It was a nice lazy Sunday evening and I got ready to do what I always do every Sunday: watch football on TV with a chilled six-pack of my favorite beer. I was in a good mood. My wife was upstairs in bed with the flu which means I was spared her usual nagging and my beautiful daughter was home for the weekend. She’s in private school and I hardly see her so whenever she’s around my rather dull, predictable life gets a little sunnier. Darlene is my only child and daughter; it’s no wonder that she’s the apple of my eye. The fact that she is also easy on the eye doesn’t hurt at all.

Darlene is a real babe, five foot nine, very curvy with great legs. She has a very pretty face with blue eyes, a small nose and full lips. Her major attractions are her tits which on another girl might look too big but my daughter carries her tits well and they never seem to sag. Luckily she’s got her mother’s dumb blonde looks and personality so she’s blissfully unaware of the effect she has on me. She loves me dearly and there are no secrets between us. There are a lot of hugs and kisses when we are together and I look forward to them all the time. Her body is so soft and supple and I love the way her big boobs press against my chest anytime we cuddle and I take my time to stroke her like a cat and tell her how wonderful she is. You see my daughter has esteem issues and she usually turns to me for moral support which I am more than willing to give especially when she’s sitting on my lap and I am slowly rubbing her thighs and her back. It makes her feel much better. Am I not a good dad?

I had gone through two cans of beer by the time she skipped gaily down the stairs in a white tennis outfit. Her bra couldn’t stop her huge tits from bouncing around and I could clearly see the outline of her thick nipples. The frilly skirt flapped up and down and I could clearly see the white panties under which a pair of thick lips made quite an impression. I immediately got aroused and hoped my corduroy pants wouldn’t give me away.

“Hello, Dad!” she chirped as she ran towards me and flopped heavily into my lap. She nearly took the wind out of me as her sizable bum hit my stomach before settling on my crotch.

“Darlene!” I chided her in a mock serious tone, “You’re not a little girl anymore! You’re much heavier now.”

Immediately her smile turned upside down and I immediately felt guilty.

“Are you saying I’m fat?” she asked sadly.

“Of course not, Baby” I said quickly as I put my arms around her and drew her close. The side of her breast pressed against my nose, “I was only saying I’m getting old and you aren’t a toddler anymore but a big beautiful woman.”

She smiled at that and she wrapped her arms round my neck, oblivious that she had stuffed my face into her cleavage.

“Thanks, Dad. You’re the best.”

She heard my muffled response and realized my head was wedged between her two breasts. She giggled and released me.

“Sorry, Dad, are you alright?”

“I’m very well, thank you, Darlene” I mumbled, grinning sheepishly trying not to show how much I had enjoyed my mild asphyxiation. She smiled and leaned against me again. By now I had forgotten all about the game and the beer. I told her illegal bahis to tell me about her new boyfriend, which I knew would keep her occupied while my hands took a grand tour of her body. I was good at listening. All I needed to do was to switch to autopilot and smile and nod in understanding to whatever crap she was telling me while my fingers played around discreetly. However I did like it when she told me of incidents concerning her boyfriend’s sexual escapades with her. That really turned me on.

She began to tell me of when Jake (her boyfriend and I must confess a real hunk, it made me jealous when I thought of all the things he must be doing to my daughter) dragged her behind some bushes when they went camping and copped a feel of her tits. That gave me an instant hard on and with false concern I asked her to give me all the details. Meantime my left hand was on her knee and later I moved up to absent-mindedly caress her thigh. She was used to me doing this and she thought nothing of it.

“Jake said we should take a walk and we were in this really lonely part of the woods when he pulled me by the wrist and dragged me behind some bushes. I protested a lot but he didn’t listen to me at all. He just pushed me on the ground and straddled me. Then he pulled up the tank top I was wearing… and it was real hot, so I… I wasn’t even wearing a bra. My boobs just spilled out and he grabbed my arms and pinned them under his knees. When I complained he just laughed and began to fondle and squeeze my tits. I was so embarrassed!”

“What a bad boy” I said heatedly, my rod stiffening intensely, “What happened next? Did you scream?”

“No… I kind of liked it after a while and I didn’t want to get him in trouble so I just let him get on with it. When he got tired of squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples, he then yanked off the shorts and panties I was wearing and began to touch me down there.”

“What a dick” I said shaking my head, trying to put on an expression of outrage but only managed to look like an old ram on heat “Did he… have sex with you?”

“No, he didn’t have a condom and you told me to never allow a guy to penetrate me without putting on a condom so I refused.”

“Good girl” I said with a mixture of relief and disappointment “So what happened next?”

My hand was resting on her upper thigh; my fingers were slightly under the hem of her skirt. Her skin was very smooth although much hotter as I got closer to her crotch. She continued babbling and by now my hard on was pressing against her bum. She was used to that too. When she first experienced the feel of my cock when she sat on my lap, she curiously asked me what it was. That was so many years ago. I told her then that it was nature- anytime she sat on my crotch she would feel something hard in return. She didn’t really get it but she trusted me so she accepted the silly explanation and from then on anytime she felt my bulge she would rearrange her bum to feel more comfortable which was usually sitting so that my hard cock would rest between her ass cheeks. Of course now that she’s nineteen she knows exactly what’s prodding her but she still doesn’t mind. In fact she likes to rub her ass gently whenever she’s illegal bahis siteleri on my lap.

“He now confiscated my panties and told me I wouldn’t be getting them back! He said I could wear my shorts but he was going to keep my panties as a souvenir. I was so ashamed! He just sniffed them and put them in his pockets.”

