After the all-night event with the woman from the Department store, Heather and I spent a day alone, just lounging around her house. She tried to teach me things about women, about sex, and ultimately about life; for the most part, I was really only interested in those things she taught me about sex. Still, I listened intently and enjoyed our day together. We had sex in every room in her house and twice in the hot tub. She was tireless in her desire for sex and her desire to please me.

I went home early the next day, tired and sore, but still wanting more. If not for my mother calling and asking for me to come home to help her around the house, I never would have left Heather’s house. As it was, I was so tired that I really wasn’t much help to my mother.

A few days passed and I visited Heather for an afternoon fuck-fest. She met me at the door with a small, red teddy on and matching high-heeled shoes. Before I was even inside the door she was on her knees sucking my cock. A couple of minutes later I was shooting my load down her throat. From there she made me lunch and we sat in the hot tub drinking wine and talking about sex once again.

“What’s been your favorite thing so far, Aaron?” She asked me.

I didn’t have to think much about it, “When we went to the sales ladies house, Peg’s house , and you two were sixty-nining and I was able to alternate between fucking her and you sucking my cock.”

Heather beamed, “Oh I liked that, too. Tasting her pussy on your cock and then when you came in her and your cum drained out of her pussy right into my mouth. OH!” Heather ran a hand over her breasts as she closed her eyes in a look of ecstasy. “That was so hot.”

“Of course,” I added, “the first night with you here will always be my favorite.”

Heather set her glass down on the edge of the hot tub and moved over to me and kissed me deeply. “You’re the sweetest young man. I need to do something very special for you.”

“You mean sucking my cock as soon as I walked in the door wasn’t something special?”

“Oh,” Heather grinned and then kissed me again, “I think we both thought that was special.” She pulled back a little more and smiled, “Any fantasies? Want me to dress up like a hooker? A female cop? I have a nice French maid’s outfit.”

I liked the French maid outfit idea, but I had another idea. “I don’t have a lot of fantasies, really.” I confessed. “But there is something I think would be pretty hot.”

Heather’s smile broadened and her eyes lit up, “Oh, I’m dying to hear.”

I gulped some wine and thought about how to say it. “You know I liked watching you when you were touching yourself.”

Heather rose up out of the water and ran her wet hands over her glistening, full, firm breasts. “You mean, like this?” She teased.

“Yes.” I answered as I watched her knead her breasts with her hands. “And when you finger yourself and rub your clit, too.”

“Oh, would you like to jack off on my face while I do that infront of you?”

“Not a bad idea.” I commented, my cock returning to full hardness just at the thought of it. “But I’d like to get a blow job from another woman while I watch you masturbate.”

“That’s it?” Heather asked with a slight grin. “You don’t want to fuck her or have her and I do anything to you?”

“I just think it would be so sexy to watch you while another woman—someone, a stranger maybe—was sucking my cock.”

Heather continued rubbing her breast with one hand while she picked up her glass of wine and sipped it. She studied me with a smile on her face the whole time. “Any particular age? Maybe there’s a girl you went to high school with that you have been wanting to get a blow job from?”

I thought about it for a moment. Getting a girl my own age would be okay and kind of fun, but I wanted someone different, someone closer to Heather’s age, someone who knew, like Heather did, how to really give a blow job. “Nah, most girls my age don’t know how to suck a cock.”

“Peg? The sales woman?”

“No.” I replied, “But someone like her, maybe.” I actually did have a couple of ideas, but I had no idea on how to propose them. One was my mother’s friend, Adrianna, who had a nice little body and a great pair of lips that I’ve often fantasized about fucking. The other was my own mother. But, mom was really somewhat of a prude and if she knew about me and Heather, she’d flip, let alone the idea of me wanting to get a blow job from her while I watched her sister play with herself.

Heather set her wine glass down and her hand went straight to her clit. She started rubbing her clit lightly. “This turns me on. You telling me what you want. I’d like to give you exactly what you want.”

