I bent my head and rested it against Kelly’s naked belly. “God.” I groaned.

I felt Kelly’s belly tighten in laughter. “Geez, John. We haven’t even fucked yet.”

I instantly jolted against her. “God Kelly. The way you talk. It’s unbelievable. I’ve never heard anyone so…”

“So verbal?” she interrupted. “I’m very into talking about what I’m feeling. My ex-boyfriend loved it.”

“I love it.” I commented. “It just did something to me. I just couldn’t handle it. God!” I said to her smiling.

“Well,” Kelly replied. “We’ll see what other tricks I have up my sleeve.”

I was in total post-orgasmic bliss. Although I was a little ashamed and certainly disappointed at my performance, Kelly didn’t seem to mind one bit. And that made me feel good. I looked up at her. She left her t-shirt up over her breasts and the pink of her bra was pulled down to below her rib cage exposing her tits. Her nipples were still very much aroused and I could see they were swollen from my attention earlier. She looked so absolutely sexy and she didn’t even realize it. I felt my cock jerk and fill with blood once again. I was getting an erection already and it hadn’t even been ten minutes!

“You’re gorgeous, you know that?” I told her standing up.

Kelly smiled a shit-eating grin at me. “Thanks.”

I pressed myself against her again and bent to kiss her lightly. Our lips met and instantly I went to full mast. I felt her tongue slip against my own and we gently french-kissed for a few moments. This time, I felt her hands touch my waist. Her small hands grabbed at my waist and ran up along my ribcage. I felt myself get goosebumps at her gentle touch. Then she ran her hands back down again to my fly. “We’d better get these off of you.” Kelly said against my lips. “Mmm hmmm.” I replied.

She lightly unbuttoned my slacks and then unzipped the fly as my erection outlined itself against my boxers pointing at her knowing its intended object of affection. I grabbed at the seam of my pants and pulled them down around my knees. Kelly grabbed at the waistband of my underwear and slowly slid them down canlı bahis watching my crotch. My full erection popped outwards as she tugged my boxers down to meet my pants. I saw her eyes light up and a small smile flitter across her face. “Mmm…” she said without looking up. “Very nice.”

I didn’t reply. My hands cupped her face as I leaned in and kissed her lips again. I let my hands trail down to her open pants. “Set your legs on the bumper.” I told her as I grabbed at her pants and panties and tugged. Kelly lifted her firm ass upwards as I pulled them down and off, jokingly tossing them over my shoulder. Kelly giggled at me. I looked down at her pussy. It looked so small. Her lips were clearly swollen with arousal and a puffy pink color. The barest hint of her clit peeked out at me until she spread her legs wide allowing me to see her without any hesitation. As her creamy thighs opened wide, her bright pink pussy opened like a flower. Her arousal gleamed off of her flesh begging to be tasted and I couldn’t help myself. I crouched down in front of her and gently ran my tongue up the opening to her womanhood. I moaned at her as I tasted her juices on my tongue. Unbelievable is the first word that came to my mind. I grabbed at the insides of her thighs and spread them open more. I felt her lift her left leg upwards onto the top of the trunk where she sat giving me even better access to her pussy. “God yes, eat my pussy Mr. Merrill.” She whimpered at me. I almost came once more with her calling me Mr. Merrill. I couldn’t believe how much her words got to me. I moaned approval against her clit and felt her spasm against me. “God keep doing that….” Kelly commanded, “And I’m going to cum…right….oh god.. in your mouth.” I felt myself moan even harder against her pussy-making humming noises against her opening and clit. Kelly grabbed at my head, scratching at my scalp as I made her cum on my tongue. “Fuck!” she yelped at me as I licked at her orgasm, feeling her cum gush into my mouth and me loving every minute of it. I stayed crouched at her pussy slowly licking at her as she tried to recover from her bahis siteleri orgasm. When I felt her hands touch my shoulders, I stood up from my crouching position.