“That Jake is a very bad boy” I said solemnly. My cock was now pressing very hard against her bum and she turned to back me so that my shaft could fit more comfortably between her buttocks. Her skirt was spread out over my lap so my cock was pressing directly on her panties. I reached round her front and placed my hands on her stomach. My fingers would gently climb till they reached those heavenly tits.

“I’ve dumped him” she declared, “He told me he would add my panties to the collection he has but I don’t care what he says. He’s such a jerk!”

“It’s okay, Baby. He isn’t worth it.”

“Thank you, Dad for being there for me.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I hope your… er… breasts aren’t sore?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“You know I love you and I’m after your well being… I’m going to have to give your breasts a quick feel and you tell me whether it hurts, okay?”

“Okay, Dad but don’t squeeze too hard! My nipples are sensitive.”

“Okay, Darling. Now pull up your t-shirt and then place your hands on your head so my arms can have some room while I ….er… feel you up.”

“Okay, Dad.”

She raised her t-shirt and they rested easily on her mammoth boobs. She raised her arms and placed her hands on her head. I reached forward; I had to actually stretch my arms, to get my hands on her tits. My big hands couldn’t go round it but I managed to knead and squeeze her soft but firm flesh. She gasped and arched her back to push her tits further into my palms.

“Anything hurt? Do you feel any pains?” I tried to keep my voice all parent like and full of concern.

She grunted and wriggled a little.

“No, I don’t think so… but my nipples are still sore… ow!”

“Like right now?”

“Yeah… ooh… especially when you tweak them like that.”

“Turn around and face me. I want to look at your boobs and make sure there are no welts and bruises.”

“Okay, Dad.”

She scrambled round and faced me, wrapping her legs round my waist. Her bum rested on my erection. I shifted forward from the sofa to give her legs more room. I felt dampness on my crotch and realized she was very wet.

Her boobs were big, round and milky white in color with thick dark brown nipples that pointed sternly at me. The areolas were wide in diameter and nearly took up half of her tits. I badly wanted to suck them.

“Are my tits alright?” Darlene asked anxiously, her hands on her head. I smiled reassuringly at her and leaned forward to kiss her left nipple.

“They’re fine, Darling, but keep your hands on your head and tell me how this feels. I want to make sure your tits still respond accordingly after the traumatic experience you had with Jake.”

“Okay, Dad.”

I opened my mouth and took one of her eraser like nipples in my mouth. I rolled it with my tongue and gave a gentle suck. She gasped and her eyes canlı bahis siteleri squeezed shut as her hands left the top of her head and instead went to grab the back of mine.

I couldn’t put the whole breast in my mouth- it was too big for that so instead I had to be content with sucking her nipple and using my tongue to lick the boob all over. When I finished with one tit I switched over to the other and meted out the same treatment. My daughter gasped and moaned as she arched her back, pushing her soft melons deeper into my hungry mouth. I raised my face to look at her and she stared dreamily down at me. Cupping her face in my hands I gently pulled her down for a kiss. Her lips were moist and wet and I really enjoyed running my tongue over them. She stuck her tongue far into my mouth and I could feel her exhaled breath on my noise. She’s a real wet kisser and all you could here in the living room apart from the sound of the game on TV was the sounds of slurping and sucking. Eventually she came up for air and groaned.

My hands slipped under her bum until my fingers touched her soaked panties. My fingers trailed her camel toe and she jumped at the contact. I decided that today I would fulfill all those years of wondering how her teenage pussy would feel on my fifty five year old cock.

I pulled down my zipper and pried my throbbing tool from the confines of my underwear. I held my darling daughter at the waist and lifted her easily- I’m a really strong bastard- and guided her to my shaft. I pulled her drenched panties to one side and gently fixed her vagina down on my penis. I am quite big down there and it would have hurt her quite a lot if she wasn’t so wet. Gravity slowly pulled her down until she was fully impaled by my cock and she let out a short scream. I wasn’t worried about my wife hearing the sound. She was out cold. I slipped in some sleeping tablets in her juice.

Still gripping Darlene’s waist I gently lifted her up and down, slowly building up the momentum. As the tempo increased, so did her moaning until she was crying and squealing in pleasure. She was deliciously tight. I had never enjoyed sex this much not even when I first fucked her mother back in her prime.

“Daddy! Ow! Ooh… don’t stop!”

Poor Darlene’s eyes were squeezed shut, her nostrils flared and her mouth agape. A dribble of saliva trailed from the side of her mouth and down her chin. I gently licked it off her.

Her tits bounced rhythmically in front of my face and I stuck out my tongue to catch the dancing nipples. Using my hands I pushed the two nipples together and stuffed them in my mouth. I gave them a long, good suck and she whimpered her appreciation.

I continued to hump her, the wet sounds of our fucking filling the house. Finally she let rip a really loud scream and shuddered like a leaf in the wind. Thirty seconds later I gritted my teeth and clasped her hips as I came forcefully. She rested her head against mine as we panted and wheezed for breath. I listened to her ragged breathing as her sweat and saliva covered breasts heaved in my face. We made no move to disconnect and I knew I would be hard again soon enough.

“Daddy?” she murmured.

“Shush, Darling.”

“Mom’s going to be mad.”

“Mom’s never going to know. From now on you are my bitch, okay?”

“Yes, Dad. I want to be your bitch.”

“That’s my girl. Am I not such a good dad?”

“Yes, Daddy, you are. The best in the world!”



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