s thigh and he looked at her with drunken suspicion. She looked back at him and raised her eyebrows.

Then Brad stopped talking abruptly.

“Brad? Brad?” both Kyle and Nadine called out concerned. Brad’s eyes flickered open.

“Oh guys, I’m too tired. I go to bed” with that Brad crawled off to the tent. They heard him snoring second later.

“Is he okay?” asked Kyle.

“He’s fine,” stated Nadine. “It is his weekend routine. Get blackout drunk and fall asleep before we can even have sex.” They laughed and Kyle felt her hand move up his thigh to his hardening cock.

“How about you Kyle? Every have sex with a married woman?”

“Umm, no, not sure that would be a good idea? Umm we’re pretty drunk and you might..”

Nadine kissed him on the mouth before he could finish. He kissed her back and they laid back on the sleeping bag making out.

“I’m not drunk Kyle, but if you’re too drunk we can just go to sleep.” Kyle’s cock was rock hard and he wasn’t nearly as drunk as Brad must have been.

“I’m not too drunk,” he answered and went back to kissing Nadine.

Nadine slid her hand under the waist band of his boxer briefs and began rubbing his ever-hardening cock while they kissed. She then stopped kissing him and knelt up on the sleeping back. Nadine took off the oversized shirt exposing her huge perfectly shaped tits with large nipples. In the firelight, Kyle thought they looked perfect. She pulled at his waist band. Kyle lifted his hips. She removed his boxer briefs and then moved between his legs. Kyle took off his tank top.

Nadine began stroking Kyle’s 7-inch girthy dick and licking up and down it from the head to the base. She then opened her mouth and started bobbing up and down on his cock. She reached a hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy and moaning on Kyle’s cock. Kyle reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Nadine’s blonde hair and gently continued guiding her up and down on his cock. His hips began to thrust towards her face.

Nadine pushed up and away from him and Kyle released her hair. She wrapped her large tits around his saliva lubed cock and began pumping up and down titty fucking him. Kyle thrust his hips and groaned.

“I’m about to cum,” Kyle groaned thrusting faster into Nadine’s tits

Nadine put her mouth over the tip of his cock and swirled her tongue around the head sending him over the edge. Kyle felt cum spurting from the tip of his cock into Nadine’s mouth. He groaned and felt Nadine squeeze his balls with her hand.

Nadine knelt up with cum dripping from her mouth onto her huge canlı bahis siteleri tits. Her nipples were still wonderfully erect.

“Mmm so much cum,” she said licking the semen from one of her breasts.

She laid back rubbing herself, legs still wide open. Kyle leaned forward between her legs and began licking around her outer labia. He could hear her moaning and felt her hand on the back of his head. Nadine brought her other hand to one of her tits and brought it up to her mouth sucking on her own large dark nipple.

Kyle slid two fingers inside of her pussy and began licking her clit while he slowly thrust his fingers in and out of her. He could feel his cock starting to harden between his legs.

Nadine was moaning louder and louder and he worried that she would wake Brad, but Kyle was too into it and drunk enough not the care.

“Yes, yes, I’m cumming,” Nadine screamed and Kyle felt her hips bucking against his face. “Fuck me Kyle Fuck me.”

Kyle was hard enough to indulge her, but in a moment of sober thought remembered he had packed a box of condoms. He pulled his face up from her pussy and took the box of condoms from his nearby backpack. He unwrapped the condom.

“Are you sure about this?” He said looking down at Nadine’s hard tanned body, not sure what he would do with himself if she said no. He unrolled the condom onto his big hard dick.

“Yes, lucky you have those condoms,” she nodded licking her lips and reaching up and stroking his balls.

Kyle lined up with her pussy and glided effortlessly inside of her drenched slit. He felt her long smooth legs wrap around him and buried his face in her big tits licking and sucking as he thrust inside of her. He could feel her nails scratch lightly into his back as he pumped faster and faster.

“Oh yes, fuck yes Kyle, you’re so fucking hard, yes,” she moaned. She then pushed him back and rolled over onto her knees.

Kyle lined up to enter her, but before his cock entered her pussy, Nadine stopped him. She reached back and pulled the condom off his cock and then thrust her ass towards him. His dick slid deftly inside of her warm cunt. Her pussy felt like pure pleasure and though he knew he should stop; Kyle grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and harder. He could see her large tits swinging wildly with every pump into her.

“Yes, give me your cum, yes Kyle impregnant me, yes fuck yes!” Nadine screamed.

Kyle couldn’t hold back anymore and moaned as he came deep inside of Nadine, thrusting and holding her against him with every spurt of cum. Once he finished cumming they collapsed to the side breathing hard. His heart felt like it was going to explode from effort. He laid there holding Nadine, his cock still deep inside her as he caught his breath.

Nadine reached across his body and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. They both took a few shots. Kyle’s head was spinning a bit and before he knew it, he was asleep with Nadine still cuddled against him.


Kyle woke and the sun was up, pounding directly through his eyelids into the back of his skull. What the hell happened last night? It slowly started to come back to him. Shit he had fucked Nadine. Shit he was still naked. Fuck he could still feel Nadine against him. Goddamn what was Brad going to do if he woke up. Kyle’s eyes were still closed and he heard talking.

“Yeah and then I pulled the condom off his dick and made him fuck me raw from behind,” Kyle heard Nadine’s voice. Who was she talking to? Was she on the phone? “He filled me up with so much cum. Fuck I’m getting wet talking about it.” Kyle realized he was also getting hard and the arousal seemed to make his headache fade a little. He rolled over and pressed his cock again Nadine’s ass and opened his eyes.

“Oh, your awake,” Nadine said looking over her shoulder smiling at him. As his eyes adjusted, he realized that on the other side of Nadine, Brad was sitting naked next to her. She was stroking Brad’s cock. The fuck is going on Kyle thought.

“The fuck?” blurted out of Kyle’s mouth.

Brad and Nadine giggled.

“Don’t worry Kyle,” Brad started. “Nadine and I talked about all of this before it even happened. We’ve been discussing it for weeks and you finally give us our first chance for Nadine to be a hotwife. Hope you don’t mind us messing around a little in front of you. I haven’t been this turned on in ages.”

“Don’t mind me,” Kyle laughed a little relieved that a jealous husband wasn’t going to attack him. He rolled away assuming they wanted a little privacy?

“No Kyle you can play too,” Said Nadine, rolling flat onto her back and reaching around and grabbing his cock. Kyle moaned rolling towards her. She stroked both cocks in a skiing motion. The men started fondling her large tits on their side of Nadine’s body.

Nadine massaged the head of each cock, both wet with precum. She released them and got up on all fours he ass towards Kyle. Kyle got up on his knees and slid his cock into her begging pussy. Kyle began slowly humping into her. Brad’s lined his cock up with Nadine’s mouth and held her face as he pushed his hips against her face. Nadine gaged a bit at first but she was grabbing Brad’s hips and actively helping him fuck her face. Kyle felt Nadine’s legs quiver and she pushed Brad out of her mouth.



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