Author’s note: This story contains futanari/shemale and incest.


Anna could barely contain her felicity over the magical book’s capabilities. She had spent all night trying to decode the book’s mysterious language. Most of the words were latin, something Anna was supposed to take in school, but more than likely slept through. Half of the book was already decoded, and yet Anna still feared uttering even one spell.

Spells like mind control, penis and breast enlargement, even tentacles, all sounded intriguing, and Anna knew she wouldn’t mind indulging a few of her fetishes. The book itself came with a few pictures, though they were dated and looked like a cave person’s drawings. Of course these spells probably weren’t without consequences and it wouldn’t sit well with her mother if some tentacle beast burst through the wall ready to fill any woman’s gaping holes. Anna had set herself on memorizing them though, and was planning to test them on her sister, willing or not, later.

Before Anna drifted to sleep, she quickly hid the book in a metal safe, coyly hidden under the floorboards in her room. It was originally a gift from one of her friends, to stash away a few lady magazines and money but it was empty for the most part. Anna never really found a need for girly magazines with such a goddess for a mother walking around the house. If Laura’s words carried any weight, their aunt would be looking for the sacred object, and she wouldn’t be pleased if she found her nieces had it. Once the book was tucked away, Anna slept peacefully.

When the futanari awoke, she proceeded to apply her usual routine, putting on makeup, which lit up her eyes. Picking out what to wear, which today consisted of one of her favorite outfits: A tight tube top, that barely sheltered her bosom, a frilly skirt, and to top it off platform heels. All in her favorite color, pink.

Breakfast followed and was for the most part uneventful, especially for the futa whose recent past has been nothing but thrills and ecstasy. As she drank on her orange juice, trying to replenish her lost energy, the familiar ring from the doorbell carried throughout the house. Another followed mere milliseconds later.

“Can somebody get that?” Anna’s mom’s voice carried from above.

“I got it mom!” Anna shouted out. She hopped off of her stool, and went to the door, her heels clapping against the floor. As soon as her fingers grasped the golden handle a chill carried itself down her spine. Something in her head ordered her to run, but she ignored it and threw open the door. To her horror, it was her aunt.

Raven, the futa’s aunt, was not much of an enthusiast on colors as her niece. Raven wore a skin clinging dark dress, with a v neck that left little of her busty chest to the imagination. The dress itself carried to her thighs, and halted, but underneath was dark pantyhose that traveled to a pair of matching black heels. If her outfit hadn’t revealed a gothic favoring, her face did. Her hair was black as night, with hints of purple highlights. Her lips were coated in black lipstick, and she had enough eyeshadow to be a raccoon.

“Oh…crap,” Anna’s voice dragged as Raven stooped to pick up her bags.

“Anna! I haven’t seen you in years dear. Are you going to let me in?” Raven asked, her familiar sultry voice made Anna’s head swim. Aunt Raven always had that kind of effect, some called it charisma, Anna liked to call it witchcraft.

“Umm…yeah…sure,” Anna blubbered, darting out of the way. Raven seemed to glide by effortlessly, and as soon as she passed the threshold, the clap of heels against wooden steps filled the air.

“Raven!” Gabe squealed at the sight of her sister. Every step down jiggled her mighty bosom, which hid tucked behind a blue blouse. Raven managed a slight expression that could be concluded as a smile. Anna had to step aside as the two siblings embraced, pressing their mighty chests together. Anything unfortunate, or rather fortunate, enough to get trapped in between those two would be smothered.

“It’s been so long!” Gabe said wrapping her arms around her dear sister’s waist.

“Work has been such a hellish nightmare,” Raven sighed and returned the hug.

If anxiety wasn’t bubbling up inside of Anna’s gut right now she would have enjoyed this little scene. Two milfs, with their breasts mashed together, close enough that the warmth stemming from their toned bodies could radiate and disintegrate a snowman in seconds. It caused a twitch in Anna’s underwear.

“Have you eaten? I was about to put on some breakfast for the girls,” Gabe said with a smile that could fill the room.

“I grabbed a quick bite at a restaurant near here. The Sloppy Gobbler? The eggs there were divine,” Raven said as she let loose a small, graceful yawn. “Would you mind if I took a nap? It’s been a long time since I slept.”

“Of course sis! The guest room is just this way,” Gabe pointed to a room far down the hall.

The two walked down the hall demetevler escort and Anna watched her mother’s plump bottom sway left to right. Alone for the next few minutes, watching T.V. Anna saw her sister try to creep off outside, but didn’t have the patience to even tease her. Rather she was pissed.

