Two days passed since I had seen my Aunt at her house. My dick got hard every time I thought about our encounter. I could still see her lying beneath me, my cock sliding between her tits, the sound of her moans filling my ears. She had said we’d get together again and that I needed to be patient, but I was young and horny and I wanted more.

I had gone on a jog to clear my mind and had decided I would drive by her house after dinner and see if she was around. When I got home, the phone was ringing. My mother took the call and I heard her laugh and say Heathers name. After a brief conversation, my mother called to me: “Heather wants to know if you can meet her at the mall for dinner?”

I was stunned, but managed to reply with a definite, yes.

I showered and shaved in record time and hurried out the door to go and see my favorite Aunt. I made it to the mall in a little over twenty minutes and hurried to the door where my Aunt had told me to meet her. Much to my chagrin, she wasn’t there; I had to be patient.

Ten minutes passed and finally my Aunt showed. She was wearing a short leather skirt and a tight white blouse that was unbuttoned to reveal her cleavage. She smiled broadly when she saw me and I could see her nipples through the thin material of her blouse. It was all I could do to keep my surging hard-on from ripping through my pants.

Heather quickly grabbed my arm with a sense of urgency and pulled me close to her. “She’s working tonight.”

I was still looking at her pert nipples poking through the blouse. “Who?”

“The lady in the Department store, the one from the dressing room.” She replied quickly.

“Yes?” I was uncertain where this was going.

“I have a plan.” Heather said excitedly, “you have to be in the dressing room at eight o’clock.”

Here I was thinking that we would meet at the mall then hurry back to her place for some wild sex, but Heather seemed to have plans to watch this woman give head again in one of the dressing rooms. I nodded agreement imagining that this is what she needed to get her going. It was a little after six so we decided to go have dinner and then go to the department store to “shop”.

Dinner was fun, on top of being sexy and rich; Heather was really a great person to talk to. We both had fish and shared a small carafe of wine with our dinner. At 7:30 Heather paid the bill and said she would meet me in the dressing room around eight. With that, she took off and I was left wondering what her big plan was.

A little before eight I found my way to the infamous dressing room where Heather and I had had our first encounter. I took a pair of slacks in to one of the rooms and waited on the small seat. I didn’t have to wait long as I heard a woman’s voice in the doorway of the dressing room area.

“I think you picked out the perfect outfit.”

I peered out through the crack in the door and saw the same woman from the dressing room we had seen the other night enter the main dressing room area followed closely by my Aunt Heather. The woman looked around and then gestured to one of the larger dressing rooms. “If you go inside you can try on that outfit.”

Heather held up a sheer top and a mini-skirt. “You’ll stay here in case I need some help?”

The woman smiled warmly at Heather. “Anything you need, just holler.”

Heather smiled back and touched the woman’s arm in an affectionate and tender way, “Oh, I might need a lot.”

Both women laughed and Heather closed the door. I could see the woman smile and step back from the door of the dressing room. She smoothed her own skirt with her hands and turned and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She turned sideways and admired her ample breasts, running a hand over them and smiling a devilish smile.

“Something like this might look better on a busty woman like yourself.” Heather said from the dressing room. She opened the dressing room door and stood before the woman with the sheer top on and no bra on underneath. My Aunt’s tits stood out perfectly against the material.

The woman stared at Heather’s breasts for a moment and then finally said, “I think it compliments you well. I just wouldn’t go out in public like that, you’d cause some serious accidents you’d be such a distraction.”

“My tits are too small to be a distraction.” Heather laughed, “That’s why this would look better on someone like you.”

The woman was quite flattered by Heather’s comments and beamed brightly at her. “You’re always so sweet.”

“You have no idea how sweet I can be.” Heather said flashing her most devious and alluring demetevler escort smile at her.

“Did you try on the mini-skirt yet?”

Heather turned around and said, “My zipper here seems to be giving me some problems, can you get it for me?”