I came up to meet eye level with Kelly who was smiling seductively at me. “Thank you.” She said politely to me.

I stepped up between her legs letting my erection rub again her wet pussy and the car. “No need to thank me sweetheart. You were incredible.” I told her. Kelly slid down off the trunk of the car and wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed me gently, then shoved her tongue into my mouth and tasted her juices on my tongue. I was startled yet turned on beyond recognition. As she withdrew from my mouth, she ran her tongue over her lips. “God I love that.” She said to me.

“Now…” she said to me as she turned her back to me and spread her hands over the trunk of the car. “I want you to fuck me.” She didn’t turn her head back to look at me. She simply bent over. I stood there looking at the sight before me. This beautiful young woman bent over the hood of her car, butt ass naked save for the bra that hung under her exposed breasts, and telling me to fuck her! God what luck!

“No problem.” I commented to her smiling to myself. I stepped up behind her lightly brushing the tops of my thighs against the backs of hers. I grabbed at my cockshaft with my right hand and with my left grabbed her hip. “You ready?” I asked.

I got no answer, but I had a feeling she was. I ran my cock head up along the ridge of her wet opening lubing myself up for penetration. Then I nestled myself between her folds and pushed. As she began to give way, I felt her tense up at my thickness. I hesitated.

“Don’t you fucking stop.” She almost hissed at me. “Don’t fucking stop John.”

I didn’t, I didn’t stop until my cock was sunk deep within her. I let her get used to me for a few seconds before I started to lightly thrust. Her wetness and the tightness of her young pussy had my eyes rolling back in my head. “Jesus.” I grunted as I let my first deep thrust hit her. She grunted lightly at me as I thrust again. “Yes” she said to me.

I bahis şirketleri moved my hands up to her hips. I couldn’t even imagine what we looked like right now. A young woman bent over the hood of her car, with an older man with his pants around his ankles going to town on her? God what a sight for some passerby. Thank God though that no one was around. As I started fucking her in short deep thrusts, I felt Kelly tensing. “Fuck John, fuck me harder.” I obliged without hesitation but I knew if I kept it up, I’d cum soon and I wanted her to come with me. “Yeah,” I said to her.

“Tell me John.” Kelly said to me. “Tell me how bad you want to fuck me.” I was completely taken aback by her comment. I’d never talked super dirty to anyone. But it turned me on.

“God Kelly… I…. I.. want to fuck the….” I felt Kelly hump back against me and I hit her cervix. I grunted in pleasure losing my train of thought. ” I want to fuck…….the.. oh shit Kell….” I couldn’t handle the little rough humping actions she was doing to me.

” I want.. to.. fuck.. the living shit out of you girl.” I hissed at her as I felt my balls tighten.

“Yes.” Kelly replied. “Tell me more.”

“I want you to… cum…” I said

” Mm..hm..”

“I want you to… cum…with me… inside you…” I demanded.

“Oh Yes John. Keep fucking me.” Kelly yelped. “And I’ll cum.”

I increased pace and started rapidly pounding my hard cock into her. “Son of a bitch!” Kelly yelped out loud. At that moment Kelly lifted her left leg onto the bumper of her car giving me greater deepness into her. I moaned at her. “Oh Jesus Kelly, I’m going to cum in your pussy.” I told her. I was sweating like crazy, and her pussy felt so good wrapped around me.

“Yes Mr. Merrill. Fuck my pussy. I’m going to cum too.”

As my balls tightened, I let out a loud wail. “God!… here it comes.”

“Yes” Kelly whispered as I felt her pussy tighten around me and spasm. I felt my cock explode inside her with cum and I filled her tight twat with sperm. “Oh my God… Oh…my…God.” I whispered at her grabbing her and holding her tight against me as her pussy milked me.

Her head laid back against my neck and she smiled at me as our orgasms subsided. “Wow John, that was intense.” She said.

“Yes.” I agreed. “Fucking incredible.”



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