“Seriously? You’re ditching us?” Anna snapped as a blush crept across her sister’s face.

“I’m not sticking around with her here,” Laura shook her head and Anna sighed.

“Fine,” Anna muttered as her sister scurried out the front door like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs.

Anna didn’t feel so fearful, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had let a great evil into their home. She wasn’t going to run for the hills though and just leave her mom here with her wicked aunt. So she decided to wait.

While time passed, Anna was on her laptop, checking the latest news on the web. Some guy named Nick, a blogger, had achieved viral fame in the past few weeks. He apparently recorded in a diary these incestous things he did with his mom, happily sharing them with the world. Whether his adventures were true or not, Anna was intrigued. Incest stories hit close to home with her obviously, and gave her a good old fashioned thrill.

“Showered with love? Mmm…might save reading that one for a later expedition on myself,” Anna chuckled, bookmarking the site and closing her computer out.

More moments passed, and yet neither of the women returned from the back room. Anna had spent a few minutes scrolling through her phone, seeing one of her former sorority sisters was now happily pregnant. It was a sweet moment that found itself replaced by that constant anxiety. After two or three more minutes she set the phone aside, unable to give focus on anything in particular.

The clock on the wall ticked along, and mom had yet to return or even give a signal that she was alright. This wasn’t like her. Her mom was a busybody who loved stomping through the house making her presence well known.

Anna’s hairs on her arms started to stand up.

“Mom? Raven?” Anna asked, concerned about her mother she tiptoed to the back room and saw a hazy purple mist coming from under the door. It smelled like a bouquet of various flowers.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Even after three knocks there wasn’t a peep from behind the door. Not receiving an answer Anna pushed the door open, she gasped, her eyes tried to consume all of the chaos within.

Her mother was lying on her back, stripped of any clothing she was wearing earlier. Her soft flesh was even glistening from some kind of oil. The woman’s eyes were sealed shut, a smile creeping on her face. Raven wasn’t concerned with her nude sister though, but busy ravaging drawers. Clothes lay strewn across the floor.

“Raven! What are you doing?” Anna demanded, bursting into the room. Before she could shout another word from her pink lips Raven lifted a hand that seemed to glow a tad purple in the right light. In a flash of light, Anna found her limbs felt like lead, although she found she could move everything above her neck, what little good that did.

“Sorry dear. I’m in the middle of looking for something right now,” Raven stated impatiently as she went back to searching. “Where the hell could it be?”

“Ugh,” Anna grunted trying to move.

“Where oh where can you be?” Raven tapped a finger to her chin until her shadowy eyes settled on Anna.

“You’re talking about that magic book aren’t you!” Anna blurted, although she had no idea why. Her lips were loosened, as if every secret could slip out of her.

Raven was intrigued, and stopped what she was doing. A tank top fell from her hands to the floor. She snapped her fingers and Anna walked forward slowly. Each step was not her own.

“So…you’re the one who took it?” Raven asked circling around the girl, who could only stand motionless.

“I didn’t take it…Laura did,” Anna admitted.

“Hmm…you’re not lying, but you’re not being really truthful either,” Raven’s shadowy eyes burrowed into Anna. “You have the book hidden somewhere don’t you girl?”

Anna couldn’t help but nod. Her aunt was just far too powerful with whatever magic she had.

“You won’t tell me where, and I can’t just make you. Magic does have it limits sadly,” Raven sighed and shrugged. “l don’t have time for this. I can get you to confess though, trust me you slutty thief! Now disrobe,” Raven said, and as soon as the words were uttered, Anna started to remove her clothing.

Bit by bit her clothing fell until she stood nude, excluding her heels. Anna shivered a little as her aunt admired the futa’s cock, a grin stretching across her pale face.

“That is quite the wand you have,” Raven whispered, a slight giggle accompanied her bad joke. “Now…let me see if I can get it to work.”

Raven snapped her fingers and Anna squealed, her cock nearly slapping her as it stood straight up. It began to drool a escort demetevler few globs of precum, which dove to the floor like professional swimmers.

“Good girl. My…what a big cock. That is not normal but then again…our family is blessed by the great goddess,” Raven whispered, placing her hand on the cock. She tugged on the thick rod of flesh, pulling Anna to stand before her mother.

“Now either you tell me where that book is or I’ll have my sister here fuck you until you’re drained completely. And just when you think you can’t, she’ll just keep fucking you some more,” Raven warned.

“That is my dream aunt Raven,” Anna, being defiant as ever, smirked and Raven shrugged.