The woman eagerly reached for the zipper on the back of Heather’s leather skirt and Heather stepped further inside the dressing room causing the woman to follow her in. After a moment, I heard the zip of the zipper and then Heather said, “No, don’t go yet, stay here with me.”

“Don’t you wear any underwear?” The woman asked.

“It only gets in the way should someone try to get at me.” Heather responded quickly.

“You have a very nice figure.” The woman said in a hushed and breathy voice.

“Oh, but I like a figure like yours.” Heather replied. “And you’ve got those nice, kissable lips that everyone loves.”

I had to take a chance now as I knew what Heather was doing. I slipped from the confines of the dressing room into the main area so I could see inside the room my Aunt was in. Just as I suspected, Heather was reaching out and touching the woman’s right breast with her hand. After a moment the woman pulled back and drew a deep breath.

“You’re quite forward.” The woman said.

“Just admiring.”

“You’re trying to seduce me.”

Heather smiled and moved closer to the woman. “I’m attracted to you.”And with that, Heather planted a soft kiss directly on the woman’s lips. The woman did not pull back.

Heather’s hand went back up to the woman’s breast and squeezed it gently. The woman moaned and opened her mouth allowing Heather to slide her tongue in. After a moment of heavy kissing and serious groping, the woman pulled back as if to catch her breath.

“I could get fired for doing this.”

Heather began to unbutton the woman’s blouse. “You could get fired for blowing that guy in here the other night.”

The woman straightened up as if stuck by a needle in the ass. “What? How? Who told you that?”

“No one told me.” Heather said confidently, “I saw you do it.”

The woman put her hands to her face in embarrassment. “Oh, my gosh. You ‘re not going to tell are you?”

Again that mischievous smile of Heather’s returned, “Not if you let me fuck your face, too.”

The woman lowered her hands and stared at Heather in disbelief. “You’re not serious, are you?”

“Did you like it when I kissed you? And touched you?”

“Well — yes.” The woman replied slowly.

“Ever been with a woman before?”

“I’ve been kissed before.”

Heather kissed her lightly on the lips again, “But you’ve never eaten pussy before, have you?”

The woman shook her head no.

Heather put a hand on the woman’s shoulder. “Then get on your knees.”

“But, but, I could get fired.” The woman pleaded weakly.

“The store is less busy than it was the other night, dear.” Heather said. “And I know your boss is out sick and you’re closing up tonight. Besides, I promise I won’t be loud.”

The woman looked as if she might turn and run, but then, her knees buckled slightly as she bent and kissed Heather on the neck and her hand came up and gently cupped Heather’s left breast. Heather smiled at me over the woman’s shoulder as she applied a little more pressure to the woman’s shoulder and the woman went down to her knees before her. The woman slowly kissed Heather’s abdomen as her hand moved between Heather’s legs. I saw Heather’s mouth open with a look of surprise and joy when the woman found her hot spot. Heather leaned back into the corner of the room and let the woman lap away at her clitoris.

Heather put her hand on the back of the woman’s head as she lowered herself down onto the small seat in the corner of the room. “Just like that…yes…yes…suck on it a little…” Heather coached her in a soft, yet firm voice of experience. “Finger me. You know what a woman likes, honey…oh, yes…yes.” A minute passed then Heather came. I saw her eyes roll up and her mouth open as her hand pressed harder against the back of the woman’s head.

The woman pulled back and ran her fingers over her lips to wipe off the extra juice from my Aunt’s hot pussy. Heather seemed to emerge from a cloud, her eyes focusing; mouth closing and then she bent and kissed the woman passionately on the mouth. The woman fondled Heather’s breasts and pushed herself hard against my Aunt’s face. They broke the kiss and the woman stood and started to squirm out of her skirt, but Heather still had other plans.

Heather started to unbutton escort demetevler the woman’s blouse and touch her breasts through the bra. “I wan to see your tits.” Heather said as the woman’s skirt fell to the floor.