“But you already give me exactly what I want.” I replied as I stood from the water and met Heather in the middle of the hot tub. She kissed me hard, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me down to her. Heather hoisted herself up, wrapping her legs around my back and nearly impaling herself on my kartal escort bayan cock. We had to maneuver a little bit, but then I was inside of her. With my hands on her ass she bounced up and down on my cock.

After a minute or so of fucking like that I lowered her down into the water so she was half on one of the seats and I was on the floor between her legs. I continued to pump at her pussy while she played with her clit. From this position I could watch her fingers and squeeze her tits at the same time. Suddenly, Heather sat upright and smashed her face to mine in a frenzied kiss. We went backwards, but managed to keep our heads above water. When she broke the kiss she stood up and grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled my face into her crotch.

“Suck my clit!” She nearly screamed. “Oh, Oh! You make me so fucking horny I can’t stand it.”

And then she was cumming. Her hands held my face tight against her clit as she ground her hips into my teeth and lips. When she was finished she nearly fell down in the water. Heather pulled herself up and fumbled for her wine glass. She took a big drink of wine and sighed heavily. “Oh, you just don’t know how much I want to please you!”

“Heather, you please me more than I ever imagined possible.”

She drank more wine and smiled that amazingly wicked and fun smile, “You’re going to get more pleasure than you ever dreamed possible. I think I know just what you want.”

A week passed and I hardly heard from Heather. I started to think that maybe I had pissed her off somehow. On the other hand, my mom went out with Heather twice during the week. Once they went shopping and another time they met for dinner.

I thought this was a bit unusual, seeing as my mom wasn’t a big shopper and her and Heather were never the closest sisters one could meet. It wasn’t that they didn’t get along, it was just that they were different. Heather had always been independent and strong and my mother always seemed quieter and much more dependent on those around her. Heather was outgoing and funny and dressed in the latest fashions while my mom was a jeans and flannel shirt kind of woman. Heather was proud of her body and wreaked of sexuality and my mom seemed to hide her body and never came across as being a sexual person at all.

Well, I shouldn’t say my mother was never sexual. One year for Halloween she dressed up as a hooker and took everyone by surprise. I think it was when I first realized my mom had breasts. With all the baggy clothes she wore and loose fitting shirts, I had never even thought about her having breasts.

Though I never saw her body much, I always thought my mom had a pretty face. She had big eyes like Heathers, but her nose was a shade more perfect, her cheekbones a little more prominent and her lips a little fuller. She had beautiful skin and when she wore her hair down (which she seldom did), it framed her face in such a way that one couldn’t help but find her very attractive.

My mom and dad seemed to have no real sex life that I was aware of. Dad traveled a lot and mom worked part-time at a hardware store. They were the type of couple that just passed each other and kind of kissed at the air in the direction of the other person. I hadn’t even seen my dad hug my mom in probably three or four years. A friend of mine had suggested that my dad was probably getting some pussy when he traveled. I didn’t know what to think, neither one of them seemed to have any real passion or desire in them.

School was nearly over and I had planned on working the summer with a lawn care service that was run by my friend’s dad. After class one day I swung by my friend’s house and caught up with his dad who told me he’d be glad to have me working with him again. I got home just about five and mom was in the basement on the treadmill. She was pretty good about working out at least a couple days a week.

I came down the stairs into the basement and there was mom, running hard on the treadmill, dressed in a sweatshirt and shorts. She had a white headband on that kept the hair out of her eyes. Through the sweatshirt, I could see her nipples pushing against the fabric.

“Call Heather.” My mom said breathlessly as I came down to the basement.

“How was your day?” I asked.

“Good, I got six hours in at Hanson’s.” She referred to the Hardware store by the owner’s name. Typically, she got a four hour shift, but this was the third day she had worked more than that. “And I had lunch with Heather.” She smiled.

“Does she have more yard work for me?” I asked thinking about Heather’s invitation to get me over to the house to work, and undoubtedly have wild sex. I tried not to act too excited.

“She just said to call her when you got home. I thought you’d be home earlier.”

I told her about stopping by to see Jimmy’s dad and said that I was looking forward to working this summer.

“You’ll get all tan again.” My mom said as she slowed her pace on the treadmill.

“I kadıköy escort remember you used to tan your legs in the summer.”