“I don’t have time for that sour attitude sweetie. I’m on a tight schedule and if that book isn’t returned to me soon we’ll all pay. Now…she’s all yours sis,” Raven sat in a chair, crossing one slender leg over the other.

Gabe didn’t hesitate, sitting up on the edge of the bed. “Oh God Anna…I’m so wet! But I want that big cock in my mouth now!”

“Mom…try to resist!” Anna couldn’t move as her mother ignored her pleas.

Gabe’s pouty lips wrapped around the swollen head of her daughter’s cock. A lap of her tongue tried to collect the pre-cum leaking out but it was futile. Anna couldn’t help but moan, the sensations that flooded her body were more intense, probably brought on by some magic. She glanced at her aunt, trying to focus on some way she could disarm the witch, but it was difficult to focus on anything at the moment.

“Fuck…mom!” Anna groaned as Gabe slid more of the shaft into her mouth.

“Oh Gabe is quite the naughty woman. There was hardly a man whose cock she couldn’t deepthroat. Even without the assistance of my magic,” Raven chuckled as she leaned forward admiring the show of skill. “Go ahead Gabe…take all of your daughter’s cock into that filthy mouth of yours.”

Anna’s knees wobbled as Gabe pushed her head further. The first half of the cock was gone, her mother gagging just a slight bit. The struggle and ultimate pleasure began as Gabe started taking more of the shaft down her narrow throat.

“Now if that doesn’t satisfy you I can enhance your sensations with just the snap of my fingers,” Raven stated her two fingers rubbing together almost as if they were teasing Anna.

“Don’t!” Anna begged but Raven wasn’t going to listen. She snapped her fingers and a flood of cum filled her balls. Anna instinctively reached down with hand to feel her growing balls, which had begun to swell, just one was the size of a baseball.

“I can do the cock too but that beast stuffed in my sister’s mouth is already big enough. I don’t want to stretch my pussy too much when my turn comes,” Raven hummed, leaning in.

“Not you too!” Anna grumbled. She felt her willpower crumbling. She wanted to tell Raven everything just so her mind could enjoy the way her slutty mom slurped up her pre-cum and cock.

Gabe didn’t slow down a beat as she bobbed her head back and forth, trying her hardest to take her daughter’s massive length. Her big, round doe like eyes, cast up to Anna’s straining face, as if they were begging for the girl’s load.

“Oh screw it! I can’t hold it!” Anna whimpered.

“Go ahead and cum you dirty girl. Give into it,” Raven leaned forward, almost as if she was aching to see her sister’s mouth filled with her niece’s cum.

“Ugh!” Anna grabbed her mother’s head, pushing on the back of her skull. Her cock slid down her mom’s throat, tightening alongside her balls. With a final gasp, the floodgates opened for the futa. Cum gushed out of her hole, shooting strings of white down Gabe’s throat. Gabe held onto Anna’s muscled thighs, swallowing every drop with a look of pleasure.

“That’s enough,” Raven snapped her fingers and Anna felt her cock soften. “Gabe release her cock.”

Gabe reluctantly slid the limp cock out, licking the head before sitting on the bed again.

“Ready to give up? Because I honestly want to see that beast in action,” Raven whispered.

“No way. I don’t know what you need with that book but you can’t have it. It’s too dangerous!” Anna shouted.

“And what is your goal? To destroy it?” Raven smirked. Anna wasn’t sure what her goal with the book was but it was surely not destruction. Anna just knew, deep down, that her aunt shouldn’t have something this powerful.

“Nevermind. Let’s get on with the show,” Raven lifted her hand but Anna protested.

“Please. No more magic!” Anna begged but there came a snap. Anna’s balls filled back up as if she had never cum and her rod stiffened.

“Gabe. Dear, why not lie down and open your legs a bit? I think Anna wants to repay you for that nice blow job,” Raven’s seductive voice fueled Gabe. Within minutes she was sprawled on her back, parting her legs to expose the shaved pink pussy.

“Mom! I want to fuck your pussy so badly,” Anna whimpered. She couldn’t help herself, crawling across the bed demetevler escort bayan and positioning herself between her mother’s legs.

“Go ahead baby. Fill my pussy with that big cock!” Gabe almost seemed to be the one in control, demanding her daughter. Gabe leaned forward and pulled Anna in for a kiss.

“Don’t busy that mouth too much sis. I think I’ll need it to tend to something else,” Raven began to lift the hem of her dress. She spread her milky legs much like her sister and exposed the pussy tucked between.