Quickly, the woman reached behind her, inside her blouse and undid the clasps on her bra. My Aunt put her mouth to the woman’s left tit as soon as it became free to her. After licking her for several seconds, Heather looked up at her and said, “What else would you like to do, Peg?”

Just then a woman carrying an armful of pants and blouses walked into the dressing room. I quickly darted back inside the room I had come from and hoped that my Aunt and her new friend would not get caught. The woman with the clothes stopped and held up a blouse to her chest and shook her head no. Then she held up a pair of slacks and tried to match them with different blouses, but nothing seemed to work to her approval.

“C’mon, mom!” A young girl called from the edge of the dressing room. “I still want to go check out shoes and they’ll close in half an hour.”

The woman frowned at the mirror then checked one last pair of slacks with a brightly colored blouse. Her face looked grim as she huffed and threw the clothes onto a nearby rack and exited the room.

I didn’t move from my spot for a moment because I figured Peg, the saleswoman would be checking to be sure the coast was clear and I didn’t want her to see me. Then, I heard Peg whisper something about that being close followed by a deliciously soft moan. I waited another thirty seconds before exiting the room.

Peg was gripping the door with one hand and her head was thrown back in a fit of ecstasy. From the sounds I could hear, I was guessing that Heather was now returning the favor of licking pussy. The saleswoman wouldn’t have noticed if I peered over the door next to her head, but I thought I had better make sure there were no more interruptions.

I went back to the entranceway to the dressing area and looked around the store. The area was nearly empty save for a few shoppers who were just milling about. I saw one sales clerk, a man in his early twenties down the isle about half the store away. Another clerk was at the cash register near the front of the store. I stepped back and pulled the clothes rack in front of the entranceway. I had seen this done at other department stores and it suggested the dressing rooms were closed. If nothing else, we should hear if someone was coming into the area.

The rack in place I slipped back to where my Aunt had just finished giving Peg a great orgasm. Heather stood with her arms over Peg’s shoulders kissing her passionately. When Heather broke the kiss she smiled at the flushed sales woman and said, “Now you know what you taste like. You taste good.”

“Heather!” Peg exclaimed, “I never imagined.”

“You never imagined what?”

“That—that I’d ever allow myself to do this.”

Heather smiled and bent and licked Peg’s left breast playfully. “You’re a vibrant woman who likes sex. You enjoy pleasing men, but you seldom allow yourself to be pleased.” Heather said pulling back and admiring Peg’s large breasts. “You need to realize, its fun to share in the pleasing — getting what you give in return.”

Peg started to hook up her bra and Heather stopped her. “We’re not done yet.”

The saleswoman just stared at her in disbelief. “I’ve got to close up shop and — and why don’t we meet for a drink after I finish, say about ten?”

Heather sat down on the little seat and opened the blouse up. “But, I want you to suck on my tits now.”

Peg seemed a little flustered, “Heather, you’ve got beautiful breasts, but I — I need to do some things. They’ll be looking for me. If we meet after work we can go to my place and — “

Heather cupped her breasts and said, “You have to learn to smell the roses while there are roses. And, there’s a young man standing outside the door with a raging hard on he’s just dying to give you.”

Peg turned quickly and saw me standing just to the right of the door. Her face turned crimson with embarrassment. She started to hurriedly hook her bra and try to cover her breasts, but Heather stopped her with a gentle hand on her arm.

“Peg, bend down here and lick my nipples and let young Aaron there please you while you please me.”

I entered the room and unzipped my pants, quickly pushing them down to my ankles. My cock stood at attention right next to Peg’s full hips. Peg looked from me to Heather and then down to my cock. She started to speak, but again, Heather demetevler escort bayan stopped her.

“Peg, you’ve got time to enjoy yourself. That man from the other night enjoyed himself. You have a right to have some extra pleasure.”

Peg looked at me, “How long have you been watching?”

“I liked the way you licked Heather’s pussy.” I told her, letting her know that I’d been there for everything.