She shrugged, “Maybe I will again. It was easy when we used to go to the beach.”

“That was ten years ago, mom.” I was suddenly hit with a flashback of my mother in a bikini and was surprised that I had forgotten how good she had looked in it.

“Well, you’ll learn, life gets in the way of all the things you want.”

I watched her breasts bounce up and down inside the sweatshirt as she increased her stride and bounced more on the treadmill. “Heather seems to get what she wants and more.”

“That’s my sister.” She commented softly, adding, “She was never one to let life pass her by.”

“You two have been hanging out a lot this week.”

My mother nodded and slowed her pace even more, taking smaller strides now. “We have and I’m glad.” I saw a wry smile on her lips. “We were so close when we were younger.”

“Heather’s a good influence on you.” I said. “You seem a little happier this week.”

“I think it helps to have someone I can just be myself with and relax.” She looked at the clock and pointed to the phone on the wall, “You better call her. I think she wanted you to come by tonight for something.”

With that comment my cock nearly burst through my jeans. The thought of Heather being anxious to see me was very exciting. I thought about using the phone upstairs, but then decided it would be better to not look like I was trying to hide something so I used the phone there in the basement.

The phone call was quick and simple. Heather said she had a project for me to work on and wondered of I could come over and she’d make me dinner while I did the work for her. She added that she would pay me with cash and “benefits”. I knew what the benefits would be and again I found it difficult to maintain my composure.

After I hung up the phone I turned toward the stairs trying to conceal my growing hard on. “Heather’s going to cook me dinner if I come over tonight and do some work for her.”

“Make sure she pays you.” Mom said. “You do an awful lot for her and I hope she’s paying you well.”

“Oh yeah.” I started up the stairs as mom dismounted the treadmill. “She pays me pretty well.”

I stopped and watched mom stretch. She spread her legs and bent over at the waist facing away from me. She was very flexible I noticed as she touched the floor with the palms of her hands. She looked at me from between her legs.

“What are you staring at?” She said with a smile.

“Didn’t realize you were so flexible. Pretty good for an old broad.” I laughed.

Mom stood up quickly and turned toward me, “I’ll show you who’s an ‘old broad’!”

“Just kidding, mom.” I sprinted up the stairs. I heard her laugh as I reached the top of the stairs.

At Heather’s house we had sex about two minutes after I was in the front door. She greeted me in a silky robe and high heels; under the robe she only wore a g-string. We had hot and heavy sex on the couch and I came on her chest when I finished. Heather lay on the couch running her manicured nails through the cum.

“You know, you don’t have to wait for me to call you to come over.” She lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked the cum off of her nails.

“Well, I just thought it looked better if you invited me over.” I leaned away from her.

“I think I’d like it if you surprised me from time to time.” Her fingers returned to the gray-white liquid that pooled between her breasts. “Can’t you just tell your mom you’re going to the mall and then come over and fuck me? I wouldn’t keep you all night.”

“I don’t typically tell mom where I’m going. I just don’t want to get to the point where you’re tired of seeing me.”

Heather smiled broadly, “I can’t even imagine such a thing. Besides, if you were to come over, unexpectedly some time, you might get a surprise.”

“A surprise?” I asked.

“You just never know.” She lifted her fingers over her face, tilter her head back and let several drops of cum fall onto her lips and into her mouth.

“I’d hate to catch you with another guy.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about something like that. I’m thinking it would be some kind of pleasant surprise.” She lowered her fingers to her lips and licked the cum off and sucked on them momentarily. She withdrew her fingers and smiled at me. “Say if you were to come over, unexpectedly, Saturday night about nine? I bet you would get a pleasant surprise.”

I spent the next couple of days in a state of constant excitement. I had a hard time concentrating on my homework and anything other than the surprise that awaited me at Heather’s house. We had a complete, no-holds-barred relationship that was more exciting than anything I had ever dreamt of. But now, Heather was taking it one step further, and I couldn’t even imagine what it would be.