Raven’s pussy drove Anna wild, it was almost releasing an aura. Anna wanted nothing more than to fill her aunt’s tight hole but restrained herself…or rather her mother had already called dibs.

Raven rubbed her pussy with her fingers, and removed her dress. The clothes fell to the floor and Raven’s pale body was soon gobbled up by Anna’s eyes. Raven had a flat stomach, with breasts that measured at least a decent C cup. Her body was like ivory, pale and smooth.

Raven crawled across the bed and hovered over Gabe’s face. Her wet pussy was just inches away from Gabe’s eager tongue. Anna had a feeling deep down that this probably wasn’t the first time Raven had her pussy eaten out by her sister.

As Raven lowered her pussy to Gabe’s level, Anna began to push the tip and beginning of her cock into the pussy she craved so badly. Just like every other time prior the wet pink slit was tighter than a fist. Two children and Gabe’s pussy still worked like a champ. Gabe really enjoyed it though, her mouth gaped and a bit of drool fell from the side of her lips.

“I love magic. It turns off our unnecessary reasoning and lets us become what we truly are…animals,” Raven chuckled as she pressed her lower half onto Gabe’s face.

Raven’s face lined with Anna’s and the two locked eyes. Anna’s gaze lowered to Raven’s wobbling breasts. She bucked wildly inside of her mother, her cock reaching its limit before pulling out briefly and then shoving each filthy inch back in. Her heavy enhanced balls dragged along the bed sheets, before slapping against Gabe’s bare thighs.

Gabe panted, barely able to breath, but she could care less. Her tongue danced along the beautiful pussy of her sister, pushing in the folds of her lips. Raven grinded, twisting her hips as she pushed her bottom against Gabe’s face.

“Eat it you dirty slut! Take your daughter’s cock and my pussy!” Raven’s grunts grew louder and her breaths quickened.

Anna pumped hard, her cock slick with her mom’s sweet juices. She could feel Gabe’s vaginal walls closing in, squeezing Anna’s cock as if to pry the heavy load from it. Anna’s long blond hair grew wet from sweat and started to cling to her skull. She looked more beastly with each thrust.

“Ohhh…that’s the spot!” Raven screamed out as she dug her fingers into the cloth sheets. Her face contorted, eyes scrunched shut. “Keep…going!”

Raven began to shake, convulsions ripping through her body as an orgasm seemed to rack her. Gabe followed in a close second, her pussy sealed itself around the base of Anna’s meat. Gabe’s thighs shook as she moaned into Raven’s pussy. The two sisters fought through the power of their orgasms and soon relaxed, Raven nearly toppling over.

“I forgot how good you were with the ladies,” Raven whispered, her breaths coming in short bursts. The goth lady turned her shadowy eyes up to Anna who had paused, but seemed ready to climax herself.

“Oh? Looking to cum too?” Raven wagged a finger and Anna found herself backing away, sliding her length free of Gabe’s pussy.

“Please,” Was all that the addled Anna could muster.

“Not yet,” Raven slinkard off the bed and kneeled near the rock hard titan. She placed a hand on it, sliding it back and forth. “I want to know where you hid the book.”

“I don’t…remember,” Anna lied, biting her tongue. Raven’s hand felt so good, but there was this frustrating feeling that could only be related to blue balls. As much as she desired to cum it was like the cum was stuck deep in the recesses of her balls.

“Don’t lie. It’ll only get worse,” Raven hissed as she quickened her hand’s jerking.

“I…It’s in my room!” Anna blurted.

“Where?” Raven demanded, increasing the tempo.

“In a safe, under the floor! Please let me cum!” Anna squirmed as Raven nodded.

With a single snap of her fingers, Raven released Anna from her curse. Raven continued to stroke furiously, and tilted her head as the first wave of cum broke free. Anna tilted her head back, moaning as her balls returned to normal size, and every drop of cum landed on the floor. Raven rolled her eyes and waited until Anna stopped before letting the limp cock fall. Anna fell to her knees and Raven passed by.

“I’ll be back in a second hun. Don’t go anywhere!” Raven hummed as she walked out.

Anna hung her head in shame, her mind reeling. She betrayed the book for a moment of pleasure. Maybe her sister was right, she was weak willed and a blonde dolt.

Anna didn’t have much strength, but she managed to find her clothes and get dressed. She even helped her unconscious mother cover up. Gabe slightly awoke, but she still seemed fuzzy in some regards.

Shortly though her hair stood up on her arms again. Raven was on her way back, she just knew it.



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