“I just—I just don’t know.” Peg stammered.

Heather gestured toward the mirror to her left. “Won’t it be exciting to look into the mirror and see your mouth on my tit and then see this young man fucking you from behind?”

I was fairly certain that the sales woman would freeze and not be able to move or she’d just run out of the room in a mad dash trying to gather her clothes about her as she did. But then, my Aunt raised up and licked one of Pegs nipples and let her tongue drag up over the nipple, up the breast to Peg’s neck, then chin and ultimately to her mouth. She kissed her deeply and Peg embraced Heather and kissed her back just as hard. Slowly, Heather eased back and as she did Peg leaned over with her until she was bent perfectly at the waist.

I slipped behind her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I could feel her juices drip over the head of my cock and it was even more exciting to think that those juices were combined with my Aunt’s saliva. I slid in a little and heard Peg gasp lightly then I pushed a little harder and I was in deep as Peg moaned into Heather’s mouth.

From the angle I had I could see the two women kissing in the mirror and I could see half of my body as I started sliding in and out of Peg’s soaking wet pussy. For as wet as she was, the sales woman was also quite tight. I grabbed her fleshy hips with both hands and continued to force myself deeper into her wet cavern. She stopped kissing Heather and was just bracing herself against the wall of the room with one hand while she kneaded Heather’s breast with the other. I could see Heather was moving her head so she could try to lick Peg’s large tits.

Suddenly, Peg was cumming and her pussy tightened down around my cock sending a delightful shockwave through my body. Peg groaned as quietly as she could, but it was still fairly loud in the small room. Her pulsing pussy and animal groans turned me on even more and I knew I was going to cum too.

I let my cock slip out just before came and pushed hard against the outside of Peg’s pussy lips. Her thighs clamped down on me and I shot my load directly onto my Aunt’s tits, neck and chin. I continued to spasm and my cum dripped down Peg’s legs to her knees.

Without a word from either of us, Peg dropped to her knees and began to lick my cum off of Heather’s tits. I grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand and scooped up a load of cum off of Heather’s neck and spread it over Peg’s face. My Aunt greedily sat up and pulled Peg to her and started kissing her wildly. Her tongue darted over Peg’s lips and cheeks taking in my cum. Peg smeared more of my cum over my Aunt’s full chest and then she was laughing.

“I’m going to smell like sex.” She finally said.

Heather leaned back with a wicked look on her face and sucked playfully on one of her cum covered fingers. “Isn’t it great to be covered in sex?”

The sales woman looked back at me, my cock standing at half-mast just next to her shoulder. She kissed my cock and then took it into her mouth with a warm, happy sigh. She let it go as Heather stood.

“I want more.” She said to us both.

“Where was it you wanted to meet for a drink?” Heather asked.

“Screw the drink!” Peg replied. “Let’s just meet at my place. I’ve got a couple bottles of wine and a Queen sized bed that hasn’t seen any action in a year.”

Heather gathered up her clothes and started to dress. “We’ll be there in an hour.”

Outside I got into Heather’s car with her. She turned to me and kissed me very hard and deep. I could taste some of my own cum on her lips.

“I told you we’d have fun.” Heather said as she broke the kiss.

“How’d you know she’d — that she would fuck you?”

“I’ve been here the last two nights getting to know her.” Heather said with a smile. “She’s been dying for someone—man or woman—to please her.”

“You’re amazing, Heather.” I said as I leaned into her and kissed her again. “I’m afraid to ask what’s next.”

That wicked smile returned to Heather’s face. “You mean after we fuck this woman silly tonight?”

I nodded, “Yeah, these last few days have just been one surprise after another.”

“Oh,” Heather said with a beaming smile, “There’s plenty more to come my young man. Plenty more surprises.” She pulled a lipstick from her purse and started to apply a fresh coat to her lips in the rearview mirror. When she was finished she looked at me. “Let’s get through tonight and we’ll see what tomorrow will bring.



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