Saturday morning I got up and went for a run to help burn off the nervous energy bostancı escort bayan I had. When I came home, mom was just getting ready to run to the mall and asked me if I wanted to go. I couldn’t imagine going to the mall where everything had started with Heather, not in my current state, so I decided to stay home and study for a final that was coming up next week and maybe I’d fix the gutter on the house that was damaged. I had to keep myself busy.

Mom was gone for a couple of hours and I couldn’t study so I fixed the gutter, cleaned my room and trimmed the tree next to the house. Mom came home with a new dress, new shoes and some other clothes. I was sawing up a big branch in the backyard and she came out to show me the dress.

“I’m going out with some friends tonight for dinner and thought with the extra hours I’ve been working that I should get a new dress. What do you think?” She held the dress against her body and I could see it would be fairly form-fitting. The dress was white with black trim with a slit on the side that looked to run up to the middle of her hip.

“Looks great, mom.” I said, trying to keep from sounding too excited. “Is dad going to be home tonight?”

“No, he’s in Dallas tonight and won’t be home until Tuesday.”

“Is this the usual dinner with Adrianna and her husband and their friends?”

“Pretty much.” She turned to go back into the house. “Tonight we’re going to a fancy restaurant downtown, though. Not the usual steak and potato place.”

Adrianna’s husband was an Orthodontist with a huge practice and they gathered their friends together every couple of months to go out to dinner. There were usually three or four couples that went, but lately, with all the traveling my dad was doing, my mom had stopped going. I was glad to see her going and doing something nice for herself. Also, this meant I wouldn’t have to explain where I was going when I left later in the evening.

Mom left the house about five all decked out and looking more beautiful than I had ever seen her look. Her hair was up and she had her make up done perfectly; she was wearing white shoes with a nice two inch heel and stockings that made her legs look perfect. She seemed very happy and I was really glad for her. She deserved to be happy.

I decided I’d go see a movie and found one that finished about 8:15 so I could easily be to Heather’s house around nine with no problem. The movie was good, but I was still distracted and never got completely immersed in it. I left the theater and drove slowly toward Heather’s house on the other side of town.

Heather had instructed me to come around the back of the house by the hot tub. She said she would be in the living room and I should stay outside and watch through the windows and wait for her signal to come in. I parked next to the fence off the alley and walked through the hedges to the back gate.

I locked the gate once I was inside the backyard and walked down the stone path to the hot tub. The house looked fairly dark through the windows, but then I saw the flicker of candle light and I saw that there were a few lights on in the living room, but they were all muted. Upon closer inspection, I could see that Heather had draped dark scarves over a couple of the light fixtures providing a warm, romantic environment. Candles burned in the kitchen and along the far wall of the living room.

I stood up on the deck, keeping to the shadows and moved past the hot tub to the bench that was next to the house. I sat at the far end of the bench where I’d be in the darkest shadows. From this position, I could see the living room, the front hallway and part of the dining room. The windows were open and I could hear some soft jazzy music playing. I drew a deep breath and waited to see what would happen.

I didn’t have to wait very long.

Heather appeared from the direction of the bedroom. She was wearing a light colored sheer robe that revealed a white bra and small, white panties underneath. She slipped into the kitchen after giving a quick glance in my direction. I was certain she couldn’t see me as the light barely touched the other end of the bench closest to the house.

Heather appeared again with a full glass of wine in one hand and a near empty bottle of wine in her other hand. She disappeared back toward the direction of the bedroom. I thought about moving, but the other side of the deck was fairly illuminated and I was sure I would be visible from there. Heather knew where I’d be and she wasn’t going to let me miss anything, I was sure.

I heard heels across the tile floor that separated the bedroom and the living room. I caught a glimpse of a woman, slightly taller than Heather with darker hair standing at the edge of the living room. She had on a white bra and panties similar to Heathers, but she still wore her shoes and stockings. She raised a wine glass to her face and tipped the glass back as Heather came around and stood infront of the other woman.

Heather took her wine glass and then stepped closer and kissed the woman. The woman’s hair fell over her face so I couldn’t see who she was, but I suddenly had a very good idea as to who it was. Heather broke the kiss and stepped back into the living room beckoning her guest to follow her.



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